Because of You

Because of You

Sam Mariano / Jun 01, 2020

Because of You AVAILABLE ON When the only thing that s remembered about your mother is how she died in a murder suicide killing the wife of her ex boyfriend you know life isn t going to be a piece of cake for you A

  • Title: Because of You
  • Author: Sam Mariano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • AVAILABLE ON When the only thing that s remembered about your mother is how she died in a murder suicide killing the wife of her ex boyfriend, you know life isn t going to be a piece of cake for you Add to that a never present father with affection for his beer bottle than his daughter, and a too hot for his own good surviving son of the victim of said accideAVAILABLE ON When the only thing that s remembered about your mother is how she died in a murder suicide killing the wife of her ex boyfriend, you know life isn t going to be a piece of cake for you Add to that a never present father with affection for his beer bottle than his daughter, and a too hot for his own good surviving son of the victim of said accident, and you have a problem or at least, Nicole Harmon certainly does.When the surviving son, Derek Noble, sees an unsavory opportunity for revenge in the form of a heated one night stand, he decides to take it It is intended to be an unkind but relatively uneventful interlude, but turns into the catalyst that unknowingly casts Derek and Nikki into the shadow of their parents sordid past.What begins as a hateful game of revenge soon evolves into something they never expected and a love neither of them ever wanted With the fragments of Derek and Nikki s parents and their own tumultuous past hanging over their heads, the second generation of star crossed lovers begin a love story all of their own.This edition has a different ending there is no longer an epilogue.Recommended 18 for some sexual content and mature situations

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    1. Once again I find myself in the unenviable position of being one of the only reviewers of this book who didn't like it. I'm confused by the high rating, but since there haven't been many ratings at all yet, I'm certain its overall score will take a nosedive once a few more savvy readers give it a perusal and perhaps find the same problems I did. Problem #1 was that my inner feminist was doing this pretty much through the entire book:If you've read the synopsis, you know the premise: homegirl's m [...]

    2. 4.5 beautiful stars"If I could go back in time, I wouldn't have changed anythingIf I had the chance to choose all over again, i would still take the same path I had taken"~Nicole There is so much that I have to sayI can't even find the right words for this reviewis was such a beautiful journey of finding yourself, learning from your mistakes, living with the past and trying to forget, and simply just about love, hate, and forgiveness.Because of You is not what I imagined at allIt was unlike any [...]

    3. I have one word and it is WOW!!!! My full review of this book will come when my words are back.**********************************************************************You can see my full review and interview with Sam Mariano on my blogAll The Bookish Love Disclaimer I received a copy of this book straight from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.Because of You kept me on the edge of my seat. I swear, the book kept whispering to my subconscious: “Don’t [...]

    4. When you finish a book and you’re left feeling utterly wrecked, you know that the author has truly put their heart and soul into their work. This love story struck a chord within me, it touched me and restored my faith in second chances. I found the plot to be unique, a story about history repeating itself and how fate plays a larger part in our lives than we often care to admit. Nikki has grown up believing love is the devil, an emotion that she strives to avoid at all costs. Losing her mothe [...]

    5. Okay, I finished this one in record time! (I couldn't seem to put it down!)Let me first say I really loved this story. The characters were very real, not the generic, fake, stereotypical characters like you get in a lot of these books. I really liked Nikki, I could totally relate to her. I loved/hated Derek depending on the chapter. Alex was surprisingly one of my favorite story dads ever because he wasn't too far to one side or the other (the perfect parent or the screw up parent--he was right [...]

    6. Soooo Let's get the bad out of the way first.The narrative just trundled on randomly for a good part of the book, telling us about scenes rather than letting us actually read the scenes themselves. I recently read another book that did this, and it really removes me from the book emotionally. However, Nikki had a frank, engaging voice, so it wasn't too terrible. But I would have preferred more active engagement in the story.I really enjoyed the beginning of the book (excluding the prologue, whic [...]

    7. I thought this one started out a little bit slow with the backstory but I also understood why the backstory was all told (mostly) at once too. This story was Nikki's generation's story, not her mother's, and I have no problem with one slow chapter. I really loved Nikki. I don't usually like first person stories actually, because it can be limiting, but in this story I didn't feel like it was at all. I liked that the cast of characters was limited but the characters that were there got fleshed ou [...]

    8. Oh my God, this book made me cry. So I won this book in a giveaway, and I wasn't sure what to expect but I loved the cover and I dove right in! I loved the story and the characters. I can't think of any complaints. Can't wait to read the next one. I had a picture of how I invisioned Derek that I was saving for the review, but I don't know where it went. :[

    9. My Review 5/5 starsThe plot of this story sounded pretty interesting so I wasn't surprised that I liked it a lot. I was surprised at how quickly I was hooked (the grocery store scene) and how hard it was to put down. The prologue is the backstory of Jamie (Nikki's mother) and Mike's (Derek's dad) tortured relationship. Jamie is so in love, read OBSESSED, with Mike and it is unclear if he feels the same way. At times it appears he does, but there is no follow through on his part, so it is hard to [...]

    10. I was actually supposed to be reading a different book but started the sample of this one and it distracted me!Really enjoyed this story. There were definitely some sad parts but I thought Niki was a really great character, not annoying like a lot of female characters in these genres. I liked that she didn't have a ton of friends or really even a best friend, because I mean not everyone does. I liked very much that the characters felt real, even when I didn't understand in the moment why they we [...]

    11. I distinctly remember reading this story every night before going to bed as a teenager, and having tears in my eyes over the way the protagonist, Nikki is treated. Those strong feelings came from a place of also feeling mistreated by my own peers, and in a high school setting, I felt that I could relate to Nikki very well.As an adult, I still feel that I can relate to Nikki, though possibly on a different level. I’m not in high school anymore, so that gives me a different perspective on her si [...]

    12. *I received a copy of this book from the Author for an honest review.*Honestly I LOVED this book. I read the not so great reviews and I can see how those things would be issues, but I just felt like to book was very well written from Nicole's POV. I get that as women she should be appalled by the way she was treated and how she let herself be treated, but to me this whole book was great. The similarities between Nicole's life and her mothers were just beyond crazy. You didn't want to think that [...]

    13. Nicole "Nikki" Harmon and Derek Noble were destined to be enemies before they were born. It began with the love triangle started by their parents. Nikki's mother, Jamie, and Derek's father, Mike, were in love. Until Mike's ex/Derek's mother, Sarah, became preganant. Mike is unable to separate himself from Sarah and his child. What ensues are years of empty promises and unfulilled dreams. Finally, Jamie breaks. In a murder/suicide act, she crashes her car into Sarah's - killing them both. Nikki, [...]

    14. OMG what can I say fab bookNikki and Derek are enemies from the day they were born. Until one fatal night at a party Derek takes Nikki virginity. And blackmails her with a video he made, and tells her they have to have sex again And then he'll destroy the DVD he made.Their relationship is complicated. Nikki mother Jamie was totally in love with Derek's dad mike. But mikes ex turns up pregnantFast forward 19 years and the story continues with Nikki and Derek Déjà vu it seems as just as Nikki an [...]

    15. 3.5 stars (4 stars for the first 50% 3 stars for the rest)I loved the first 50% but after that i guessed where the story was going and didn't really like it and lost interest.I might read the second book if there is one.

    16. Because of YouBecause of You immediately grabs your attention and refuses to let go until the very last word. Actually, that’s not true. Days later your thoughts will drift to the captivating characters of this book. It doesn’t simply let you go. Just like when reading Romeo & Juliet, I’m pretty sure I could actually feel my heart breaking as I got pulled deeper in to the tale of Nikki and Derek. Because of You starts with a peek at the tumultuous relationship between Mike and Jamie, t [...]

    17. Wow this book was such a beautiful book to read. Nikki was awesome and I just loved her character. In the i did love Dereks character also he was a little a-hole at the start of the (and that’s me being nice) I wanted to strangle him but then things changed I liked his, then I just cried a damn river for them both. Nikki was the superstar of this book for me though, can’t wait for the next one hoping they will get their HEA, but as you will know if you are a Sam Mariano fan (like me) the onl [...]

    18. Very sadI found it very difficult to read this book. It took me forever to finish it. At first it annoyed me that this woman let her for a man lead her to killing herself and the other woman as well. It was too realistic for me. Too many current news stories of men killing women and then themselves. So stupid. Then her daughter falls in the same trap herself. What the heck is that? Then the story goes into the area where I couldn't stop crying but now I know why everyone is asking for the next b [...]

    19. I can't deal with my heart at this moment, this book left me broken. At first I didn't think it was my kind of book, but it really blew my mind. That end was great, it's the way it should be. I can't wait for After you.If you want angst, this is your book!!!No puedo lidiar con mi corazón en este momento, éste libro me lo dejó roto. Al principio no pensé que fuera mi tipo de libro, pero realmente voló mi mente. Ese final fue genial, es como debía ser. No puedo esperar por After you.Si quier [...]

    20. Ok - I did not go into this expecting to be balling my eyeballs out at the end, yet here I am. I am dying from the need of Because of You 2ease please please hurry. Oh and the review of Because of You 1 - awesome book - if you want to be balling your eyeballs out in the end!!! I love these two characters and want the HEA for them - PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Feels like a tragic love story.Because of You has a slower moving plot line than I anticipated. It truly as the book gets into it has a Withering Heights plot of tragedy. It is a good book.

    22. Really good storyThis story was really well written and I loved how Nikki didn't become her mother. She showed a lot of maturity and perseverance. I thought the book was a little too !omg and dragged on too much in some parts. But overall I WOULD DEFINITELY get the next book!!

    23. Real Characters you can relate toI am glad this book was recommended for me. The characters remind me of real people in real life predicaments. You can relate to the main characters. I love that they worked at Burger King and Wendys and drive clunkers.

    24. Loved the premise of the book. Characters had good chemistry. Just wish it would’ve been dual POV and ending! Hopefully we get a sequel or I’ll be upset!!!

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