Wink of an Eye

Wink of an Eye

Lynn Chandler Willis / Dec 14, 2019

Wink of an Eye Winner of the St Martin s Press Private Eye Writers of America Best st PI Novel On the run from a double cross Las Vegas private investigator Gypsy Moran shows up unexpectedly at his sister Rho

  • Title: Wink of an Eye
  • Author: Lynn Chandler Willis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Winner of the 2013 St Martin s Press Private Eye Writers of America Best 1st PI Novel On the run from a double cross, Las Vegas private investigator Gypsy Moran shows up unexpectedly at his sister Rhonda s house in Wink, Texas She introduces Gypsy to one of her former students, 12 year old Tatum McCallen, who is in need of Gypsy s services Tatum wants to hire Gypsy toWinner of the 2013 St Martin s Press Private Eye Writers of America Best 1st PI Novel On the run from a double cross, Las Vegas private investigator Gypsy Moran shows up unexpectedly at his sister Rhonda s house in Wink, Texas She introduces Gypsy to one of her former students, 12 year old Tatum McCallen, who is in need of Gypsy s services Tatum wants to hire Gypsy to investigate his father Ryce s alleged suicide His dad was a deputy with the Sheriff s department and was found hanged in their backyard Tatum believes his father was murdered after he went inquiring after the disappearance of several teenage girls, all undocumented immigrants Against his better judgment, Gypsy agrees to snoop around to see what he can find Between dealing with his now married high school sweetheart, a sexy reporter, and hostile police officers, Gypsy has his work cut out for him.

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      • Lynn Chandler Willis

        Born and raised in North Carolina, I feel most at home in a rural setting where the smell of fresh cut hay lingers I have an adult son and daughter and nine grandchildren yes, there is a set of twins in there , and a brown border collie named Finn who happily sports her own fanbase I confess to having enjoyed the writing prompts given in junior high English class and I m a sucker for old photographs.I m honored to have won the 2013 GRACE Award for Excellence in Faith based Fiction for my debut novel, THE RISING I am also humbled to say I m the first woman in 10 years to win the St Martin s Press Private Eye Writers of America Best 1st PI Novel Competition with WINK OF AN EYE Minotaur Books, 2014 The book went on to be named a 2014 Shamus Award finalist for Best 1st P.I Novel.


    1. A dramatic thriller that will hold attention until you finished. There is some sex and violence. Gypsy Morgan needs to leave Las Vegas as his business has taken a bad turn. He loads up his office and ships to his family home. His sister and her family live there. He becomes involved with the alleged suicide of a sheriff's deputy. He meets 12-year-old Tatum McCullen who insists that his "Father Did Not Kill Himself". He learns that there are ten missing teenagers for which no one is searching. Al [...]

    2. A Texas book, a first novel, Wink of an Eye was an enjoyable book. It won Best First Private Eye Novel. Awards are getting specific, but nevertheless, Willis's book was worthy of being singled out. I enjoyed the West Texas setting. "It finally cooled down to a comfortable ninety degrees." I know all too well how that feels. The main character's name is Gypsy. His actual name is Michael, but he became Gypsy along the way. He came home to Wink to escape retaliation of a mobster in Las Vegas whom h [...]

    3. Wink, Texas has a problem, but Gypsy Moran has no intention of getting caught up in any of it. That is until Tatum McCallen, son of a recently deceased Wink detective, gives him a case he can't turn his back on. Tatum's father, Ryce, had been conducting an investigation prior to his alleged suicide that could have blown the town of Wink wide open, but this town and its potentially-corrupt sheriff don't like to give up their secrets.Lynn Chandler Willis has a way of writing that makes the reader [...]

    4. Wink, TX is the last place PI Gypsy Moran thought he would end up. But that is where he ran to when his last case in Las Vegas had him running for his life. Gypsy had hated his home town so much that he chose leaving over his first and only real true love when she refused to leave her beloved ranch and follow him. Gypsy hasn’t been home for a day when he ends up promising a 12 year old boy that he will help him prove his deputy father didn’t commit suicide. Little did Gypsy know that this wo [...]

    5. This book is a good beginning for a new PI series set in hot hot, Southwest Texas. I anticipate that I will read each new entry as it hits the market. The story features an interesting conflicted guy who willingly undermines his own interest to make a dangerous commitment to assist a powerless oppressed family solve a series of terrible crimes in which the local police seemingly have not interest to solve. As the protagonist pursues the truth he is burdened by his current feelings concerning his [...]

    6. 1.5 rounded down for one simple reason: You. Do. Not. Use. The. Acknowledgements. To. Add. Information. About. Your. Character. That. You. Don’t. Actually. Say. In. The. Actual. Novel. Especially. If. It. Is. Their. First. Name. And. They. Use. It. Our hero is named MICHAEL “Gypsy” Moran. This exact tidbit of information isn’t even in the book jacket, let alone the novel, where it should be. No, instead it’s in the Acknowledgements of all places. Page 26 had a perfect place to say, “ [...]

    7. Growing up Michael “Gypsy” Moran could not wait to leave the isolated town of Wink in far west Texas. He would not be back now if not for a problem in Vegas that required him to make a very hasty departure. A problem that very well might have gotten him killed if he had stuck around. A problem that came about because of his work as a private investigator.The last thing he needs now after driving 18 hours straight in his van with his few possessions is a case. But Rhonda, Gypsy’s sister, is [...]

    8. WINK OF AN EYE is a fast moving mystery in Wink, Texas. Willis introduces her protagonist, Michael “Gypsy” Moran a private investigator. The author shares Gypsy’s backstory and why he returns to Wink. She introduces her support characters and their backgrounds as each character enters the storyline. Gypsy isn’t happy that his sister Rhonda is asking him to take on a case looking into the death of Sheriff's deputy, Ryce McCallen. Readers learn the story behind McCallen’s death labeled a [...]

    9. Some books are like a hot cup of chai tea; you sip them slowly, savoring the spices on your tongue.Other books are like a glass of cold water you desperately need to slake your thirst after a hot day, and you gulp it down as rapidly as you can, each sip better than the last.Lynn Willis' "Wink of an Eye" is that satisfying, desperately-needed water. I couldn't get enough of Gypsy Moran (An aside: Selfishly, I love that his last name is also my mother's maiden name!), her sexy Texan detective, lon [...]

    10. Wink is a small town in Southwest Texas with extremely hot weather and, in Wink of an Eye by Lynn Chandler Willis, a problem with corruption.Gypsy Moran grew up in Wink, but has been away for twenty years, working as a private investigator in Las Vegas. He has run into trouble in the big city and has decided to escape by heading home where he expects to find peace and quiet. But Gypsy’s sister, Rhonda, introduces him to Tatum, a twelve year old boy who is convinced his father’s death was not [...]

    11. Las Vegas private eye Gypsy Moran double-crossed a mob boss and he’s on the run back to his childhood home of Wink, Texas—a place he closed the door on twenty years earlier, vowing that he would never set foot there again. At least he could enjoy a visit with his sister, Rhonda, whom he hasn’t seen for years.A vacation, however, isn’t in the cards for Gypsy. One of Rhonda’s former students, twelve-year old Tatum McCallen, has enlisted her help in proving that his father’s recent deat [...]

    12. The Wink in the story is the town in Texas where P.I. Michael Moran aka Gypsy returns. Actually he’s escaping from a mobster and is trying to lay low for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, living with his sister Rhonda and her cop husband. What could be safer?Rhonda insists he take the case of Tatum McCallen, 12, who says Ryce, his father, a deputy, did not hang himself. Gypsy is wary, but curious, as no autopsy or investigation was done. Seems sloppy, but it is a small town. Ryce was investi [...]

    13. Twenty years have passed since Gypsy Moran escaped from the small Texas town of his youth, and now, he is on the run from the bad guys who want to do him in. By page two, Willis has our attention in a big way. Twelve-year-old Tatum needs Gypsy to prove his father did not commit suicide. Gypsy’s sister, Rhonda, is positive he can do just that. Gypsy is exhausted after an eighteen-hour drive from Vegas, but when Tatum reveals the smoking gun—eight young women are dead, Gypsy is in. Gypsy’s s [...]

    14. Wink of an Eye was one of the best books I’ve read in a while. Start with a very human hero, Gypsy Moran, a guy with a clear understanding of who he is; an engaging ten year old; add a complex plot with roots that go back in time; an interesting fully developed cast of characters―some slimy, some wonderfully real―some hot almost-sex (you have to read it to understand it); humor; atmospheric setting that puts you on the scene; and top it all off with great writing, and you have a riveting r [...]

    15. Not your typical Private Eye story - "Wink of an Eye" adds other elements to the mix that keep you interested in the characters well after you've finished the book.First off, Gypsy Moran is my kind of hero. He's not squeaky clean, and the author has a way of making that work for him. This is my kind of hero a guy's guy.And when you add in his accommodating sister, their inappropriate Gram, the kid looking for answers, a veteran policeman, and two vastly opposite love interests it gets real fun [...]

    16. This is a nice debut mystery that I hope will turn into a series. The characters feel like people you would like to know and the small town, west Texas setting feels familiar. Gypsy Moran is a PI who had some trouble in Las Vegas and returns to his hometown of Wink, TX. He stays with his sister and her husband who live with their 80 year old grandmother (who is very funny at times, or possibly suffering from dementia). The book was a quick read with good writing, quite a bit of humor and nice ch [...]

    17. Gypsy Moran has another fan. I'm looking forward to his next adventure. Told from his point of view, I loved getting in his head, but there were times I wanted to shake him and tell him to man up and dump Clair and get on with his life. After meeting the women in his family, his sister, his mother and especially his grandmother, I understand why he had issues with women. Though he tried to be hard boiled, his relationship with 12 year old Tatum showed that he had a heart as big as Texas. Ms. Wil [...]

    18. Wink of an Eye is a well-written novel I completely enjoyed. Lynn Chandler Willis has a great command of words. She knows how to chop through the fluff of writing to get down to the meat of the matter, which is quite evident in the superb structure, pace, and characterization of this novel. The author’s handling of the main character, Gypsy Moran, as he unravels the death of Tatum McCallen’s father and uproots all the other sordid situations happening in Wink Texas is very well done. This st [...]

    19. Gypsy Moran, P.I. who needs to get out of town for his health, is in Wink, Texas, visiting his sister. He needs a rest, but sister has a case for him by way of a ten-year old boy. A friend of his was one of several young teen girls who went missing---without any concern from the local police. That sets up a problem or two, especially, since sister's husband, one of those police, doesn't want her to look into it. Then, neither does Gypsy. Of course, that doesn't last long. And, of course, others [...]

    20. Private Investigator, Gyspy Moran flees Las Vegas to Wink, Texas, to the home of his sister, Rhonda. There he meets up with a young kid who desperately wants Gypsy to look into his father's "suicide". Against his better judgement due to a bottle of booze, he is helping the kid, pro bono, no less! What did he get into? Crooked cops, old lovers, new lovers, a crazy mother make this a pretty good storyline. I didn't think I would like it, but it finally connected.

    21. Trouble follows Gypsy Moran everywhere he goes. From Vegas, to his childhood home of Wink, Tx, Gypsy finds himself drowning in it. While trying to help a little boy prove that his father didn't commit suicide, he finds himself more deeply involved than he could ever have imagined.Wink of an Eye kept me hooked from page one! Mystery, romance, betrayal, conspiracy, and a dash of humor make this a book I will be reading more than once. Hopefully we will be hearing more from Gypsy!

    22. I received an Advance Copy of this book as part of a Giveaway.This book was enjoyable from the beginning. Gypsy was an entertaining character as a wiseass PI with a heart of gold. The character development was excellent, as was the relationship building between them. I felt that I was there with them. I would definitely read more from this author and more books with Gypsy if she would write them!

    23. Lynn Chandler-Willis's "Wink of an Eye" is a thought-provoking, gritty and sexy mystery. The main character, Gypsy is one you really want to get to know. The plot is complex and full of twist sand turns that keep you wanting more. I really enjoyed this book, and I am definitely a fan of Gypsy and the town of Wink, Texas.

    24. Great new mystery. Hoping it will be a series.Gypsy Moran, on the run from the mob in Vega, takes on a case for a young boy, tatum. Tatum wants Gypsy to prove his father didn't commit suicide. The investigation of one crime leads to the discovery of others in the small texas town of Wink. Snappy dialog, good characters, complex plot. Great read.

    25. Great PI story, a little cozy, a little hard core with a large dose of Texas. Gypsy Moran is a scrappy investigator, who gets himself into a lot of trouble, especially around women. If you're looking for an enjoyable read that's just a little different, give this one a try. Recommended!

    26. Very enjoyable read of this first published book for Lynn Chandler-Willis. Congratulations on winning the PI writers award. First time for a woman writer in years.

    27. I really liked this book. I love mysteries and really like to read North Carolina authors as I live in North Carolina.

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