The Muse

The Muse

Meghan O'Brien / Feb 18, 2020

The Muse Erotica author Kate McMannis has crippling writer s block and a deadline in less than two months When a beautiful woman named Erato appears at her house and claims to be her muse Kate isn t certain w

  • Title: The Muse
  • Author: Meghan O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9781626392236
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Erotica author Kate McMannis has crippling writer s block and a deadline in less than two months When a beautiful woman named Erato appears at her house and claims to be her muse, Kate isn t certain whether Erato is mentally ill or truly her supernatural savior Either way, when the incredible sex Erato offers leads to genuine inspiration, Kate isn t inclined to refuse heErotica author Kate McMannis has crippling writer s block and a deadline in less than two months When a beautiful woman named Erato appears at her house and claims to be her muse, Kate isn t certain whether Erato is mentally ill or truly her supernatural savior Either way, when the incredible sex Erato offers leads to genuine inspiration, Kate isn t inclined to refuse her unusual brand of help.When a little fantasy fulfillment with Erato inadvertently leads her to the shy and gorgeous Olive Johnson, unexpected feelings threaten to derail Kate s motivation once again Erato is just as determined to keep her writing on track as Kate is to explore her very real attraction to Olive which leads to friction that threatens not only Kate s ability to meet her deadline, but also her burgeoning romance with Olive.Caught between a contractual obligation and her heart, is there any way for Kate to have it all

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    1. I wanted to like this, as I've really enjoyed most of this author's work, but I just couldn't get in to it. I persevered and read to the end, but I didn't particularly like the main character. I thought she was whiny and annoying unfortunately. The whole situation was just a bit too silly (for want of a better word), and I had no real interest in the 'romantic' pairing I think we were meant to be rooting for. A shame really, as I do like Meghan's other books, and she's not a bad writer at all. T [...]

    2. Handing this novel out at the local retirement home got these reactionsArchibald Smothers (92) : "Lebanese? I was told there were Lebanese in this book!"Lillian Granderson (83) : "Ha! You think this is hot? Back in my day we had orgies for weeks!" *starts twerking*Margaret Thomah (89) : "I last had sex in 1972 and it was nothing like this! Is this even realistic? These ladies are going all day and any sensible person knows its only supposed to last 10 seconds!"Moving onI had major surgery the we [...]

    3. Wasn't a fan of this book! I wouldn't know where to start with a proper review if I'm honest so I'll say this Sex was of the chart! Loved the sex scenes but that's was it for me! The sex scenes are what brought this up to a two star because I was considering only giving it one.

    4. I'm sorry to say this but the only good thing about this book are the sex scenes, and they are not even great, anyway.The story has no sense at all. The author builds this story over a very thin layer of fantasy/mythology but it is never enough to sustain it, and the story fails miserably because of it.The story is just so unrealistec and unvelivable that is almost embarrassing. You may enjoy the sex though

    5. Firstly: Thanks to NetGally for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Detailed score: 4.25/5 [very nearly more] Quick review: Prepare to be ravished. If you've read Meghan O'Brien's other works and enjoyed them then stop reading this review right now and get purchasing. This book may be O'Brien's best yet -- although I think Thirteen Hours still trumps itjustybeMore detailed review:All three leads are very likeable in their own way and have their own separate ide [...]

    6. Okay, there's a lot I loved about this book. Olive might be one of my favourite characters ever, the sex is hot (because, yeah, Meghan O'Brien erotic romance), interesting premise. If you've ever wondered how enthusiastic consent could be sexy, then this is definitely the book for you. That said, I can't give this 5 stars because the frequent questioning whether Erato was mentally ill rubbed me the wrong way. It came up a lot, especially in the early chapters and it was pretty stigmatizing, but [...]

    7. ok all i can say is omg and wow!!!! MO book is of the chain with all of this sex,sex,sex,more sex,from beginning to about most of the book, it never stop, well they did only to take showers,eat,talk n cuss lololol.le storyline,no plot, but love her intended girlfriend, the so call "muse" was a little twistedi was i bit puzzle with this muse storyline anyway but anything is fantasy these days, oh well, you tried

    8. I know it's a Meghan O'Brien's book and I love all her books. I did try to like this one, but I just didn't get into it. I kept persevering, hoping that I'd start to enjoy it, but no such luck.

    9. *Thanks for the ARC, Netgalley!*The Muse is no doubt sexy. But I can't help but think that this is Meghan's very own fantasy were she ever caught in a writer's block. We have an erotica author, a Ms Kate McMannis (in retrospect, Meghan O'Brien herself), who was suffering from a severe writer's block. Due date's in two months and she barely got anything down. Just as she was about to put off writing, yet again, under the guise of needing something at the store, Erato appeared. Now here what I don [...]

    10. I read Meghan's previous books before, and they are amazing- excepted this one. The sex scenes are great. But that's not what I'm really looking forward to the most when I picked up a book with the 'romance' label on it. The problem with the book is how more than half of the story, it is centered toward two characters that won't end up together. (view spoiler)[Erato and Kate's relationship occupied most of the whole book, and I felt like Olive might as well be an outsider- until the end that is. [...]

    11. I really wanted this to book to be a knockout for me. Not quite, though, Meghan O'Brien hasn't lost her hand in writing some delicious sex scenes. I'm already kind of iffy about love triangles and when Erato began getting extra, I wanted her to disappear so I could enjoy Olive and Kate alone. I also would've rated this higher if I enjoyed Kate's character more. This doesn't change my love for O'Brien's work. Looking forward to her next book!

    12. Kate McMannis is a writer of lesbian erotica. The story begins with Kate suffering from crippling writer's block and a contract deadline just two months away. She's in full on panic mode, and yet she can't bring herself to stop watching cat videos on the Internet. Just when she thinks all hope is lost, Erato, a drop dead gorgeous woman who claims to be her muse (in true Greek Mythology form), shows up at her doorstep bearing groceries and a desire to meet all of Kate's needs thus providing the e [...]

    13. The mystery and intrigue of Greek Mythology is at the center of this encompassing contemporary lesbian romance: "The Muse" authored by novelist Meghan O'Brien.Struggling with writers block, an unable to complete copy without tremendous effort on her erotic novel expected soon by her editor, Kate McMannis was stunned when a beautiful woman turned up at her door bearing groceries to prepare a much needed meal. Overwhelmed by her seriously unfinished manuscript, she gladly accepted help from Erato [...]

    14. Rating: 3.5/5* I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review *This book was not quite what I was expecting, because it was listed under the genre of Romance on NetGalley, when I would say it falls under Erotica instead. Which is not to say that I didn't enjoy the novel, just that I was surprised by how much sex there was.I guess I'll start with the sex, then. The novel is about an erotica novel writer who hits writers block, and the Muse who shows up to help h [...]

    15. This is the story of Kate McMannis and how she deals with a big case of writer's block with the help of Erato her personal muse and Olive the additional part for all the threesomes scenes and actual love interest in this story. What else can I say about this story?I mean this book is 95% porn and 5% story with like 2% character development in that same story porcentage but I have to give props to the author for always making a point of including consent and her insistent effort to portray somewh [...]

    16. First of all I would like to thank Netgalley for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for an honest review.Upon first receiving THE MUSE I was struck by the simple cover design and thought that was something I would like to read (the simple title helped too - I like simple titles). Yet upon first reading this book it struck me The Muse is an Erotica novel (I have tried to stay away from the genre as people on may see me as a pervert).The Story is this: Kate is a novelist and a Lesbian [...]

    17. Too well-written to be considered pornThis book is well-written erotica, although it has just as much sex as some books that are touted as simply romance. The premise is a little strange, but the characters are well developed and likable. I even laughed out loud several times. Good job! Recommended.

    18. Meghan does it again! And this time with just the right amount of real life irony. Not to mention the sizzling sex scenes, I want to take this time to alert the single gals reading this to prepare your hand/vibrating friend/booty callyou're gonna need it, guaranteed.

    19. I loved reading this book, I was so intrigued by the plot I even skipped some sex scenes because I wanted to understand where the book was heading.I WANT ERATO FOR PRESIDENT!

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