Price of Honor

Price of Honor

Radclyffe / Feb 20, 2020

Price of Honor Honor and duty are not always black and white and when self styled patriots take up arms against the government the price of honor may be a life Blair Powell and Jane Graves have much in common and e

  • Title: Price of Honor
  • Author: Radclyffe
  • ISBN: 9781626393592
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • Honor and duty are not always black and white and when self styled patriots take up arms against the government, the price of honor may be a life.Blair Powell and Jane Graves have much in common and even that sets them apart in an invisible battle raging on home soil Blair s father is the president of the United States, while Jane s is a domestic terrorist bent on brHonor and duty are not always black and white and when self styled patriots take up arms against the government, the price of honor may be a life.Blair Powell and Jane Graves have much in common and even that sets them apart in an invisible battle raging on home soil Blair s father is the president of the United States, while Jane s is a domestic terrorist bent on bringing about a new world order at the expense of the present one When Blair takes to the campaign trial to support her father s re election, Cameron Roberts and the newest members of Blair s security detail must protect the president and his daughter from foes bent on revenge Jane and her secret ally within the president s inner circle vow to destroy them all, at any cost.

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    1. Despite the 'Honor' series being one of my favorites, I must admit I haven't been keeping up with the Powells. My last visit with Blair and Cam was four years ago with Honor 7 which was a little underwhelming except for the ending. But the huge explosion of lesfic in the past couple of years has really backed up my to-read list. Plus, catching up with the latest of Blair's outbursts and Cam's recklessness isn't very high on my list anyway. But, the book blurb from this latest Honor 9 really grab [...]

    2. Fantastic seriesI have loved and lived every book in this series, the different characters that introduced in each series yet somehow joined to the base characters of Blair and Cameron thrilling filled with love and mystery highly recommend reading all the series . For continuity between Book 7 & 8 read Radclyffe's Code of Honour

    3. Although it is not as good as her earlier books, compared to the latest, this is one is quite good! Rating 3.5/5

    4. This book is remarkably engaging as it thrillingly highlights the ever increasing suspense and threats against key people. The many folks identified are either protecting, reporting about, or attempting to kill POTUS, President of the United States, as he starts his reelection bid with a stunningly inspiring train ride through the heartland of America. On the threat side of the equation, there is a fabulously focused woman with serious schooling under her belt plus a nearly implacable single-min [...]

    5. The 9th book in the series, and my anticipation for it is as high as ever, since Cam and Blair are definitely one of my all-time-favourite couple ever. (I was constantly refreshing the BSB website on 1st July, just waiting for the link to buy the epub to appear, lol :x)For a proper review, definitely check out Jem's awesome review. All I want to say is that Cam and Blair definitely still have it here, that X-factor/chemistry/IT that just makes them such a fantastic couple together. They just bal [...]

    6. No Valarie anywhere in the story :( pleassssse bring her back in the next installment.Having said that, I've enjoyed reading the 9th book in this series and watching the characters grow. Cam and Blair matured a lot over the last two books. Stark grew into her capacity now leading Blair's protection team. Throughout the story, you'll continue to see recurring characters from past books being part of the supporting cast (only missing Diane and Valarie). The tight and gripping plot though, was what [...]

    7. I "read" this book via Audible. Abby Craden's voice is generally like nails on a chalk board for me, however, of all the characters in this series, the voice Abby used for Dusty Nash was perfect. It made me wish this series, and Dusty's character, would continue for another 5 novels. Very much enjoyed this series and the adventure is took me on. A little overkill (pun intended) with the same terror threats over and over again, but still enjoyed Cam, Blair and Stark, and the occasional inserts of [...]

    8. Loved this one. It's a solid entry in the series. Blair and Cam are great as always, and I liked the new couple a whole lot too. I'm hoping we'll get to see more of some of the old characters again in future books, but for this one, I understood why they weren't there.

    9. awesome writing to the honor serieswonderful to see Cam and her team in action doing their thing again,plus there was also a love story blended in between Viv and Dusty which was not rushloved it.tion pack asual

    10. Enjoyed it. Would have loved a full book dedicated to Dusty & Viv, their relationship was a little undercooked because it was woven into the Honor Series.

    11. It's always the same in all his books, the only thing that changes is the name of the character, is completely predictable (And I'm going to do the same with my reviews)

    12. Feels like this book is not the end of Honor series. Also storyline was not that intense as in previous books. May be it seemed to me. Good one as always

    13. I was able to read this book courtesy of NetGalley.This installment continues the ongoing plot of the series; strike at the White House. The action is crisp, well thought out, and the method was a surprise.I enjoyed the new characters for the book, but then, I am a dog lover. They are a nice side romance; their interaction in the main plot could have been reduced to a few pages if not less. It made a nice contrast to the normal franticness the main characters usually go through.Speaking of the m [...]

    14. Loved the seriesI read this series in order over a three week period of time. I absolutely loved it. I became really invested in the main characters as well as the continuing story. Certainly some books were tighter than others but as a series they played well together. I especially began to appreciate the work of those who protect the presidency regardless of how realistic it was portrayed. It was interesting. Of course even though all the books followed the formula, each ended with a kick.And [...]

    15. Hmmm!!!Ok, I really hope this isn't the end. I'm seriously in withdrawal mode. Radclyffe can't leave it here. With all the twists and turns throughout the series I'd really like to see Jane move over from the dark side. There is so much more to gain from another few books to add to this series. I can't wait for 10, 11, 12 maybe 18. What can I say I love the books and both the stories and the characters. Radclyffe inserts realism into this series, nothing she writes gets you thinking 'yeah right! [...]

    16. I'm FAIRLY certain I missed a book in this series somewhere, but the novel is written well enough tht you get the bits you missed, more or less.Interesting book in that we have Cam faced against a enemy who is pretty much a opposite number to her and whom pretty much holds her own against her. Arguably they pretty much fight to a draw.Looking forward to the next book, considering the ending.

    17. Another great sequel.Oh yeah, this is definitely a winner. It was so exciting to get back to the life of Cam and Blair. I feel sympathy for Jane, a lonely harsh woman. I loved Dusty and Viv and of course Atlas, the ideal partner. The story keeps you on the edge of the Chair. Cam is my hero and I hope that this is not the end of this series. Radclyffe has done it again.

    18. Meh, this is the weakest of the Honor series but still, not a terrible read. This book suffered from too many POV changes which kept me from getting into the story. On top of that, at only 264 pages and the POV shifting between four story lines, none of them were well developed. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. It was just h.

    19. I got this book from Netgalley.As I was expecting Radclyffe didn't disappoint this time too with this latest release in the Honor series.The reason my anticipation was high because how the last book ended with Jane-whats-her-name.Cam and Blair are lovely as ever, I personally want more of Valerie and DianeGreat effort

    20. Another kindle thrown.What can I say Dan it know we have to wait for radclyffe write the next Installment. I am just going to sound like other times storyline was out of this world and the characters were great. I really loved Dusty and Vivian, I hope they come back.

    21. I absolutely loved it, it was great to read about Blair and Cam again as well as meeting new characters. This series has been one of my favorites and I can't wait for more adventures to follow. Highly recommend.

    22. Starting this book, I felt like I was thrown into the middle of an ongoing story trying to catch up. It took me a while to catch up, but once I got into the story it was a pleasure to read. Ending this book, I felt like the story would continue in another book.

    23. I love Radclyffs writing. If a single book or a series doesn't matter, she's just great. The honor series is one of my favorits. It's allways exciting to accompany Blair and Cameron.

    24. 2.5 StarsI like the series but passages are often cookie-cutter passages. Yet, I still enjoy the series very much.

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