The House of Fame

The House of Fame

Oliver Harris / Feb 27, 2020

The House of Fame Amber Knight is London s hottest ticket pop star film star the front page subject of daily tabloid gossip Nick Belsey is less celebrated His decade long career at Hampstead CID seems to be coming to

  • Title: The House of Fame
  • Author: Oliver Harris
  • ISBN: 9780224101875
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Amber Knight is London s hottest ticket pop star, film star, the front page subject of daily tabloid gossip Nick Belsey is less celebrated His decade long career at Hampstead CID seems to be coming to an end, and his habit of getting into serious trouble is ongoing He is currently of no fixed abode But when Belsey is asked by a desperate mother to help find her son,Amber Knight is London s hottest ticket pop star, film star, the front page subject of daily tabloid gossip Nick Belsey is less celebrated His decade long career at Hampstead CID seems to be coming to an end, and his habit of getting into serious trouble is ongoing He is currently of no fixed abode But when Belsey is asked by a desperate mother to help find her son, he finds himself infiltrating the entourage of Amber Knight It is a world of excess, obsession, lust and greed precisely as Belsey had expected, and perhaps even hoped for Soon, though, the blood begins to flow, one sickening crime is followed by the next, and Belsey finds himself in a far deadly world, whose mysteries he must solve and whose grip he must escape.

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        Oliver Harris is one of the freshest new crime writing talents on the British scene his novels to date are The Hollow Man 2011 and Deep Shelter 2014 Both feature DC Nick Belsey, a man of contradictions who fights crime and isn t afraid to break the law in the process.Oliver was born in north London He has a first class degree in English Literature and an MA in Shakespeare Studies from UCL, and an MA in creative writing from UEA He has worked in clothing warehouses, PR companies and as a TV and film extra More recently he assisted with research in the Imperial War Museum archives, and continues to act as a reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement.His Facebook page can be found by clicking here.


    1. Was war das für ein Ende?? Ich habe gedacht in meinem Buch fehlen zehn Seiten oder so, das fühlte sich ja mal richtig unvollständig an nicht sehr zufriedenstellend, ansonsten ein sehr guter Krimi! Rezension folgt!

    2. 4,5 von 5 🌟 toller Fall und kaputter Cop. Klasse Mischung!Inhalt Detective Nick Belsey ist vom Dienst suspendiert, hat eine Anklage am Hals und haust im verlassenen Polizeirevier von Hampstead. Amber Knight ist Londons größtes It-Girl und lebt das glamouröse Leben eines Pop- und Filmstars. Als eines Tages eine ältere Frau bei Belsey anklopft und ihn bittet, ihren Sohn aufzuspüren, der seit Tagen verschwunden ist, findet Belsey Hinweise darauf, dass er Amber Knight gestalkt hat. Belsey sc [...]

    3. Hampstead, der Stadtteil, in dem die Reichen und Schönen wohnen. Kein Ort, an dem man Detective Nick Belsey vemuten würde. Zumal dieser vom Dienst suspendiert ist und von den internen Ermittlern mit einem Verfahren bedroht wird. Aber wohnungslos und ohne Dach über dem Kopf, nistet er sich kurzentschlossen in der leerstehenden Wache im Norden Londons ein. Aber offenbar kennt doch jemand sein Versteck, denn er erhält unerwarteten Besuch von einer älteren Dame, die ihn um Hilfe bittet. Ihr erw [...]

    4. I really appreciated the tenacity of the main character. I enjoyed the writing in this novel for the most part, the twists and turns kept me reading. Felt like the end was very rushed terms of who was behind everything not really getting any clarity into some of the endings for certain characters. The end with Nick and the person driving the veh kind of mad me angry because they were involved with everything happening and it didnt really seem to bother him in the slightest.

    5. „Ein kluger Mann würde Samen kaufen, Kompost in die Schubladen seines alten Schreibtischs füllen und als Einsiedler weiterleben.“ (Originalzitat)In diesen dritten Fall wird Detective Nick Belsey eher durch Zufall verwickelt. Er ist im Dienst suspendiert und es wird eine Anklage gegen ihn vorbereitet. Daher ist er untergetaucht, ohne festen Wohnsitz lebt er teilweise im ehemaligen, nun aufgelassenen Polizeirevier in Hampstead. Da bittet ihn Maureen Doughty um Hilfe – ihr erwachsener Sohn [...]

    6. Nick Belsey, früherer Detektiv, wurde nach seinem letzten Fall suspendiert und lebt seitdem für sich alleine in dem verlassenen Polizeigebäude. Bis eine ältere Dame kommt und ihren Sohn als vermisst meldet. Doch Nick stellt bald fest, dass der junge Mann nicht nur einfach verschwunden ist, sondern tatsächlich eine brisante Vorgeschichte hat: Er ist Stalker der Prominenten Amber Knight. So beginnen für Nick die Ermittlungen - undercover und selber auf der Flucht vor dem Gesetz nistet er sic [...]

    7. Thank you for sending me this book. This is the third novel in the series, but I enjoyed it as a stand alone read. The main character, Nick (the detective) is a well written character and I really got a fell for him and his personality. This novel is set in London as always and it is about the disappearance of a child and the murky life that is revealed as the story unfolds. A great read and I will definitely be looking out for this authors other books.

    8. 間にTony & Carolがはさまったので、いつもより更に時間がかかりましたが、終わりました~。伏線らしきものがてんこ盛りなのは、この作家さんの特徴なんでしょうか。今回もどこへ引っ張って行かれるのやら皆目見当のつかない伏線だらけ。しかも前回同様、なんだか物凄いスケールで物凄い哲学を持ったスーパー悪巧み!みたいな伏線です。が、今回も蓋を開けてみ [...]

    9. 3rd in series recounting the ups and downs in London detective Nick Belsey's plummeting career. This one seemed less plausible than the earlier books (plot involves cult planning life on another plane/planetd the celebrities it sucks in), but was still entertaining.

    10. Another in the Nick Betsey series in Hampstead /London. Disgraced police inspector, suspended, he gets drawn into looking for a missing person, which then results in several murders, conspiracy etc.Well written but not sure how this turned out or where the series is going.

    11. What an unexpected delight. Saw a review in my local paper, and as the book is set in my neighbourhood, I thought I'd give it a read. Beautifully written. Kept my attention from start to finish. Hadn't realise it was part of a series, which means the backlist will be a bonus.

    12. Fun thriller, twisty yet believable plot, with a fast pace and easy writing style. Good not great. Unfortunately I jumped in the middle of this series, plan to check out the first two books.

    13. Engrossing novel. I would have rated it higher if not for the weird cult story line and the rushed, implausible ending.

    14. Interessante Charaktere mit einigen Facetten, die einem nicht sofort ins Auge springen. Gut geschrieben. Ich denke, ich werde die ersten beiden Fälle von Nick Belsey auch noch lesen (irgendwann).

    15. Interesting, took me half the book to sort of figure out what was going on. Uses a little language that I don't like, but a good detective book.

    16. Started off brilliantly, then trailed off into a convoluted and plainly weird storyline that I didn't get… Really liked the central character and found out later that this is not the first book in the series… will definitely read more of these books.

    17. One keeps waiting for something hing positive to happen to Nick Belsey, but it never does. The ending takes him away from the one thing he does best, solving crime, making it a most dissatisfying conclusion to an otherwise interesting plot.I gave the 3 star rating because of the ending. Given that ending, I would hesitate to recommend this book to anyone. However, if Nick returns, I may just have to read him again!

    18. It's well written and has some nice images. A murder victim's Instagram account "outliving its owner like hair and fingernails". TV screens flickering in high-rise tower blocks "like pilot lights". The first page was enough to get me to buy it, but I was expecting more. The reviews implied a unique anti-hero, the sort of person who can't help creating trouble wherever they go, an out-of-control trickster type. But Belsey is really just the standard cop hero -- always in trouble with his bosses, [...]

    19. I've loved the North London police dramas written by Oliver Harris for a while, mainly because they are well-written, fast-paced, and star a hard-nosed, but fair-minded and gentle-hearted police detective, Nick Belsey. This third instalment in the Belsey crime thriller series sees our police detective hiding out in a boarded up Hampstead Police Station. He has been suspended, and is lying low with an internal investigation hanging over his head.Belsey's down and out lifestyle is temporarily elev [...]

    20. As with all of the Nick Belsey thrillers this is fast paced with many twists and turns that make it an enjoyable read right to the end. In this book Belsey is yet again persona non grata with many of his police colleagues and still living rough, but once again gets drawn in to a case - this time a missing person case that intersects with the life of a top celebrity - through one of his less than salubrious friends. The Belsey novels always show the highs and lows of London life and yet again Oli [...]

    21. Pretty well done British procedural/thriller with an interesting character in Belsey. Yes, this is yet another disaffected police officer but he's a thoughtful one. This is a page turner so some of the unlikely things that happen are ok because it definitely keeps you reading. I was entertained b Amber. Thanks to Edelweiss for the ARC. This is a quick read because you'll want to know what happens. I read it as a standalone but now I'm going to look for more from Harris. Try this if you enjoy the [...]

    22. I've really enjoyed the other two Nick Belsey novels as Oliver Harris has a unique way of stringing together several plot lines and keeping the tension going. This book was a bit of all over the place, a bit forced and a bit over the top. Belsey escapes police numerous captures as if he were invisible and the ending is so unfulfilling-the book deserves better. Maybe next time, Oliver.

    23. Just as much fun as the two previous Nick Belsey books. As usual I enjoyed the relentless plot and the outrageous behaviour of the protagonist, who is both reckless and corrupt while simultaneously obsessively compulsive about solving the case. The mystery was tightly bound and took just the right amount of time to unravel. A thoroughly enjoyable crime thriller.

    24. Just finished listening to the audiobook version of this novel. Reminds me of the old American detective stories but this is set in present-day London. Entertaining read but absent of those unexpected twists which would elevate it into a 5 star read. Nevertheless, you won't be disappointed. Recommended.

    25. The third in a series. A really good can't-put-it-down read in the disaffected detective genre. Set it London, it is wall-to-wall action.Bring on number 4!

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