Chaos Is Come Again

Chaos Is Come Again

John Dolan Fiona Quinn / May 30, 2020

Chaos Is Come Again Excellent wretch Perdition catch my soulBut I do love thee And when I love thee notChaos is come again Sean hears voices in his head Travis snorts cocaine Teagan thinks she s the next Lady Gaga Avery

  • Title: Chaos Is Come Again
  • Author: John Dolan Fiona Quinn
  • ISBN: 9780957325661
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Excellent wretch Perdition catch my soulBut I do love thee And when I love thee notChaos is come again Sean hears voices in his head.Travis snorts cocaine.Teagan thinks she s the next Lady Gaga.Avery has the boss from Hell and a mother with dementia.And Goose thinks he can catch a serial killer Chaos is Come Again is a psychological suspense, a mystery, and a love st Excellent wretch Perdition catch my soulBut I do love thee And when I love thee notChaos is come again Sean hears voices in his head.Travis snorts cocaine.Teagan thinks she s the next Lady Gaga.Avery has the boss from Hell and a mother with dementia.And Goose thinks he can catch a serial killer Chaos is Come Again is a psychological suspense, a mystery, and a love story loaded with irreverent humour, and viewed through the lens of obsession.WARNING This book contains references to Judas Iscariot, a dwarf and a performing monkey.

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        Makes a living by travelling, talking a lot and sometimes writing stuff down Galericulate author, polymath and occasional smarty pants John Dolan hails from a small town in the North East of England Before turning to writing, his career encompassed law and finance He has run businesses in Europe, South and Central America, Africa and Asia He and his wife Fiona currently divide their time between Thailand and the UK.John is the author of the Time, Blood and Karma series.


    1. “Chaos is Come Again” by John Dolan and Fiona Quinn was one of the most enjoyable reading experiences for me this year. Full of great humour it throws us readers into the world of publishing where Avery gets landed with the ‘client from hell’ , Travis, a difficult and also blasphemous author whom she is supposed to woo.Her home life is nothing short of chaotic, too, with an increasingly demented mother to look after and other family commitments that take their toll.On twitter she connect [...]

    2. Fabulous Writing DuoBy Billy Ray Chitwood "Billy Ray Chitwood"on November 1, 2014Format: Kindle EditionThe duet novel put together by the extraordinarily talented John Dolan and Fiona Quinn is called "Chaos is Come Again" - Shakespeare devotees will recognize the title from Othello. Even the most lofty of the elite Shakespeare 'club members' should regale this offering from Dolan and Quinn as one of the best fictional novels of the year. In my humble opinion, here is what makes it soDolan and Qu [...]

    3. "Bleak is the new black."Chaos Is Come Again by John Dolan and Fiona Quinn is whimsical, offbeat, quirky and certainly entertaining thriller/mystery. This readable story is both dark and at times humorous. One might not go with the other but in this case it works really well. Unusual, I got caught up in the turns that kept me guessing. Clueless as to where I was being led. Smart, clever and witty are good adjectives to describe this wild ride of a story.The two writers work seamlessly together a [...]

    4. ‘Chaos is Come Again’, the new thriller from John Dolan and Fiona Quinn, is a superb character-driven novel. And what characters! On one side of the Atlantic we have Avery, a literary agent tasked with coaxing polemic author Travis Bishop into completing his sequel novel. In turn, and thanks to the electronic magic of social media, she is connected to Sean in London. He’s a guy trying to reorder his life working in a coffee shop and managing his Dad’s apartment block. Then there are the [...]

    5. a tantalising weave of intrigue, sex, murder and romanceeling away the layers of a story through the prism of characters as diverse as those in Chaos Is Come Again, is a reading delight more so intriguing is the manner in which every player has his or her unique idiosyncrasies and internal battles impacting the narrative flow Avery Goodyear, a literary agent in America, struggling to juggle a mother whose dementia is a constant stress and her boss whose selfish interests over ride any iota of de [...]

    6. Chaos is good title for this book because it doesn't play by the rules you expect in most novels. First it's genre bending because it's a romance that's wrapped in a psychological thriller. And second it moves against your assumptions about what is going to happen. And those are good things. As a reader to often I pick up a book and after the first chapter I have an idea of what's going to happen, but this book kept me guessing throughout, and I enjoyed that. Another thing that I enjoyed in this [...]

    7. John Dolan and Fiona Quinn have a winner on their hands. The partnership for the most part flows easily and what they have created is a romance, a whodunit and a slasher story - not so easy to do! The characters are extremely well written and you end up caring about all of them no matter how likeable or unlikeable they behave in the novel. Although the ending may be just a tad too predictable there are spots in the story that create genuine and distressing suspense that make you have to keep on [...]

    8. I feel a bit bad about breaking the streak of fives, because I did really like this book. There was one real thing that didn't work for me, but it's quite excellent.So, the good stuff--the writing is tight, it's really funny, and the characters are mostly charming but realistic. It's very witty and astute, and it's a delicious ride through the publishing industry. A book this weird shouldn't work, but this one does, magnificently.The things I didn't like are the ending--which I can't talk about [...]

    9. I'm quite familiar with the work of John Dolan(love it) and so I was pleased to get a copy of this. Chaos Is Come Again is a superbly crafted thriller which blends in some age-old aspects(a serial killer loose in London) with modern ones(a Twitter romance). This writing duo managed to keep me guessing as to the outcome right to the very end, and I could not set it down as the plot was tied together. It's difficult to expound without spoilers, so I won't.If you've read Dolan before and enjoyed it [...]

    10. When Avery in the US, and Sean in the UK, become friends over twitter, a fast paced roller coaster ride begins. The characters in this book are diverse, complicated and fascinating. What with Goose trying to solve murders with mathematical explanations, and Teagan's mischievous activities, there's never a dull moment in this read. I found myself enthusiastically 'turning the pages' and wanting to know more If you're looking for a book with suspense, mystery, romance, as well as something that wi [...]

    11. One of those fun novels that pulled me in from the start with a colorful cast and web of creative plot lines that never lagged. Loved it!

    12. *** CHAOS IS COME AGAIN is off-the-wall addictive! ***In Chaos is Come Again, an oddball mix of characters converge in a tale replete with human foibles, a serial killer, and a fantastical love story. While merging the outlandish with the sacred and the absurd with the believable, it unapologetically tramples political correctness to a pulp.There are so many unique hooks to pull you in.Sensationalist author, Travis Bishop, is hiding in London after fleeing death threats from his home country. So [...]

    13. Chaos Is Come Again by John Dolan & Fiona Quinn is like no other book I have read. They say two minds are better than one and this book goes way beyond that. Both authors are superb and have combined to create this masterpiece of adult romance/drama with lashings of humour and murder mystery.The characters are suitably quirky with more problems than Kafka and Dostoyevsky combined. Each character is so richly interwoven into the insane plot that this reader could not wait to get back to them [...]

    14. Every time I pick up a John Dolan book I know I'm in for a wild ride. This time he teamed up with another author, Fiona Quinn, and I wasn't sure what to expect What I got was a deliciously crazy story with intertwining plots, romance, murder, drama and humor. The story had me invested, intrigued and guessing to the last page.If you're looking for a thriller, romance, all around fantastic book- pick this one up. It takes crazy to a new level.

    15. I’ve been a big fan of John Dolan’s Time, Blood, and Karma series, which so far has 3 novels of a projected 7 novel mystery suspense behemoth. I was anxiously awaiting installment 4 when what should appear but a co-authored novel with Fiona Quinn. I know little about Fiona except that she is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. As far as I can tell, she has published short stories of her own. No novels as yet.I don’t really understand how 2 people can write one novel together. Mr. Dolan’s previo [...]

    16. The publishing business, murders and madness I have read and love the three books (so far) in the series Time, Blood and Karma by John Dolan. I know Fiona Quinn from her fantastic blog (I recommend it to anybody interested in writing thrillers. I had the pleasure of being one of her guests). And I was very intrigued by their collaboration. If any more encouragement were needed, the reviews were great too.I had read interviews about the process involved in writing the novel and I wondered how it [...]

    17. There’s a wonderful children’s book called “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” and it goes something like this…If you give a pig a pancake, she’ll want syrup to go with it. You'll give her some of your favorite maple syrup, and she'll probably get all sticky, so she'll want to take a bath. She'll ask you for some bubbles. When you give her the bubblesWell, I think you get the picture. To quote the 1980s band The Fixx, “One thing leads to another.” And so it goes in Chaos Is Come Again [...]

    18. Dolan and Quinn have collaborated and created an extraordinary character-driven novel like no other! This fast-paced thriller, romance, and psychothriller touches multiple genres and has its share of believable, quirky characters that encourages the reader to stay up late into the night. Avery is a saintly literary agent working caring for her demented mother and working with an impossible letch while Sean is constantly assessing and reassessing his own mental stability. Sean's "sort-of" girlfri [...]

    19. Let me first start by saying I am a huge fan of Dolan. His Time, Blood and Karma series has phenomenal, thought provoking, poetic writing. This book was not like the TBK series. The story is good with the potential to be great but the writing, while good, was missing something. For me there was too much fluff and not enough subsistence. There was not enough in depth character development. Maybe this is the result of coauthoring. All that being said I am still a fan and patiently await a new book [...]

    20. A great and cosy serial killer novel with intersting characters though its greatest strength is probably how it successful weavs its storylines, allowing them to stand on their own feet and then bringing them together for a great ending that demands a sequel.I'll definitely try more of these authors' work.

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