The Devil and Pastor Gus

The Devil and Pastor Gus

Roger Bruner / Feb 27, 2020

The Devil and Pastor Gus Fifty Half a century old Closer to the grave than cradle And what does Pastor Gus Gospello have to show for his fifty years on earth Not much Shepherd of a small church Married without kids Faithful k

  • Title: The Devil and Pastor Gus
  • Author: Roger Bruner
  • ISBN: 9781941103357
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fifty Half a century old Closer to the grave than cradle And what does Pastor Gus Gospello have to show for his fifty years on earth Not much Shepherd of a small church Married without kids Faithful keeper of God s commands Well, most of them, anyway Gus longs to make a difference for God to have an eternal legacy Now, as he comes to grips with his mid life crisiFifty Half a century old Closer to the grave than cradle And what does Pastor Gus Gospello have to show for his fifty years on earth Not much Shepherd of a small church Married without kids Faithful keeper of God s commands Well, most of them, anyway Gus longs to make a difference for God to have an eternal legacy Now, as he comes to grips with his mid life crisis, Gus acknowledges he ll never be another John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, or Billy Graham.But can he become the next C.S Lewis His wife thinks so Fueled with the unbridled hope of a na ve novelist, Gus sets out to craft a novel so rich in spiritual symbolism and truth that even the Devil takes notice.And that s never a good sign.The last time the Devil and Gus met, Gospello s pen hovered over the signature line of a dangerous contract his soul in exchange for a child But when Gus turned his back on the Great Deceiver, the news spread like Hellfire Ever since, Satan s been obsessed with personally delivering Gus to Hell.With his eye on Gus s new novel, the Devil tempts Gus with a peek into the spiritual realm of good and evil for a truthful account of his rise, fall, and enduring success The Devil will feed Gus information few mortals are privileged to know In return Gus will craft what s sure to become a best seller Of course, Gus has no intention of making the Accuser look as winsome as promised Instead, Gus plans to write a scathing satire, exposing the Devil s excessive arrogance.But when the prologue to Gus s novel inexplicably appears in a popular Christian magazine and the Devil is shown to be a pride filled fool, he seeks to destroy Gus and everything the pastor holds dear, including his precious wife.Gus, willing to lay himself on the line to turn his little flock back to God, makes one last deal and signs the dotted line Satan finally has claim on Gus s soul, and with it, vindication.But Gus has a few tricks of his own Win or lose, Pastor Gus is about to discover that striking a deal with Satan, even in jest, can have eternal consequences.

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    1. A new take on the Faust legend of someone contracting with the devil for his soul, then trying to weasel out of it. Only, that isn’t quite what happens.The Devil (B. L. ZeBubb) is a over the top, but have you read Marlowe or Goethe? And Pastor Gus, unlike the classic protagonist, is a humble, good man. Certainly not Daniel Webster.Starts slowly but gets better with each chapter. The Epilogue is best of all. It’s all too easy and obvious but this is satire.I’ve already told you too much.A g [...]

    2. Simon Peter (Heavens’ gatekeeper) called out the names as they came through the pearly gates. B.L.ZeBubb was # 3. The Lamb’s Book of Life search field didn’t show much information.Reverend Gus Gospello had made B.L.ZeBubb a deal. He was supposed to sign his standard Souled Out contract.Mattie Gospello (50, Gus’ wife) was wishing Gus “Guster” a Happy 50 birthday. Satan (aka B.L.ZeBubb & Sons, ULTD) came to visit with Reverend Gospello at the Little Church on the Corner. They went [...]

    3. It was so different than i expectedI gave it a 5 because the writing style was captivating, lost sleep as i couldn't put it down. The theology came thru without being preachy. It had drama, comedy, truth, and fantasy. The dialogue was believable between Satan and Pastor Gus. God's rich plan and loving forgiveness came thru clearly. Taking things into our own hands without consulting and trusting Jesus was clearly exp,ained as sin. PRIDE. The sin that cost Satan his place in heaven. Worth reading [...]

    4. Loving and we'll writtenThe characters are so life like. We have all experienced various points like this in our own lives. To see this written and in print, as if the hearts and minds of so many were brought together to explain in a simple way the Truth. The Truth of the good news of the love of Jesus Christ. Amazing!

    5. I loved this book! It was so very entertaining but also made me think. There are hidden spiritual messages if you're looking for them. If not, then the book is still fun to read. Either way, I'd highly recommend this book to anyone.My one caution is that if you don't like books that are a bit out of the box, then you might not like this book because this book is definitely out of the box! The two main characters of the book are Pastor Gus and B.L. ZeeBub. I'm sure you can figure out who B.L ZeeB [...]

    6. Compelling readQuirky, fun, touching, and unexpected ending. Worth the effort and time to read. Looking forward to more from Roger Bruner.

    7. Loved itThis is such a great book couldn't put it down once I got started interesting and gives hope that you can beat the devil and know God's love is never ending

    8. 3 starsI found the book to be thought provoking but also heretical in places. Some of the humor was insulting and ungodly.

    9. This is an unusual book.I don’t ordinarily care for books about the supernatural or demonic beings. But this story, despite the fact that the devil himself is a major character, isn’t really like that. In fact, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before. The wholly unbelievable devil character is not meant to be taken seriously. Yet the lighthearted situations the story portrays urge us to take another look. I’m not sure how the author pulls it off, but it makes for a memorable read.If [...]

    10. I struggled with the beginning of this book and almost decided to put it down. I'm not sure why. But the I liked the story and kept going. Once I got further along, I had a hard time putting it down. The story was whimsical and fun. A modern day version of making a pastor making a pact with the devil to save his church. The story was full of Biblical truth, and told in such a way as to cause one to ponder church life as a pastor and as members. The characters were well thought out and full of li [...]

    11. The man goes up to the Pearly gates of Heaven to get in and Saint Peter said no , your names not on the list and I cant let you in. At the church Pastor Gus was giving a sermon and the guy the devil was there . Pastor ask for everyone to pray for this person and they did. He tried to get him to give himself to the Lord our savior but he just couldnt do it. The Pastor ended up having heart attack and when he go to the "recovery room" as they called it to Heaven . He had questions to ask and they [...]

    12. Pastor Gus Gospello is a lovable pastor going through a mid-life crisis, happily married but childless, who wants more than anything to leave a legacy. It is that desire that opens him up to the temptation of striking a deal with the devil, aka B.L.ZeBubb. The Devil and Pastor Gus is a whimsical allegory on the Bible’s book of Job. It is filled with subtle and not so subtle humor while also engaging the reader with the significant subjects of temptation, faith, and forgiveness. It is a very en [...]

    13. Ever wonder why your hard drive crashed, or why you couldn’t find your car in the parking lot? Meet Roger Bruner’s modern-day, American-style Devil who causes all kinds of trouble in his quest to claim Pastor Gus’s soul. This whimsical, tongue-in-cheek story of a struggle between man and Satan builds the tension to a delightful climax. Older fans of C.S. Lewis would do well to recommend this book to their kids and grandkids.

    14. I was blessed to receive this book. I liked the take on a modern day Job and how the devil tried to trip him up but it was great how God handled the devil. He is still around doing his dirty work and just because we are in modern times his tactics have not changed. I really enjoyed the book and it made me look more to my own life and how he tries to trip me up. God be in control. The Lord is faithful. Oh how I love Him. Thank you again for blessing me with your book.

    15. The truth is, I could not make myself continue reading. I am generally pretty forgiving of books/authorsbut I just could not get into this one. So, at about a quarter of the way through, I stopped reading. The story is fumbling and awkward at best.

    16. I won this book in a drawing and I enjoyed reading it. It was an interesting story with a fun twist at the end.

    17. Possibly the worst book ever writtenAlthough I admit to being an atheist, I also admit to having read and enjoyed many Christian novels -- a good story is a good story. This is a Christian novel based on a good theory. However, that theory was poorly implemented. We (the readers) are expected to believe the main characters are intelligent, adult individuals but they babble and make decisions like 13-year-olds. We're told over and over how Gus has learned to write well (while the author obviously [...]

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