The Screaming

The Screaming

DavidGraham / Feb 19, 2020

The Screaming What causes an adolescent straight A student Brandon P Marshall to walk downstairs naked armed with a pair of Glocks and go all Charles Manson on his family This is only one in the horrifying trail

  • Title: The Screaming
  • Author: DavidGraham
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  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What causes an adolescent straight A student Brandon P Marshall to walk downstairs naked, armed with a pair of Glocks, and go all Charles Manson on his family This is only one in the horrifying trail of incidents that brings together Detective Sergeant Dale Franklin of the Kansas City Police Department and his poster boy rookie, Steve Abrams.Meanwhile, across the pondWhat causes an adolescent straight A student Brandon P Marshall to walk downstairs naked, armed with a pair of Glocks, and go all Charles Manson on his family This is only one in the horrifying trail of incidents that brings together Detective Sergeant Dale Franklin of the Kansas City Police Department and his poster boy rookie, Steve Abrams.Meanwhile, across the pond, Dai Williams, in Battersea London, safe inside his improvised Faraday cage, is coming to terms with his special talents talents that will take getting into the mind of the killer to a whole new level.Al Qaeda Drugs Cartels Internet freaks David Graham s The Screaming leaves no possibility untouched as Dai enters a bizarre and horrifying world where kids scream.

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        The author lives in an ostensibly carbon zero house with his two cats amidst fields of apples and poly tunnels of strawberries When he isn t enjoying the Kentish landscape and torrential rain, his mind is drawn to strange imaginings about what lurks beneath the surface of the world around him.


    1. Holy mother of Gods.The Screaming by David Graham.What the hell is there to say about this book? It was intense -- CRAZY, even! I gobbled up the last 35% of this book on the edge of my seat, erd, and couldn't sleep until it was over. The story was awesome. A mystery illness is taking over some teenagers around the world and making them kill their parents before killing themselves. It is an intense story that brings together people who are trying to solve this mystery and see what is happening -- [...]

    2. 2.5 stars!I waited 2 days to read this book because it was too late to start it, and, according to the blurbs, it was pretty scary. Well, that's the way I read it anyway. I didn't have to wait. It wasn't that scary. Actually it wasn't scary at all. For me, it was just an okay read. I probably would have put it down, but I was interested in what was causing this phenomenon. Now, I just wish I'd went to bed. The beginning was okay, the ending not so much. I guess I am in the minority looking at th [...]

    3. I was struck by the cover: a teenager, headphones clamped to his ears, his mouth wide open and with a bizarre doorway into his head. Great design. Then the first chapter hits like an express. The opening is like a psychotic train of thought - but leading to gruesome consequences. The arrival of the neighbours on the scene - and then the police - is perfectly described. How it all plays out after that is just so inventive. Yes, there's something nasty lurking in the ether, although I was kept gue [...]

    4. Something is causing teenagers worldwide to go berserk and calmly kill their parents, then themselves. But no one knows why. As different agencies try to zero in on the cause, they wonder how to detect the ones affected. That is where Dai comes in. He has the ability to scan the inside of other people’s brains. But is it enough to find out the cause, and put an end to it?This story is a thriller, drama, mystery, horror, and even a love story all rolled into one. The first page grabbed me and d [...]

    5. What is happening to teenagers? OK one minute and the next killing themselves after slaughtering their parents in gruesome ways. Help is at hand in the form of Dai and a few other experts. I really liked the beginning and the premise of this but then romance set in so was it a thriller or a romance book! The U.S. Officers were verging on the unprofessional, kissing at a crime scene and should they have even been working together at all after embarking on a relationship? I liked the book, charact [...]

    6. Kat Mandu saysWhat I liked: The idea is great – that cops have to team up with the CDC, MI5, and other exciting agents (one who has mind-reading abilities) to figure out why teens are committing patricide and suicide. Within the first couple chapters, you meet a character named Brandon Marshall who sets things in full stride for the plot when he kills his parents and then himself. When I first read the summary, that was what drew me in. Combine that with a few characters who are trying to figu [...]

    7. "The Screaming" by David Graham is a Netgalley read.When 18 year old, Brandon P Marshall shoots his parents, performs a sexual act on himself (which he videos and uploads onto You tube) before killing himself all in front of his three baby siblings, Sergeant Dale Franklin and Officer Steve Abrams think they've seen everything. However, this is only the beginning of a spate of atrocious murders being carried out across America by troubled teenagers gone bad. Over in London, Tania Goldman has just [...]

    8. So this was medical thriller (that I thought was going to be a horror) that took on a paranormal aspect.I liked the story but the romances just made me roll my eyes. I found them to be so unbelievable and over the top. Everyone in this book is "so damn cute". There's no wooing its I like you, let's go to bed.The mystery made suffering through all the romance worth it (barely). I was intrigued on why teenagers would suddenly kill their parents then commit suicide. Separate countries was experienc [...]

    9. My review is too lengthy to post here; please see it atarchiestandwoodsreviewsandwrit

    10. Something about this book set me on edge, even as I devoured the pages relentlessly. The story is very, very good, but the writing is almost crude at the same time. Its not badly-written, per say, its just that the particular style the author chooses to write in is a little too much at times.The Detective Sergeant's rookie partner/love interest set my teeth on edge. He was so over the top he was the veritable caricature of a gay guy, and by halfway through the book I was swearing that if I ever [...]

    11. Sergeant Dale Franklin and his partner Stephen are called to the scene of a horrendous crime. A teenage boy has murdered his parents and then committed suicide in front of his triplet siblings. And unfortunately, this is not the only case within these parameters.It's a deadly virus and it's infecting teens all over the world. An international team is put together and it's a race to find the cause and stop the madness and killing.I'm sorry to say this was not a book I enjoyed reading. The premise [...]

    12. A horror story of epic mobile proportions. It starts with one murder/suicide by one deranged teen then it spreads more and more cases land in the lap of Dale Franklin and partner, and soon their case goes global. As well as the obvious thread of murder and mayhem, and the worrisome indications that mobile phones are frying brains, this story also has a touch of love and a lot of humour. The characters, world-building, scene-building, plot, and pacing are all done very well. The story is set in [...]

    13. Graham has written a very unique international horror story that will definitely give you chills. The viral video of Brandon Marshal’s actions somehow begins to breed terror throughout the world. David Graham has created a horrific mystery that has to be solved quickly, before more teens slaughter their families. This book is some serious, descriptive horror, and is not for the faint of heart. Graham gives no mercy in his describing the ‘indescribable bloodlust and violence,’ that America [...]

    14. The opening chapter will have you hooked, a sci-fi /horror with a twist. The Royal family, murdering teenagers, and a love story, and the author's quick wit makes this unforgettable good read.

    15. 2.5 stars! This book had everything Romance, big girls, HBTQ-theme, mindblowing stuff and weird events! Although the last 50 pages was really slow and that made the rating down to 2,5!

    16. Well what can I say about The Screaming by David Graham? In one sentence it’s absolutely brilliant and riveting, one that I could not put down!The Screaming is a supernatural thriller blended with horror and a love story. Teenage children across the world are losing their minds and killing their parents before committing suicide.In the USA, 18 year old Brandon P Marshall, a straight A student, wakes up one morning and takes two handguns and walks downstairs and kills both his parents before ki [...]

    17. Review can be read at It's About The BookWhat the heck did I just read? It was advertised as a thriller, and that’s what I was expecting. What I got was something else, but I’m not sure what. A little bit paranormal with a good bit of pretty juvenile sexual tension thrown in. “Cute as a cupcake” was used a couple of times for one of the protagonists to describe the other. What? I have heard more interesting talk from 14 year old boys.And there was boy on boy as well as boy on girl relati [...]

    18. Go read the synopsis and then come back.Ok, so what did you think? You're expecting a scary thriller that will keep you awake at night until you finish this book and grab a romantic and cute contemporary to get it out of your mind, right? At least that's what I thought when I read The Screaming's synopsis. And that's what disappointed me mostly about this book.David Graham's characters are nice, so is his writting, the cover is appealing and the storyline is very different and starts off really [...]

    19. Teenagers are mysteriously and creatively coming up with ways to murder their parents and commit suicide, and no one can figure out the impetus. When officer Dale Franklin with the Kansas City Police Department walks in on a gruesome scene and finds himself an unwitting extra in the deceased’s YouTube video, a multinational whirlwind investigation leads to his partnering with the CDC, MI5, and a boy genius from Kenya to uncover the reason these teenagers brains are shrinking and causing them t [...]

    20. Why I chose this book.1. The cover is amazing!2. A thriller, I love thrillers.3. The first line of the synopsis: What causes an adolescent - straight A student Brandon P Marshall - to walk downstairs naked, armed with a pair of Glocks, and go all Charles Manson on his family?The first chapter was awesome and grabbed me. Then (sighs) sadly it went downhill for me. For example @ the 25% mark the two primary investigating officers are in a bathroom eating donuts named “oxynuts”, “glenn-bnut [...]

    21. This book was a crazy and wild ride from page one. Normal kids all over the world begin killing their families and then themselves. Detectives are in a race against time to find out why these once normal kids have gone crazy.I really enjoyed this book. Its definitely not your normal thriller. It was very hard to put down. It was, at first, a bit hard to understand because it seemed to jump around, but once you get into the story you understand why it does this. I have to say I really liked Dai. [...]

    22. A truly fabulous horror story. The Screaming is a horrific mystery with plenty of blood lust and violence. A deadly viral trend has spread across the ocean. It seems teens are killing their families and than committing suicide. The only thing left behind is a video and a haunting scream. An international team is assembled with some of America's finest and Britain's clandestine services are racing to find the cause so they can stop the slaughter before it's to late. I highly recommend for hard co [...]

    23. The story starts with Brandon shooting his parents in front of his 3 siblings then undressing lying on the kitchen table and doing sexual acts while doing this he is filming it and it uploads to YouTube for all the world to see. Enter the police where they try to find out what is happening and to stop more teenagers killing there parents then themselves what is going on with them all?A bit gruesome but that all adds to the story.Thank you David Graham and Netgalley for a chance to read this book [...]

    24. I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I love the premise of the book. It starts off on a crazy wild ride and builds up from there. I would of given this book a five star review but I felt that after all the build up it rushed to tie things up and end. It was like someone else came along and said you have to finish this story in the next ten pages. A shame as I was really enjoying it and then felt let down by the ending.

    25. I reviewed this book for NetGalley.Mr. Graham has concocted a novel that begins as a gore fest, goes into thriller, paranormal and romance and ends kind of cyberpunky. Very entertaining.The action and plot move very well, with some interesting twists. The !are interesting, some a little quirky, and the dialogue fits the characters and plot well.I found the book to be an entertaining and unusual read. A lot of fun

    26. I received this as an arc from net galley in exchange for an honest review. What causes an adolescent straight a student Brandon P Marshall to walk down stairs naked, armed with a pair of glocks-and go all Charles Manson on his family. Good read. It was slow for me. Different and slow. Halfway through I was gripped as I wanted to know how it ended. Just 4 * from me.

    27. UmThis book was odd, and yet I couldn't seem to stop reading it, but not sure I would have wanted to anyways was different I kind of liked it

    28. Not a great read, but a solid story that kept me interested. End gets a bit wonky, but I will not say anything about that (spoilers!). A summer read.

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