The Giant Under the Snow

The Giant Under the Snow

JohnGordon Gary Blythe / Nov 16, 2019

The Giant Under the Snow Three children find an ornate Celtic buckle To them it is treasure a fantastic find They have no idea that it has awakened a giant who has lain at rest for centuries Little do they know that an evil

  • Title: The Giant Under the Snow
  • Author: JohnGordon Gary Blythe
  • ISBN: 9781842555453
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three children find an ornate Celtic buckle To them it is treasure, a fantastic find They have no idea that it has awakened a giant who has lain at rest for centuries Little do they know that an evil warlord and his Leathermen have also awaited this moment, this chance to wield their deadly power In a chilling tale full of menace and suspense the final battle between gThree children find an ornate Celtic buckle To them it is treasure, a fantastic find They have no idea that it has awakened a giant who has lain at rest for centuries Little do they know that an evil warlord and his Leathermen have also awaited this moment, this chance to wield their deadly power In a chilling tale full of menace and suspense the final battle between good and evil must be fought Beautifully written, subtle, and evocative, this story transcends age, transporting the reader into an intensely atmospheric world where the imagination knows no bounds.

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        John Gordon is an English writer of adolescent supernatural fiction He is the author of fifteen fantasy novels including The Giant Under The Snow , four short story collections, over fifty short stories, and a teenage memoir For information, please see enpedia wiki John_Gor


    1. Boring Girl: "Look I found a strange, ancient belt buckle! And look I found a giant - under the snow! Well maybe not a giant, but a giant hand, possibly connected to a giant! And maybe not under the snow per se, but under all of that dirt and grass and mystery! But still, there's snow there too, at least it will be there eventually! When it snows!!"Doubting Thomas: "I highly doubt that."Boring Girl: "Doubt what?"Doubting Thomas: "I doubt everything. That is literally all I will do throughout thi [...]

    2. Earlier this month, I was thinking that I really fancied reading a fantasy set in the dark English midwinter, but it was maybe a bit early for another Dark is Rising reread. And then, while packing, I found this, which I'd completely forgotten I had. In which the Green Man lies buried in East Anglian 'backlands', and an ancient warlord plots to suborn his power - all set at Christmas and with a jacket puff from Alan bloody Garner. Perfect. Except it isn't, not quite. The warlord seems a little l [...]

    3. I first read this as a teenager at my mother's request to see if was suitable for inclusion in an Infant School's library (it isn't!). It scared three kinds of living Hell out of me! The subject matter was an instant hit with me (anything to do with history). Quite creepy in places, with excellent writing building the suspense throughout the story. Really not suitable for very small children but an excellent read for the older child.

    4. An outstanding children's book that is a classic of its kind. I read this back in the 1980s, and it hasn't lost any power. Very magical, especially in its descriptions of the night flying. Very nearly structured, too. It's set in England, and should be a must for Harry Potter fans looking for somewhat similar books. Highly recommended for imaginative children.

    5. I'd never heard of this book - stumbled upon it while searching the web - not unlike the main character stumbling into adventure while searching the in the woods of the backlands. This is a fast-paced fantasy-adventure that is actually quite suspenseful and often scary. Ancient myths are featured - as well as a protector witch. I'm not going to give too much away. An evil is awakening and three teens have to save the day. The chief protagonist is a girl - which was refreshing. The kids were brig [...]

    6. A good attempt at a children's fantasy novel by first-time writer John Gordon. This follows the tradition of Alan Garner in offering up a tale based on Britain's folklore, with the Green Man playing a large role (quite literally as it transpires).The tale is a simple one, simply told and without embellishment. On a school trip, a trio of friends come into possession of a mystical belt buckle which a horde of supernatural creatures want back. There's little more to it than that, and truth be told [...]

    7. This was an exciting, intriguing read that left me breathless. The plot was unique and gripping, and a bit sinister. This book isn't as popular as it deserves to be, which is a shame.Everyone should try this: yeah, some will dislike it, but some, like me, will LOVE it.-Zanthie

    8. reading this book felt like a chore (normally i enjoy school reading). the storyline just didn't work out for me. i'm actually relieved that i finally finished this!!

    9. Picked this up in my local library as it seemed like it would be my cup of tea, reminiscent of The Dark is Rising or books by Alan Garner and Rosemary Sutcliff. It is based on a story from English folklore and set in East Anglia, not generally a popular setting for stories. It is fast-paced with some genuinely creepy baddies ( the leather men) and imaginative set pieces involving the three main children swooping over a starlit, snowy landscape. I would have liked more background on the warlord a [...]

    10. One shouldn't judge a book by its cover but i got this book because of the cover, though it wasn't even the cover of the copy I got from the library, but still, look at that cover it's brilliant. Three children find an ancient belt buckle and then find themselves caught up on the final stage of an ancient battle between good and evil, as you do. Granted the power of flight to help them elide the terrifying Leather Men they must thwart the ambitions of an ancient warlord, and a cracking adventure [...]

    11. Very entertaining. Gordon’s strengths here are in keeping up the momentum of his character’s rambling, questing journey and in the occasional, brilliant moments of weird perception changes when characters are confronted with supernatural threats.3.5 stars

    12. Lately, I find myself more and more irritated with modern books written expressly for grownups. There are exceptions, but I find a great deal of them boring, ponderous and staggering under the weight of their self-imposed importance. Perhaps this is due to my advancing years, my own impatience and cantankerousness; I suppose that's the charitable interpretation. Whatever the reason, I've been looking back more to the past and rediscovering the books I enjoyed as a child and a teenager. A great m [...]

    13. I really wish I had read this as a kid- it would have fit perfectly with the books I loved. I'm not great at telling what age books are best for, but i'm guessing I would have read this around age 10 (though it would easily work up through teenage yearshell, or for all the adults who just read Harry potter). It's nearly 200 pages but the book is slightly smaller format. What a cool and dark story though. Ancient pagan forces spring from nature to crush your calm English townor maybe the whole wo [...]

    14. This was one of my all-time favorite children's books ever, and if you check out the reviews on , you'll see I wasn't alone in that opinion. I still own the battered Puffin copy sent over from the UK by my grandmother, with a graphic, creepy cover that nicely captures the eeriness of some of the book. I'm on a personal mission to bring this back into paper print, although it is thank God in e-book format too. There are 3 main characters- 2 boys and a girl - who accidentally discover part of an o [...]

    15. The Giant in the Snow is a mythology/fairy tale becoming alive again.Or that´s what I thought.There are three kids (I think they are kids, there isn´t much detail about it), a mysterious woman called Elizabeth Goodenough (What kind of name is that?), a black dog (Sirius, anyone?), and a Warlord.Oh, dear. This book. How do I say it not too rudely? I finished it, thank goodness for that, BUT was it amazing? No. Was it fairly good? No. Was it good at all? Umm, nope.It had a nice story idea but th [...]

    16. A nice, fast-moving childrens' fantasy story about three kids who discover that an age-old struggle is taking place in their home city and the surrounding countryside (referred to throughout as the "backlands"). It begins when a young girl gets separated from her school party and discovers a hand-shaped mound in the earth, between the fingers of which lies a golden belt buckle. Soon, she is caught up in an invisible battle between the forces of good and evil. Befriended by a character called Eli [...]

    17. They did this. Then they did that. I was disappointed reading this book, having coveted it for a while and admiring the celtic fantasy genre. It started off really well, very evocative, a defiant loner girl in the woods up against some unknown force.but then the writing some chapters afterwards took a dive, with everything becoming mechanical and colourless. You don't get any insight into the workings of the three children's minds, the only clue you are given is their dialogue with one another, [...]

    18. I had not read this as a child, not sure why, but I did find it recommended so bought a second hand copy and over the space of 36 hours I read cover to cover! a real can't out it down and great story, but I did find it had some odd quirks, bits were very dated, and things I would never have noted as a child, as a school librarian I often read books to see what they cover and who they are for and while I loved this book I would not be putting it out for my kids, I may recommend it if they ask for [...]

    19. I was hoping to really like this book but I just found it okay. Maybe as a teenager I would have devoured it and enjoyed it more but as an adult I can't see the appeal - some bits were fast-paced and yes, I did want to read on quickly to find out what happened next but there were also parts which I had to labour through which spoiled it for me. Basically, three children find a buckle in the forest and unbeknown to them they have awakened a giant who a warlord has been waiting for, for centuries. [...]

    20. well the story was weird and intrestin in the begining I couldn't stop reading it. but after the kids had the power to fly or magic to fly it got really stupid. like I love when the adventure is on the ground and they run run from the villains in many diffrent places but flying :S it's weird. but still a good story I don't regret reading it at all.

    21. Read this as a child and loved it. Came by a copy recently, now in mid-life, and read it again.The plot is fairly basic and i guess would suit 10+ upwards. Glad i read it again, but was a bit too un-challenging for my matured mind. I guess i have been spoilt by the many intricate plots of books i have been listening to recently.

    22. Didn't really engage me as I thought it might. I've read it might be turned into a movie, which is why I read it. It will probably be a good movie. I wanted it to be more like Harry Potter and it wasn't.

    23. Well written, but dated - littered with the type of authorial intrusion that's frowned upon these days. Not much plot, and the children do a lot of searching to fill the time between stuff actually happening. Best read while still a child.

    24. I read this when I was around 11. Haunting, magical, atmospheric. One of the outstanding reads of my childhood. I had the pleasure of re-reading it to my 10 year old son and it was just as good as I remember.

    25. An older title but a wonderful fantasy of three young children who find an artifact that sets off a war of giants and war lords in a battle between good and evil. This is shelved in Juvenile Fiction but adults will love this book, too. A good read between parent and child.

    26. Great idea for a story, terrible writing styleThe underlying story of this is fantastic and would have made for a great book in the right hands - but Gordon's writing style alternates between plodding and abrupt, his characterisation is weak and it overall does not do the story justice.

    27. I remember the cover of this edition from school, and probably read it then. I (re-)read it recently, and was disappointed. Some very nice elements - the leathermen are excellent but underused, and some of the writing is great at times - but not consistently so.

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