Becoming: The Balance Bringer

Becoming: The Balance Bringer

Debra Kristi / Feb 19, 2020

Becoming The Balance Bringer Ana s world is falling apart What she thought were dreams start entering her waking life Eerie shadows hunt her Her dream guy becomes reality And strange new abilities begin developing Ana is becoming

  • Title: Becoming: The Balance Bringer
  • Author: Debra Kristi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ana s world is falling apart What she thought were dreams start entering her waking life Eerie shadows hunt her Her dream guy becomes reality And strange new abilities begin developing Ana is becoming something other She is determined to find answers, but where to turn Her mom and best friend are keeping secrets Her older sister is dead and exists only in her dreaAna s world is falling apart What she thought were dreams start entering her waking life Eerie shadows hunt her Her dream guy becomes reality And strange new abilities begin developing Ana is becoming something other She is determined to find answers, but where to turn Her mom and best friend are keeping secrets Her older sister is dead and exists only in her dreams And her younger sister thinks they are goddesses Above all else, dark forces will stop at nothing to crush Ana to keep her from restoring balance To keep her from becoming Is love and blood and sisterhood enough to stop the dark secrets and power from destroying her

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        Live in reality Play on the other side.Debra Kristi at debrakristi Live in reality Play on the other side Debra Kristi is a paranormal and fantasy writer She lives in Southern California with her husband, two children and several schizophrenic cats She s a full time kid chaser, video game maker s wife, and muse prompted writer Unlike the characters she often writes, she is not immortal and her only super power is letting the dishes and laundry pile up When not writing, Debra is hanging out creating priceless memories with her family, geeking out to science fiction and fantasy television, and tossing around movie quotes She writes because the dead girl told her to.


    1. When I came to post this review I noticed how many awards this book has been a finalist for during this year and I have to say I’m surprised it didn’t actually win most of them! It is a well crafted tale, which starts with bullying, a fatal crash and dreams becoming just too real and, too often, more nightmarish in nature. It is a paranormal mystery that unfolds through the pictures the author paints with her skilled word craft into the imagination of the reader.As the story progresses, the [...]

    2. 2 years after the accident, 18 year old Anala continues to isolate herself from the real world. She still blames herself for her friends death. And can't bring herself to pass by the area he died . But she goes on with her life, spending time with her mom, her sister Crystia, and best friend Ryland. Working at her moms floral shop,being on the swim team,while going to school and training in martial arts,Anala has a busy life.Then something stops her in her tracks She's getting these intense drea [...]

    3. I loved how the author managed to, from one moment to the next, surprise us with an Ana more determined. Making the characters more intense and creating breathtaking fight interactions. Something that annoyed me deeply in Ana was her emotional indecision, now she is magnetically attracted to Dohlan (her love interest in dreamland) or now she is intensely in love with Jaden, her love interest on earth and in Hiddenkel. What I do not understand is why she was so undecided regarding her feelings, a [...]

    4. This book has been my companion for some time now. It stayed with me through holiday madness, two rounds of the flu, and kept me entertained while rocking my baby to sleep. I kind of miss it now that it's not in my purse, night stand, or next to my morning coffee. It's always fun reading a friend's work, because the book becomes a little more personal.Ana's journey is a mysterious one. After all, she's BECOMING something. What exactly? Not even she knows at firstIt kind of drives me crazy when I [...]

    5. "Becoming" was an amazing book, I loved reading it, the story was great and with the right amount of mystery, that unfortunately didn't capture me from the beginning, but after the book got good and I continued reading it till the end, and I'm not disappointed of my choice. It's a page turner and I hope to read the next book in the series.

    6. This story is so awesome and so mysterious. I love everything that's been introduced so far and can't wait to find out more. It's such a tease how we are only given bits and pieces along the way. With everything that happens and just the story and all the twists just WOW Mind Blown!!! I don't want to give even the tiniest bit away and spoil any of the awesomeness for anyone because you deserve to be as awed as I was reading this. Debra did such a great job I really can't believe I read something [...]

    7. Becoming was an amazing ride. I feel like the term "rollercoaster" can be overused but it is befitting of this book. I enjoyed every second, every word. The author, Debra Kristi, really puts you into the book. It isn't a one-dimensional, flat reading experience by any means! You are pulled into the book from the very first page. The action is right there for you to dive right into. The protagonist, Ana, is a girl that girls and women of all ages will love and cheer for. She is an extremely likab [...]

    8. Our heroine in this story is Anala, or Ana. For a long time she dreams of a place called Hiddenkel where she gets to spend time with some people she’s grown to care about. In this dream world of hers she gets to spend time with her older sister Kaia. Of course, as far as she knows this sister never really existed anywhere other than her dreams. The only sister she knows is her sister Crystia. Her dream world of Hiddenkel is also where she gets to meet the alluring Dohlan, she feels a pull to h [...]

    9. Ana has always had dreams, very realistic dreams. Her life is not going the way she would like and now it seems her dreams are coming to life. The guy she has know all her life Jaden is here. In person. Now she doesn't know what's real or a dream. Someone has some splaining to do, only everyone who seems to know the truth about her is keeping a tight lip. Around every corner there seems to be danger looming until an unfortunate turn of events leads to the truth, the truth about who she really is [...]

    10. I won a free copy of this book from This book was very well written but at first I was lost and just about the time I was going to drop it . Then the book got good and was very fast paced. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I never wanted the story to end.

    11. Becoming: The Balance Bringer is another amazing book by the talented Debra Kristi! The Balance Bringer is about a young girl, Ana, who lives a completely normal life. She goes to highschool, she gets bullied, she kind of likes a boy, she is really close with her sister, and she had bad dreams. Who would have known that these dreams would some how connect her to her heritage and begin showing her pieces of who she is and where she belongs! Ana begins to realize that her life is not what it seems [...]

    12. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book was very well written and was very fast paced. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. You never knew what was going to happen next. But I never wanted the story to end. I am looking forward to seeing if the story will continue on.

    13. Review of the becoming: the balance bringerAt first I was a little disappointed in the starting of the book kept me kind of lost . But about halfway through the book it caught my attention and got interesting . It keeps you on the edge of your seat I'm looking forward to reading the second book.

    14. Every word will enchant !!I received this book free in exchange for my honest review. A great story that the author has taken her time in telling and it's refreshing! A journey of growth both for the main character and those around her. A wonderful start to an amazing fantasy tale of good vrs evil !!

    15. Wasn't ready for it to end.Want to see what this wild adventure has brought them to. What is this place, how does Ana fit there? Is it Jaden or Dohlan? Wonderful, fast paced story that will leave you anxiously waiting for the next book.

    16. This was very confusing. There was no clear change from real world to dream world. I was getting pretty bored around chapter 5 but decided to give it to chapter 10 to see if things turned around. In chapter 9 our main character's little sister begs her to go to a party at the house of the girl who has been Ana's torturer for years. The girl who ruined Ana's dress at a dance causing her to leave early which then lead to the death of Ana's date. The girl who continues to make Ana's life horrible. [...]

    17. I got this book as part of the Marked by Fate box set with augmented reality. This book is really slow. I really had to push myself to finish it. There wasn't anything really wrong with it, it just didn't interest me. I couldn't connect with the characters. However, I did enjoy the augmented reality items thrown in. The map of her town (with all the places talked about in the story labeled) and the Triune chart were really quite interesting. They really give the reader some insight into the town [...]

    18. Becoming is a wonderful coming of age story with a multiple twists and turns that keeps the reader captivated throughout the entire story. The characters are in depth and the world building is on point. I look forward to more in this series and from this Author

    19. Interesting book. I found the premise very engaging but the bouncing back and forth was a little hard for me to follow in the beginning.

    20. Really enjoyed this book! It took a while for me to untangle the pieces, but that was part of the fun. Now that Ana is where she needs to be, I’m looking for the next book in the series!

    21. An adventure that is fast paced and exciting to read. Characters that you can relate to and understand. I loved it get your copy today, Debra Kristi is an amazing writer, author and I wanna read more of her work.

    22. Let me start by stating that I received a copy of this book free so I could write an honest review about the book. There may be some spoilers in there but I will try to warn head of time.First off, I wanted to like this book. I mean, I really REALLY wanted to like this book. Not just because it was a free book I won but because the plotline sounded so intriguing. The idea that you have some sort of hidden, Fae-like, lineage and the impossible is suddenly possible and dreams and reality start get [...]

    23. Becoming It started with dreams. Then slowly became something more, something Ana never imagined. Her dream world is real and she's being called home.There was so much going on and building up I can't wait for more. A good beginning that sets up what looks to be a great series. The story flows well although a little slow at times but it holds your interest throughout the story. There's still so much mystery and questions to be uncovered and I'm anxious to discover this new world.

    24. This was a book was a slow build for me. I never had a good sense of what was going, which I found a little frustrating. Essentially, I just felt like there weren’t enough bread crumbs to keep me going while trying to get through the first part. Once Ana started to realize a bit more what was going on, I got hooked in a little more. The last few chapters of the book are absolutely mesmerizing. The challenges and trials they were through were very cool although I still didn’t get a great sens [...]

    25. *I received a copy of Becoming in an exchange for an honest review.I was drawn in by the premise of the book. I very much enjoyed the main character's voice as well. I was thrown into the story right away, into the world that was similar, yet different from our own.For me, I found the beginning a little too layered. There were a lot of names and references that came all at once. Though it deterred me from finishing the book, I think this story would fit readers who like that overwhelming feeling [...]

    26. If I could, I would give it a three and a half but sadly that's not an option. This book, overall, wasn't bad. It wasn't particularly great either though. It started off kind of slow and confusing in my opinion. It took a while for me to understand everything that was going on but that might just be me. But, as it went on the plot became thicker and developed extremely well. The characters have more personality and are revealed more towards the middle/end. I like the end of it, but I can't get o [...]

    27. Wow loved the mysterious aspect of this book, what is a person suppose to do when their dreams come to life. Well Ana had to learn about her heritage and the dreams helped by showing her pieces of who she is and where she belongs. This authors writing style is so unique and creative I can not wait to read more of their work. I OWN a paper back copy of this book.

    28. The book was all over the place in the beginning, it was very confusing. But I learned the purpose of that was to put questions in your mind. As I read on I found the book to be quite enjoyable and very interesting. I love the whole aspect of a book that uses the mind to fantasize and everyone loves the good versus evil scenario and this book definitely had that.

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