Secrets of the Last Nazi

Secrets of the Last Nazi

Iain King / Jan 19, 2020

Secrets of the Last Nazi THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE TH CENTURY KEPT SECRET UNTIL NOW Berlin a well connected SS Commander is found dead having protected the last secret of the Nazi empire for seventy years A disco

  • Title: Secrets of the Last Nazi
  • Author: Iain King
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE 20TH CENTURY KEPT SECRET UNTIL NOW Berlin, 2015 a well connected SS Commander is found dead, having protected the last secret of the Nazi empire for seventy years A discovery by Nazi Scientists so potent it could change the balance of world power forever Led by misfit military historian Myles Munro, an international team begin to piecTHE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE 20TH CENTURY KEPT SECRET UNTIL NOW Berlin, 2015 a well connected SS Commander is found dead, having protected the last secret of the Nazi empire for seventy years A discovery by Nazi Scientists so potent it could change the balance of world power forever Led by misfit military historian Myles Munro, an international team begin to piece together the complex puzzle left by SS Captain Werner Stolz As their hunt across Europe gathers pace, the brutal killing of one of the group signals that they are not the only ones chasing the answer Plunged into a world of international espionage, Myles only has his intellect and instincts to keep him alive As the team edge closer to an explosive truth, it becomes clear to him that there is a traitor amongst them Who can Myles trust And can he unravel the clues of the past in time to save the future Secrets of the Last Nazi is as controversial as it is compelling A heart stopping, action packed and scarily plausible adventure which will captivate fans of Dan Brown, Scott Mariani and Clive Cussler Watch out for from Myles MunroThe first in an original, clever and thrilling conspiracy series, The Last Prophecy of Rome coming soon What people are saying about Secrets of the Last Nazi Iain King has come up with a thrilling plot and an ingenious idea that has the possibility to turn everyone s ideas upside down and back to front David Boyle, journalist and author This is a remarkable and chilling book a clever blend of addictive fiction and astonishing revelation Sam Kiley, Sky News and author of Desperate Glory A modern day treasure hunt with an intriguing historical premise, which races across Europe Terry Stiastny, award winning author of Acts and Omissions

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        Iain King has just become one of the top twenty best selling thriller authors on Iain has worked in ten conflicts and warzones, including Iraq, South Sudan, and throughout the Balkans In Afghanistan, where he came under fire several times, he served alongside both the battalion commanders who became UK s most senior casualties, and was deployed to frontline bases in the notorious Helmand Province than any other civilian In 2013, he became one of the youngest people to be made a Commander of the British Empire CBE It was while based in Benghazi, coordinating international civilian support during part of the 2011 Libyan war, that Iain met some of the refugees who feature so prominently in his new thriller, Last Prophecy of Rome The book begins with terrorists threatening to inflict on America the fate of ancient Rome Could Western civilisation be destroyed by barbarians a second time Read Last Prophecy of Rome to find out an edge of your seat thriller with some unexpected warnings from history The book has just been published, and is already receiving excellent reviews Since its release in July 2015, Secrets of the Last Nazi has topped kindle charts in both the US and the UK The story traces an extraordinary pursuit across Europe, as Cold War rivals hunt the secrets of former SS Captain Werner Stolz The debut novel has won effusive reviews both as a compulsive page turner and for the amazing secret at the heart of the tale Readers have called it gripping , spell binding , and suspenseful , and several have said it was the best book they had read for years Bloggers have called it unputdownable , fantastic , and mesmerising A well known American reviewer described it as One of the most original and carefully thought out stories that have yet to appear in print, while a Guardian columnist claims it will turn everybody s ideas upside down and back to front Iain has also written two non fiction books How to Make Good Decisions and Be Right All the Time is an easy to understand introduction to moral philosophy, which also presents a radical new theory on ethics Used in philosophy courses, it avoids jargon and explains complicated ideas in simple language The book invites readers to consider some practical dilemmas and long standing problems in moral philosophy, and offers innovative solutions Peace at Any Price chronicles the international intervention in Kosovo, explaining what worked well, what didn t and why The Economist praised it as refreshing, serious and well considered excellent, while the Journal of Southern Europe described it as one of the most perceptive accounts ever written on the practical difficulties associated with peace building in the aftermath of ethnic conflict Iain also edited and wrote the opening chapter of Making Peace in War This compilation of stories from civilians who served in Helmand s frontline is both moving and compelling It tells of absurd but very human events during the war, and offers a unique and fascinating perspective on recent events in Afghanistan.


    1. A fabulous thriller that puts Dan Brown to shame, this wonderfully researched, amazing tale has you double guessing what you know, turning what you've always believed on its head. Brilliant and fast paced, I could not put this book down. An accomplished and assured debut, this is a book that will stay with me for a while. I'll definitely be recommending it to everyone. Myles Munro is a compelling hero and I for one can't wait for the next Myles Munro tale.

    2. "So modern day tales chasing Nazi secrets across Europe are something I love to read so I was really looking forward to this one. Although I enjoyed it I was left wanting more from the story. I’ll explain why."See here for the full review:Secrets of the Last Nazi

    3. Originally posted on This Chick Reads*Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*As I've already mentioned in some of my previous reviews of their titles, Bookouture are a fantastic publisher and though they were mainly focused on contemporary romance and women's commercial fiction, by publishing two Angela Marson's thrillers, starts a completely new era for them as publishers. Following this path, they are introducing readers with a new name in the world of fi [...]

    4. I am very impressed with this book. it had a little of everything mystery and action betrayal. what a wonderful surprise and one I would recommendr characters.zenyalena. I liked this character from the start. strong with a lot of the qualities that I like in characters. string will with a bit of bravado. near the end I felt that she was losing her mind which made her more endearing.Myles. he was an interesting character who seemed to be fighting through a lot of personal demons which are only to [...]

    5. Great conspiracy thriller, just the sort of book I like. The whole story is based on a fascinating premise and backed up convincingly throughout. A good pace all the way through, building up and racing to an exciting finish. Would recommend to anyone who likes Scott Mariani, Dan Brown type thrillers. I will definitely look out for more books by this author.Copy received via Netgalley for an honest review.

    6. If political thrillers are your bag then you'll love Secrets of the Last Nazi by Iain King. This gripping, fast paced political thriller held my attention from the very first page. Myles Munro is a fascinating character, well fleshed out and full of depth. I found it very hard to put this book down. A fantastic novel.

    7. I received this from Netgalley for an honest review. I will say it was an interesting story. The 4 powers who governed Berlin after WWI I are sent on a scavenger hunt to find the clues to the last secret but not without a traitor in their mist. Somewhat over the top and not the best writing but I did enjoy it and it looks like it will be a series. I would consider reading more

    8. Myles Munro is a clumsy military historian, he has a cloud of scandal hanging over his head but is called into government duty to investigate the secrets left by former Nazi Werner Stolz. It seems that Stolz may have been keeper of a vast collection of Nazi information – documents and records far too important to be overlooked and potentially of huge value to modern governments.A delegation of representatives from UK, America, Russia and France are brought together to investigate what Stolz ha [...]

    9. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but sometimes we just can't help ourselves. It's human nature. In the case of Secrets of the Last Nazi I'm glad I went with my instincts. It's a book I have been coveting for a while, so when Bookouture announced via Twitter that it was up on netgalley, I'm pretty sure I was one of the first in the queue!Iain King is an author I've not had the pleasure of reading before, but I am already looking forward to the next installment in the Myles Mon [...]

    10. I am trying hard NOT to compare this with Dan Brown. In my head there is no comparison other than both being action/puzzles/history/intrigue/betrayal type stories set in multiple cities/countries. I find Mr Brown's writing to occasionally be a bit wordy and drawn out, whereas I found this book to be more action packed and punchy. It had me on the edge of my seat throughout, throwing me from pillar to post not knowing who is the enemy, who to trust and where on earth we go from here!Within my lim [...]

    11. A compelling look into the Nazi regime and how scientific astrology could have played a part in world events, this novel will have you changing the way you think about the past, or at least, everything you thought you knew about the past. The storyline will hook the reader from the very start, with a myriad of twists and turns in the plot and enough intrigue to set the mind racing, pursuing unexplained questions which really create doubts and give hints of other possibilities about events that h [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in return for a review. Here's what the blurb says about the book.Berlin, 2015 – a well-connected SS Commander is found dead, having protected the last secret of the Nazi empire for seventy years. A discovery by Nazi Scientists so potent it could change the balance of world power – forever. Led by misfit military historian Myles Munro, an international team begin to piece together the complex puzzle left by SS Captain Werner Stolz. As their hunt [...]

    13. This review was first published at M's Bookshelf - mssbookshelf"Mind-blowing" is definitely a correct way to describe Secrets of the Last Nazi. There were so many different things going on that your mind just went into overdrive trying to keep up, and keep ahead.The "secret" they're uncovering is controversial enough, but the characters do anything but ease you into the conspiracy. I didn't quite get the international politics behind the reason for the investigation, and the awkward way to membe [...]

    14. Finished this ludicrous effort in one day. It was awful. Completely unbelievable, and above all: boring and utterly ridiculous. Clearly a blatant, third rate ripoff of Dan Brown novels, but with so much less talent. And I don't like Dan Brown to begin with.I picked this up on a summer holiday, I just wanted some light entertainment, but this book was a drag. I didn't care for a single character, ( MILD SPOILER AHEAD)and when some of them died, I was actually feeling a bit better. Please avoid, t [...]

    15. An American, Russian, frenchman and Britt walk into a room This book quickly went up the ladder can to my favorites. It was fantastic. The author definitely did his research and I found myself liking all the characters even the ones that were made to be unlikable. I was listening to the audiobook version and the narrator did a fantastic job with the different accents and the pacing and timing was flawless. I really couldn't put it down. The European landscapes were very vivid and well the script [...]

    16. This political thriller centres around the four diplomats from Russia, France, Britain and the United States being asked to review the death of a former SS officer, Stoltz who dies in suspicious circumstances made to look like suicide. During their fact finding mission they realise an old secret is behind this killing and United they go on a quest to find clues about what the Stoltz was hiding. Complex, packed with action with many twists and turns, as well as quite graphic torture scenes, this [...]

    17. donnasbookblog.wordpress/I loved this book, I enjoyed every page and for me it was a real page turner. The blurb claims the book to be a heart-stopping, action-packed and scarily plausible adventure and I whole heartily agree. The main characters are great and I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I am really looking forward to Iain King's next book. Very highly recommended - 5 stars from me on .

    18. This was compelling reading. My first book by this author. Very fast paced. The characters were well developed and the action moved to places associated with the Nazi Regime. My only complaint was that the four government characters were stereotypical. The Russian woman was pushy and overbearing. The American was sarcastic and abrasive. The English professor was an odd duck but brilliant and the original French guy had to be pushed to take charge. Once I got over that I couldn't put it down. Wil [...]

    19. It was the first book I read by Iain King, I was not disappointed. It kept me guessing as to what was going to happen next as the team went from clue to clue. I was very surprised at the end as to who was trying to stop the team from finding out the Secret of the Last Nazi. Looking forward to reading book # 2.

    20. This was my first book by Mr King. Wont be my last. Invariably will be compared to Dan Brown, In that both write books that involve secrets,chases and action. But I found this book full of far superior writing, more believable characters and more importantly enjoyable reading. Like the twist at the end about the CIA and what they believe, or do they? Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC

    21. Gripping. Unputdownable.If you like conspiracy-based in fact then this book is for you. Great facts about Nazi Germany and a nice love story to boot. An easy fascinating read. Loved it.

    22. Captivating readThe story hooked me from page one and had me reading furiously to the end. A great story built on often disputed truths that left me thinking long after the last page.

    23. Wonderfully Researched, Brilliant, Fast Paced, Riveting plot about the NAZI Secret with twists & turns leading to an unpredictable climax. Now eagerly waiting for the next in the series "The Last Prophecy of Rome"

    24. Very goodEnjoyed the plot, and the characters - both were well developed and believable. My only complaint on the book is the length before it 'grabbed' me. It was nearly 100 pages before I was hooked. I almost gave up on it. But overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

    25. Suspenseful!I could not stop reading this book. Full of suspense. it also linked historical events and locations. I Loved it!

    26. Brilliant. This has now become one of my all-time favourite books. If you like astrology, conspiracy theories, Dan Brown type novels you will love this. Comparable to Dan Brown at his best.

    27. A thrilling adventure in the past and the present as an international team investigates the remarkable ability to predict the future demonstrated in the papers of an elderly Nazi. Members of the team are all hiding secrets, and fall into danger as someone wants them dead and the investigation cancelled. The suspense grows as clues lead the team to places important during the war. Each of the characters is unique, and the description and interactions brings the story alive. The writing is clear a [...]

    28. The first published book in the Myles Monroe series, but the second in chronology (and second in my own reading order), this book was utterly fantastic from start to finish. I enjoyed this book even more than The Last Prophecy of Rome, and it strikes me as much more well-crafted. There are some mind-blowing ideas about Astrology in these pages, and it was a lot of fun to follow along as these ideas are discovered, and contemplating the implications will certainly be keeping me up at night for a [...]

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