A Very Coco Christmas

A Very Coco Christmas

Robert Bryndza / May 30, 2020

A Very Coco Christmas It s and eighteen year old Coco Pinchard is home in London for Christmas after her first term at Aberystwyth University She has started to write and fallen hopelessly in love with Daniel Pincha

  • Title: A Very Coco Christmas
  • Author: Robert Bryndza
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s 1985, and eighteen year old Coco Pinchard is home in London for Christmas after her first term at Aberystwyth University.She has started to write, and fallen hopelessly in love with Daniel Pinchard, a devilishly handsome musician from the wrong side of the river But Coco s overbearing mother has other plans and resumes her campaign for Coco to meet and marry the rigIt s 1985, and eighteen year old Coco Pinchard is home in London for Christmas after her first term at Aberystwyth University.She has started to write, and fallen hopelessly in love with Daniel Pinchard, a devilishly handsome musician from the wrong side of the river But Coco s overbearing mother has other plans and resumes her campaign for Coco to meet and marry the right sort of man , preferably Kenneth, son of her best friends Adrian and Yvonne Rosebury, who will be joining them for Christmas.As snow falls softly over the city, and Coco tries to juggle a series of hilarious events, the stage is set for a Christmas lunch like no other.A Very Coco Christmas is a delicious, stand alone prequel short story to Robert Bryndza s smash hit Coco Pinchard series, with a glorious cast of characters including Daniel s mother Ethel, sister Meryl and a turkey called Jean Paul Belmondo

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    1. I read every one of this author's crime thrillers as they are published but I only just found out he writes romantic comedy as well! So just to dip my toe into the water I thought I would try this little Christmas novella.It made an excellent introduction. Coco appeared as a student at Aberystwyth University in Wales and this was her first Christmas after meeting her boyfriend Daniel. Coco's mother is a snob and Daniel's works as a cleaner so when the two families get together for Christmas lunc [...]

    2. Being a big fan of Robert Bryndza's Erika Foster thriller series, I decided to give his lighter writings a go. This is a cute fluffy short novella that introduces the reader to Coco Pinchard, the heroine of the author's Coco Pinchard chick lit series. I finished this in two sittings today as I ate breakfast and lunch. There is nothing deep here, but there are some great laughs. My favorite parts were the scenes with Jean Paul Belmondo who is the turkey striving not to become Christmas dinner, an [...]

    3. A Very Coco Christmas is a prequel in the Coco Pinchard series by British-born author, Robert Bryndza. Coco (Karen to her parents) has come home to England for Christmas after her first term at a Welsh University, with a boyfriend in tow. Daniel and Coco are in love, but Coco is pretty sure her snobbish mother, who already has the ideal man all picked out for her, won’t be pleased. Daniel’s carol-singing stunt at their door confirms this, and hard words ensue. A far cry from his Erika Foster [...]

    4. When many people think of Christmas, they have in mind some idyllic holiday involving pleasant interaction with family and friends, festive decorations including cheerful fire and Yule log, good food, delightful music playing softly in the background, some time spent on not-too-taxing charity work, and so on. It's a non-sectarian commercialized version of peace on earth and good will to all.This is the Christmas eighteen-year-old Coco is hoping for. But it's not the Christmas she's going to get, [...]

    5. The Christmas holidays can be a crazy time of year, and Robert Bryndza shows just how zany things can get in his short story, A Very Coco Christmas (Prequel Short Story). Having read only his first two thriller novels, I wasn’t sure what to expect, although I was aware that he has also written romantic comedies. But what can happen when a college girl from an upper class family brings her boyfriend’s lower class family over for Christmas dinner? Will it be lovely, or will it spell disaster [...]

    6. Originally posted on This Chick Reads*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*A Very Coco Christmas is the prequel to the Coco Pinchard series and is a funny little book. With just bit over 50 pages, it's a quick yet very enjoyable read which even those who are not fan of novellas will like.I'm not the biggest fan of novellas, however lately I've started to appreciate more these short reads, especially since I didn't have much time to read. However, this summer I read the third [...]

    7. Great Christmas humour. Coco Pinchard at it's best. Especially her mother, such a character :-) Coco meets Ethel for the first time and of course there is huge drama and a turkey called Jean Paul Belmondo :-)

    8. I’ve not read anything by this author but while looking for a Christmas read I thought I’d give this a try. I’m so glad I did as this is a great wee read. This is a lovely read that introduces us to Coco and some other characters. I found myself loving the characters and wanting to read more. Let’s not forget the turkey :) some great laugh out loud moments. I read this in one sitting as I didn’t want to put it down. I’ll definitely be reading more of Coco.

    9. This book is billed as a prequella to the hit comedy Coco Pinchard series and it was my first encounter with the character. I can say with certainty I’ll be encountering her again! It’s a love-story-cum-farce set at Christmas but, unlike in some farces, I really warmed to these characters. They are well-drawn and very funny indeed. As events steam towards the suitably chaotic conclusion, I revelled in spending time with Coco and Daniel and their families, who meet to great comic effect. Huge [...]

    10. I just wanted something light and funny to read for Christmas. Light it was, (just about 85 pages), but funny, not so much. Just an occasional smile through the Christmas lunch. It’s my second Coco book. Don’t know if I will be reading any more of this stuff.

    11. Another Team Bryndza book, ‘Lost in Crazy Town’, I have likened to the fantastic Armistead Maupin ‘Tales of the City’ books and darn me if Robert Bryndza hasn’t pulled another one with Coco! Just like Mary Ann, Mouse, Brian, Mona and, (of course,) Anna Madrigal, Coco and her friends and dysfunctional in-laws have become almost like friends themselves. In particular, there is one instance in this short novella where I got the same thrill as I did on my first reading of ‘Tales of the C [...]

    12. Fasten those seatbelts; we’re going back in time… all the way to 1985 where we meet an eighteen year old Coco as she returns home from University to spend Christmas with her parents in London. Coco is not relishing the thought of returning home, especially as it means being apart from her gorgeous new boyfriend Daniel Pinchard (who she is pretty sure her mother wouldn’t approve of…) Coco has been in the door less than five minutes when her controlling mother insults her and attempts to s [...]

    13. Yet again Rob as wrote another brilliant book.I love Coco and all her dramas and a very Christmas Coco does not disappoint it as everything I have come to love from this fantastically funny series starring the one and only brilliant Coco Pinchard.In this novella we are taken to Coco’s past, while she was at college, back when her and Daniel had only just met and begun dating and before she became a writer. I loved the story of how she and Daniel started, the first time she met his mother was h [...]

    14. What a fantastic Christmas present Robert Bryndza has written for fans of his fabulous and funny Coco Pinchard series, with the festive 'A Very Coco Christmas'. This novella take us back to Coco's student days and establishes the basis of her relationships with Daniel, Ethel, Chris and Meryl. For a child of the Eighties, such as myself, this was such a brilliant and nostalgic trip down memory lane to a time when Christmas really was about family, not matter how bad they were. And on that note, C [...]

    15. This review was first published at M's Bookshelf - mssbookshelfI was delighted when Robert told me about A Very Coco Christmas. I'm a big Coco fan since reading The Consequences of Love and Sex, so I couldn't wait to join in on one of Coco's Christmases. And as to be expected from our beloved Coco, it was an eventful Christmas. In this 'prequella' we see the start of 'Coco Pinchard' and I loved (re-?)meeting some key-characters, people who will stay in Coco's life long after this Christmas Lunch [...]

    16. Originally posted on: addictivechicklitWhat a fantastic novella! This 60 pages story is so packed with drama, craziness and laughs! I actually found myself laughing out loud more than once, especially with the fantastic Jean Paul Belmondo, the turkey. This prequella is the perfect introduction for the Coco Pinchard series and I am sure that after reading it, you will be left wanting to know more about this crazy gang.Robert's style is refreshing and fun and takes you back to the eighties with ea [...]

    17. This was the first 'Coco' book I'd read so for me it was the first in the series rather than a prequel. For a moment I thought I'd been caught up in a time warp. Set in 1985 it immediately took me back to my own University days and I had to double check when it was actually written as it captures the spirit of the time marvellously. Some great characters that rise above being stereotypes. A lovely short Christmas read.

    18. I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. It is a simple story, but it has good bones, made a statement, and the ending was hilarious! It even made me want to keep reading about the other adventures of university student, Coco. It was set in 1985, and I was a college student at that time myself, so that was a plus.

    19. My first book by this author, very enjoyable and I will attempt to start the series now! This story is funny and light hearted.

    20. My first introduction to the world of Coco - and looking forward to catching up on the other books.This series is so different to the Erica Foster series, and it was great to see the humorous side to Robert's writing. The scenes with the turkey are hilarious! I laughed out loud throughout the Christmas day chapters! A great little read. Highly recommended.

    21. All the best things come in small packages! A brilliant and valuable addition to Robert Bryndza's Coco Pinchard series, this is SO GOOD. It's quite a short book, a novella and 'prequella' (love all this). So, a brief book but there's so much content, so much in it. In the first chapter there are so many comedy gems, it's a delight to read. The action takes place over five days, the Christmas holidays 21st-25th December 1985 where Coco has met and fallen in love with Daniel and is home from Unive [...]

    22. I love the author's Erika Foster books but never introduced myself to Coco. This novella is the perfect way to meet Coco and Daniel so early in their relationship. It's also a fab Christmas tale. I totally sympathised with Coco returning home from university after the sense of freedom that you get when you live away from home. This Christmas tale is comical as we meet he two families. Love the idea of John Paul!! I'll definitely be reading more of Coco's adventures!!

    23. Yes I know it’s not Christmas yet but being a big fan of Coco, I wanted to get a quick fix.This is a prequel to the full length Coco Pinchard novels. The author takes us back to when Coco is eighteen and hasn’t long since met Daniel the man she goes onto marry.If you’ve read the books in this series then you will know what a fabulous read your in for. Even though this is a short story, I didn’t stop laughing and grinning from the beginning to the very end. Only problem is it’s left me [...]

    24. This is a prequella to the Coco Pinchard series, and I absolutely loved it! I read the blurb, but you never quite know what the book will be like until you start reading it and I read it within an hour! It was unputdownable! In just over 50 pages I learnt so much about the characters and Coco and her family. Coco is coming home for the Christmas holidays from her university in Wales. She doesn't really want to go back home to her parents as she would rather stay with her new boyfriend Daniel. Co [...]

    25. When Coco returns from university to spend the Christmas hols with her parents, she and her mum have a falling out on Christmas Eve. Her mother thinks Coco can do better than her guitar-playing boyfriend, Daniel. Furious, Coco leaves to spend the day with Daniel and his family. When Jean-Paul Belmondo, the turkey Daniel's mum keeps in a pen for Christmas dinner, escapes, Coco feels terrible. After all, it's her fault he flew the coop. So she invites Daniel's family to her parents' house for Chri [...]

    26. I got this from and it's a delightful little novella to read.This introduces us to Coco, Daniel, Ethel, Meryl and Chris. It's Christmas and with all the shenanigans going on in a family. Where 2 families meet and then something pops up - namely a turkey called Jean Paul Belmondo (what a hoot of a name for a turkey).I read this quickly as it was a short book and loved the characters especially Coco's mum lol.

    27. What a great little book , Coco, is eighteen, living in Wales. at college and has an amazing boyfriend Daniel, Home to London, for the Christmas hols, she looses her bag on the train, and her snooty mother, makes her take her shoes off, before she enters the family home,, Add to the mixture, Kenneth,(who has a secret of his own) the son, of her mothers best friend, who they are trying to pair up, with Coco,,, what can go wrong? nothing right???

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