Not So Lucky

Not So Lucky

RaShelle Workman / Nov 18, 2019

Not So Lucky RaShelle Workman has given readers a quirky lovable but strong female lead that won t give up on dreams despite how unlucky her circumstances may seem at times AvidReader Her best friend is accused

  • Title: Not So Lucky
  • Author: RaShelle Workman
  • ISBN: 9781311166968
  • Page: 280
  • Format: ebook
  • RaShelle Workman has given readers a quirky lovable but strong female lead that won t give up on dreams, despite how unlucky her circumstances may seem at times AvidReader923Her best friend is accused of murder One man promises to help her find the killer The other vows to steal her heart.EPISODE ONELucky is goal oriented, despite her hippy parents She has plans fo RaShelle Workman has given readers a quirky lovable but strong female lead that won t give up on dreams, despite how unlucky her circumstances may seem at times AvidReader923Her best friend is accused of murder One man promises to help her find the killer The other vows to steal her heart.EPISODE ONELucky is goal oriented, despite her hippy parents She has plans for her life and knows how to make them happen There s even a list to prove it.1.Graduate from prestigious law school Check.2.Find an apartment in New York Check.3.Get engaged to the man of her dreams Check.4.Become partner at a law firm Ch Well, she s still working on that First she needs a job.On impulse, she goes to a club with her roommate and meets the lead singer of the band, Toxic Suspects His name is Maxwell Legend He s hot, gorgeous, and soooooo doesn t fit into her plans.Lucky Clover Mystery Romance SeriesNOT SO LUCKYDEAD LUCKYLUCKY IN LOVEFOREVER LUCKYAuthor s Note This story unfolds over the course of four episodes much the same way your favorite television show does Happy reading

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    1. From the start I just found the characters in this book to be flat and based on overused stereotypes. It also seemed like it could have used another round or two of editing. To really round out the annoyances, the book ends on a cliff hanger demanding that you purchase not one, but three more books to finish out the actual story. This isn't an actual series, it's one single story that should just be one book, not four. I've noticed this trend a lot lately, and I think it's really disingenuous of [...]

    2. The Kindle version has many typos, but this was a fun story that I finished in a day. I'll definitely read the next book.

    3. This just wasn't for me. I won't be continuing with this series.Clean romance friends you won't enjoy this one.

    4. 3 Stars (**sigh**) Mild Spoilers:This is book one in a quartet series, featuring Lucky and her friends.Lucky Clover Green - what a name! Well, what would you expect since she has hippies for parents, and they met in a field of clovers? (sigh) But even though her name is Lucky, ironically, she's not that lucky at all. Instead, she seems to have the worst luck ever.Lucky doesn't follow her parents footsteps, and instead, wants to be successful in life as a lawyer, but she doesn't want a free pass. [...]

    5. When It Rains It Pours For Poor Lucky Clover Green . . . This girl has a life that just goes from right to wrong then right to wrong again. RaShelle Workman has given readers a quirky lovable but strong female lead that won't give up on dreams, despite how unlucky her circumstances may seem at times. Lucky Clover Green is determined to land that post grad job at a law firm based on her own hard working merit. It's a part of her life plan and she's sticking to it if only to prove her hippie go wi [...]

    6. This review and more can be found at The A P Book Club!*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*Contemporary romance books are not usually my thing. I mean, I enjoy a cute little romance every once in a while, but they're not typically something I seek out. I like my romance embedded in an epic fantasy or a crazy sci-fi, where other exciting things are taking place and the romance is secondary. But when I heard about RaShelle's Lucky Clover series, I knew that I jus [...]

    7. Lucky is a girl with a plan. A girl with a list for her life to check off. Living in New York with her best friend Birdy, she goes to interview after interview. She wants to be a lawyer, if only someone would give her a chance. If only someone would hire her she can check off another point on her list.After one more failed interview, Birdy convinces her to have one night of fun and go out to a club. Since her fiancé is out of town, she agrees to go. Little does she know this is the night her wh [...]

    8. 3.5 starsWith a name like Lucky Clover Green, what could go wrong? Everything, if you ask the girls that bears that particular moniker. Despite her name, she's determined to land a coveted job at a top law firm and well, so far the job search has been unlucky. Thank goodness she has her best friend, Birdy, young socialite (think Blair/Serena from Gossip Girl) and her oh-so-perfect fiancé to keep her spirits up.Deciding that Lucky needs a night out, Birdy makes her hit the town to hear a hot new [...]

    9. A quick, easy read with intrigue, angst and a murderLucy has her life planned out she knows what she wants and when she wants itunfortunately for her life has other ideasWhile in a club with her bestfriend and roommate to watch Toxic Suspects, she notices her fiance who is supposed to be away for the weekend, getting up close and personal with another woman immediately confronting him, he tries to brush the whole thing off as a one off before they get married.Lucky obviously upset, confused and [...]

    10. Lucky has her life plan mapped out. She still working a getting the job she wants but she's has a fiancé, Edward, which she planning her life with. Lucky was raised by hippie parents and she is anything but a hippie. She loves lists and planning. One night at the club with her best friend, Birdy, changes the direction her life is going. She steps out of her comfort zone and lets loose for the night. She sees Edward in a different light and she meets super sexy Maxwell. Things with Lucky and Max [...]

    11. First book in the Lucky Clover Series, Lucky Clover Green has started her life in NYC with her friend Birdy after graduating Law School and surviving growing up with her "hippy dippy" parents. Though she's struggling to land a job, she is engaged to the man of her dreams.or so she thought. After one night out with Birdy, her whole life changes. And in my opinion, her life changes for the better after she meets the lead singer of Toxic Suspects, Max Legend and catches her fiance cheating on her o [...]

    12. This is the first book from a new series by Rashelle Workman's called (Lucky Clover Romance Series) and I have to say it's a sexy ,fun, story with some great characters and some thrilling mystery to keep you hooked in the story .We also have a hot and sexy singer in the mix everything . As we are introduced to Lucky Clover Green's she's not feeling as definite as her name and she feels like her glass is half empty . Lucky wants to land a job at a law firm by working hard . Everything seems to be [...]

    13. The first book in RaShelle Workman’s new Lucky Clover Romance series is fun, sexy, has great characters and enough mystery to keep us turning the pages.Lucky is not just a replica of RaShelle Workman’s other female protagonists, although she does share the same resilient spirit. Lucky is ambitious, romantic, smart and trusting. When we meet her she isn’t feeling as positive as her name suggests but despite seeing her glass as half empty I think she is still someone we would love to know!Lu [...]

    14. Lucky Clover Green (yes that's her name thanks to her hippie parents) knows what she wants in life and things seem to be going that way until one night she's at a bar and see's Maxwell Legend, lead singer of the band. There is just something magnetic about him but Lucky is engaged.well until her fiancé turns up dead see she is the number one suspect.This is a very quick read but you will not be disappointed in the story. Just when you think Lucky has everything figured out the worse (or not dep [...]

    15. This is the first book I've read by this author, and I just have to say, Congrats RaShelle Workman, you have made the list of authors trying to kill me. Lucky has her life planned out, so their shouldn't be any bumps in the road right? Wrong, all hell breaks lose when she catches the man she's engaged to cheating on her. That night blows her life's goals all to hell, but puts her in the path with one sexy new man. I absolutely LOVED this story. An exciting, full of suspense, and well written sto [...]

    16. Lucky thinks she has the world all figured out. Law school degree, rich fiance, and the best friend anybody could ask for. Maxwell Legand has it all. Money, sexy body, and a band named Toxic Suspects.After failing to secure a job in a law office, Lucky's best friend, Pamela Bird, takes her to see a band at a club called The Attic. She becomes captivated by the lead singer.Max sees Lucky at a table and knows he has to have her.Lucky finds out something that night that breaks her heart, making it [...]

    17. Lucky seems to have lost her luck. Finding out your fiancé is not the man you thought he was puts you into a tailspin. But meeting a handsome stranger might help. It seems Lucky ' s perfectly planned life just took a major detour and she is trying to sort her new one all out when tragedy strikes and she needs all the help she can get. I loved Max. He wasn't your typical playboy rock star but he isn't your boy next door either. Lucky was a genuine heroine who didn't want a lot from life but surr [...]

    18. Lucky who seems to think she is not so lucky thus the name . and Maxwell a Singer songwriter and also happens to be from a family of money . and knows people that Lucky does including her Fiancee and best friend and their history though unbeknowest to her . this is an arc review given from the author in exchange for an honest review . and cannot wait til the next book comes out reading is my passion and i love being the lead role in the book that is a female and see what she goes through sometim [...]

    19. I have been in love with RaShelle Workman ever since The Blood and Snow series and I have yet to read a book by her that I didn't like. This was something a little different for me to read by her because of The Blood and Snow Series but I must admit that I loved Lucky and the way that she never really had any good luck. Maxwell was a nice addition to the story and I loved seeing the two of them together. This book kept me on the end and the ending really had me going to the point that I had to r [...]

    20. This review is from: Not So Lucky: Book One (Kindle Edition)I loved this story. These characters are so charming, I just can not read enough. Lucky is a newly graduated lawyer who shares a apartment with her best friend Birdy. These two really get themselves into trouble. Lucy's love life goes from ok, to tragic, to holy crap! Birdy, somehow managed to get caged! Oh, the suspence is killing me. I love a good cliffhanger.

    21. A good start for the series. Lucky is a gorgeous, smart girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She is friends with Birdy and is engaged to marry Edward both of whom are loaded. She discovers that Edward is cheating on her and breaks the engagement. She then hooks up with Max, another rich man who is defying his father by being in a band. Then everything comes to a halt when Edward is murdered and the suspicion falls on Birdy.

    22. Well written and suspense filled storyI chose a 4 rating because the plot seems to depend on the sex scenes, and I think a plot should " stand alone" and the author used the sex scenario twice. A good writer would spin such an intense yarn, just a hint of sex and romance would suffice I would recommend this story for more mature readers.

    23. Loved it! I have loved everything I have read by this author. The characters are lovable. Lucky has goals and they seem to be crumbling one at a time, she has an awesome best friend Birdy. She falls hard for Maxwell who does not fit into her plans. The novel leaves us with a mystery waiting to be solved in the next book. I can't wait for it to come out and I have already pre-ordered it.

    24. You can't help but to fall in love with a girl named Lucky and hope she gets her happy ending. I was so caught up with the story and characters that I really didn't want the book to end. Now I need to read the second book to see what happens. This was a great read and a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what happens next!

    25. Not so Lucky is the first book in the Lucky Clover series by Rashelle Workman. Great first part, characters are totally believable. The story flows easily and most of us can relate to some of the happenings. Max is such a hottie. Lucky is so loveable and Birdy is one loyal BFF. I am so looking forward to Book 2. I was awarded this ARC in return for an honest review.

    26. This book grabbed my attention and never let go. It was hot, and fun, and I can't wait for the next installment. Lucky and Max just became one of my favorite couples. I can't wait to see how the murder mystery plays out.

    27. I'm hooked. This is one of those series' that you don't want to put down. Lucky is smart, Birdie is vibrant and Maxwell is sexy a great combination of characters. Then add a mystery. Can't wait to read the next installment of Lucky Clover!

    28. Oh my goodness, you go from feeling bad for Lucky to cheering for her back to feeling bad. She definitely has her life turned around and things only spiral from there. I enjoyed this book and look forward to book two!

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