Stop Following Me, Moon!

Stop Following Me, Moon!

Darren Farrell / Apr 09, 2020

Stop Following Me Moon A hungry bear s big appetite leads to a lesson about sharing in this silly story perfect for fans of Mo Willems Pigeon books Bear is hungry So hungry that when he spies a squirrel s berry snack he ca

  • Title: Stop Following Me, Moon!
  • Author: Darren Farrell
  • ISBN: 9780803741591
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A hungry bear s big appetite leads to a lesson about sharing in this silly story perfect for fans of Mo Willems Pigeon books Bear is hungry So hungry that when he spies a squirrel s berry snack, he can t help taking the whole berry bush Then, when he wanders past a busy beehive, Bear knows he s hit the jackpot But someone is on to him the moon Or so Bear thinks BefoA hungry bear s big appetite leads to a lesson about sharing in this silly story perfect for fans of Mo Willems Pigeon books Bear is hungry So hungry that when he spies a squirrel s berry snack, he can t help taking the whole berry bush Then, when he wanders past a busy beehive, Bear knows he s hit the jackpot But someone is on to him the moon Or so Bear thinks Before he knows it, Bear is on the run with his stolen snacks, causing a whole lot of trouble for the other animals in the forest With big laughs, silly surprises, and a read aloud ready refrain, this picture book is perfect for fans of Jon Klassen and Mo Willems.

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      240 Darren Farrell
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      • Darren Farrell

        Darren Farrell is the creator of Thank You Octopus and Doug Dennis and the Flyaway Fib He currently lives in Seoul, South Korea with his wife Caroline and his son Jonah.


    1. The moon can reflect many thingsware what you do under the jaundice illumination of an eye that sees; and in seeing reveals your true shadow nature; that shadow gains on you; overtaking your soulJUST KIDDING! A great book for young kids!

    2. Bear has a bad habit of stealing everybody's food for himself or so it seems. Then one night the moon follows him from site to site where Bear helps himself to others' treats. But when the moon disappears and it's too dark to see, Bear finds himself pleading for the moon to return. Then on a high cliff, Bear shares a moonlit feast with all the people and animals whose food he has taken.

    3. Funny and clever, this book has a strong, likable tone and neat, detailed illustrations. Made me snort more than once!

    4. A strange book, and I mean that as a compliment. I did not get the sharing lesson so much (perhaps that was one layer added in too many), but I loved the way it had two different and converging storylines: the bear (and other animals) on a nightly hunt for food from campers and the moon "following" him, creeping him out. The illustrations are fantastic too—that most original bear and the foxes were my favorite.

    5. The bear is abstract-looking, so it's sort of hard to read his facial expressions. Also, this is one of those books that is entirely dialog, and sometimes it's hard to tell what dialog is attributed to whom.That said, those are my reasons why I wouldn't choose this as a read-aloud! The narrative and the detailed pictures would make it a great one-on-one read. I hope it circs well!

    6. Bear and the other animals are hungry! SO they raid the campers' campsites! But Bear is distracted by the big moon that keeps following him!I love this book. It is silly and funny and has sweet homage to Frank Asch's Bear books. With a story that begins and ends on the endpapers, this well-designed book has the same humor and style of Thank You, Octopus, though it does not quite live up to Farrell's debut title.

    7. Strange illustration of bear. In fact, I found it hard for my brain to make sense of his face in some of the illustrations. Why is one eye so much bigger than the other? All of the animals are illustrated this way and I found it distracting (as I think kids would). Story was so-so. Bear believes moon is following him as he roams about collecting a treasure trove of food just for himself. When the moon disappears behind some clouds and leaves bear in the dark, his paranoia about the moon suddenly [...]

    8. Reviewed by Liesel WagnerThe bear is hungry – he is so cute! Then he sees some berries that the squirrel is eating, and then he takes them all! He takes all the honey, and the fisherman's fish, and the campers' snacks. Then he sees the moon and he thinks it is following him because he took everyone's food! He tries to run away, but the moon keep following him. You can read this entire review at San Diego Book Review

    9. Bear moves through the forest and steals from every camper and creature he comes across. However, he cannot escape the moon that continues to follow him. (Don't forget to spot the Sasquatch). I loved how the end papers are a part of this story. Also, are we not going to mention how the fozes and raccoons are also thieves ;).

    10. Pertama-tama, gambar beruangnya kok begitu amat yak. Ahahahatapi tetap lucu sih. Bagus nih buat anak, banyak pesan moralnya. Terutama tidak boleh serakah dan lebih baik berbagi dengan yang lain.

    11. Bear steals a variety of delicious foods from poor, unsuspecting park-goers at night, and thinks that the moon is following him because of his crime-spree! When the moon disappears behind fog, and everything is dark, Bear begs for it to come back in exchange for his best behavior. Concludes with a moonlit nighttime potluck for all to indulge in.

    12. So what's going on HERE is, this bear gets hungry for a midnight snack, and so you know what he does? He goes around stealing all the different food! And I thought he was gonna get away with it, but the moon had other ideas. The moon saw that bear do the whole thing, and no matter where that bear goes, that moon is WATCHING him! And that bear feels so guilty that he just says "The heck with it" and throws this big party and everyone comes. I mean EVERYONE! Even the guys who he stole the food fro [...]

    13. I think this is about doing the right thing. Bear steals the leftover food at the park and then thinks that Moon is following him in accusation. The other animals threw me off. I think the foxes and the beavers also steal food from the campers, but if so, why isn't Moon glaring at them too?In any case, have listed this under "principled." Perhaps, as with other confusing books, I'll understand it better once I've discussed it with other readers. This month's core value at school is integrity, so [...]

    14. The story for this book was ok. I got it from the library to read to my daughter. I really, really disliked the illustrations. There is just something off-putting about the way the animals eyes are drawn and I find myself trying to read it without looking at the pictures or spending too much time on the pages. Since looking at the pictures for little kids is just as important as the story, I felt it failed at a good children's book. I'm glad it's one we get to return.

    15. This is a very quirky picture book.If you look closely, you will see that it is not only Bear who is stealing food. He is, however, the sole animal worried about it. As he tries to make his getaway, he uses many modes of transportation, including a forest ranger's pickup truck.Bear does have manners.

    16. With easy text and illustrations reminiscent of cartoons such as "Adventure Time," kids read along as a greedy bear steals food until his conscience gets the better of him.Veg*n parents note: The bear steals fish from a group of fishermen, and a chain of sausage links is depicted throughout the book.

    17. I think I get the humor in this book, but I really didn't care for it. The bear creature is so odd looking I cannot tell at first glance if this is a monster or a bear with a large spot of light fur near it's eye.I was hoping this would be better.

    18. Simple text, simple story, and simple illustrations yield a simple rating. Preschoolers who have an interest in the moon, or who have been outside after dark to enjoy playing in the moonlight may enjoy this.

    19. Blech. The story was totally uncompelling, and the illustrations were just not good. Got this and "Night Animals" off of a list of "great children's books to read," um. Not.

    20. This wasn't one of my favorite stories that I have read my daughter but she seemed to enjoy it. This book is probably more suited for a younger audience.

    21. VERY weird and charming. The last page/lesson is both a stretch and too schlocky, but great up to that. Didn't understand why all the animals (but not humans) had weird right eyes.

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