White Lilies

White Lilies

Samantha Christy / Jun 03, 2020

White Lilies HER SELFLESS ACT Her best friend s husband A twist of fate They wanted her to have their baby She was never supposed to fall in love with him or was she A story about unconditional love heartbreaking

  • Title: White Lilies
  • Author: Samantha Christy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • HER SELFLESS ACT.Her best friend s husband A twist of fate.They wanted her to have their baby She was never supposed to fall in love with him or was she A story about unconditional love, heartbreaking loss, and undying friendship.Note to reader This series can easily be enjoyed out of order This book is a standalone novel It is the second book in a series that follHER SELFLESS ACT.Her best friend s husband A twist of fate.They wanted her to have their baby She was never supposed to fall in love with him or was she A story about unconditional love, heartbreaking loss, and undying friendship.Note to reader This series can easily be enjoyed out of order This book is a standalone novel It is the second book in a series that follows three sisters Series reading order Purple Orchids, White Lilies, Black Roses Due to adult language and sexual situations, this book is intended for mature audiences.

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        Despite the fact that she is a romance writer, Samantha Christy s favorite television show of all time, like ever, is The Walking Dead.And contrary to the fact that her heroines drink things like wine and Cosmos, she prefers Bud Light She also loves fan mail and until she gets really really famous, she will answer it all.Yeah, yeah, she went to college and all that, getting a degree in something she never uses She s also got a gaggle of kids 4 and a pretty decent husband.


    1. Not for me, thanks. Three chapters in and I swear I can see the train wreck coming. You have got to be kidding me. Right off the bat, I know Skylar is everything I dislike in book heroines. Who in their right mind would choose her as a surrogate?I'm sick and tired of these insincere plots and I'll bet my house that Skylar will end up with Griffin within the blink of an eye. I just can't deal with this level of author manipulation. I'm out. Thank God for KU.

    2. 3 StarsOverall Opinion:This is a tough book for me to rate. I would probably rate this 4 stars if not for the ending. It was one of those that I felt "that was it?!?" and was completely unwhelmed by the ending. I needed more! (view spoiler)[ We go through her entire pregnancy with her anxiety and anticipation, and then we just get the delivery scene and no jump ahead to see her adjusting to motherhood? The h used the label "girlfriend" the night before going into labor, and then he proposes duri [...]

    3. Ho-lee hell, this was one fantastic read. And I am so damn grateful to a reviewer who shelved the book as "not safe", because that just made me rush to 1-click the first book in the series and then move straight on to this one. I've found some gems this way, so thank you ♥. I absolutely loved White Lilies - so, so good. There is little I can say that hasn't been mentioned in the blurb without giving anything away and I really don't want to do that. What I will say is that this is NOT a triangl [...]

    4. A Story about Unconditional Love, Heartbreaking Loss and Undying FriendshipFate Faith & Family The three things Skylar Mitchell doesn't believe in. She's as unusual as they come. The partying kind who has a reputation of a slut. After she watched her sister destroy herself over a man she vowed to keep things simple. Vowed to not fall in love, not get attached, to keep things easyGriffin and Erin Pearce, college sweethearts, leading a perfect life. What was not perfect was that they couldn't [...]

    5. This story was sad but the whole situation was just not believable to me. Take Skylar for example her reason for being so promiscuous, her older sister had her heart broken so Skylar vows never to fall in love or have a relationship seriously that's her reason for sleeping with so many different guys. I don't care that she was promiscuous the reason for it is just stupid it would have been more believable if Skylar was the one that had her heart broken and that's what made her want to stay away [...]

    6. 4.75 Top-Ten-Book-of-This-Year Stars Let me start this by saying: you want to read this book.White Lilies is an incredible story of true love, family, grief and soul mates.Skylar is somewhat of an immature egocentric girl. Influenced by her sister’s heartbreak in her late teens, she decided love wasn’t really worth being left broken. She is not a bad person per se, she just has a tendency to drink a lot and sleep around. The problem is that combining these two activities together doesn’t r [...]

    7. This installment is probably the most heartbreaking and tear inducing one of the three I've read. A very emotional storyline done just perfectly. The characters are once again delightful and well-developed. Skylar may be the hardest of the three sisters to get to know and it took longer for me to like her. She's a bit of a mess. At first her choice of "charitable" choices for change in her life didn't sit really well with me. I thought it was a bit touch and go and a stretch to believe that she [...]

    8. White LiliesI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Oh, man. This is a story that will either rip your heart out or have you ripping your hair out; make you sob like a baby or fume like a kettle, and it all depends on where you land on the entire premise. I happen to fall on the latter of the above-mentioned “either-ors.” Despite the fact that I really do enjoy Samantha Christy’s writing style, and I counted Purple Orchids (first in this series) one of the best [...]

    9. Copy was gifted by Samantha Christy because she is just nice like that. :)You know it's an amazing book when you can feel literally feel your heart clench and your stomach drop as you read what happens next, when you lose hold of reality and just get lost in the story, when you start to think that the characters were real people. Samantha Christy wrote a raw and yet a very beautiful story about love, family and friendship. It isn't like anything I've read before. Skylar Mitchell is not the kind [...]

    10. 5 StarsWarning spoilers aheadAnother great read from this author I am quickly becoming a mega fan, both books in this series have been great so far. I was very intrigued to see how she was going to spin this one and I am very pleased to see there wasn’t any triangle or cheating. (view spoiler)[Now I’m not a fan of a deceased wife story as I always feel like the heroine can never live up to the past. This however was handled brilliantly and I think it’s because Erin was never Griffins TRUE [...]

    11. It's very rarely I write a review I normally just give a rating. But this book. I couldn't put it down, it kept me out of sleep and I have no regrets staying up all night and sitting bleary-eyed at work.It was absolutely enrapturing, it broke my heart and mended it at the same time. This story is beautifully written and I cannot wait to get started on your other books.You are AWESOME! Thank you for gracing us with your literary magic.HAIL SAMANTHA CHRISTY!

    12. Definitely couldn't put this one down. It was different and emotional. I had to get going and find out how everything played out. Definitely a must read. It's the second book in a interconnected series about 3 sisters but can be read as a standalone in my opinion.

    13. FateFaithFamily. This was an absolute pleasant surprise!! This is a very unique and heartbreaking story about soul mates and how they really cn be anyone anywhere.loved it!!!

    14. 4.5 While there were some things that bothered me, I never wanted to stop reading this beginning to end. I very much enjoyed Griffin, Erin and Skylars story. I'm going to have to check out the other sisters now. I secretly hope Piper's story includes Mason. :)

    15. SPOILERS AHEAD:I read this as a stand alone and was not familiar with the author's other works. That said, this will probably be my first and last read from her. I don't think I've ever been as pissed off by a book. I'm truly shocked by the high ratings this has received, both on GR and . I struggled to finish as it progressively got worse as the story went on and my blood pressure rose. I'm usually very open minded as long as the story is done well, this was not. The premise was very interestin [...]

    16. This is a new author to me and I loved my first book from her. Looking forward to reading more from her.Loved the angst and the chemistry between the H and h.

    17. I really loved Purple Orchids - the first book in this series - and I couldn't wait to jump into the next book (I literally picked this up the next day).I'm sorry to say I just didn't connect with this story or the characters in the same way. I wasn't convinced by the burgeoning friendship of Skylar and Erin - it wasn't developed anywhere near enough for me to buy into their 'best friend' relationship and everything that came after that and because of that (I really didn't like Erin). I didn't f [...]

    18. Skylar feels like her life is leading nowhere. Destined to change she agrees to become a surrogate for a couple, Erin and Griffen. Fast becoming best friends, Erin and Skylar hit it off but secretly Skylar lusts after Griffen. Throw in to the mix a spoiler (I won't mention what as I don't want to ruin this book for anyone) the future doesn't always happen like we plan!Very nearly 5 stars but for me things just went a little too quickly Xx

    19. MINOR SPOILERS THROUGHOUT:I really liked this book. It was heart felt and I really connected with the characters. I felt really bad for the situation they found themselves in and I ended up crying a lot because I just felt so bad. Erin was probably my favorite part of this book. She is easily one of the best and most selfless people I have ever read about. She gave her husband up to her best friend so they could both be happy; pushed them towards each other in fact. If that doesn't scream that s [...]

    20. Eveeeett, serinin 2. kitabini da bitirmis bulunuyorum. Kapaktan da anladiginiz uzere yine mutlu son hamilelikle, bebekle bagdastiriliyor. Tam Turk kafasi. Bu kitabi serinin ilk kitabindan kesinlikle daha cok sevdim cunku asil karakterimiz yaptiklarindan ziyade soyledikleriyle oldukca eglenceli bir kadin. Sayesinde vicik vicik ask degil romantik komedi okumus oldum. Okumayi tercih etmedigim, pek tarzim olmayan bir tur ama hungur hungur aglatti bazi yerlerinde. Canim depresyonum sagolsun. 350 gund [...]

    21. This seemed like it would be an interesting book but I had a love/hate relationship with it. Within the first few chapters, I just knew that Griffin's wife, Erin, was going to die. It was an emotional book and I cried a bit. Lol. I didn't care for the insta best friend thing between Erin and Skylar, how protective Griffin was of Skylar while his wife was alive, or how they were pushed together after she died. Their relationship moved really fast after they finally got together. The ending was un [...]

    22. I think I should've read this book and series sooner! I didn't know what to expect after reading the blurb, but this book was a delight! It's emotional, angsty, and passionate. I loved the way Skylar was with her sisters and friends, but really getting to know her meant I fell for her too. This love story is unconventional, but it's a powerful one. I loved how the first part was told exclusively through Skylar's point of view and the 2nd was from someone else's. Samantha Christy is 2/2 with this [...]

    23. EnjoyableThe second book in the series is just as entertaining as the first. The idea of people backing you is lovely. Normally it centres just on the couple and the truth is we don't exist in isolation. In saying that there is plenty of drama, plenty of sex and an interesting twist on the surrogate idea, and some room for tears.

    24. On my current hunt for books that are extraordinary and/or forbidden, I stumbled across this story on . Though in hindsight, it might have been the first case but not so much the latter. But ok. The book was refreshing, because this was the first book with this plot I’ve read so far. The writing was good, the characters really adorable, the angst-level relatively high. And though this was a bit of a tear-jerker, the ending was believable for me and I was very satisfied with how everything play [...]

    25. This book was amazing. I didn't want to put it down. It gripped me from the very beginning. I couldn't imagine going through everything they had to endure. This is probably the most heart wrenching, beautifully written book I've ever read. This is the second book in this series. I cannot wait for book three. Definitely a must read. But make you have your tissues ready. You're in for an emotional rollercoaster.

    26. Wow, this book was so emotional and beautiful. I couldn't put it down - it had a lot more substance than some of the stuff I usually read and it was just wow. Yeah, now I'm going to track down more by this author. I LOVE discovering a new author and then finding they have a ton more books I can go marathon (especially when they're on Kindle Unlimited).

    27. Received a free copy for my honest opinion. Loved this book. This book touches on so many deep subjects, but brings out the best feelings. If this book doesn't make you cry, in a good way, you have no feelings. The amount of emotions you go through with this book amazes me. Another great book by Samantha Christy.

    28. No not goodThis book read like a Mills and Boon. Sloppy romance that I couldn't take seriously. I skimmed though a lot of it to finish. It is not the Author's fault I just didn't read the blurb, I would never have chosen it if I had. Strictly for romance lovers.

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