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Hush It s criminal profiler Ivy Dunlap s job to unravel the psyches of the most dangerous men alive None haunts her dreams than the killer who took her son s life sixteen years ago then silently disappear

  • Title: Hush
  • Author: Anne Frasier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s criminal profiler Ivy Dunlap s job to unravel the psyches of the most dangerous men alive None haunts her dreams than the killer who took her son s life sixteen years ago, then silently disappeared into the dark Now an urgent request for help from the Chicago police has reawakened Ivy s greatest nightmare The Madonna Murderer has returned to fulfill his callinIt s criminal profiler Ivy Dunlap s job to unravel the psyches of the most dangerous men alive None haunts her dreams than the killer who took her son s life sixteen years ago, then silently disappeared into the dark Now an urgent request for help from the Chicago police has reawakened Ivy s greatest nightmare The Madonna Murderer has returned to fulfill his calling This time Ivy understands the killer instinct She knows what man is capable of This time she s ready to confront her deepest fear, face to face For the very last time

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        Anne Frasier a.k.a Theresa Weir is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thirty plus books and numerous short stories that have spanned the genres of suspense, mystery, thriller, romantic suspense, paranormal, fantasy, and memoir During her award winning career, she s written for Penguin Putnam, Simon Schuster, HarperCollins Publishers, Bantam Books Random House, Silhouette Books, Grand Central Publishing Hachette, and Thomas Mercer Her titles have been printed in both hardcover and paperback and translated into twenty languages Her first memoir, The Orchard Theresa Weir , was a 2011 Oprah Magazine Fall Pick, Number Two on the Indie Next list, a featured B review in Entertainment Weekly, and a Librarians Best Books of 2011 Her second memoir The Man Who Left , hit the New York Times bestseller list.


    1. I've not read any of Anne Frasier's books until this one but I will be reading more of her books to be sure! This was a harrowing, tension filled book that I could not put down. It grabbed my attention from the first sentence and the pace just kept getting faster and faster and faster, all the way until the very last word! I had to keep myself from skipping the last few pages to read the last sentence! Crazy good!

    2. **** 4.5 "Dirty Boy" Stars ****"He killed the mothers out of hatred - but he killed the infants out of love. A sick, twisted love, but love all the same."This is a horrible tale of what abuse inflicted on a child can make that child's mind break and create a dark monster. A monster that seems almost normal upfront, but behind their dark eyes lays a daemon that has no issues spilling blood of those he thinks are in the wrong. I am NOT a fan of babies and children being hurt in stories but the aut [...]

    3. I love serial killers. I love reading about them. I love writing them. I wouldn’t want to meet one, and I don’t glorify them, but there’s something delicious about getting inside the mind of one via a good book. Anne Frasier released the thriller Hush in 2002 and it went on to become a bestseller alongside many other bestsellers among her 24 books published so far. Frasier writes a serial killer with the best of them, just as creepy and absorbing as Thomas Harris’s Silence of the Lambs a [...]

    4. I picked this up for 99p on a kindle daily deal-decided to read a sample first though as I often do! As soon as the sample had finished I downloaded the full book and just kept reading! I got goosebumps as I realised I had found another author I had never really heard of but knew that I had to investigate their entire backlog of books asap! It was the same as when I read my first Lisa Gardner novel, who also gives this book a great boost with her comments on the front cover.Ivy Dunlap lives a qu [...]

    5. HUSH reads like the mainstream popular crime fiction commonly associated with Karin Slaughter, Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson etc. yet it’s enjoyable and gripping from the get-go, largely due to a seriously messed up antagonist whose thirst for murder is as unquenchable as is the limitless lengths he goes to in order to destroy the lives of his victims and their family.The ‘Madonna Murderer’ murders mothers, punishing them for their sins while claiming to ‘save’ their babies by sub [...]

    6. Fast moving with good character development. Serial killer with mother-son complex. Some cursing and graphic details, but not out of place. Not well edited as noted several typo's but didn't detract from the story. Couldn't put it down. This is the first book I've read by Anne Frasier and now won't be my last.

    7. The mothers weren't virgins, they were whores. Whores! He was the untouched virgin. He was the immaculate birth. On the streets of Chicago, there is a serial killer amongst us. He preys on every mothers deepest fear - the loss of her child. The Madonna Murder has resurfaced, getting smarter and more cunning with each victim, and its up to Detective Max Irving, along with Criminal Profiler Ivy Dunlap to stop him. I love the cover for this book, it instantly draws you in. If you enjoy serial kille [...]

    8. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsHush begins when Ivy is called to be a profiler on a case she knows very well. It started sixteen years ago, and it seems the killer is back again. Ivy knows more about the killer than any else alive, and now she will do whatever she can to stop him. However, the lead detective on the case doesn't agree with her being there, and she's also having a hard time reliving these nightmares again. But, she will catch this guy no matter what. This book had a ver [...]

    9. Ivy Dunlap is a criminal profiler. But the reason she become one was because she was a victim of the Madonna serial killer years before.Living as Ivy she has tried to forget the past and the killer. But she receives a phone call that will change her life. There has been a murder and they suspect that it is the Madonna serial killer again.When Abe Sinclair calls Ivy to let her know, he wants her on the case. He knows the secret of Ivy, that she is really Claudia and was a victim that everyone tho [...]

    10. I picked this book up for $0.99 for my Kindle on a daily deal, not expecting much. I don't read much mystery/suspense, okay, basically none at all, so maybe that's why I liked this so much, out of the ordinary for me. It was great though! The story line was interesting, the psycho guy was truly completely mad, I read it in 5 days, which is fast for me.

    11. Bland. The ending began to be fast-paced, but overall this was bland. That's the only word I've been able to come up with that completely describes it for me.

    12. Slow start but well worth the wait. Excellent narration by Emily Beresford (audible review)So this book started out kind of slow. But I am glad I stuck with it. WOW this serial killer was psychotic times 100. Just sayin.I really liked the characters and the character development. It was written very well and was easy to follow along. Lots of dialogue throughout the entire book. Interesting developments occurring all the time. If you like mystery thriller books this is a good one. I don't want to [...]

    13. This is the second Anne Frasier book that I've read and I've come to think that she really knows her stuff when it comes to writing mystery novels! What I like about her books are that they are more taboo topics that what you're used to reading so I appreciate her uniqueness! Overall, great, quick-paced read!

    14. The deranged serial killer/grizzled detective/psychological profiler is hardly a new genre in the world of thrillers and suspense. What sets one apart from another is the depth of the characters and how adept the author is at getting the reader into the head of the serial killer. Anne Frasier it batting a thousand on this one.Ivy Dunlap now lives in Canada when she gets a call from an old acquaintance in Chicago with a cryptic message: "It's happening again". 'It' is the resurfacing of The Madon [...]

    15. First I want to state that I got this book free for my Kindle. I did not read what it was about and I thought it was a different story. I was a few chapters into the book when I realized my error but I kept reading anyway. I felt the book had a good beginning, middle, and end. I feel Anne Frasier left no unanswered questions when she finished the book. I also like how she could have a sequel using the characters to work another case if the she wishes. I did feel this book was written for a young [...]

    16. I picked this book up on a whim while at the library one afternoon trying to kill time before going home. An hour and a half later, with a little more than half of the book done, I was reluctant to put the book down and go home. By the time I finished the book, an hour had gone by in a blur and I had chills. The book is primarily about two detectives (Ivy and Max) in their hunt for Grant Ruby the Madonna Murderer, a serial killer that goes after unwed mothers and their sons. Anne Frasier does an [...]

    17. (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)It's criminal profiler Ivy Dunlap's job to unravel the psyches of the most dangerous men alive. None haunts her dreams more than the killer who took her son's life sixteen years ago, then silently disappeared into the dark. Now an urgent request for help from the Chicago police has reawakened Ivy's greatest nightmare. The Madonna Murderer has returned to fulfill his calling. This time Ivy understands the kille [...]

    18. 3.0 out of 5 stars -- Lunatic killer stalking unwed mothers and their newborn baby boysClaudia Reynolds survived the Madonna Killer though he killed her newborn son and has been relocated with a new identity in St. Sebastian, Canada, when she gets a call from Superintendent Abraham Sinclair of the Chicago Police Department. When he asks her to come because "it has started again," Claudia, now known as Ivy Dunlap, knows she must go back and help to catch the man who destroyed her life and killed [...]

    19. My View:“The mind is such an amazing universe.” I was drawn to this book by the amazing cover art and discovered a fantastic police procedural/psychological thriller. This book has great pacing, in-depth character development, a creepy villain and protagonists you will empathise with and enjoy reading about; I really enjoyed this read. And the point of difference in this particular read is that the writer acknowledges the pain and effect that being party to a serious crime, whether as a witn [...]

    20. I like a good crime thriller, and this was a good one. Not great, but good. A few times I had to think if I'd read this book another time before because certain parts of it I was experiencing deja vu. I got the book for free via amazon so I'm not going to be complaining about the price. Main character Ivy Dunlap is the only survivor of a serial killer known as the Madonna Murderer, who inexplicably stopped murdering after the attack on Ivy (then Claudia) and has been in remission for 16 years. N [...]

    21. ALthough this is is probably considered a thriller, I found Hugh more creepy than thrilling. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the book, though. Serial killer books are almost always "interesting" but this one particularly so since our crazy bad guy murders unmarried mothers with newborn boys. And I mean newborn--like a couple days old. He brutally murders the women and sorta, kinda kills the babies in a kindly loving manner. Obviously, he has Mother Issues. And boy, does he have a Mother. The ch [...]

    22. This story revolves around a serial killer stalking Chicago, IL. The killer was murdering mothers and their infant sons. One mother, unbeknownst to him, survived and had been given a new identity and a new home. After a hiatus of 16 years, the murders started again and this mom was asked by the Chicago PD to join the team that was trying to apprehend the killer they called the "Madonna Murderer". I found this story intriguing and well-written and I read through it quickly. Great read!I received [...]

    23. ARC for review (re-issue)There's a madman on the loose in Chicago - he targets single mothers and their newborn sons. He's been dormant for sixteen years, but now he's back. Homicide Detective Max Irving is charged with the case and, to his chagrin, he's saddled with Ivy Dunlap, a Canadian who has written a book about symbolic murderd who also has a secret.This was a perfectly serviceable thriller which kept me turning pages, despite the adherence to the fairly standard formula - perfect airplan [...]

    24. Pretty good book. The story progressed at a good pace. Written from the point of view of several characters, but was never confusing as to who was speaking. Explained some back story of all the people. Didn't give all the details, just enough to reel you in. Very glad it wasn't overdone in detail. Ending was good. Answered questions without giving up too much. Only complaint was the number of editorial errors. But it was a free Kindle book and I'm finding there are many errors in these free book [...]

    25. Kinda slow .This book took a long time to get real good. The author focused a lot on the characters instead of moving the story along. The real good fast paced stuff didn't happen until the last two chapters! Ugh. I can't believe I held on.

    26. Quite a good story, if you like psychological thrillers: a very sick serial killer attacks unmarried women and their baby boys. Some really scary moments at the end.

    27. I picked this up on a whimd couldn't put it down! It catches at your heart from the very begining and goes from there!!

    28. I got this free on and didn't expect much. It was super creepy and so well written I ate it up. Loved this book.

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