But Seriously: An Autobiography

But Seriously: An Autobiography

John McEnroe / May 30, 2020

But Seriously An Autobiography None

  • Title: But Seriously: An Autobiography
  • Author: John McEnroe
  • ISBN: 9781409147954
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
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        John McEnroe is a American former world professional tennis player He grew up in Queens, NY and began playing tennis at age 8 McEnroe is often rated as the greatest in the sport He is also well known for his on court behavior that got him in trouble with tennis authorities and umpires.McEnroe is also an expert tennis commentator and occasionally makes guests appearances in TV shows He was married to actress Tatum O Neal for eight turbulent years and is currently married to singer Patty Smyth He has five children between both marriages.


    1. How does one review a sports autobiography?By the quality of the great life anecdotes that only a famous person could have experienced?As a literary work: the way in which the prose flows, and the quality of the writing?By reference (in McEnroe's case) to the very visible, and audible, public figure on our screens and radios almost every day?But Seriouslyis billed as An Autobiography by John McEnroe. No mention is made of any 'collaboration with'; and I can believe that much of this is McEnroe's [...]

    2. In this second memoir written by John McEnroe, “But Seriously” fails to meet the standard reached in his first book, “You Cannot Be Serious.” Like the first one, “But Seriously” is a very quick read, has plenty of humor and covers a wide variety of topics in addition to tennis.However, unlike the first book, “But Seriously” does not have any structure, theme or any concrete thoughts in which a reader can ponder. This is done on purpose, and McEnroe states this to the reader in th [...]

    3. An insightful book that shares some of the good, the bad, the ugly and the struggles of one of the greatest tennis players. A man that some love to hate, but you must respect. The book comes with several photographs. I won a copy of this book during a giveaway. I am under no obligation to leave a review or rating and do so voluntarily. I am paying it forward by passing this book along to a friend and sports enthusiast who I think will enjoy it too.

    4. John McEnroe is the voice of a masturbatory, hyper-self and his pathological ethos lends itself well to Generation Shit.I tend to think of McEnroe as a urinal with arms and legs.Chris Roberts, God Ascendant

    5. Vintage McEnroe but with a mellow overlay. Lots of fun detail about his post-tennis life and plenty of honesty as well.

    6. I am not a big tennis fan but during the 8O's John McEnroe was always in the news both for his tennis victories and for his very bad behavior. I remember thinking how awful he was but at the same time being kind of in awe of someone who had the guts to behave that way in public. I am a baby boomer female and we were not brought up that way.I enjoyed very much reading how he has fared as his career has progressed and he has matured. His stories of playing the guitar with bands, art dealing, his a [...]

    7. If you met John McEnroe at a cocktail party, you might be awe-struck by the 7-time majors-winning legend, or you might just think he's the same arrogant a-hole he always was, but either way, there's a good chance he'd be one of the smartest guys in the room. And McEnroe has the follow-up to his earlier autobiography to prove it. As you would expect, McEnroe deftly dishes on all our current great players - Roger, Rafa, Djokovic, Andy, the Williams sisters, and the Bryan brothers - not to mention [...]

    8. John McEnroe's first autobiography Serious came out fifteen years ago, it was a really enjoyable and easy read, shedding a new light on tennis superstar. This follow up remains an easy read, John doesn't take himself so serious, however, the book struggles with flow. This is deliberate according to John at the beginning to not follow chronological order, but this means there's no continuity and I struggled with this approach.

    9. Okay, I must start by saying I am an unabashed Mac fan. Ever since the historic 1980 Wimbledon Borg-McEnroe final, this former shy high school freshman tennis wannabe got a Mac-fueled push to actually join a sports team in high school. And wasn't Borg cool as hell, too? After the brick wall of the junior high in grade school and against my brother in the street, I got bit by the tennis bug early on. Hard. At perhaps at the right time in my own life when I was searching, I got on board with tenni [...]

    10. John McEnroe is one of those rare sporting individuals who has been able to write not one but two tell-all biographies that are engaging and very readable. Many sportsmen and women have tried and failed to do so, As in his earlier book You Can't be Serious, But Seriously an Autobiography pulls no punches and is a follow-on covering his life after he retired from the top tier of the pro tennis world. He is unfailingly honest even at his own expense. His new life as a commentator is well documente [...]

    11. You don't have to be a tennis fanatic to know who John McEnroe is. He is one of those celebrities that is famous not just for his craft but also for his crazy lifestyle and his off the court antics. His life has been a whirlwind of insane headlines about his marriage, his alleged drug abuse, his troubles, his crazy on the court and actually off the court outburst, etc. Of course I see him on the cover of a book and decide that I want to read itd I'm even okay with getting through all the tennis [...]

    12. You don't have to be a tennis fanatic to know who John McEnroe is. He is one of those celebrities that is famous not just for his craft but also for his crazy lifestyle and his off the court antics. His life has been a whirlwind of insane headlines about his marriage, his alleged drug abuse, his troubles, his crazy on the court and actually off the court outburst, etc. Of course I see him on the cover of a book and decide that I want to read itd I'm even okay with getting through all the tennis [...]

    13. I read and enjoyed You Cannot Be Serious, John McEnroe's first autobiography, when it came out in 2002. That was a pretty straightforward autobiography, chronicling his career and marriages to Tatum O'Neal and Patty Smyth. This second memoir is more stories from his life. It's like sitting down with him and chatting. I love that he and Bjorn Borg are friends. (I had to find the Borg/McEnroe Tesco commercial once he wrote about it.) I particularly liked his inclusion of one his daughter's college [...]

    14. Grand Slam singles, doubles and mixed doubles winner, professional tennis player John McEnroe writes about the subject he knows best other than tennis, himself, in But Seriously. Seriously, I wished there was a hint of an editor or perhaps a ghostwriter assisting because this doesn't do him any favors. I would suggest if you're not a writer and you want to write your memoir please hire one to make it superb. There's no question McEnroe had a wonderful bad boy image on the courts and was amusing [...]

    15. As a tennis fan, it was great to read life of a veteran player and great commentator. His stories of TV industry are funny where he mainly acts as a host. He shows good business acumen with his art dealings with a few mishaps on the way. On the tennis part, he definitely plays a lot of tennis than anyone would expect. Also shows how his love of playing the game and conquering his opponents never goes away. Although he is supposedly an opinionated individual, there are many paras where you will f [...]

    16. A followup to you cannot be serious which is one of the best sports memoirs of all times. for some reason i find tennis memoirs to be fascinating. perhaps it's the individual nature of the sports and the international aspects of the world.McEnroe expands on his sports career, broadcasting, art, tv and advertising as well as includes some unlikely stories that only occur because of the intersection of the sports world, media world, celebrity and business the end it's interesting how McEnroe has g [...]

    17. I listened to this book, so I enjoyed it a bit more, I think. I read his first book and really enjoyed it. I am a fan and have followed McEnroe through his career. Maybe I know so much about him, that this book, didn't shed too much insight on the inside scoop. Though I read his first book many years ago, I felt like there were some recycled stories. I also didn't like that the stories weren't in chronological order, so it was a bit distracting. But he always entertains, so I did enjoy itjust no [...]

    18. Covers the past 15 years since his first autobiography. Some flashbacks to his prime but mostly it's about what he's done lately. Senior tennis, broadcasting, tv shows, art music and other hobbies, philanthropy. Lots of tennis talk of course. A little about his wife and kids, more about famous people he hangs with. He's mellowed with age but still egocentric. The book has no flow, no need to read the chapters in order. Read only if you are interested in John McEnroe, otherwise one and a half sta [...]

    19. Tennis great John McEnroe's latest autobiography which talks about his life after retiring from the tour. He is an excellent TV commentator and discusses that part of his life. Also talks about his art collection, family, coaching, and players currently on the tour. Fast, humorous read. I liked knowing a bit more about what makes John tick. I did get tired of reading "me and Patty(or someone else)" so many times. I know this is the way that John talks but I just hate nonstandard English. That is [...]

    20. Won a complimentary copy of this book on . All in all, a pretty good autobiography of this former tennis star. many juicy stories of his life and he drops a lot of names. I did not read his first autobiography and I guess this is a follow up, so I do not know the entire story of what he has revealed . The only criticism I have is not enough juicy dirt. Expected more from some one who has made a reputation as being honest and outspoken.

    21. Would have liked it more if I had kept up with tennis over the last couple decades, haha. I didn't know that he was an art dealer/buyer/collector and enjoyed the stories about that, and his family more than the current tennis related ones. You can really tell that he wrote this one himself and didn't use a writer not necessarily a bad thing, lol. I would definitely recommend to people who love sports in general and especially tennis fans.

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed reading But Seriously. Having grown up watching and following the career of John McEnroe I found it very interesting to read a first-hand account of the exploits of this amazing person. Reading the stories of life off the court gave new insight into the compelling personality. The stories offered in this book are fantastic and allow the reader to see McEnroe in a different way than simply the on court personality that readers might be more familiar with.

    23. 3.5 stars. Entertaining read for a true tennis fan, although McEnroe is a bit much at timesbut I guess that's what makes John Mac memorable. :)He talks quite a bit about his interests outside of tennis, such as his investments in art, which I had no idea about until reading this book. Very cool.

    24. This book is really just a collection of stories and anecdotes. I'm not sure what I expected. There weren't any earth shattering revelations. It was somewhat interesting to see all the connections to various other famous individuals and read about John's interactions with them. I could've dealt with the book being about 50 pages shroter.

    25. I really enjoyed Johnny Mac's first book and decided to give this one a read as well. He's very self aware and a good storyteller. If tennis and the world around tennis is of interest then check out this book. He also has what I think are some insights into what it's like to go from world #1 tennis player to life after pro tennis.

    26. Won this book through a giveaway on . I read his first book You Cannot Be Serious and was happy I won his second book. I enjoyed this book as much as the 1st one it delved into John's background as a tennis player while telling us about his current life as a tennis commentator and art collector. A book I would recommend. Love Johnny Mac always a Mac fan

    27. I really enjoyed this but it probably only deserves 3 stars. I just love Mac so I gave it an extra star. I listened to the audio version, so I got to hear it as Mac would tell it. I really enjoy that. I’d like to read his first book now.

    28. The book was very interesting. I was not expecting that! It was a quick read and entertaining. The photos also add to his story. I didn't expect to really like this book, but his writing was very smooth! Glad that I had the opportunity to read it.

    29. I enjoyed the book and found it very interesting. McEnroe does ramble at times and the train of thought can be a bit convoluted, he is somewhat full of himself and he has an opinion on everything. But hay, that's what he is paid for right?

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