The Infinite

The Infinite

Douglas Clegg / Jan 17, 2020

The Infinite New York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg unleashes a spine tingling supernatural chiller as paranormal investigators converge on the mansion in Book of the Harrow series Beautiful clairvoyant

  • Title: The Infinite
  • Author: Douglas Clegg
  • ISBN: 9780843949278
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg unleashes a spine tingling supernatural chiller as paranormal investigators converge on the mansion in Book 3 of the Harrow series Beautiful clairvoyant Cali Nytbird, psychic talent Chet Dillinger, and bestselling writer and medium Frost Crane are brought to Harrow by its new owner, Ivy Martin Will they be powerful enough tNew York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg unleashes a spine tingling supernatural chiller as paranormal investigators converge on the mansion in Book 3 of the Harrow series Beautiful clairvoyant Cali Nytbird, psychic talent Chet Dillinger, and bestselling writer and medium Frost Crane are brought to Harrow by its new owner, Ivy Martin Will they be powerful enough to exorcise the most haunted house in the world Who holds this key Cali Nytbird, radio host of a psychic call in show, is no stranger to psi abilities but is she strong enough to resist the ghostly seductions of Harrow Chet Dillinger raised in squalor found he had a unique and wondrous talent early in life, but the pull of Harrow may overwhelm his psychic abilities or bring out his basest desires Frost Crane, bestselling author, crossed into shadow to communicate with the dead and harbors an explosive secret as he enters the mansion of the damned Harrow, they say, is the soul of madness itself A cavalcade of nightmares Memorable for its evocative, disturbing imagery and haunting emotional insights, this novel adds a new chapter to horror s tradition of haunted house fiction Publisher s Weekly

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    1. VERY frustrating read. Clegg can write, but I was left feeling that this could of used another draft to iron out a few things. The Infinite starts out (well, for like 300 pages or so) as an homage to Jackson's Haunting of Hill House, Matheson's Hell House, and perhaps Tryon's The Other. Clegg telegraphs this is in an obvious passage where a character, in trying to find Harrow (the Evil house), ponders her directions, with a number of streets named Jackson, Matheson (avenue), and Tryon as options [...]

    2. Dissapointing. The build up was good (although too long, taking up 3/4 of the book). The ending wasn't what I expected (more like possession than ghosts) and was pretty gory. Not that scary, either, just gross. Too bad.

    3. Great Horror Story!This story has it all: atmosphere, ghosts, a creepy house, good build, Stephen King-like scenes of gory horror, and a Dean Koontz-like finish, with just a bit of more to come. Read it. Let it sit for a while and then read it again. It's that good.

    4. I've never read a bad Leisure book, so grab them whenever I see them out and about. My first introduction to Clegg was The Attraction. While the featured story was okay, it was the additional novella, The Necromancer, which really got my juices flowing. Set early in the 20th century, it told the story of Englishman Justin Gravesend, and how he became involved with a cult called the Chymera Magick in his early twenties. Beyond the timeline of Necromancer, Gravesend builds a foreboding mansion, ca [...]

    5. Douglas Clegg, The Infinite (Leisure Books, 2001)I didn't exactly go to school with Doug Clegg, but we shared a fraternity at the same school ten years apart. (No word on whether he was a previous occupant of my room, though that would probably explain some of the many unexplainable things that happened within its walls.) I found this out a little less than a decade ago from Clegg himself, and ever since then I've had the "you know, I really should pick up one of this guy's books" thing turned u [...]

    6. I first need to mention how amazing Douglas Clegg is. He is bar none, the most underrated and overlooked author in genre of horror. If you're a horror fan and you haven't read Douglas Clegg, it's like loving heavy metal but having never heard the first three Metallica albums; or loving musicals but never having seen Cabaret. Now that I've gotten my shameless fanboyisms out of the way. Let's talk about The Infinite.The third and final installment of the Harrow House trilogy is wonderfully suspens [...]

    7. This is a laughably bad book.My "favourite" passage is the bit where the main character tells the teenager how TOTES AWESUM guns are:"'I don't blame you. If i didn't have to, I wouldn't. But shooting a gun is not a bad skill to have,' she said, directly to Mira. 'There are times when guns are good.''We live in a violent culture,' Mira said, like she was reciting from sociology class. 'Guns only add to the problem.''We live in a violent culture because we're violent people. Basically. People add [...]

    8. Three people are called (and paid well) to spend several days in an old, rambling house with a dark history. Shirley Jackson didn't event the premise, but she did it so well with The Haunting of Hill House that every horror story built on the premise is going to face a comparison. Where a new book succeeds or fails the standard is if they can bring something new to the table. Clegg does this by giving his visitors plenty of pages to tell their back story, to show what makes them worthy of inlclu [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book. I thought at first it was another The Haunting of Hill House( a great ghost story in itself) but it became more than that. With Halloween on the horizon and the hint of changed enough to not be the same in what made this a haunted house. For me The Haunting of Hill Househas me spoiled. Even Stephen King's Rose red was a rehash of this book by Shirley Jackson. I enjoyed The Infinite, but he needed to describe the house more. Not having read the first books in this series, I d [...]

    10. Horror expansions begin Rose: I've read the first title on my horror expansion list, and it was a corker. Douglas Clegg never fails to bring the fear, and this prequel to the Harrow House series was hallucinatorily terrifying. It's must-read if you are fascinated by cults, Magick, and the idea of esoteric knowledges. Caveat: if you do not enjoy sexual horror, this book is not for you. At all. Harrow House: prequels:The NecromancerIsis 1. Nightmare House2. Mischief3. The Infinite4. The Abando [...]

    11. I was actually really disappointed in this series as a whole. It sets up a great plot idea, and lots of mystery, but then falls flat. The plot doesn't make sense, like it was written without knowing how it would end, and the author adding in things as he thought of them. Not only are no answers given, but you are actually more confused the closer you get to the end. The first book, Nightmare House, was probably the best with regard to not sharing these same issues, however it also did not live u [...]

    12. This was a great book because it drew you in and built up the suspense like any other haunted house story. So, if you're familiar with the subject matter, you won't mind the slow pace that develops the setting and the characters. Unfortunately, it takes quite a long time to get to any haunting action Literally 75 pages to the end of a 376 page book. I was also unaware that this was part of a series so maybe my dissatisfaction came from not reading the others sequentially, and feeling as though t [...]

    13. I liked this book, but the pace was too slow, not my favorite by Douglass Clegg. Approximately three quarters of the story is nothing but character back story, filling really. Had the characters not been interesting, I would have given up on them. The pace picks up dramatically in the last quarter of the story, however, and it has a good ending. This was a decent ghost story and I like ghost stories, reminded me a bit of Rose Red and The Shining in that the owner of the mansion went mad resultin [...]

    14. I almost didn't read this because of other reviewbut I had it checked out so went ahead. It was a fairly good book. I wanted more "scare" than there was but it was good with out a bunch of scare. It's more of a thriller than a horrow bookwhich I thought I was getting. I also have not read the other books in the series but didn't feel lost, just as if I might be missing somethingwhich is good writing if you ask me - with this only being a fiar book I still wanted to read the ohters to see what I [...]

    15. A lot of good things happen in this book, but there is a lot of padding. It takes Clegg more than a hundred pages to actually start the story, spending everything that came before on exposition. For a book that clocks in at under 400 pages, that's a lot of padding. It's all good stuff, but it slows the book down a lot. In the end, it's a satisfying read, but it takes waaaay longer than it should.

    16. Not a bad set-up, though typical of the haunted house genre in which a group of people, some with 'special' talents gather together in an old house to explore its many mysteries. The ending was cliched and unsatisfying. On a list of the best haunted house stories, this one wouldn't even have a place at the bottom.

    17. Not bad. Started off really strong and then fizzled a little bit for me toward the end. I did not realize that this was the third in a series until I was too far into it to stop, so I may have missed something here, or the story may have been "deeper" if I had a known some of the history of the first 2 stories - maybe not. Good quick read.

    18. It took a long time to get started. I lost interest but since it's a short book (less than 400 pages with relatively large type) I figured I'd finish it. Lots of not very interesting build-up to three final chapters (33-35) when everything happens and everything gets explained. I was disappointed by it.

    19. Fantastic Fiction listed this as #2 in the trilogytually it's #3. Damn it! :) Oh well, I read the ending of Harrow house. With all the explanation/history of Harrow, it was more like a ghost story, then how the house affects the inhabitants of it, toward the end. Better than Mischief, the first one. 3.5 stars

    20. Awesome descriptions of the scenery, the building, every thing that happens. It was a fast read, I think it would have made a great short film. I barely remember much of this book as its been a long time but I remember being entranced by the descriptions of the building and all.

    21. This is the third book in the "Harrow House" trilogy and it is AWESOME!!!! This is a good old fashion haunted house story with your banging doors, ghosts, bloody walls, and all the other goodies that go along with it. Gave me a case of serious heebee jeebees.

    22. Slow start, but then it picked up and I was surprised at how well the story moved along even when nothing was actually happening. Sufficiently creepy to keep me from wanting to stay up late reading when everyone else was sleeping!

    23. Again, not nearly as good as it could have been. Too much unnecessary smut. Do away with that and there would be room for more story. The previous books have opened up so many awesome tangents Please,please take one and run with it!

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