The Fixer

The Fixer

Jon F. Merz / Apr 05, 2020

The Fixer The members of the Council believe that vampires can coexist with humans Some vamps disagree That s where Lawson comes in He s a Fixer When a nosferatu gets delusions of grandeur about taking over the

  • Title: The Fixer
  • Author: Jon F. Merz
  • ISBN: 9780786015009
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • The members of the Council believe that vampires can coexist with humans Some vamps disagree That s where Lawson comes in He s a Fixer When a nosferatu gets delusions of grandeur about taking over the world, it s his job to take them out with extreme prejudice.

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        As a writer, Jon has published over two dozen novels with major publishers like Kensington s Pinnacle Books, St Martin s Press, and many He is also the author of eleven installments in the internationally bestselling adventure series Rogue Angel 2006 present with Harlequin s Gold Eagle line His short fiction story Prisoner 392 appeared alongside Stephen King in FROM THE BORDERLANDS, 2004, Warner Books earned him an Honorable Mention in 2004 s Year s Best Fantasy Horror edited by Ellen Datlow Jon has also co authored two non fiction books LEARNING LATER, LIVING GREATER with Nancy Merz Nordstrom 2006, Sentient Publications and THE COMPLETE IDIOT S GUIDE TO ULTIMATE FIGHTING with Rich Ace Franklin 2007, Alpha Books Penguin Putnam Jon is perhaps most famous for his Lawson Vampire series of supernatural action novels starring the Fixer Lawson, a jaded anti hero charged with protecting a race of living vampires from exposure There are currently six novels The Fixer, The Invoker, The Destructor, The Syndicate, The Kensei, The Enchanter two novellas Slave to Love, The Courier and five short stories The Price of a Good Drink, Interlude, Red Tide, Rudolf the Red Nosed Rogue, Enemy Mine in the series with many adventures yet to come.Jon s latest novel is the new Shadow Warrior series debuting in September from Baen Books Book 1, UNDEAD HORDES OF KAN GUL is due out September 3rd in stores everywhere Jon also publishes his backlist independently You can find his ebooks on bit jonfmerz Barnes Noble s Nook store bit bnjonfmerz and on Kobo bit kjonfmerzAs a producer, Jon has formed New Ronin Entertainment with longtime friend Jaime Hassett to create television and feature film projects in the New England area Their first project is THE FIXER, a new supernatural action series based on Jon s Lawson Vampire novels Filming of the pilot begins in 2013.Jon has studied authentic Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Ninjutsu for over twenty years under Mark Davis of the Boston Martial Arts Center He has also trained with senior Bujinkan instructors both in the United States and Japan During a trip to Japan in February 2003, Jon earned his 5th degree black belt directly from the 34th Grandmaster of Togakure ryu Ninjutsu, Masaaki Hatsumi In addition to traditional training, Jon has also taught defensive tactics to a wide range of clients, including civilian crime watch groups, police and EMS first responders, military units, and federal organizations including the US Department of State, the Department of Justice, and the Bureau of Prisons.In his past, Jon served with the United States Air Force, worked for the US government, and handled executive protection for a variety of Fortune 500 clients.


    1. I've really been putting this review off. I've had several exchanges with the author via Twitter and I like him based on our interactions but this book was just not my style.The premise is interesting enough. Vampires walk among us, don't adhere to many of the stereotypes associated with them - they can be out during the day, they can't turn into bats or smoke, etc. But they do exist and humanity cannot know about them. Knowing would affect the balance. It would produce mass hysteria and likely [...]

    2. I've read "first novels" and "early effort books" who's author's poor grammatical skills are ammended by their ability to tell a good story and produce characterization strong enough to involve the reader in spite of the book's faults. For such promising novels, I can excuse sentence structure like "I knew your reaction would be worth coming out in this miserable rain for" and I can forgive an occasional lazy redundancy of word choice found in a sentence like " Her hips ground in to my face as s [...]

    3. Synopsis:When a bad, big, psychotic vampire called Cosgrove returns to Chicago, one thing is sure: there will be blood and murders galore. Cosgrove doesn’t disappoint his faithful allies and enemies - soon enough the Council, a body supervising all vampires living in that area, condemn him to death. Any death but the sooner the better. Lawson, one of vampire Fixers (so kind of law enforcers) and his Control (so kind of boss) McKinley are given the order to find Cosgrove and drive something mad [...]

    4. Anyone who knows me can tell you I don't generally like the newest wave in vampire novels, so how did Lawson, the central figure in this series, who is very much a vampire, end up being my newest literary crush? Because even if Lawson wasn't a vampire, he would still be interesting. The Fixer is the first in this series. I admit, I was pulled in by one of the latest books - Kensei which is several books later in the series, but now that I have discovered it I have downloaded the rest of them as [...]

    5. This was a pretty good read. It was something totally outside of my normal type of books but I'm glad I read it. I think this counts as Urban Fantasy? Maybe? See I'm not even sure what to call it. Either way, it was good. I'll definitely continue on into the series to see what happens. The book ended with a good deal of momentum and so I hope that isn't lost as the series goes on.I love that the Vampires in this series aren't some weird type of supernatural creature but instead another species t [...]

    6. I can't believe it's been 15 years since the Fixer first released. I had just started reading ebooks on my netbook (yeah, that was before all the ereaders and tablets were everywhere) and I came across a free book called Dead Drop. I like action books so I read more about it to see if I would be interested. I read it was about a Vampire Assassin who was also a ninja. I thought, ah come on, really, all that in one person? This has to be a joke or something horribly cheesy. I put off reading it fo [...]

    7. Great book!Looking forward to reading more!Good background information and history.Kept you wanting more. Good with details and suspense. Good read!

    8. Cliché Yep this book is a collection of clichés. I have to agree with most of he one and two star reviews given previously to this book. The clichés are not so much vampiric as private detective/spy clichés. And I mean every one. Including the ones that contradict each other.Hero is a 130-year-old vampire but seems to have the mental age of about 23. He is almost irresistible to women when he turns on the vamp magnetic effect. However, confronted either of the two by the female protagonists [...]

    9. I found this book perusing my local used book store and picked it up because it looked like an quick, entertaining read - and it didn't disappoint. I got the impression that this was one of the author's first forays into writing. It's a bit on the disposable read side, the writing is a bit rough, and the editing was somewhat spotty but overall it wasn't too distracting and I enjoyed it.Lawson is a Fixer for the Vampire Council, a shadowy group that governs vampire interaction with humans, with t [...]

    10. This book was originally released in 2002 and this cover is a lot better than the original. I digress, Lawson is a vampire, I didn't really realize this was going to be a vampire book, but the vampire aspect isn't the lure we typically think of. They are an evolution of humans, they need human blood but aren't allowed to kill them and those who do, or those who break other rules set by the council, are met upon by fixers. Lawson is the fixer for the Boston area which happens to be the capital of [...]

    11. If I were to go on story alone, I would give this book 4 stars. But formatting plays an important part in an eBook, and there was just so much that was poorly formatted that I can't overlook that. It was like I purchased a pirated copy, with odd line breaks, chapters that jumped from 2 to 19e chapters are there, just regular text inside paragraphs so you HAVE to search for it and edit the book yourself. Also there are question marks at certain points that didn't seem to belongd it just seemed li [...]

    12. This is a story with the works- a KGB trained assassin, an arch nemesis hell-bent on resurrecting ancient evil in a bid for total world domination, love, betrayal, and a healthy dose of fighting. And did I mention vampires?Lawson is a vampire, and his job as a fixer is all about preserving the balance between human and vampire. Of course, the vampires don’t want the humans to know about their existence. So when the psychotic Cosgrove shows up in Boston, Lawson tries to take him out. Things go [...]

    13. I enjoyed The Fixer. It’s not just a vampire novel. It’s a hybrid containing the paranormal world of vampires and the hard edge suspense and feel of a good detective novel. Think of Sam Spade with fangs and you’ve got the general idea. The story starts off quickly and is fast paced throughout. Cosgrove is a wonderful protagonist and the supporting cast was equally as good. The introduction of the romantic interest in the novel was very believable and the author did a good job maintaining t [...]

    14. Vampires. Vampires keeping the "balance". Think secret organizations creating a special unit to keep the organization a secret.The whole plot was pretty promising.I just started to get annoyed with things getting repeated.Like how Mr. Lawson "feels like he's 15" (repeated twice) and then "he feels like he's 14" (I thought you said 15, sir). How he goes on over and over again about Talya. It got to a point that I'm definitely sure that someone tried to "kick him in the groin", but "he deflected" [...]

    15. After reading "Dead Drop" I was really looking forward to "The Fixer." While I enjoyed it, I found this installment was slow due to the character's constant reminiscing over his past and sometimes it really didn't add important background information key to the plot. It was just filler.In "The Fixer," Lawson, vampire, spy, and assassin discovers that his old nemesis, Cosgrove is back in town. Cosgrove refuses to play by the rules of the vampire council and on his last visit he killed over 50 hum [...]

    16. Lawson is a Fixer, which you could assume from reading the name of this series of books by Jon Merz. What that means, though, is that he's responsible for maintaining the Balance between the human and vampire worlds; the vampires are terrified of what will happen if word gets out they exist, so they have people like Lawson to eliminate any vampiric threats of exposure. Threats like Cosgrove, a serial killer who wants to overthrow the Balance and watch the world burn.Overall I'd call this a fun r [...]

    17. This book would have had a higher rating; however, as a gay male who has worked in the social services industry, it touched a pet peeve of mine. While I can not say that the author is homophobic, the story smacks of homophobia to me when the only character that is revealed to be gay happens to be both a villain and a pedophile. As a gay male who worked in the Social Services industry, I was once threatened with termination because being gay automatically equaled being a pedophile to the heterose [...]

    18. I'm not crazy for this book!The first thing I'd like to mention is that I didn't like the narrator at all!!! All this "I" and "I" and "I" was so appalling to me that half the time I'd like to smack Lawson in the face!!!!Plus I think for an assasin he was quite hardheaded, little slow with the ongoing developments if it wasn't for his friend Zero he still be looking like an idiot. And Talya.I'm not feeling this super-girl (she is like Vadim with boobs). The conspiracy theory was good, the raising [...]

    19. Basically, think James Bond with fangs. Mr. Merz adheres closely to Ian Fleming's original formula, which is probably my only complaint for a book written over forty years after Dr. No hit the silver screen. I think I would have liked it better if Lawson, his allies and his antagonist were given twenty-first century sensibilities.And just a warning to those who get their knickers in a twist over formatting--there are several issues with this book in the Kindle format. I didn't knock off a star b [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book. The hero is like a modern day 'vampire samurai' on a quest. Other reviewers have likened him to James Bond but I thought it had more of a film noir feel, or was more related to the 'hard boiled' detective genre. He's a loner, doing a tough job, not knowing who to trust, etc. I love that he had 2 cats to care for, however. It gave him depth. The female lead reminded me of Angelina Jolie in SALT--only better. I appreciated that she had nerve, guts, skill and was able to [...]

    21. This book has a nice "old school" vibe to it, hailing back to times when vampires were more the monster than the supermodel. Not that the vampires in The Fixer don't have the same powers- speed, able to control minds and strength. I like that the main character doesn't try to explain what he is, he just IS what he is. And what he does is catch those who step out of line and try to destroy the balance between humans and vampires.If you don't like a lot of pretty werewolves in your vampire stories [...]

    22. I picked this book off of the review from and the great low price. The beginning was great, I love the different spin on the "vampire" phenomena. (Don't worry no sparkels or shimmering here) I have to say this book made the thought of Vampire's being real - a lot more believable, then a lot of past books. There is fighting, love, sex, drama, witty zingers! The middle did hit a slow down with the history portion of the book, but it was needed, then it all picks back up. The ending leaves you wit [...]

    23. After enjoying Jim Butcher's Dresden and Christopher Farnsworth's Nathan Cade, I thought I'd enjoy the Lawson world more. In the realm of urban fantasy, it's a premiss I like, a vampire enforcer who keeps the world of vampires secret or "Balanced". The book sets up the Lead character, world and rules. However it lacked something extra in the execution. It didn't have the wit and the humor of Butcher or the mix of real secret service, politics, and Lovecraft of Farnsworth. If you enjoy a purely p [...]

    24. NO SPOILERSEven though I also am a writer, I put myself in "reader" mode for this one. It's a fun action-adventure ride. Very rich world-building for both Boston and the role of fixers in toeing the line between vamps and humans. Clearly, the author knows Boston well and lets the city shine right along with the hero. I saw a review that labeled this "James Bond with fangs," and that's the mindset that will allow you to enjoy this the most, although I'd argue it's "Shogun with fangs" :-)

    25. A fairly enjoyable tale about a vampire, ninja assassin.Yes, the modern vampire has become a bit cliched but Merz pulls off a fast reading action story.He sets up the rules for his world quite well and has some good, if not spectacular characters.Everything you'd want in the 'hitman with a heart of gold' story is there. The old friend. The new love. The old enemy. The betrayal.A solid book and I look forward to the next 4 installments.

    26. First off I have to say that this book has a horrible cover, it is very cartoony and doesn't make a person want to pick up the book, but I had heard good things about this series so I looked past it. I only made it 30 pages in before I gave this one up. For some reason the dialogue rubbed me wrong. As I was reading it I couldn't put my finger on the reason why, but it just grated on me to the point where I decided that this book just isn't for me.

    27. I couldn't finish the book although I tried; it's just too slow and too dull, although the idea should work really well. Bu it doesn't. I'm really sorry about it, besides the way the main character was talking about women was really bugging me. Not disrespectful but down his nose. It's just my opinion and I might be mistaken, but here it is.

    28. I first read this book back in 2011 and just re-read it again. Re-reading The Fixer reminded me of why I originally fell in love with the series and the character of Lawson. This isn't your typical vampire series. Definitely no sparkly vampires here. If you are looking for a suspense thriller, and don't mind violence, then this is the book and series for you.

    29. When I first started reading this book, it gave me an old 20s detective type noir feel. There is a lot of flashbacking, but as this is the first book I expected it. It gave me a perspective on both Lawson's and Taylia's personalities for basis for the next series. All in all, a pretty good book. Will I get the sequel? I would.

    30. The Fixer was a fun read. There were some slow parts but in a book of this type they did a good job of evening out the pace. It is a very original take on Vampires and an interesting world I would like to visit again in future novels.

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