A Jornada do Escritor: Estrutura mítica para escritores

A Jornada do Escritor: Estrutura mítica para escritores

Christopher Vogler / May 27, 2020

A Jornada do Escritor Estrutura m tica para escritores Em no cl ssico O her i de mil faces o estudioso Joseph Campbell conceituou a chamada Jornada do Her i uma estrutura presente nos mitos e replicada em todas as boas hist rias j contadas e recont

  • Title: A Jornada do Escritor: Estrutura mítica para escritores
  • Author: Christopher Vogler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Em 1949, no cl ssico O her i de mil faces, o estudioso Joseph Campbell conceituou a chamada Jornada do Her i uma estrutura presente nos mitos e replicada em todas as boas hist rias j contadas e recontadas pela humanidade Em A Jornada do Escritor, Christopher Vogler faz uma detalhada e esclarecedora an lise desse conceito, tomando como base diversos filmes importantes REm 1949, no cl ssico O her i de mil faces, o estudioso Joseph Campbell conceituou a chamada Jornada do Her i uma estrutura presente nos mitos e replicada em todas as boas hist rias j contadas e recontadas pela humanidade Em A Jornada do Escritor, Christopher Vogler faz uma detalhada e esclarecedora an lise desse conceito, tomando como base diversos filmes importantes Resultado de anos de estudo sobre mitos e arqu tipos, somados experi ncia de Vogler na ind stria cinematogr fica norte americana, esta edi o, revisada pelo autor, uma obra de refer ncia fundamental n o apenas para quem deseja escrever boas hist rias bebendo da fonte dos mais belos e fascinantes mitos j criados pela mente humana , como para quem quer entend las melhor, relacionando as pr pria vida.

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    1. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend. An approachable and informative re-imagining of The Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell, replete with a simplified hero's journey and examples using modern books and films.

    2. The most effective movie moment on writing I've ever seen came in "Wonder Boys" when Rip Torn very dramatically intones, "I A WRITER!" It's said without any trace of irony. This is a common feature in writers both amateur and professional. No empathy, no sense of irony.If you've seen a lecture about story structure, you've probably been listening to someone regurgitate this same set of values.It's doubly funny because from what I can tell, Vogler essentially rewrote Joseph Campbell while dumbing [...]

    3. Reading this book wasn't a lot of fun! Few years ago I read " The Hero with a Thousand Faces " By Joseph Campbell ( and I loved it! ), and I also read about 4 books for C.G. Jung ( I loved 'em either!) This book is primarily based on the great work, effort, sweat, and research of these two Godfathers of mythology, and it annoys me to see the richness and depth of their work converted into a "recipe" for "ready-meal microwave writers!".I Love Mythology, I think we all crave it in a way, and it i [...]

    4. I found this to be of invaluable help in shaping my novel and is a must for any writer's arsenal. Whilst many of the examples I had not heard of, as they are now outdated, the knowledge was imparted in such a straight forward way and with such a conversational tone as to garner no confusion. Writers, both amateur and expert, can benefit from comparing their writing to the outline suggested and I believe all can benefit from the advice given.

    5. My father was an English Lit and Humanities teacher. He gave me a deep appreciation for the story. I've loved Joseph Campbell ever since I saw him on PBS with Bill Moyer. I went back and have read several of his books. Unfortunately, he seems to have written them for academia, instead for the layman, and sometimes I feel they are difficult to get through. Also, he doesn't always help tell how to use the myths and folklore.This book is a godsend for me. While I have read other books dealing with [...]

    6. من المذهل ان تكتشف ان كل القصص تتكون من نفس البناء والقواعد ان جردتهاكانت هذه حقيقة اكدتها تعاليم هذا الكتابمنذ اسبوع حضرت محاضرة عن كتابة السيناريو قدمها الكاتب المحترم شريف عبد الهادياعترف انه حمل في محاضرته المكونة من ساعتين ونص محتوى واسلوب اقوى وافضل بكثير من هذا الكت [...]

    7. A few years ago, I did comb through The Hero with a Thousand Faces and create my own guide for my storytelling. It was hard. It took a long time--time that I could have spent writing. If you are, like me, more a storyteller than a scholar, you need to dive right into this one.If you are already a Jungian or a Joseph Campbell scholar, this book is not for you. Anyone else, writer or not, should give Vogler's work a try. If he challenges and inspires you to find out more about Campbell and Jung, h [...]

    8. This is basically The Hero With a Thousand Faces turned into a self-help guide for aspiring screenwriters. Vogler is deeply experienced in how Hollywood makes stories, having worked as a professional narrative-smith for several major studios including Disney and Fox, and the advice is pragmatic, flexible, and surprisingly robust. Each chapter is concluded by a set of questions that a keen professor might ask of a story. Vogler would be the first to admit that the Hero's Journey is not a prescrip [...]

    9. چیزی که هنگام خواندن این کتاب برای‌م جالب بود لذت کشف چیزهایی بود که تا آن لحظه‌ جلوی چشمم بود ولی من به وجودشان یا دست‌کم به این‌که «این‌طور» هستند متوجه نبودم. مثل وقتی که کسی به صفتی یا خصیصه‌ای در شما اشاره می‌کند و شما در عین تصدیق به وجود آن صفت، جا می‌خورد که چطور تا [...]

    10. When I first heard about this book, I resisted it as it sounded like a formula for success in Hollywood (Vogler was an advisor at Disney). I was at the beginning of my writing journey and wanted to give myself freedom to write in whatever direction I wanted. Also, I had just finished a Ph.D. program, and I wanted to write without rules for awhile. That was ten years ago, however, and lately I've become interested in mythic structure and archetype Since Vogler translates Campbell's ideas about my [...]

    11. I learned a new way of looking at stories and movies from this book. They say it is one of the fundamental texts for hollywood script writers and I believe the archetypes and journey stages are strong models to refer to for the fiction writer. One might best explain this book in applying one of its models - the journey stages - to a film many of us are familiar with. I tried it with Forrest Gump:1) Ordinary World: Begins life as a cripple, with odds stacked against him 2) His quest becomes Jenny [...]

    12. When I first browsed tried to read this book 10 years ago I didn't get passed the first 50 pages. My main problem with these kind of books is that they are so packed with information that it is hard for me to apply their lessons later. I might retain the gist of what they preach, but I end up forgetting most of the specifics, and so it feels like a waste of time to read them from cover to cover. These last few weeks I have indeed read it cover to cover, but this time I had a concrete goal in min [...]

    13. This book goes well with a cup of hot tea and Bill Moyer's video.The title was poorly chosen in my opinion because it limits readership to those who see themselves as writers. How sad. This book is for anyone--anyone who knows or doesn't know that they are the hero of their own story. Which is pretty much everyone, since the definition of hero includes, "central character", "he who grows the most throughout the story", and so on.So aside from bringing more clarity and enjoyment to the movies you [...]

    14. Excellent distillation of Joeseph Campbell's work. This book delivers examples and guidance about how to use the mythic archetypes described by Campbell in his works. The book is for writers of fiction who hope to capture the power of the Heroic Journey described in The Hero of a Thousand Faces. However, this book is no substitute for reading Campbell's work, which is much broader and richer, as Vogler points out.

    15. Extremely useful for helping me get in the head of my 70-year-old redneck semi-retired hitman character. 'Cause really, what the hell do I know about THAT? Haha!!

    16. My creative writing mentor in high school passed this on to me to help make my stories more coherent. Various writing rules change all the time but the one thing is constant. A character's goals, the obstacles they face to get to said goal, and the character's decision to face them or turn away. This book is an excellent structure for both new writers looking to hone their structure and veterans who want to revisit and compare their story structure with this classic model. It follows the hero's [...]

    17. This book rates ten stars.Christopher Vogler is a story consultant for major Hollywood filmmakers and writers. In "The Writer's Journey," he gives credit to the work of Joseph Campbell ("The Hero with a Thousand Faces,") which posits that elements of mythology are universal human truths. Vogler uses heroic characters in films to illustrate components of the mythic journey: in particular, "Red River," "Star Wars," "The Wizard of Oz," and "Pulp Fiction." I've belonged to several writers groups and [...]

    18. I bought this book as set reading for a writing course I'm currently studying. Having recently finished, I can say without doubt it's the most useful book on writing I've ever read - and I've read a fair few of them.The great thing about this book is its simplicity. The main concept - that all stories and narratives follow a set path, or journey, involving archetypal characters - is a strong one that's easy to grasp. The rest of the book then elaborates on the theme, exploring diverse avenues li [...]

    19. Great book in the beginning and middle (Mapping and Stages of the Journey) drags near the end as Vogler starts to ponitificate a bit. He likes to write and it shows in that the point is always made but not before many, many pages of buildup. I found this left me skimmmng and not reading so much near the end.I'm sure I will re-read sections of this book again in order to get more from it. Seems to me it is that kind of book and I do believe that it is a read neccessary for all authors at all leve [...]

    20. A massive, rambling book that seriously needed editing, but it was interesting, and worth reading. At times I almost laughed out loud, because it was ridiculous. The hero is defined as 'the protagonist' and then we were told this amazing coincidence that all stories have one (male or female). Well, duh! Everything is stretched like this, to the point of the ridiculous, but there are genuine insights as well. Most useful for writers is the knowledge that Hollywood works to this model, and our wor [...]

    21. Imperdibile per chi desidera fare della scrittura un mestiere. Il saggio analizza gli achetipi che si trovano in letteratura e nel cinema: la figura dell'eroe, del messaggero, del saggio (o mentore), del guardiano della soglia, dell'ombra e dell'antagonista. Certo, alcune figure potrebbero anche mancare in un romanzo e non ne risentirebbe affatto :)

    22. If you want to truly understand the power of story this is a must read. What Vogler has done is taken A Hero of a Thousand Faces and made it simple to understand. Instead of using myths that no one knows he uses movies to show how stories are shaped by an ancient pattern. Powerful book.

    23. This is a great book! It took me a long time to read only because it was so densely packed with ideas that I needed time to process them all. I highly recommend it, especially if you're interested in the mythological/spiritual aspects of story telling.

    24. One of the books they made us read in film school way back when was Christopher Vogler's book THE WRITER'S JOURNEY: MYTHIC STRUCTURE FOR WRITERS. Vogler has come out with a third edition, so I thought I'd take a read.Vogler is coming at story structure out of the Joseph Campbell HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES tradition. Campbell theorized that hero stories have a similar structure across all human cultures, and that there are archetypes that we always see in them: the refusal of the call, the mentor [...]

    25. When you "spell" a word correctly, you are in effect casting a spell, charging these abstract, arbitrary symbols with meaning and power.Christopher Vogler's book is, in effect, a "Hero's Journey" for dummies, with a screenwriting angle thrown in for good measure. He makes no bones about the fact he's basing his research on Joseph Campbell's work, with a touch of Jungian philosophy,, all set against a Hollywood background. This makes sense, though. As any good teacher, Vogler uses a more modern l [...]

    26. A writer friend loaned me her copy of Christopher Vogler’s “The Writer’s Journey” in order to help me with my writing. This book belongs on every fiction writer’s bookshelf. Whether you write short stories or multi-volume epic sagas, this book has valuable information that will help you organize and structure your work. Building on the work of Joseph Campbell, this book is easy to read and understand where Joseph Campbell’s book is scholarly and dependent on a higher level of educati [...]

    27. Not only is this an excellent book for writers of fiction, I'd recommend it very strongly to anyone who reads or watches films with a critical eye. Vogler relies on Joseph Campbell's explorations into myths and why humans need them to build a classic story telling formula that works. How do we know it works? He's got example after example, and honestly, it's hard to argue with the success of The Wizard of Oz, Titanic, the Indiana Jones' franchise, etc as successful story telling. Certainly, book [...]

    28. I'll start out with the negatives:-Vogler is overly arrogant about his own accomplishments. The entire introduction of the book is essentially a narrative testimony of how famous and well-traveled he is.-Most of the contents of this book are concepts I learned long ago in theatre classes. Readers who have a background in storytelling of any sort may find most of the author's advice self-evident.-The analysis is useful, but not revelatoryThese things aside, this book is a good resource to have at [...]

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