Shelter Stories

Shelter Stories

Patrick McDonnell / Dec 14, 2019

Shelter Stories Until one has loved an animal one s soul remains unawakened Anatole FranceThis book is a credit to Patrick McDonnell s life s work and passion and I know you will enjoy it and be moved by it Wayne P

  • Title: Shelter Stories
  • Author: Patrick McDonnell
  • ISBN: 9780740771156
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Until one has loved an animal, one s soul remains unawakened Anatole FranceThis book is a credit to Patrick McDonnell s life s work and passion, and I know you will enjoy it and be moved by it Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO, The Humane Society of the United StatesPatrick McDonnell s MUTTS is up there with Peanuts, Pogo, Krazy Kat, and Calvin and Hobbes caUntil one has loved an animal, one s soul remains unawakened Anatole FranceThis book is a credit to Patrick McDonnell s life s work and passion, and I know you will enjoy it and be moved by it Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO, The Humane Society of the United StatesPatrick McDonnell s MUTTS is up there with Peanuts, Pogo, Krazy Kat, and Calvin and Hobbes cartoons that are smart and funny, brilliantly drawn, and full of heart Matt Groening, The Simpsons creatorTo me, MUTTS is exactly what a comic strip should be Charles Schulz, Peanuts creator MUTTS creator Patrick McDonnell pairs his heartwarming Shelter Stories strips with real life, fan submitted testimonials and photographs to provide an emotionally gratifying look into the lives of the millions of rescue animals adopted into loving homes each year In this emotive collection, McDonnell spotlights stories of animal rescue submitted by fans across the nation.More than 70 full color photographs of adopted pets including cute and cuddly dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, birds, and ferrets are featured alongside than 100 of McDonnell s popular MUTTS Shelter Stories strips Also included is an authoritative reference section with an Adoption Guide and resourceful links that encourage readers to, as McDonnell writes, Adopt some love today.

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        In 1994 McDonnell created the comic strip MUTTS which now appears in over 700 newspapers and 20 countries.In 2005, McDonnell embarked on a children s book career His first children s book, which featured the MUTTS characters, The Gift of Nothing, quickly became a New York Times bestseller Art 2006 , his second release, told the story of a boy named Art who makes art His next release, Just Like Heaven 2006 , heralding the joys of simple blessings, was hailed in a starred review by Kirkus as a meditation on the true nature of miracles In 2007 McDonnell again returned to the New York Times bestseller list with Hug Time, featuring a kitten named Jules who goes around the world hugging endangered species His fifth children s book, South, was released in 2008 McDonnell s website, muttscomics, promotes his animal and earth friendly philosophy Consistent with McDonnell s concern for the environment, all of the MUTTS books are printed on recycled paper He and his wife Karen O Connell are vegetarian and happily reside with their formerly feral cat MeeMowom muttscomics cast patrickp


    1. Not so much of a humorous comic, though some strips were intended to be. It was quite cute, though, and I enjoyed reading it. About 2/3 of the book is made up of comic strips from 'Mutts', some with the series' main characters appearing, but many others centred around shelter animals who are waiting for or meeting with their new families. The other 1/3 of the book is made up of photos of various animals that people adopted from animal rescues and shelters, with short lines of text written by the [...]

    2. I enjoyed all of McDonnell's cartoons and the premise behind the collection, but I wish the stories about the adopted animals were a bit longer. However, any literature that promotes animal adoption deserves many accolades, and I'm glad McDonnell has devoted himself to assisting the HSUS in this cause.

    3. Late December of last year I walked into a local bookstore with no intention of buying any books and walked out with Mutts Shelter Stories by Patrick McDonnell. I’m a sucker for stories about animals, especially those found at shelters. Granted, this is a straightforward story about animals in needing a home, but it’s also a highly-visual mix of comic strips and photos. And, in the end, it’s an emotive tearjerker that works.I had not heard of the Mutts comic strip prior to my purchase, but [...]

    4. I LOVE Mutts the comic strip and author Patrick McDonnell's animal advocacy message. The trials and tribulations of shelter pet's delivered in a heartwarming and heartbreaking way make this a classic!

    5. Mutts is my favorite comic strip and I've always loved the strips that the artist has put out during Shelter Week. This book collects them all and intersperses them with pictures of real adopted pets and short comments by their new guardians.

    6. I was a little disappointed in this book. I was expecting full length stories about pets who had been rescued from a shelter rather than a few sentences or a paragraph. I think that may have been more effective at persuading people to adopt a pet. I'm also not sure I agree with the advice about elderly people adopting older animals. Adult animals yes, but elderly animals (and animals are considered elderly relatively early in life) require a lot of extra care and often expensive medical treatmen [...]

    7. This book was about what animals think of in a shelter and people and their pets. It has some comics about what the author thinks what animals think about in the shelter(their trust in humans, what they've been through etc.). It also was about what people first experienced when they were about to adopt their pet. This book was not that intresting but it might incourage people to visit their nearest shelter and see if they can bring home a new friend. I got this book because it I thought it might [...]

    8. This book is really hit or miss.I personally find the Mutts comics to be dull, and a lot of this book is as well. The "stories" are repetitive. The comics are interspersed with photo's and little stories of successful adoptions, which is nice to see. All of the comics center around adopting animals from shelters.I will say that if you are in the right mood, or the right person this book can really get to you. I was a shelter worker for years, and I was having a rough day when I initially picked [...]

    9. Will make you proud if you've adopted a pet from a shelter, encourage you to do so if you haven't, and make you think about volunteering to help at all of the variations of shelters that need assistance in caring for these wonderful creatures who just need some love and a second chance. The pictures and captions are enjoyable, some make you smile or laugh out loud. And the comics by Patrick McDonnell are a joy for fans of his Mutts series because they are a chance to see some new comics since he [...]

    10. I thought this book was going to have, well, stories in it. You know, about shelter animals. I didn't expect one or two milquetoast comments over a picture of the shelter animal. I knew this book was Mutts related but it was way more Mutts and way less shelter animal goodness than I thought it was going to be.[return][return]That said, it's a visually appealing book. It still manages to be touching and amusing. The problems I had with it won't bother anyone who sees it in a bookstore and flips t [...]

    11. I've liked Patrick McDonnell for years now. A combination of style and content, no doubt. Shelter Stories is really a fantastic little book of McDonnell's shelter-centered comics and really charming photos of adopted animals. (The photos made me think of Rachel Hale's Smitten and Snog, cat and dog photography respectively.) As I've worked with animals for a bit now in various forms (and with more rescues than not), it's hard for me not to be more than a bit touched by the pro-adoption theme, par [...]

    12. It wasn't easy to read this book. Not because it was boring, or too long, but because every time I put it down, someone else would pick it up. 'How cute!' or 'Look at that!' When I finally got the book all to myself, I was charmed. The pictures are adorable and the stories of the animal were inspiration. The little comics added a lot to the book. I especially loved Chickpea and his brother. My favorite cartoon was at the end, with the little cat saying, 'I'll take them all!' If you are animal lo [...]

    13. Read this in bed in one sitting and keep wanting to reach down to pet the little monsters' head who were crowding me on the bed as always. Duvet stealers, carpets and sofa wreckers, books and boxes chewers. furballs in the shape of cats but you'd swear that they're crossbreeds with horses and rats. But I love them to bits and I guess they love me too by the way they'd insist on sitting on me or any body parts whenever they could and the looks they give me adopt a pet. Or two. Or three. Definitel [...]

    14. I love my MUTTS and I love this book. I love that McDonnell is such an advocate for adopting animals at shelters and works with the HSUS. I loved seeing the pictures and the little snippets about each dog. (Although at least a paragraph about each saved animal would have been nice!) A few of his cartoons brought tears to my eyes; they are all so sweet and remind me how much an animal has to give to just the right person!

    15. Very quick to read given that it's comic strips, but McDonnell does a great job of drawing attention to the number of animals waiting in shelters to be adopted. This book uses quotes from folks that have adopted shelter animals and the strips that McDonnell has written about some of these animals.

    16. I've always loved the comic strip Mutts and this collection of his strips around animal shelters and the animals that need homes is no exception. The strips are intermixed with pictures and captions regarding real animals that were adopted from shelters and thus is very inspiring. I already have two cats that I adopted from shelters, and was tempted to go out to my nearby shelter for more.

    17. This was a birthday gift from my friend Tina! Very quick read - mostly comics and pictures. It's very sweet and a little sad because you are constantly reminded about all those animals in shelters. If you are thinking of getting a pet, read this book. And then go to a shelter! It made me want to get another pet. Sigh.

    18. I Love, Love, Love this book! The pictures together with the comic strip makes for a great combination. I especially like that all of the photos were taken by the pet owners. The pictures alone spoke volumes. But the captions and comics were wonderful additions![return]Will recommend to all animal lovers with a coffee table!

    19. Comic strips with talking animals.Plus glossy pics of four-legged (or fewer), pleading and/or battle-scarred adoptees.Took an hour or so to get through.Also a kleenex box.What's not to like?Ideal gift for someone who insists that they are done bringing pets into their homes.Am I evil, or what?

    20. i thought that the book was fairly good. some of the comics were humourous in a sad way. it almost made me go to the adoption center right now and adopt something. i reccomend this book to anyone who likes to read about animals :)

    21. Affirmed the choices I have made. 4 dogs, 1 cat, all rescues. Plus 3 previous dogs and 1 hamster rescued as well and lived full lives in my care in spite of their beginnings. Well, they all have rescued me right back too! My babies!

    22. This book features pictures of animals, mostly cats & dogs, who were rescued from shelters. Each picture includes a little snippet from the owner about their animal. Intermingled is cartoons by McDonnell, the guy who does Mutts. This book truly did my heart good.

    23. What's there not to love about the shelter cartoons of Mutts? Features "real life" rescues. Keep a box of kleenex handy.

    24. Oh I loved this book. I read it during the show yesterday. It truly made me want to go adopt a doggie from the shelter. Thanks, Peaches!!

    25. If you don't feel any emotion when you read this then you are a cold cold person. I love this book. Strikes a special chord w/ me cuz I have two rescued mutts who mean the world to me. Go adopt!

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