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Aidan Aidan Spencer walked away from his family and his friends when the woman he d loved since childhood died while attempting to kill his best friends wife Aidan had chosen to save another and in doing so

  • Title: Aidan
  • Author: Sydney Landon
  • ISBN: 9781311176721
  • Page: 319
  • Format: ebook
  • Aidan Spencer walked away from his family and his friends when the woman he d loved since childhood died while attempting to kill his best friends wife Aidan had chosen to save another and in doing so had lost Cassie For over a year, he s been isolated from everyone he loves until a family emergency brings him back home When he meets a woman along the way whose problemsAidan Spencer walked away from his family and his friends when the woman he d loved since childhood died while attempting to kill his best friends wife Aidan had chosen to save another and in doing so had lost Cassie For over a year, he s been isolated from everyone he loves until a family emergency brings him back home When he meets a woman along the way whose problems are dire than his own, he must decide if he s strong enough to fight for the woman he s falling in love with knowing there s no promise of a tomorrow for them.

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    1. Sydney is an amazingly talented author who isn't afraid to tackle the tough issues. The Lucian and Lia/Pierced series is one of the best I've ever read. The characters come alive and leap from the pages. Aidan was a beautiful, emotional and brilliant ride. I was hooked from the first page. I don't want to give it away, but suffice is to say bring some tissues and enough time to finish this book in one sitting. Sydney you've outdone yourself. This book shows you an amazingly talented author who i [...]

    2. Since the beginning of the year I started to read less and less MF romance. I read Him by Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen and I was hooked with MM and that's mostly what I read now. Why am I saying all this? Because this book is an example of why I stopped reading books with Female MCs. That sounds awful, but trust me, I'm not the problem. I think. I started this series when the first book came out. I was just starting to read romance and I liked it just fine. The first three books about Lucian an [...]

    3. As sure as the sky is blue, there are bumpy roads on the highway of life. Ms. Landon powerfully drives that point home in Aidan. Aidan Spencer has seen his share of heartache and betrayal, yet nothing prepared him for the fear of falling in love. It had to be good for me to finish in one day. Not only does Sydney Landon create a poignant love story. She tackles an emotional subject that is a global problem. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Aidan is the second novel of Ms. Land [...]

    4. 4.5 beautifully breathtaking stars.I absolutely LOVE this series and with each book Sydney brings a story that not only holds the reader captive, but breaks your heart and soul before beautifully mending everything. Aidan is a sexy, searing story that from beginning to end leads the reader on a journey of love, loss, pain, heartache, lust, sex and tension. Aidan and Kara are super hot, a burning flame. It's easy to feel their connection, their love and pain and in turn want them to be happy. Syd [...]

    5. Finished this in one sitting. Loved it. The fifth book in the Lucian and Lia series and I have missed all the characters! This book deals with a series issue and I found myself teary more than one occasion! Loved this and can't wait for the next book and see all my favourite characters again!

    6. *Audiobook*I am soooooo incredibly sorry this series has ended! However, I am soooooo thrilled it ended on a high note! Throughout the series, Aidan's character is complex to say the least. So why should we expect any different from his personal story? This story exploited every single one of my emotions! I devoured every word and wanted more!Aidan is a masterpiece! Kudos to Landon for an epic ending in an epic series! Five stars!

    7. I was so looking forward to this book since I've been captivated by these characters since Lia and Lucian's beginning and have wanted to get inside the seemingly mellow but comedic Aidan's head. I think it was fabulously written, however, I feel like it was rushed. Don't get me wrong, I still totally cried but I feel like the last 3-4 chapters were scrambles to just finish the book. I wish Sydney would have gone through Kara and Aidan's days without each other after their breakup. All in all I s [...]

    8. I hated this book. I liked the others but this one, no. I was excited for it but it was a depressing let down. This entire book was depressing. He tells her he can't stay with her because she had cancer and he tells her how upset he is that he lost the love of his life, right after he tells her he loves her, what the hell? And instead of standing up for herself and getting pissed, she wants him back. That is weak. And she decides to let a guy stop her from treating herself. No.

    9. I have really enjoyed this series, and I have loved Aidan from the begninv, his sense of loyalty was so great and to see him put himself through hell after what happened with Cassie was very upsetting. I could idenitfy with both of these characters as a cancer survivor myself that fear of reoccurance is so great but your support system is such a crucial part of everything you go through and it was nice to see both sides of that in this book.

    10. I love this series and for the most part I really enjoyed this book. I've been waiting to see what happened with Aiden since pretty much the beginning. I enjoyed the story, and felt my heart breaking along with his. Really, I was a little disappointed towards the end, the last couple of chapters felt rushed, and I felt as the end of a series starring three couples, a bit more of an epilogue was warranted. I would have liked to see a little more of a glimpse into the future of the couples.

    11. This story made me laugh, but it also made me cry real tears. I don't usually have to wipe tears away from my eyes when read a story. It proves once again that Sydney Landon creates characters that her reader love. This was a wonderful way to finish the series. I'm going to miss these characters.

    12. Story was great, loved Aiden and Kara. Thought the ending was really rushed. But I would still recommend reading it.

    13. CAPTIVATING, COMPELLING, EMOTIONALLY GRIPPING, AND SEXY AS SIN!!!Title: AidanSeries: Lucian & Lia (Pierced)Author: Sydney LandonDesignation: Book 5 of Series, Can be read as a Standalone, Full-length, No CliffhangerMy Rating: Five Divinely Entertaining Stars*****Where do I begin? Have you ever read a book that affected you so profoundly, it left you completely speechless? Well, this is one of those stories. I've been a diehard Sydney Landon fan for years and generally order her books sight u [...]

    14. Aiden left home after the whole Cassie disaster and has been on his own searching for some peace and Kara, is taking some time to herself after she beat cancer. Having met before at Lucian and Lia's wedding, they run into each other in the town they're staying and start having sex every night. Kara's fearless in bed and Aiden can't get enough. After getting some bad news, Aiden finally goes home to tragedy and Kara comes back and supports him through a difficult time. And from there they start t [...]

    15. I loved Aidan and Cassie. They were sexy and fun when they were together. I was either fanning myself because they were so hot or laughing out loud due to their banter. This love story is also full of serious subject matter, dealing with cancer, guilt, and grief, which was beautifully done and very realistic. I wish the epilogue would have been longer to give us a glimpse into the characters' futures since this seems to be the last book in this series.

    16. OutstandingI highly recommended this book it made you laugh and make you cry. I could hardly put it down enjoy.

    17. Wow!!What a great series!! I just absolutely love it!! I can't wait to read Lee's story!! A definite must read!!! Happy Reading!! :)

    18. Seemed too short. Anticipated hearing Aidens story, and very glad he ended up happy, but the story didn’t seem to develop well

    19. love this author. Aiden is a great short read; not as involved as the lucien and lia story but good read all up.

    20. The perfect book to finish, so glad we got to see how everyone ended up in the Lucian and Lia series loved every minute of the reading

    21. Awesome!Very good read. Kept you on your toes wanting for more. Hope theres another book in line. I will definately be on the lookout for another book in the making!

    22. Compared to the other books, I find this book rather weak. Aiden, the oh-so tortured soul who is regretful about the death of a woman (aka the crazy bih lol) who never really loved him in the first place. Although Kara has a crazy, spitfire personality, her fears to me are too irrational. Now I understand cancer does change you, but her reasons for distancing from her family and friends makes her cowardly and weak. I like the development in Aiden’s character. From tortured hero to the hero who [...]

    23. Another good read. After Cassie's death, Aidan Spencer walks away from everything and everyone to deal with his grief and memories. He drinks, walks and runs on the beach, and does the occasional hook-up. Yet the one hook-up he didn't expect was Kara Jacks. She too was running from her own issues. Their coupling is passionate, hot, sexy, dominant and lusty; yet, the issue that Kara does not share is what breaks them apart. It takes a good loving Uncle to intervene and get their heads out of thei [...]

    24. * A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *~ 5 Princess Stars ~ FULL REVIEW Now Posted ::Well Sydney Landon has done it again. I absolutely LOVED Aidan!! I am truly sad to see this series end. This series has definitely been one of my favorite series. I have loved every character and storyline she has given us.Aidan in the 5th and final book in the Lucian & Lia Series. This book is probably the most emotional book of the 5. I was crying at many different tim [...]

    25. 4.5 stars! Sex and heartbreak. Cancer and an ugly cry. I was turned on and reduced to tears, though not at the same time. It was an emotional ending to this erotic, suspense series. Kara, Lia's cousin, and Aidan, Lucian's best friend, encounter each other at a beach bar. Two desperate people looking for consolation and avoiding dealing with their current reality. Only the plan backfires as neither one wants to let go of the other. Aidan suffers an emotional blow by the end of the Lucian and Lia [...]

    26. This left me with a real case of “Meh.” This was just so depressing. I mean, the whole Pierced Series has been super dramatic but wow… this should have come with a heaping side of violin music. Good grief this was full of… grief! And, yes, I understand that the subject matter in this book was some heavy stuff. However, the book was entirely developed around said “heavy stuff.” (As you can see I’m trying really hard not to have any spoilers!) There weren’t any real moments of joy [...]

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