Forfeiting Decency

Forfeiting Decency

Rachel Schneider / Feb 19, 2020

Forfeiting Decency Sleeping with married men doesn t bother me as much as not having a place to live does Kaley Monroe lived a life of privilege until her father went to prison four years ago and all of her family s ass

  • Title: Forfeiting Decency
  • Author: Rachel Schneider
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 124
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  • Sleeping with married men doesn t bother me as much as not having a place to live does Kaley Monroe lived a life of privilege until her father went to prison four years ago and all of her family s assets were seized by the federal government Fending for herself, she relied on what comes naturally to her her beauty Having sex for money isn t glamorous or ideal, but it s Sleeping with married men doesn t bother me as much as not having a place to live does Kaley Monroe lived a life of privilege until her father went to prison four years ago and all of her family s assets were seized by the federal government Fending for herself, she relied on what comes naturally to her her beauty Having sex for money isn t glamorous or ideal, but it s manageable She doesn t expect life to show her any mercy, and she won t live in ignorance It s not until Kip Foster is released from prison that her life starts to feel complicated Somehow, Kip unearths desires in Kaley that she never knew she had A desire to be , to feel , and be loved However, lies by omission are the most dangerous secrets, and they refuse to remain hidden Sometimes, easy isn t always a choice.Please note Forfeiting Decency is a spin off from the Breaking Habits Series While it can be read as a standalone, it does contain spoilers from book one in the series, Taking Mine.

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    1. Sexy, suspenseful, sassy, stupid good.Rachel did an excellent job with character development. I adore Kaley. Her sass and strength drive this story. And Kip - oh Kip. I think I love Kip. Every person in this book was well thought out and perfectly written.The story is paced beautifully and unfolds so naturally. I actually fist pumped the air and screamed the following out loud: WHAT! OMG! HOLY SH*T! YES! Since I hate spoilers, this is the end of my review. If you can call it that.Read this book, [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book, the two man characters Kip and Kaley were both complex and difficult characters but loved them both but Kip stole my heart. Kaley's life changed when her fathers life imploded and to make ends meet she sleeps with men for money. Does she want to, does she enjoy it absolutely not but in a sense she's trapped.Kip is a friend from her past who's recently been released from prison, they've always been close but when they meet again sparks fly.Lilly is Kip's sister and was [...]

    3. Forfeiting Decency and Taking Mine are hidden gems. They are unique and a little mysterious. They have a great plot and writing. There are always little things that make the book special and so lovable. You can’t help but wanting to know everything about the characters and you will fall in love with them, flaws and all. Kip and Kaley definitely have their flaws. Kaley’s life has been turned upside down a couple years ago and Kip also had a few difficult years, but they are determined to chan [...]

    4. 3.75 stars. There are things I enjoyed and thing I scrunched my nose at in this book. My biggest complaint is that this is book two. I received it from The BookWorm Box monthly subscription, and it spoils book one. I doubt I will ever read book one now. Also, I wonder if the parts where I didn’t feel connected to the characters were because their personalities were laid out in book one. The story flows well and the two main characters are interesting and enjoyable to read about. Some of the st [...]

    5. This was a DNF for me. I am sure that this story is great, as much as I read had great promise and I was starting to get into it, but this book needs an edit/proofread. A few errors I can let slide but when they start to mount up and detract from my enjoyment of the book I just get irritated and lose interest. In such a small percentage of the book there were a lot and if that is a sign of things to come then I’m giving up now.

    6. Forfeiting Decency is heart stopping and raw. Rachel Schneider gives us a book about two characters, Kip and Kaley, that have had a history together, which has neither been easy or unemotional. Rachel Schneider just created brilliance with Forfeiting Decency in all of its rampant emotions, anxiety ridden plot, and silent but strong passion fueled love. No other story has made me feel this way and this book has now become a favorite of mine this year. The characters had so much hidden complexity [...]

    7. I didn't think anyone could overcome the love I had for Justin from Taking Mine, but BOOM! Here comes Kip Foster, a.k.a the dream man of every woman's fantasy. Here is a guy who is good to his core, sexy as hell, sensitive and not afraid of commitment, uhmm where do I sign up please? Can I volunteer Hunger Games style? Pretty please? I read the first book in 3-4 hours, but I devoured this one in less than 3 hours. I couldn't put it down. It riveting, this book hit me in all the feels, ALL OF THE [...]

    8. Forfeiting Decency is the second novel in Rachel Schneider's Breaking Habits series. This mysterious & sexy best friends older brother romance was a beautifully layered. Kaley Monroe hasn't had the easiest past 4 years. Going from having everything at her fingertips to scraping to get by can change a person forcing them to do things they never would have thought they would stoop too. Kip Foster has spent the past 4 years in prison and now out wants to make a life for himself. Running into Ka [...]

    9. Rachel Schneider is definitely one to watch. She did an amazing job with her debut novel, Taking Mine and her writing has only gotten better with this follow up novel. While this book is considered a romance, it lacks the swoon and cliche fairy tale feel of a typical romance novel, which for me was a great thing. This story has dark subject matter, raw real-life material, and content that is certainly of no fairy tale. The author depicts a grittiness in her art and in her characters that is spot [...]

    10. This was a story filled with choices and consequences. Kaley finds herself in a position where life isn't fair but you have to keep pushing through no matter what. Instead of leaning on anyone she finds her own ways to survive this harsh world. Her choices definitely aren't what everyone would chose but she does what she has to. There were times I wanted to slap some sense into her but her character really grows on you as you find out more about her and why she makes the choices she does. Kip is [...]

    11. It said this could be read as a stand alone. Maybe I should have read the first in this series. I felt that once I was getting into a groove in this book it jumped somewhere else. I did enjoy my time with Kaley and Kip. But I would suggest reading the first in this series and not doing this as a stand alone.

    12. You don't need to read the first book in the series but I think it helps. I didn't read book 1 and there were definitely some things I missed. And I didn't have the backstory.Kaley is an escort, trying to make money because her father was sent to prison and all his assets were frozen. So Kaley isn't the priviledged princess she once was. Kip has just been released from prison and is working on getting his life back together. He and Kaley have known each other for years (Kip's sister is Kaley's B [...]

    13. Once in awhile, you come across an author whose book you read and you think "This can't possibly be the first novel they have written." I felt this way when I first read Rachel Schneider-Author 's debut in Taking Mine. She has done it again in her second novel Forfeiting Decency. Her writing style is that of a seasoned, well published author, creating a world and characters that are so well thought out that they have to be real. But they are not. Her storylines are unique and fresh and her chara [...]

    14. Kaley Monroe has lived her life in the lap of luxury, until her father went to prison, and all the families' assets were seized by the federal government. Four years later has changed Kaley, as she's been fending for herself, and at this point, she has no illusions that life will show her any mercy. She's used her beauty in order to live, and selling herself for sex isn't great, but at least it keeps things manageable. Kip Foster is finally released from prison after four years, and when he runs [...]

    15. Rachel Schneider is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Her storylines are unique and so intriguing that I could not put the books down. I absolutely loved Taking Mine, so when I heard that Rachel had another book coming out in the series, I was waiting not very patiently to get my hands on it. It was definitely worth the wait. I loved seeing what was happening with the characters from Taking Mine and learning more about Kaley and Kip. I liked Kaley, but I LOVED Kip. He couldn't have be [...]

    16. So I read this book without reading Breaking Habits #1 and now I feel like I need more of their world. But you totally dont have to, I was able to read this book without feeling like something was left out by not reading the first one. I'll be honest at the start of the book I did not think I was going to be into this girl Kaley and her world of dumb mess but I learned fast that I loved this jumbled mess of a girl. And right away I feel in love with this Kip guy, I mean how could you not.I reall [...]

    17. A little confusing dia!ogue and scenes at times.Kaley appears normal at times and then seems like a total misfit in the next sentence. I thought I missed a page or even a chapter somewhere several times while reading this story.

    18. Twists keep you guessing. I really enjoyed this book. The twists had me not being able to put the book down. Parts mad me sad because it wasn't fair but I guess life isn't fair. Loved reading about previous characters from Taking Mine.

    19. SummaryNot quite my type of book, a bit too psychological for me. Trying to sort her out was a task, and him also. Enjoyable for a bit but not quite my cup of tea

    20. Review to Come, but in the mean time, I am giving away a set of her books!!instagram/p/BMY7-gmjwCK/

    21. Wow. What a great story. Great characters. If you're looking for a weekend read, this is a great choice!

    22. Loved, loved, loved this book!! I would recommend this book to everyone looking for a spunky girl and a stubborn man getting together and finding love.

    23. Rachel Schneider does it again! Yet another super book from this author in the Breaking Habits series. I would recommend you read the first book in the series beforehand as you will gain a much better idea of where all the characters have come from, who they are, why they are where they are etc. There are also some major spoilers in book 2 regarding things that happened in book 1, so to me, reading this in order is a must!!Kip and Kaley's love story is a difficult one. They both have pasts - as [...]

    24. Here I was in love with taking mine, adoring the couple that was Justin and Lily. Waiting patiently for the next book in the series and wondering if it can reach the exquisiteness of the first. BAM! Rachel did it again, she has honestly flawed me on how perfect and at ease she is with her writing style, the words comfortably flow of the page and before you realise it you are totally submerged in this crazy world she has created. Not able to put the book down. We met Kip and Kaley in book 1 and t [...]

    25. While I love sweet happily ever afters with little to no drama, there’s something gripping about a story that’s real, raw and gritty. And that’s what you get with Forfeiting Decency. This isn’t some fluffy sweet romance. It made me feel so much—want, passion, frustration, anxiety and anger. It is breathtakingly beautiful in all its complexities. I was immersed fully into Schneider’s world. And I didn’t put it down until the last page was read.Kaley was independent, fierce and a who [...]

    26. FORFEITING DECENCYby Rachel SchneiderForfeiting Decency is book 2 in the Breaking Habits series and the first one i've read from this series. This book is a well written book about Kaley and Kip and their journey to love for themselves and for each other. Kaley is an escort and waitress who has lost the meaning of self love and respect after her father was sent to prison and she looses all that she knows and is familiar with. Kip is a man who is just discovering himself and who he wants to be in [...]

    27. Can you imagine living a life where one little decision made by your corrupt father has a significant outcome on the lives of you and your childhood friends? This is exactly what happens to Kaley. Her father caused so many horrific problems, childhood friends going to prison, parole, because of running drugs through a chop-shop. The chop-shop was under investigation and people who didn't know anything about the drug ring, got caught in the middle. Kaley's father was very wealthy, but when the dr [...]

    28. i voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.let me start by saying Taking Mine was one of the best books i read in 2016, and Forfeiting Decency did not let me down in any way! learning more about Kip, who i knew would have my heart from the previous book, and Kaley, who i knew i would have a love/hate relationship with, was the highlight to end an intense year. i loved watching their relationship grow from friendship to something more and all the in between drama. Kip is seriously [...]

    29. This is the second book in the “Breaking Habits” series, and the first one which I have read. This is the story of Kip and Kaley, who have a history together. Due to Kaley’s father causing horrific problems in the past, she has to do what she can to survive. When Kip is released from prison, these two have to face trials and tribulations in order for their relationship to grow.This is a well written, gritty, raw, heart stopping, emotional, strong, anxiety ridden love story. This author has [...]

    30. When I started chatting with Rachel I didn't realise she had written a debut novel, Taking Mine, so I went and read it. She told me she barely considered herself an author and when I finished it I was shocked by her statement because I absolutely loved it !! So I was thrilled when I recieved an ARC of Forfeiting Decency. Rachel has a way with words that will stop you from putting the book down. Suspensfull, addictive, swoon worthy and sexy; all the ingredients for a perfect book by an amazing an [...]

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