Dream with Me: Race, Love, and the Struggle We Must Win

Dream with Me: Race, Love, and the Struggle We Must Win

John M. Perkins Randy Alcorn / Feb 27, 2020

Dream with Me Race Love and the Struggle We Must Win According to recent surveys and studies race relations in the United States are the worst they ve been since the s and many would argue that life for most minorities has not significantly improv

  • Title: Dream with Me: Race, Love, and the Struggle We Must Win
  • Author: John M. Perkins Randy Alcorn
  • ISBN: 9780801007781
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover
  • According to recent surveys and studies, race relations in the United States are the worst they ve been since the 1990s, and many would argue that life for most minorities has not significantly improved since the civil rights era of the 1960s For so many, the dream of true equality has dissolved into a reality of prejudice, fear, and violence as a way of life.John M PerkAccording to recent surveys and studies, race relations in the United States are the worst they ve been since the 1990s, and many would argue that life for most minorities has not significantly improved since the civil rights era of the 1960s For so many, the dream of true equality has dissolved into a reality of prejudice, fear, and violence as a way of life.John M Perkins has been there from the beginning Raised by his sharecropping grandparents, Perkins fled Mississippi in 1947 after his brother was fatally shot by a police officer He led voter registration efforts in 1964, worked for school desegregation in 1967, and was imprisoned and tortured in 1970 Through it all, he has remained determined to seek justice and reconciliation based in Christ s redemptive work Justice is something that every generation has to strive for, he says And despite the setbacks of recent years, Perkins finds hope in the young people he has met all across the nation who are hard at work, bringing about reconciliation in God s name and offering acceptance to all Dream with Me is his look back at a life devoted to seeking justice for all God s people, as well as a look forward to what he sees as a potentially historic breakthrough for people of every race.

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        John M Perkins is a sharecropper s son who grew up in New Hebron, Mississippi amidst dire poverty Fleeing to California at age 17 after his older brother s murder at the hands of a town marshal, he vowed never to return However after converting to Christianity in 1960 he returned to Mendenhall, Mississippi to share the gospel of Christ While in Mississippi, his outspoken nature and support and leadership in civil rights demonstrations resulted in repeated harassment, beatings and imprisonment He again was arrested in 2005 year while protesting in Washington D.C against U S Government defunding of programs aiding the poor.In Mendenhall, Perkins and his wife, Vera Mae, founded Voice of Calvary Ministries This Christian community development ministry started a church, health center, leadership development program, thrift store, low income housing development, and training center From this ministry, other development projects started in the neighboring towns of Canton, New Hebron and Edwards Philip K Reed, the previous pastor of Voice of Calvary Fellowship, has assumed the leadership of this dynamic ministry.In 1982, the Perkins family returned to California and lived in the city of Pasadena where Perkins and his wife founded Harambee Christian Family Center in Northwest Pasadena, a neighborhood that had one of the highest daytime crime rates in California Harambee is yet standing, running numerous programs including after school tutoring, Good News Bible Clubs, an award winning technology center, summer day camp, youth internship programs, and a college scholarship program.In 1983, while yet in California, Perkins and his wife, along with a few friends and other major supporters, established the John M Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation Development, Inc for the sole purpose of supporting their mission of advancing the principles of Christian community development and racial reconciliation throughout the world Biography from the John M Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation Development


    1. A special thank you to Baker Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Review to follow.

    2. I had never heard of John Perkins until my husband read a book of his last year, and recommended it to me: With Justice for All: A Strategy for Community Development. It contained a bit of his general life story, but focused on his work on community development in Mississippi. His vision for Christian reconciliation and community development was strong and compelling — I could hear his devotion and determination in his words. But I found myself thinking “This book was written thirty years ag [...]

    3. Perkins is one of my heroes of the faith. Have met him a few times and listened to many different talks: small classrooms and large conferences. It was always the same John Perkins. These two chapter are worth the price of admission alone. Chapter 3: Poor Whites and Chapter 11: Power of Forgiveness “Love. No matter where I start, I always end up here.”

    4. Short Review: I have read just about everything that Perkins has written. This is a good addition to what he has previously written, although he also hits a number of themes he is known for as well. This should be thought of as near end of life thoughts from an elder, similar to John Stott's Radical Disciple or Jimmy Carter's A Full Life: Reflections at 90. There isn't a lot of autobiography here, if you don't know his story already, I would read either his memoir Let Justice Roll Down or his bi [...]

    5. Coming at the end of his life in the midst of another tumultuous age in America, John M. Perkins' Dream With Me points whites and blacks alike to a better way forward. An American prophet has spoken - maybe his last written words; his people need to listen.Book in a Nutshell: Part biography, part memoir, part theology, and part instruction, Dream With Me conveys renowned civil rights activist, Christian thinker, and preacher John Perkins' "climactic message": justice and love. The 86 year-old wa [...]

    6. I've known about John Perkins at least since seminary days in Pasadena during the 1980s. Perkins was living and working in Pasadena at the time and fellow students were involved with his Voice of Calvary ministry. While I knew a little about him and the ministry, it wasn't until I read Dream with Me that I truly put things together.John Perkins reminds us that social justice and liberal theology don't necessarily go together. Theologically Perkins is conservative, and yet his own ministry of rec [...]

    7. As soon as I heard about this new book by John Perkins, I knew I wanted to read it. I was not disappointed as he shared about his activities through the years and his dreams for the future. As he wrote about reconciliation in the true sense of the word, my heart responded. He stated that reconciliation is not about race but about being fully reconciled to God. As we seek to reconcile with God and allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us, we are reconciled with His people, the human race. [...]

    8. `Dream With Me` is a memoir of, and written by, author John M. Perkins. John Perkins dreams of the day we win the struggles against race and love. Where African Americans and whites are living in peace with each other. His hopes are that his book will change the way Americans think. I was glad to see the forward written by an author I am familiar with, Randy Alcorn. John Perkins spoke out for voter registration, enrolled his son in an all-white high school, and was beaten and tortured for his be [...]

    9. In a day and age where racial division seems to be increasing we could all benefit from the wisdom and insight John Perkins provides in Dream With Me.In this work John Perkins tells the story of his life and work in racial reconciliation. Perkins faithfully paints a picture of where things were in regards to racial relationships. Perkins life was one of seeking reconciliation across race boundaries. Reading Perkins recollections brings one truth to light, the good old days never were. What one s [...]

    10. John Perkins' new book, 'Dream with Me: Race, Love, and the Struggle Me Must Win is a book that is a mix of autobiography, historical account, theology, and hope. It discusses the history and continual racial tension that divides the people of the United States and his dreams, hopes, and plans for a more integrated and peaceful harmony between all people that begins with the Christian church. While his book gives descriptive ways people of different races can overcome prejudices and why this is [...]

    11. This book has a conversational quality to it that puts you at ease, makes you listen closely, and refreshes you. John Perkins reflects on his experiences and shares his thoughts regarding his upbringing, his family and ministry, reconciliation, close friends, the church. It's like you're sitting on a front porch, soaking in the deep wisdom he has from a lifetime of discipleship, suffering, and listening to God. He tells brief asides, and let's you in on heartbreaking moments in his life, and off [...]

    12. I was encouraged and challenged by this first hand account of a life lived fighting for racial reconciliation. Perkins argues convincingly for the critical importance of racial reconciliation in modern America, particularly for the church. He also discusses from his own experience the practical ways that racial reconciliation can be achieved. He summarizes these recommendations with 3 Rs: relocation, redistribution and reconciliation. My favorite quote was this one. “Justice is a stewardship i [...]

    13. Quite possibly one of the most profound, thought-provoking books I've ever read. Sadly I learned about this man – John M. Perkins – only in the last few years, through a @switchfoot song, actually. I wish I'd have learned about him decades ago. His approach to race, reconciliation, relocation, community and Christianity has challenged me to my very core. I will not easily forget the words in this book. Truly, "love is the final fight."

    14. This book is about believing in something bigger that you and I. It is about sharing in a dream of a multiethnic movement. Where you could experience a better self, a better world to live in, a Christ-like center church and therefore a better community. The movement has caught on in this country and overseas. Expressing love, forgiven and acceptance for the past, and present wrongs we have done to each other race. Learning to love one another with a pure heart. Genevieve Long

    15. Amazing. Encouraging. Hopeful. Insightful.Lot of good stories. Made me think, made me mourn. Gives a good insight into our culture and issues facing black culture. A good history lesson. And calls us to reconciliation. The book is balanced. Reads like a biography and hits like training session. Gives glory to God, focuses on Reconcilation, Hope, Gospel. Highly recommended

    16. Excellent. Vintage Perkins. I really need to read his autobiography next. Should have done that first. Some fantastic insights in here, and much to learn from. I was humbled, instructed, and encouraged.

    17. Far-ranging reminisces and musings from a man whose voice warrants listening. This book feels wise and thought-provoking but is somehow easy reading.

    18. This was a quick and enjoyable read that introduces someone who is noteworthy. He stares stories of where he's been and what he's seen. Yet, he remains hopeful that "this too shall pass."I came across this book in the library and instantly wanted to read it. Mr. Perkins's work should be read by all. He challenges everyone to do better and do more to foster dialogue and acceptance (with respect to differences). He could very well be speaking to me and others because of the present day climate. He [...]

    19. Never having heard of the John M. Perkins, 'Dream With Me' served as a great introduction to someone I now consider a true American hero. Containing stories of the hardship he and others experienced before and during (as well as after) the Civil Rights era, the book at hand deals with the past and present racial tension of America, all the while maintaining a gentle tone. At times being brought to tears and at times laughing at the author’s wit and charisma, I recommend Dream With Me for the f [...]

    20. In his new book, Perkins recounts the challenges he and his family encountered during desegregation and the many ways his city has changed since the ’60’s. He also discusses the need for further unity in pursuit of reconciliation and the need to “fight without fists” in peacefully overcoming oppression and the sins which have systemic expression in our communities. Perkins calls us to embody the gospel and live in a way which others can see Christ in us, which means being concerned about [...]

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