Lost In Scotland

Lost In Scotland

Hilaria Alexander / May 31, 2020

Lost In Scotland Just when you think you re lost you might end up falling in love Sam Farouk is having a bad year Things have gone down the drain ever since she found her boyfriend cheating on her at the Golden Globe

  • Title: Lost In Scotland
  • Author: Hilaria Alexander
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  • Page: 426
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  • Just when you think you re lost, you might end up falling in love Sam Farouk is having a bad year Things have gone down the drain ever since she found her boyfriend cheating on her at the Golden Globes An unfortunate turn of events forces her to trade sunny Los Angeles with the rainy, chilly highlands of Scotland She has the chance to work as one of the makeup artistsJust when you think you re lost, you might end up falling in love Sam Farouk is having a bad year Things have gone down the drain ever since she found her boyfriend cheating on her at the Golden Globes An unfortunate turn of events forces her to trade sunny Los Angeles with the rainy, chilly highlands of Scotland She has the chance to work as one of the makeup artists on a new TV series based on a fantasy saga everyone is bananas about, but she can t help feeling lost and a little bit homesick Until she starts falling for Hugh MacLeod, the actor set to impersonate the titular role of Abarath, dragon slayer and part time Casanova.Hugh MacLeod is ready for his big break After than a decade taking every possible acting job just to stay afloat, he can finally show his range in a series to be proud of Hugh s commitment to his career comes before anything else, and that s part of the reason why he hasn t had a serious relationship in a while But the he s around Sam, the he knows he s in deep, deep trouble How is he supposed to not fall for the sexy, mysterious brunette who works all over him every single day Every touch, every look is torture.Getting lost in each other might be wrong, but it could end up being just what they need.

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    1. After I chiseled my way out of prison, I brought this book with me to Scotland in case I got lost. Sure enough, I got lost. Spoilers ahead:THIS BOOK WILL NOT TELL YOU HOW TO GET UNLOST!If anything, I got too comfortable reading it while I was on the run and sat still too long. Got caught and thrown back in prison but I kinda missed Daisy so it's cool. Book was good. Scotland kind of ruined my life.

    2. I was sucked in right from the cover. I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but in this case, I didn't have a choice. I love Scotland-so this was a no brainer for me. LOST IN SCOTLAND by Hilaria Alexander got me jonsing for another trip to the promise land and I wish I was lost in the Highlands, too."The view was majestic, one of those moments that made you think God had to exist, whether you believed in him or not. It was simply too spectacular."I can attest to this beauty, [...]

    3. A couple of years ago, I fell in love with a TV show set in Scotland - like many of you did. Since then, I wanted to write a romance about a makeup artist who finds herself at an impasse and in a faraway land, away from everything she's ever known. I'm a fan of love on the set type of stories, and I wanted to see how the LA girl would fare in Scotland, with its mysterious beauty and harsh climate. Set in the fictional town of St. Martin, Lost in Scotland has every element of a good romance: a ho [...]

    4. I'm having a hard time with this book right now. For the first 50% or so, I was in love. So far in love. I loved Sam, I loved Hugh. I loved the plot and the setting and the secondary characters. But then everything started to unravel. Sam was suppose to be, what, 29 years old? She started acting like she was 20 and it was pretty pathetic. Hugh was great the entire way through but the story lost steam and just coasted along. Definitely lost interest at this point and the ending simply wasn't enou [...]

    5. This was a lovely,easy read.I went into it completely blind,I didn't know what to expect but I've really enjoyed this book.The story has a great flow and Hilaria's writing always so vivid and thorough made me fall in love with the wonderful scottish landscape.The main characters and their families and friends are really entertaining.They will make you smile,laugh,lust and some of them will piss you off.Hugh and Sam's journey starts as a work relationships then evolves into a refreshing friendshi [...]

    6. I got the sample and it did not pull me enough to want to pay $2.99 for the book.The heroine irritated me. It could have been so good. I loved the premise.The story starts in January. Sam, the heroine lives in Hollywood with her boyfriend, Eric, who she has been dating for 7 years. Eric is in a show that has been nominated for a Golden Globe. When Eric's show wins, he first kisses his co-star, Quinn. Then when Eric wins best actor, he forgets to thank the heroine, Sam. Sam is a little upset, but [...]

    7. *** ARC kindly provided for an honest review. ***I had to say that Hilaria Alexander made one of dreams come true with Lost in Scotland, writing about this story about a makeup artist and the sexy hot scot who’s gonna steal her heart, in freaking Scotland, on a new TV series based on a fantasy saga. Right up my alley! The blurb was definitely catching my attention and when I started to read it No way I was going to put this book down!I was afraid that my enthusiasm mood would fall flat but it [...]

    8. Read full review and find links to purchase here: 5171milesbookblog.wordpress.cLost in Scotland was my first book by author, Hilaria Alexander. It is a delicious and fun story about, Sam, a makeup artist from Los Angeles. After Sam catches her boyfriend cheating with her friend and producer of the show she works for, she concocts an elaborate plan for revenge. Her plan doesn’t seem to have the effect she desired, however, because Sam ends up losing her job in the process. This forces her to ta [...]

    9. Lost in Scotland will make you discover landscapes so wonderfully described that you will feel like you're there with the characters. I definitely want to go there and visit, hike, see those beautiful sceneries Hilaria had painted so clearly. The story in itself was amazing, consistent and I loved all the "behind the scene" world we got to read about. It was all believable and very well researched ! I loved every single word until we hit the last part of the book. As much as I loved both charact [...]

    10. I don't know how I managed to find this, but it was a fun experience reading it and bonus points for centering around actors and fame and such. And being set mostly in Scotland. And I don't care that Outlander the tv show actually exists in the timeline, I couldn't help but picture Sam Heughan as Hugh. And I enjoyed it.

    11. **ARC received in exchange for an honest review**This was a beautiful love story.Sam was an American makeup artist that went to Scotland to get over her cheating ex that she wasted 7 long years with when she meets handsome Scot, Hugh Macleod, an actor.It was love at first sight for Hugh but he didn't want to rush anything. As for Sam, she was attracted to Hugh but didn't want to rush anything because of what happened with her douchebag ex. They tried to hide their growing attraction from others [...]

    12. Oh my God. This book. I LOVE this book. Definitely one of my favorite romance books to date. I'm going to have warm fuzzy feeling all day.

    13. 4.5 stars This might be my favorite read from Hilaria. I loved everything about this book from the characters to the storyline to the writing. Sam is looking to start over after some love drama happened back home in the US. So she accepts a job as a makeup artist on a tv show in Scotland. She is hoping that this will help her career and help her with herself. Hugh is the lead actor on this tv show. He is hoping that this will finally be his big break into the industry. What neither expected was [...]

    14. Such a refreshing take on the whole "movie star" trope - I loved it!I was very fortunate to receive an ARC of "Lost In Scotland" by Hilaria Alexander, and I have been immersed in it since late last night. The storyline, the characters, and the setting had me captivated from page one.And sometimes, I make a teaser when I have read a book that I have fallen deeply in love with. So here is my attempt of one - you just have to read this book when it is published on the 1st February. It has everythin [...]

    15. Hilaria Alexander's writing has a beautiful lyric quality to it that even when she is breaking your heart, she is at the same time soothing it! I love to get lost in any book by this author! My review: /review/show

    16. This was my first by Hilaria Alexander. It was sweet and riddled with pop culture references.I found the characters to be super endearing. Everything was vividly described as if I too was in Scotland. Am I the only one looking forward to Declan and Amira?!

    17. I got lost in this lovely story and feel like I've just returned from a scenic trip to Scotland! After a very messy Hollywood break up and losing her job in the process, Sam is lucky to find work doing what she loves as a make up artist on location with a show filming in Scotland. "I looked at the women singing around me. We had differences, but we all had one thing in common. A broken heart. A love story that had left us scarred. A lover who didn’t deliver on a promise. We’d all been there. [...]

    18. ★¸¸.•*¨*•★Minor spoilers alert★•*¨*•.¸¸★Writing style: Dual POVs Cover and chapter design: I like the cool couple image hidden in the Scotland hills. And the sky-blue chapter titles add a nice bit of color inside the novel.❤Favorite Sam Quote:‘I loved him, and he needed to know how much. He was everything.’ ❤Favorite Hugh Quote:‘The air of mystery about her was one of the things that attracted me the most, and her soft voice was another, but the way her eyes seeme [...]

    19. 4.5 Stars - Hilaria Alexander delivers a sweet, feel good romance with Sam and Hugh’s story in Lost in Scotland. From the first page to the last, I was smitten with this Scottish adventure, completely caught up in the brilliant imagery and vibrant characters that made this book come to life. Sam and Hugh were absolutely adorable and I was quick to fall in love with their witty banter, shared passion for film, and genuine sweetness. The colorful cast of secondary characters added laughter and l [...]

    20. Actual Rating --> 4.5 Stars-----------------I’m not even going to sugarcoat it, Lost in Scotland was exactly what the doctor ordered; it had a heroine finding herself, a deliciously written hero, and witty remarks to make you grin. Hilaria Alexander has created such a fun, light-hearted romance that brought this reader on a sweet journey of ups and downs which lead to ultimately falling head over heels in love. I found everything from the characters to the writing to the world-building to b [...]

    21. Lost in Scotland is the newest book by one of my favorite authors, Hilaria Alexander. I love her books for their realness and of course the author’s writing. Lost in Scotland tells the story of Sam and Hugh, who fall in love in Scotland and have to navigate between their own wants, and the demands of the almighty movie industry they work for. I love their story.“You’ve made the right choice, Sam. Scotland is the perfect place to start over.”After her revenge plan on her cheating boyfrien [...]

    22. 4 stars? 3.5 stars? Not sure yet. I thinks this one is one of those books that you enjoy while reading it, but becomes pretty forgettable later on. Nothing that would stand out to make me remember it, or want to re-read it someday. But it was good while it lasted! What I liked: she is a makeup artist in Hollywood, older sister to a famous actress. Her father emigrated from Pakistan, so I like that she is an exotic beauty, not the cookie cutter heroine. The story opens with her at the Golden Glob [...]

    23. This was my first book by Hilaria Alexander and it made me want to read all her books. This was such a breath of fresh air and combined two favorite things: the movie industry and Scotland. A sweet, sexy read that will whisk you away to scenery that comes alive under the words of Hilaria Alexander.I fell in love with Sam and Hugh and their playful and fun relationship as they got to know each other and fell in love. This is not an instant love story but really explores people getting to know eac [...]

    24. "Lost in Scotland" is a sexy, witty and addictive read, that had me turning pages quickly, in order to follow alongside the delicious tension between Sam and Hugh.Sam Farouk is a makeup artist in desperate need to rebuild her reputation after a recent betrayal turns ugly. Her revenge plot backfires and she is left to tend to her wounds rather than bask in the aftermath of her plan. She is eventually offered a job (through connections) which becomes an opportunity of a lifetime, in Scotland. It i [...]

    25. I would give this little treasure of a book 8 Stars if I could! Hilaria Alexander BLEW ME AWAY! I am so ashamed to say that Lost in Scotland is the first book of hers that I have read (*covers face with hands to hide*), but y'all. I'M OBSESSED. Like circle the globe and love left over obsessed. Her writing is so fresh and I love the cultural diversity of her characters. And can we take a few to look at that cover?! <3 <3 <3 It is GORGEOUS. Okay, onto the actual book review, yeah? Y'all. [...]

    26. This book was all kinds of amazing. It has everything I love in a great read. Hollywood drama, travel, romance, unbelievable chemistry, witty side characters, and let's not forget the touch of a HOT , Humble and Sexy Sottish man my personal favorite. When I say once you start reading this book, it will be extremely hard to put down I not lying. You will love this book from page one till the last.I adored Sam and Hugh's story. I loved the back drop of their story (the way Scotland is described is [...]

    27. Lost in Scotland by Hilaria Alexander is the first book of hers that I have read. (*I know, I’m slacking on my new author reads*) All I can say is that, this book was all kinds of amazing. It has all of the things I love in a great read. Hollywood drama, traveling, romance, unbelievably amazing chemistry, and let's not forget the dash of a HOT, humble and sexy man, Scottish to be precise my new favorite. All of the other characters are special too, they add flavor to the story! Once you start [...]

    28. Lost in Scotland by Hilaria Alexander is a romance that is told in multiple points of view. Sam Farouk is having a bad year. She just found out her boyfriend of 7 years was cheating on her and then some events force her to leave sunny L.A. For the highlands of Scotland. There she will be a makeup artist for an up and coming show that is getting lots of buzz and is getting lots of hype. She feels a bit lost and homesick. Well until she meets and falls for Hugh MacLeod. He plays Abarath, dragon sl [...]

    29. Thank you Colleen Hoover for adding a review of this book. Well, this book need more attention from it got. it deserved moreIt sucked me right into the book from the start. The writing itself is a kind of page-turner. I couldn't put this book down. How the LA girl ended up working at Scotland and how Hugh and Sam met accidentally but mostly magically. It got me smiling sheepishly like an idiot. The story turned out to be ordinary but not boring. There isn't much of a twist. It is an easy but int [...]

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