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Branson No tycoon is popular few claim to be richer and none has masterminded a recognizable brand than Richard Branson What is behind the success of the buccaneering balloonist the tabloids favorite celeb

  • Title: Branson
  • Author: Tom Bower
  • ISBN: 9781841153865
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No tycoon is popular, few claim to be richer, and none has masterminded a recognizable brand than Richard Branson What is behind the success of the buccaneering balloonist, the tabloids favorite celebrity nude, the grinning jumper, and the scourge of corporate goliaths Helped by eyewitness accounts of than 250 people with direct experience with Branson,No tycoon is popular, few claim to be richer, and none has masterminded a recognizable brand than Richard Branson What is behind the success of the buccaneering balloonist, the tabloids favorite celebrity nude, the grinning jumper, and the scourge of corporate goliaths Helped by eyewitness accounts of than 250 people with direct experience with Branson, Tom Bower has uncovered a different tale than the one so eagerly promoted by Virgin s publicists Here is the full story of Branson his businesses, his friendships, his ambition, his law breaking, his drug taking, his bullying From the cockpit of a balloon in the clouds to the center of Branson s operations in his Holland Park home, this book is an intimate scrutiny of exactly how Richard Branson created himself and sold himself Tom Bower s biography reveals Branson to be a single minded profiteer who, while occasionally generous to others, has a fixed purpose to enhance his family s wealth in secret off shore trust funds Instead of a glittering saint, Branson emerges as a devious actor, proud of swiping for his own profit the good ideas of others From his quest to acquire the license for the National Lottery to his plans to launch space tourism with Virgin Galactic, this fully updated edition follows Branson s enterprises and investments up to his failed bid for Northern Rock.

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        Tom Bower born 28 September 1946 is a British writer, noted for his investigative journalism and for his unauthorized biographies.A former Panorama reporter, his books include unauthorised biographies of Tiny Rowland, Robert Maxwell, Mohamed Al Fayed, Geoffrey Robinson, Gordon Brown and Richard Branson He won the 2003 William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award for Broken Dreams, an investigation into corruption in English football His joint biography of Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel Conrad and Lady Black Dancing on the Edge was published in November 2006, and an unsuccessful libel case over a passing mention of Daily Express proprietor Richard Desmond in the book was heard in July 2009.An unauthorised biography by Bower of Richard Desmond, provisionally entitled Rough Trader, awaits publication Bowers s biography of Simon Cowell, written with Cowell s co operation, was published on 20 April, 2012.Bower is married to Veronica Wadley, former editor of the London Evening Standard, and has four children.


    1. Break the rules and laws, have fun, cheat, never afraid of over debt, but always play a nice guy at public. This is Richard Branson's secret sauce according to this book. Not a bad read, but sometimes little bit boring and biased.

    2. What a massive disappointment, not the book but the person it was written about, i used to be a great fan of Brandson and now i just really dislike him now

    3. “In an unusual decision, based upon the advice of the lawyers who vetted this book, it has been agreed that no interview sources will be provided or people individually thanked. Nevertheless, the reader should be assured that every fact stated in this book has been sourced and for obvious reasons has been verified to the satisfaction of the lawyers.”So says Bower, in the acknowledgements section of this book, clearly very strong and convincing words. There is no shortage of stories of staff [...]

    4. It was interesting to read a very different perspective on Branson and how he has built his businesses. However, the authors claim to have written an 'objective biography' should be seriously questioned. I do not claim to be unbiased, I am a fan of much of what has been done by the Virgin group. I understand that in business some deals can seem very ruthless, and Branson, despite his jovial media coverage is known to be very cut throat when he does appear in a boardroom. This book is critical of [...]

    5. I got it from Pound Land and I can clearly see why they dumped this garbage in Pound land for £1. In the beginning I liked this book because it allows you to see a different side to Richard Brandson but throughout the book the author takes every opportunity to talk negatively about Richard about the most ridiculous things and even turns anything positive he has done into a negative. Clearly the author doesn't like Brandson and written this book just to take his anger out therefore I stopped rea [...]

    6. SCREW THEM, LETS DO IT: RICHARDS ADVENTURES IN BLUNDERLAND Entertaining expose of Richard Bransons business career. The book isnt particularly well written but highlights the hypocrisy of the ubiquitous Richard Branson frequently voted top of the business pops. Branson comes across as a puerile, opportunistic, astonishingly crass and unpleasant man.His main sources of profit would appear to be when he has nestled himself under the protective wings of the state, his airlines (having a dual monopo [...]

    7. Certainly very interesting.Naturally the fact that he's made some enemies along the way, is not going to appear in Branson's own accounts as his brand relies on being the peoples champion. But I'm not sure he needs to be vilified for having self serving versions of the truth, for hiding company finances, or even lobbying politicians to serve his own financial interest. All perfectly legal and very well executed. There's few positive words for the the ways he's always been able to find investors [...]

    8. The book explains a lot about Bransons business structure but is often repeated throughout the book. Also the tendency is a bit negative, there is not much that Branson can do right in the opinion of the writer (well, maybe Branson really didn't do anything right but that is hard to believe). It most certainly wasn't the easiest book to read, a bit dry at times but overall gives you a good overview of all the companies he put together. So in general, very informative but not the most pleasant bo [...]

    9. Branson is one of the world's best publicized brands. But true to the proverb that behind every great fortune lies a pile of sins, Tom Bower has exposed Branson's sins while building his empire. This does NOT detract from Branson's PR/marketing/leadership skills but shows that -He has impoverished his partners-He has succeeded in monopoly businesses( airlines/Radio/Trains) but not in competitive ones-His apparent wins(BA libel case etc) were not really wins when we go deeper.Such investigative j [...]

    10. Of course it made a Branson fan like me sad - but I guess business is war. Still, the thing that irks me most is the tax evasion and perhaps the lack of gratefulness to ex comrades. The book also suggests that Branson is more noise than substance. Although, Branson may have his ulterior motives for the English Channel or Balloon Race, still unlike Tom Bower, I still it takes some guts to do so. By being super negative on everything about Branson, Tom Bower actually makes his book less believable [...]

    11. This is a difficult book to rate - there's so much information packed into it that it is hard to keep track of it all, but definite themes appear of how Branson has dealt with business over the years. It is profoundly interesting how his business brand really has amounted to marketing, understanding how to manipulate public and media perception, and having an exceptional team of lawyers.

    12. Reading this book is like learning the "dark side" of Sir Richard Branson. Despite we all understand business is like a war, there is no friendly competition among the players, In order for one to succeed, other shall fail. I guess this is the message that the author wanted to share.But I would still choose to believe there are good in Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin Groups.

    13. I was surprised by how many different enterprises the businessman described in this book had been involved in. The overall impression was of a man who comes across as a buffoon but is in reality is very ruthless (both personally and in professionally) and superficial.

    14. Very interesting reading and a definite eye-opener for me.Gives one a totally different perspective on Mr Virgin - not quite as sweet and innocent as a Virgin Worth reading -

    15. Very interesting read. He's clearly not a fan and is perhaps overly harsh in places but a good read none the less. You get behind the spin that's for sure.

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