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Painajaisuni Voiko painajaisunta k ytt murha aseena Nelj eri puolella USA ta asuvaa miest kertovat n hneens toistuvasti saman painajaisunen Kun kaikki nelj miest l ydet n kuolleina ilmeisesti itsemurhan tehnein

  • Title: Painajaisuni
  • Author: John Verdon Marja Luoma
  • ISBN: 9789512404100
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Voiko painajaisunta k ytt murha aseena Nelj eri puolella USA ta asuvaa miest kertovat n hneens toistuvasti saman painajaisunen Kun kaikki nelj miest l ydet n kuolleina, ilmeisesti itsemurhan tehnein , entinen NYPD n murhatutkija Dave Gurney pyydet n apuun K y ilmi, ett kaikilla uhreilla oli jonkinlainen yhteys kuuluisaan psykologiin Richard Hammondiin, joka piVoiko painajaisunta k ytt murha aseena Nelj eri puolella USA ta asuvaa miest kertovat n hneens toistuvasti saman painajaisunen Kun kaikki nelj miest l ydet n kuolleina, ilmeisesti itsemurhan tehnein , entinen NYPD n murhatutkija Dave Gurney pyydet n apuun K y ilmi, ett kaikilla uhreilla oli jonkinlainen yhteys kuuluisaan psykologiin Richard Hammondiin, joka pit kiisteltyj hypnoterapiaistuntojaan vanhassa, jo loistonsa menett neess kartanossa Viralliset tahot ovat vakuuttuneita Hammondin syyllisyydest , mutta tarinassa tuntuu olevan monta aukkoa Gurney matkustaa vaimonsa Madeleinen kanssa tapaamaan Hammondia l hestyv n lumimyrskyn uhallakin ja p tyy tutkimaan yht el m ns oudoimmista ja vaarallisimmista tapauksista.

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        JOHN VERDON has held several executive positions with Manhattan advertising firms, but like his protagonist, he recently relocated with his wife to rural upstate New York.


    1. 3.5 Is it possible to hypnotize four different men, in different parts of the country, a dream of wolves and a dagger, that will cause them all to commit suicide? This is the case that Jack Hardwick brings to Dave Gurney, a case that will send he and his wife to the Wolf Lodge in the picaresque Adirondacks. A case that unbeknownst to Gurney will invoke some painful memories for his wife, bringing her back to the summers she spent there and the death of a young man.This series are one in a chain [...]

    2. Dave Gurney, is a retired NYPD homicide detective (probably because of Madeleine). They now live on a farm in the Catskills (probably because of Madeleine). It's an idyllic life for Madeleine, but Dave's most pressing problem for today is trying to figure out why a porcupine is walking back and forth on a tree branch. Yeah, Dave's bored.Dave's pal, Jack Hardwick, asks for help on a case. Again. Usually passive-aggressive Madeleine has a fit because Dave agrees to help. I guess Madeleine doesn't [...]

    3. Πέμπτο βιβλίο της σειράς και κάπου εδώ το χάσαμε…Προσωπικά, ότι είχε φτιάξει για 4 βιβλία, το χάλασε εδώ. Ειλικρινά από ένα σημείο και μετά απλά το διάβαζα για να το ολοκληρώσω Δεν μου αρέσει όταν βάζω κακές βαθμολογίες σε βιβλία (ειδικά σε βιβλία που έχω διαβάσει τα προηγού [...]

    4. El temor crece en la oscuridad. Solo entreabre una puerta y deja que imagine lo que podría haber del otro lado. ¡Al fin apareció el quinto de la serie! Apenas me enteré de que ya estaba disponible, lo empecé a leer. Y como no podía ser de otra manera, lo devoré. Es, al igual que sus predecesores, sumamente adictivo y está lleno de giros y misterios esparcidos tan estratégicamente como solo Verdon puede hacerlo. Controlaré tus sueños aborda un cuádruple crimen que desafía todo lo que [...]

    5. John Verdon is back for another well-grounded and deeply psychological thriller that will keep readers up well into the night, gripping pillow and covers alike. Tired and ready for a break, former NYPD Detective David Gurney and his wife, Madeleine, are preparing to head out for some solitude in snowy, rural Vermont. Days before they are to leave, they receive a somewhat unwanted visitor, Jane Hammond, who seeks Gurney's help to clear her brother's name. Dr. Robert Hammond is a hypnotherapist wh [...]

    6. Η ευχάριστη έκπληξη ήρθε από τον John Verdon στο 5ο βιβλίο του με τις περιπέτειες του συνταξιούχου -στα χαρτιά μόνο,όπως φαίνεται!- ντετέκτιβ Ντέιβιντ Γκάρνεϊ.Μετά από 4 αμφιλεγόμενα βιβλία (κουραστικά και με περιττό μπλα μπλα για κάποιους) ο Verdon επιχειρεί να ανανεώσει το συγγραφ [...]

    7. Άλλο ένα ωραίο βιβλίο από τον Verdon. Πέρα από τις πρωτότυπες αστυνομικές ιστορίες του, που μου αρέσουν, αυτό που πραγματικά με ξετρελαίνει είναι οι περιγραφές των τοπίων που εξελίσσονται αυτές οι ιστορίες! Έχω κάνει τόσα μαγικά ταξίδια και έχω πλάσει αμέτρητες μαγικές εικόνε [...]

    8. For a Verdon that's a Gurney, this one is long. For me, because I particularly like psychological thrillers more than just the standard mystery who-dun-it, the beginning and quite into the core- it was nearly a five. I had hopes it would be. Certainly the tension of the first 150 pages was to the "can't stop reading" levels.And then it wasn't. Because the Wolf Lake Lodge itself got so ridiculously unusual and Madeleine (Mrs. Dave Gurney) became even more passive aggressive irritating than averag [...]

    9. Wolf Lake is the latest installment in the Dave Gurney series. This is a novel with a great hook. Imagine four strangers living in four different parts of the country who all apparently committed suicide after having the same nightmare. The one thing these four strangers share in common is that each of the victims prior to their death met with a controversial psychologist, Richard Hammond, at a thousand-dollar-a-night resort. Verdon really weaves a fantastic story even if at times it mixes eleme [...]

    10. This is the fifth Dave Gurney book. Other than the fact that a retired NYPD would be drawn into such complex cases is a little far-fetched, the stories are very interesting and well plotted. I like the tension that Verdon has created between Gurney and his wife, this is something one would expect for a couple that is continually drawn back to a life they have given up.I look forward to the next Dave Gurney book. This review was originally posted on The Pfaeffle Journal

    11. Review: WOLF LAKE by John VerdonWhat a deep, compelling, and riveting mystery! I consumed with avidity. Although this is the fifth in the series, it's the first I've read (although I own the first, THINK OF A NUMBER). Author John Verdon delivers the equivalent of a multitude of locked-room mysteries: not just one, but four suspicious deaths, of seemingly unrelated individuals in different geographic regions. Then the single known connection is a genius, neurotic, paranoid, hypnotherapist. His de [...]

    12. Favori yazarım John Verdon'dan yeni çıkan kitabı Kurt Gölü için Tam Puan!!! Tek kelime ile mükemmeldi. Dozahını çok iyi verdiği heyecan ve sakinleştirici detayları ile satılar hızla eriyor. Umarım bir sonraki kitabı için çok beklemem.

    13. ο αγαπημενος Βερντον. Μου αρεσουν πολυ οι ιστοριες του και οι περιγραφες των τοπων δρασης των μυθιστορημάτων του

    14. Η Λίμνη των Λύκων, του John VerdonΑκόμα μια φορά, ο συγγραφέας παίζει με το δίπτυχο περίπλοκη υπόθεση/απλούστατη απάντηση. Γεμάτο βιβλίο και στιβαρή ιστορία, χωρίς χαλαρές άκρες που αφήνουν ερωτηματικά.Τι μου άρεσε:Από πλευράς έκδοσης λάτρεψα τον τίτλο και το εξώφυλλο. Επίσης, η [...]

    15. The plot plays out in latest in the latest Dave Gurney thriller at Wolf Lake Lodge, in the remote Adirondacks. It is certainly not without a tantalizing history. Shortly after it became an inn in the early 1900s, wolves devoured its founder on the property. The entire setting screams gothic horror starting with the raving gray man carrying an axe and raving about a hawk that knows evil. The inn itself reinforces this concept with it’s creepy vestige standing in the shadow of two mountains with [...]

    16. Dave Gurney serisi en sevdiğim polisiyelerden biriydi, ilk dört kitabı severek okumuş olunca bu kitabı merakla beklemiştim, tabii çıktığını öğrenince çok sevindim. Kitabı okurken Gurney serisini ve serideki mantığı özlediğimi fark ettim. Bu kitap serinin diğer kitaplarına yine çok benziyordu, yazar her zamanki kurgu biçimini ve olay örgüsünü benimsemişti, hangi sayfada ne yaşanacağını çok bildiğiniz için bunlara hazırlıklı okuyorsunuz, yazarın bu sorunu a [...]

    17. Number five in the Dave Guerney series did not disappoint, but I don't think any will affect me like the first, which I thought was absolutely brilliant. Intricate mystery solver, decorated ex-NY state police detective now-retired, takes on the mystery of why four people could commit suicide in the exact same manner after having the exact same frightening dream. The cast of characters is not really large, so solving the mystery isn't hugely difficult if the reader's paying close attention. Good [...]

    18. Θέλεις να φτιάξεις ένα νόστιμο γεύμα ανάλογο των προτιμήσεων σου. Στην αγορά βλέπεις πολλά ωραία, φρέσκα υλικά. Τα αγοράζεις όλα. Στον πάγκο παρατηρείς πως δεν ταιριάζουν όλα στο πιάτο σου αλλά τα πήρες και δε θέλεις να τα βάλεις στο ψυγείο μήπως ξεχαστούν και σαπίσουν. Ξεκι [...]

    19. Creo que es el que menos me ha gustado de los 5. También soy más exigente que cuando sacó el primero. Aún así creo que incluso los personajes mismos están ya cansados. Le ha dado demasiadas vueltas al misterio de este caso, para intentar ocultar algo bastante previsible y lo ha enrevesado demasiado para tal final, que no me ha gustado. No he simpatizado esta vez tanto con Gurney y con esta nueva Madeleine desquiciada. Prometía el tema y la ambientación pero

    20. סבבה של ספר מתח. התכוונתי לתת 4 כוכבים כי ממש נהניתי ממנו, אבל אז הגעתי לסוף, שהיה קצת מרושל וגם צפוי. גם ההערות על נושא ההומלנד סקיוריטי שהסופר שתל לאורך הספר היו מיותרות בעיניי. עדיין היה כיף לקרוא.

    21. La quinta entrega de las aventuras de Dave Gurney vuelve a subir el nivel. Un buen misterio y una gran ambientación son sus puntos fuertes. Me ha mantenido enganchado y es lo que le pido a este tipo de novela, así que le caen cuatro estrellas.

    22. "What crueler and more wicked way could you kill a man than make him kill himself?" Actual rating: 10/5 stars. Cause that's how bloody good every John Verdon book is.I haven't got the chance to write reviews at the time I've read his first four books and it's been ages since I've done that, actually. I remember now the anticipation that I had for his next book and the years that passed till it got into my hands. And now I can say that it was worth every second of waiting.First when I started rea [...]

    23. Ya van cinco entregas y sorprendentemente en esta última mejora bastante. Parece que Verdon se ha dado cuenta de lo repetitivo que iba siendo la estructura de sus novelas desde el segundo tomo y ha decidido cambiar el escenario.Y ese hotel donde sucede todo es precisamente lo mejor del libro, como también que le da más peso a la mujer del detective, cosa que se agradece porque la relación entre ellos en otros libros no era apenas creíble.Si eres seguidor de esta saga te va a gustar. Pero ta [...]

    24. Book #5 in Dave Gurney series. Much better than last one in series. Much more of Dave's thinking about the case and sorting out the evidence. Loved the backdrop. I also enjoyed seeing a different side of his wife. Looking forward to the next one. 5 stars

    25. July 18th 2017This book is so slow Perhaps I'm just not focused enough, but I've had to relisten to parts of it several times. Today I'm starting over from the beginning. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet To be continuedFinished and not a day to late. I can't say that I enjoyed this book at all. It had a few moments where I thought it could be good. But then it shot me down. Just by reading the description, this sounds like a good read. But sadly, there's way to many pages of nonesense betw [...]

    26. A la altura de la primera entrega de la saga, John Verdon no vuelve a defraudar (como pasó con el segundo libro). Si bien hace de Maddie un personaje mucho más complejo, se sigue dejando ver la tendencia de personaje-coñazo que no es que desarrolle, sino que parece ser algo inherente a ella. La relación Gurney-Hardwick, como siempre, brillante; al igual que la resolución del caso: ese "giro de la trama" que añade en cada novela, tan característico de Verdon, que siempre te pilla despreven [...]

    27. John Verdon'dan harika bir kitap daha. Kendisi polisiye gerilim türünde en beğendiğim 3-4 yazardan biri ve şu ana kadar yazmış olduğu 5 adet kitabın hepsini okudum ve bir tanesine bile bu olmamış demedim şiddetle tavsiye ederim.

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