Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Volume 1

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Volume 1

Harold Sakuishi / Jun 01, 2020

Beck Mongolian Chop Squad Volume Sakuishi s addictive manga series is now available in the U S Shy year old Yukio Tanaka s life is changed forever when he meets rocker Ryusuke Minami an unpredictable year old with a cool dog n

  • Title: Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Volume 1
  • Author: Harold Sakuishi
  • ISBN: 9781417692286
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Library Binding
  • Sakuishi s addictive manga series is now available in the U.S Shy 14 year old Yukio Tanaka s life is changed forever when he meets rocker Ryusuke Minami, an unpredictable 16 year old with a cool dog named Beck Full color Rated for older teens.

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        Associated names HAROLD Name in native language Birth Name Sakuishi Takahiro Blood type ABSakuishi has a wide variety of interests which include baseball he is a huge Chunichi Dragons fan , martial arts, MMA, and music he is a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan Each of these has become the basis for his most popular series baseball in Stopper Busujima, fighting in Bakaichi, and music in Beck His series also often include character cameos from his past works one of the newspaper reporters in Beck is actually from Stopper Busujima and so on Additionally, he s a big fan of Sangokushi Romance of the Three Kingdoms with an altered version of that story appearing in Beck written by Christy Sakuishi In Beck he included many famous people in background crowds These included many popular musicians, characters from Happy Sangokushi and MMA legends Royce Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba.


    1. Although manga readers might feel (rightly) that the concept has been done before, Beck is intriguing for its introspective tone and surprising depth of feeling. The reader leaves the first volume with a lot of food for thought and a lot of curiosity about what the future will bring the main character. With the notable exception of the cliche of the horndog friend, the characters are already settingup as complex enough to keep you guessing---in a good way. Is Ryosuke a player, an undependable mo [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this! I got into the series through the anime that aired on a couple music channels. It builds on what I already know, and develops it/shows me some things I didn't know.So, the writing: generally, it's fairly solid. It's a little corny, but it's the right level of corny. I'm already reading a manga about a bunch of kids starting a rock band, so I suppose when I sit down for this, I'm already prepared for a slight bit of cheese. Sets up Yukio's lifestyle, and throws together a f [...]

    3. Status: CompletedNo matter how many times I read Beck (all 34 volumes of awesome) I always feel so many different emotions. Nostalgia, despair, sadness, happiness and hope. This series has always been one of my top favorites. The story depicts the reality a person who aims to be a top rock musician has to face. I love that the author showed perfectly the human drama, the friendship, the romance and the harsh truth about the music industry. I love every character, they are not perfect but their i [...]

    4. The story was okay but the art in this book was just short of being horrible. It was serviceable, but the faces and eyes of most characters were off. Most of the characters look like porcelain dolls, emotionless. I get the feeling though that the art is done by an inexperience manga artist and hopefully the art will get better on down the line. I could see some improvement from the start of this volume but that’s just because I was looking for it.

    5. damn! i love this manga so much! one of the best! sangat orisinil dari karakter-karakternya, realis, dan sukses mengangkat isu musik yang jauh dari sekedarnya! bahkan baca Beck bisa membuat deg deg an seperti membaca agatha christie hehehe

    6. So Beck is this one manga about rock music. I had always assumed it was about that rock star, Beck. But apparently Beck is some Frankenweenie-style dog. Also, after reading the first volume, I have no still idea what the “Mongolian Chop Squad” is a reference to…Story:Yukio Tanaka is a really boring middle school kid. He listens to lame Okinawan music, sleeps through class, spies on the swim team, and is generally, a loser. But things are starting to look up. For one thing, his old childhoo [...]

    7. Το τελείωσα. Έκανε κάποιες μεγάλες κοιλιές και προσπάθησε να γίνει ένα από τα manga που ξεχνούν να τελειώσουν, χωρίς να μπορεί να το στηρίξει. Αν εξαιρέσεις αυτό, είχε κάποια καλά σημεία στην πλοκή και κάποια μη αναμενόμενα twists, αλλά αυτό που του έδινε άλλο αέρα ήταν οι αναφορέ [...]

    8. 4 starsI've learned about Beck before though didn't took any interest then. Maybe due to the fact that I'm hook into mainstream manga specifically shounen that has themes of violence and save the world view. And I mainly rely on recommendations from my otaku friends. (Now I'm wondering about their tastes) Well, good thing I decided to take this on but its truly because of the INFINITE AWESOME HARDCORE OST. (Hands down) So here's the gist of Volume 1, there's a boy name Tanaka Koyuki. A typical t [...]

    9. beck’s a great story, basically about this kid who gets into a band. its really inspiring and down to earth. the day to day crap was really relatable and was almost enjoyable to watch because even though bad things happens to koyuki (i think he even says at some point ‘when it rains it really pours for me’ or something) he still doesn’t get majorly depressed and looks at the situation positively. i also thought that the passion for music was sucessfully transferred to the reader and at s [...]

    10. Overall Rating: A+Synopsis: Beck is a manga by Harold Sakuishi that follows Koyuki, a junior high nerd. At the beginning of the series, Koyuki leads a boring life, with a pervert as his only friend. That all changes when he saves a strange looking dog named Beck, and meets the dog's owner, Ryuusuke. The two become friends, and Koyuki starts down the path to being cool.Beck centers around a band formed by Ryuusuke, and its rise to fame, but that's not what the series is about. The manga primarily [...]

    11. I didn't think I would really get into this book. Though my friend had recommended it, it didn't seem like anything I would like. Surprise to me, it's really good! It's quite a refreshing read. The characters are warm and engaging and I definitely want to read more. Koyuki, the lead, is a typical boy in many ways but is kind of spacey. He's funny and very Japanese. Also, I love the parts where he hears really good music or it just strikes him that oh my god, this is amazing. The art is really we [...]

    12. I bought this comic earlier this year after i started again with my guitar. This is a story about a boring, hobby-less boy with weak taste of music whose life turns upside down when he met and was inspired by a Rocker. This manga is meant to be a comedy as well. So it doesnt have the seriousness and sophistication that Death Note has (a recent comic series which has captivated me). Japanese Manga is very explorative about aspects of human life, unlike the western ones who is driven by power. You [...]

    13. Decent shonen series about Yukio, an average Joe, whose life changes after he meeds rocker Ryusuke. The art's occasionally uneven, and there's more overt fan service than I'm accustomed to finding in even my shonen series. (Or at least different kinds of fan service. Maybe the levels/types vary by magazine?) Still, I'm generally fond of stories about characters pursuing fame and fortune in whatever field of endeavor. Side note: The anime adaptation tones down the fan service somewhat and has the [...]

    14. I was given this for free at a TokyoPop promotion. It's pretty standard plot, loser boy with pervert sidekick cannot declare his love for old friend now grown-up. He follows her around and meets an interesting young man (and his sister) with a talent for rock music. Loser boy becomes enamoured of the music but also with the idea of being in a band. Read volume two for more of the same. I'm guessing that by volume five he might have embarassed himself by playing a gig. I really enjoyed the transl [...]

    15. tema musik & jati diriyang diangkat di beck setelah ditelaah harusnya untuk pembaca dewasa diatas 17 tahun.karena ada mature content yang banyak disensorklum,disini kan ada perbenturan budaya barat & timur,jadinya cukup emosional dalam intriknya.tapi lama kelamaan mungkin para readers cenderung bosan begitu semakin mendalami ceritanya karena menurutku terlalu didramatisir nih karakter didalam beckkup ikuti trivia & pengetahuan seputar musik yang diusung dalam cerita ini aja,setuju??? [...]

    16. This looks like the beginning of a fun 'socially awkward teenager finds himself through rock & roll' story, which I approve of. It does get overly male-gazey at times (which is especially weird since it reads kind of like 'shoujo-for-boys' though I'm not sure what genre this actually belongs in). A promising start, though, and the girls seem to be well-drawn characters even if I could do with less fixation with what they look like in swimsuits.

    17. I was drawn to this manga because it dealt with a subject matter that was different from the shonen manga I was reading at the time. It was about music and rock bands and the dreams of teenage boys who picked up a guitar and dreamed of hitting it big with their own band.The art was refreshingly different from shonen manga as well. It had a realism to it that set it apart from the other manga I was reading at the time. It helped that the artist drew cute girls.

    18. seseorang mengatakan bahwa ini adalah manga kesukaannya saat saya bertanya 'udah nonton film BECK belum?'.Segera saja saya mencari tau manga ini dan saat saya baca volume pertamanyaleh juga. Walaupun saya agak bingung karena udah duluan nonton filmnya hhe.Tone gambarnya kayak komik Gokusen ya, padahal BECK ini diterbitin sama Elex bukan Level Comic. Tapi ceritanya lumayan menarik walaupun konten vulgar-dewasanya banyak banget wqwq.

    19. After seeing the anime with my group here at the library and receiving volume 2 as a birthday gift, I wanted to read the manga. It's good but I still find it difficult to read the Japanese way from right to left. The story revolves around a 14 yr old boy who befriends a 16 yr old who is an amazing guitar player. Along the way there are a few girls and some swimming. You have to read it in order to understand it, I think.

    20. A really great story. I read this first manga to see if I would like it and then I bought the anime. I strongly suggest that watching the anime and hearing the music is the way to go. It puts you in a totally different head space and you relate to each character even more(plus if your into rock or just good music in general that helps). This story is not for everyone, its about four boys and thier musical journey to fame. But its worth a check out.

    21. Awesome. Its based on a rock band, there hardship there growth. While the story is cliche , you still enjoy the different characters in the band there growth and struggle. What was surprising was the international bands mentioned and the research going into it.

    22. This manga was readable, but I didnt' love it. The main character is obsessed with a Japanese rock star from America. And he is interested in his sister as well. The plot wasn't terribly deep. I think I'll pass on future volumes.

    23. kali pertama baca di majalah manga -lupa namanya- ceritanya unik banget, karakternya asyik, tapi sosok gambarnya tidak spt manga kebanyakan. lebih realistis. kalo yang suka manga cakep2 plus dengan mata yang super lebar itu, pasti pertama ga suka liat gambarnya hahahahah

    24. A manga about music (band in specific),another typical "average boy becoming the super talented" story, though it's written in a good way so it's not annoying at all.Some people who actually been raising a band might relate to the story in general ;)It's a good one, really.

    25. Fresh and original art + great and funny story = excellent series. Though without sound, I'd say this manga is even better than anime. But listening to the original BECK anime soundtrack when reading this gem is highly recommended.

    26. Basically, I read this entire series too many times to count. Plus it has become a ritual every summer to watch the entire series again and again. It has been what? Nearly 8 years and I'm still not sick of this plot and its memorable characters. Huzzah! Still one of my all time favorites. Top Five!

    27. This is an amazing manga series and anime, it follows the stories of yuki, an average high schooler in japan with no link to music, and Rayuuski, a teen guitarist from America. It follows their stories as they journey into the world of music and the drama surrounding musicians of all skill levels

    28. [Series Length: 30+ volumes / Read: volumes 1-11](Would you like me to post a short review of this series? Feel free to place a request in my GoodReads InBox. Thanks!)

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