ePistols At Dawn

ePistols At Dawn

Z.A. Maxfield / May 30, 2020

ePistols At Dawn Choose your weapons Jae sun Fields is pissed Someone has taken the seminal coming out coming of age novel Doorways and satirized it He s determined to use his Internet skills and his job as a tabloid

  • Title: ePistols At Dawn
  • Author: Z.A. Maxfield
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Choose your weapons Jae sun Fields is pissed Someone has taken the seminal coming out, coming of age novel Doorways and satirized it He s determined to use his Internet skills and his job as a tabloid reporter to out the author as the fraud and no talent hack he s sure she is Kelly Kendall likes his anonymity and, except for his houseboy, factotum and all around slut,Choose your weapons Jae sun Fields is pissed Someone has taken the seminal coming out, coming of age novel Doorways and satirized it He s determined to use his Internet skills and his job as a tabloid reporter to out the author as the fraud and no talent hack he s sure she is Kelly Kendall likes his anonymity and, except for his houseboy, factotum and all around slut, Will, he craves solitude There s also that crippling case of OCD that makes it virtually impossible for him to leave the house He s hidden his authorship of Doorways behind layers of secrets and several years worth of lies until he loses a bet Satirizing his own work, as far as he can see, is his own damned prerogative Except now he has an online stalker, one who always seems several steps ahead of him in their online duel for information A chance meeting reveals than hidden identities it exposes a mutual magnetic attraction that can t be denied And pushes the stakes that much higher, into a zone that could get way too personal Warning This book contains large Korean men Will, the houseboy, factotum, and all around slut hot sexy manlove including oral sex, and serious ass play Jae s note to self OCD socks mouth BAD.

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    1. dazed and confused.i'm kinda baffled, here.i don't understand how the same person can have written the kind of elegant, restrained characterization that left me cooing like a pigeon on three separate occasions and the sort of wildly OTT plotting that featured (view spoiler)[a murder, a couple instances of casual cyberstalking, like, eighteen secret identities, two suicides, several panic attacks, a boy getting run down in the street by a car, and a pedobear. (hide spoiler)]i don't get itd the se [...]

    2. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4!ePistols at Dawn is difficult to review; I really liked some part of the book, while I felt extremely bothered by others. What I liked:I definitly enjoyed the plot of the book. Jea is working as a journalist and when he realizes that somebody has satirizied Doorways - a novel he feels deeply attached to due to his own coming-out in his youth. He immediately decides that he will try everyting in order to find out who the writer behind Windows really is. The story is full [...]

    3. This is the most satisfying m/m romance I've read in ages, and I only stumbled upon it because it was cheap! It was the length that made it so good. Sometimes an m/m romance is like a miniature chocolate truffle; down the hatch so quickly that it's nothing more than a delicious silken bite, and I'm left wanting another, and another. I mean, some of these titles coming out can be read in half an hour.ePistols at dawn was a plateful of dessert that required a knife and spoon. Because of the length [...]

    4. For some reason I’m not completely sure of, I had not yet read ePistols at Dawn by Z.A. Maxfield. Not only am I a HUGE fan of her books, but I happen to LOVE epistolary stories. There are few things I find more charming than a story of two people getting to know each other at a distance. The excitment of getting a new email or letter. Reading i, and uncovering new things you didn’t know about the other person. I’ve always had a soft spot for a story like that. This story had charm to spare [...]

    5. I was glad to see that Kelly has just as much of a hair fetish as I do! I really loved this book. It was slow to start, but it soon picked up momentum, and it became hard to walk away from! 4.5 to 5 stars

    6. Meh, meh, meh, meeeeehhhhhhFor the life of me, I couldn’t connect to the MCs. They weren’t bad people, they just were. They bored me, in fact. The only entertaining character was Will, Kelly’s “Houseboy and all around slut.” I kept wishing the story was about him.This was a slow book in first half. It picked up some In the second, but not enough to make me connect to the conflict the MCs were going through. It wasn’t bad, I just didn’t really care.One thing I did care about was the [...]

    7. The first and second time read in 2011. The third time read in 2015. Fourth time read in December 2016.So good. Intelligent. I just adore the most of it. Towards the end there were quite unnecessary things that stain it a little (too much): the awful joking around Will, around Kelly's clothes. I also didn't like the drama in the end concerning what happened to Will. But really, without those stupid things, this could've been the big book, the m/m romance novel that could've been more important t [...]

    8. 3.9 StarsOkay, so I had a pretty visceral reaction to this book; specifically: How The Adversary's editor justified outing someonewho later committed suicide. Do I think partial responsibility rests with the magazine? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY. Do I understand his vehemence about making sure the public knows when their elected leaders - busy condemning & legislating the LGBTQ community (especially with "faith-based" laws) are actually snorting coke off an underage rent-boy's ass while parading aroun [...]

    9. I'm too old and it's too much time I'm around. Or maybe it's only that I read too much. Z.A. Maxfiled wrote a parody about a man who wrote a parody I think I'm able to recognize to whom Z.A. Maxfield identifies herself in the novel, enough to say it's not the writer (too simple), and I recognized who was the writer she is paying homage to. The story is actually a comedy of errors: Jae is a literary critic working for an LGBT Magazine, The Adversary (quite clear reference to The Advocate); Jae is [...]

    10. I had a difficult time with this story. It just kind of moved along slowly with nothing very gripping happening. I really enjoyed Kelly in the beginning when he was by himself or with the wonderful Will. However, when he connected with Jae, his whole demeanor changed. I had a difficult time connecting with the characters. Will was the most interesting character in this story. He was funny, sweet and sexy, with a shady back story that we only caught glimpses of.There were a few funny lines that m [...]

    11. This is a decent book with a good idea that unfortunately fails to deliver that solid emotionally punch I seem to constantly be looking for from this author. Since I know ZA Maxfield is capable of stunning emotional/angst work, I’m somewhat surprised that with the wealth of possibilities and potential latent in this book, it fails to deliver on that scope. It is still a good book with two fabulous characters (not the main couple unfortunately) and shines with some wonderful scenes that highlig [...]

    12. This is a fun read with an unusual character in the person of Kelly, a romance hero who is middle-aged and hampered by OCD and phobias. Jae Fields is a reporter who tries to track down both the author of his favorite coming of age story and the woman he is convinced is guilty of satirizing it. Z.A. Maxfield gets credit for one of the best sex-gone-wrong episodes I've read, as her heroes try to get together. The presence of a supportive friend-with-benefits was also somewhat novel (as opposed to [...]

    13. I'm not sure if I liked Jae over Yamane. Probably the latter but not for any significant reason. Just that I didn't have to go googling for a face to put to Yamane's character, being totally clueless about Korean men until I read this book.If anything, E-Pistols made me realize there are Koreans of mixed parentage, too. I tend to think only of the Vietnam War and the kids left behind, not the Korean War (way too far up north from us). Same style and feel as the other book and it felt like I was [...]

    14. Things I didn't like about this book- the title & the cover. Seriously. That's why I didn't buy it sooner. Kind of glad I didn't, because I really needed this kind of absorbing read right now. Great story all the way around. Characters were interesting, plot was fun, and intense. Oh- it was sexy, too. One little nigglewas I the only one left wondering if Will had a little more to do with a certain actor's outing than he let on?

    15. This book started off really slow again (like Drawn Together) but picked up and soared once it hit its stride. As usual with ZAM, there is a lot of humor and wit that always make me smile, grin, giggle or laught out loud. I also teared up at points. There are some great lines in this book. I wish I had marked them so I could quote some of them.

    16. Jae-sun Fields, a reporter for a tabloid, is determined to discover who has written a book satirizing his favorite novel Doorways. He is convinced the author is a woman masquerading as a gay man and that they need to be exposed as a fraud for messing with his beloved book.“No way a gay man is going to send up Doorways.” Jae shook his head. “It’s…like…the holy grail of coming-out novels. Catcher in the Rye for those of us not destined to be homicidal assholes.”Going undercover as a [...]

    17. As you can see, the reviews are mixed. I think that's because there are some things in here that could be debated over and over and if you don't agree with ZA Maxfield then yeah you probably didn't like this book as much as you would have had her openions agreed with you. Hey I've been on long enough to know that we are a highly openionated group and there are those that will have an epileptic fit when asked to just agree to disagree. I can just imagain that this book was infuriating for the si [...]

    18. I read quite a lot nice reviews of this book and it sounded like promising gay novel so I bought it. The idea about making parody of parody sounded promising and the plot like good idea. Perhaps it was but too much was too much. Why Pedobear followers must be everywhere? Very valued author of gay novels decided to overcame his OCD and general crazy behavior and wrote parody of hyper super successful book under different pen name. Oh what the great idea which provoked certain tabloid very gay and [...]

    19. “He was a reporter for The Adversary. It was his job to stalk people. He was one step above paparazzi and a couple below common variety garden snake."Jae was beyond pissed. There were few things sacred to him, and some crazy woman had just taken his holy book and created a mocking homage to it. Doorways helped turn him into the man he was. Windows was going to burn on the front page of his newspaper, The Adversary, along with the imposter who wrote it."Were you aware, when you got me into this [...]

    20. Five stars! I love the book and enjoyed it very much. I'm sorry it took me so long to find it but I'm glad I finally did. Yahoo that one of the protagonist was a character of color.What struck me most about this book is, they don't write them like they used to. This was a serious long developed story, with developed characters. They just don't write full complete tales as much nowadays. Sad.

    21. This was a strange novel. I couldn't tell whether to take it seriously and read deeper meanings into Z.A. Maxfield's themes and characterizations, or whether to simply enjoy it as an amusing but predictable time-waster. I think Maxfield was shooting for both impressions simultaneously, hence the strangeness. The novel features a reclusive writer, Kelly, who once wrote a book that defined the experiences of a generation of gay teens. Kelly is a basket case of anxiety and OCD, so he spends almost [...]

    22. If you like a lot of melodrama, cheesy one-liners, eye-rolling moments, stupid character decisions, characters acting like children, and just an overall dull story, this book might be for you!There were a few exciting moments, but in general I couldn't care less about any of the characters. It's kind of disappointing for me since I recall reading another of Maxfield's books that really struck some cords with me and I adore that book, but that book is definitely miles away from this book for me. [...]

    23. This story was kind of all over the place for me. The basic conflict—investigative reporter versus reclusive author—was sound enough, but the execution was oddly distracted and diluted. First, the scandalous truth that Jae was determined to reveal to the world was the idea that the author of a satirical erotica piece about gay men was—gasp!—a woman. Even if this had turned out to be the case, it’s hard to imagine that even the readership of a politically inclined gay magazine would car [...]

    24. intelligent romanceEnemies to loversThis novel was charming, full of smart characters in fairly believable situations. Jae (Korean american tabloid? journalist) and Kelly (anxious reclusive author) have some work to do do their BFFs ('their pit crew on the road to love'). Fun, lovable, some moments of class and some of dorky awkwardness (yay! dating)with side snark aimed at fan girls of gay fiction (sniff. good thing I ain't one of those). The incognito emails between the two enrich the story. T [...]

    25. Hmm. I don't really know what to say about this book. It's not my favorite ZAM book. I didn't feel like I ever connected with the characters and at one point I actually found myself finding household chores to do rather than read, which is a bad sign.I think it was just that it started to get repetitive for me after starting out promising. After the initial set up I looked at how much was left and wondered how it was going to take some many pages to play out and now I know. It was pretty much- c [...]

    26. I enjoyed this book by ZAM and thought the premise was pretty interesting. Jae-Sun is a gay journalist whose favorite book is a coming of age book written by a gay author. He attributes this book to helping him accept his homosexuality and to come out. Years later, another author satirizes his favorite book and he's angry at the disrespect that is shown. What Jae doesn't know is that the satirist is the original author himself. As Jae investigates this story for his tabloid, and he learns more d [...]

    27. I read this book bc a friend recommended it. It starts off painfully bad. There's a lot of info dump. For example, I think we're blatantly told multiple times what each character needs (bc we couldn't possibly figure it out for ourselves) before we're even told what the characters look like. The book does get better, although I personally found the secondary character (Will) a more intriguing character than either protagonist. At least this book didnt annoy me as much as Drawn Together did, but [...]

    28. This is one of my favorites from this author. I really enjoyed the whole story - beginning to end. There was so much to Kelly's various identities that needed to be explored. I loved his relationship with his houseboy, Will. (view spoiler)[In fact, Will was a very engaging character and I was happy to see him with his doc at the end of the story.(hide spoiler)]During the initial buildup of the story, before Jae and Kelly actually met, I felt that the story was moving very slowly and I just wante [...]

    29. I enjoyed this book, though I'm not sure what the title has to do with the story. Maybe because one hero wrote a book about coming out as gay, then parodied it as a sexy romance, and the other hero was outraged that someone desecrated a book he viewed as holy writ. The second hero--who is a very large 3/4 Korean-American--is determined to expose the parodist, who he thinks is a woman and thus a fraud. He meets the hero, who's been hiding as the author of both books, and they start to fall for ea [...]

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