Junior Jolt

Junior Jolt

Elaine Ashford / Jun 05, 2020

Junior Jolt Stepping upHockey captain Parker Gagner is straight Isn t he He s always thought so but there s something so compelling about Eli Martin s pleading eyes that it makes him step into an argument betwee

  • Title: Junior Jolt
  • Author: Elaine Ashford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
  • Stepping upHockey captain Parker Gagner is straight Isn t he He s always thought so, but there s something so compelling about Eli Martin s pleading eyes that it makes him step into an argument between Eli and Eli s asshole ex boyfriend without thinking Pretending to be Eli s new man is only supposed to be a protective gesture, until spending time together becomes moStepping upHockey captain Parker Gagner is straight Isn t he He s always thought so, but there s something so compelling about Eli Martin s pleading eyes that it makes him step into an argument between Eli and Eli s asshole ex boyfriend without thinking Pretending to be Eli s new man is only supposed to be a protective gesture, until spending time together becomes important than pissing off Eli s ex.Holding backEli isn t sure what to do about his growing attraction to Parker They re doing a lot of fake dating, and he can t help wanting Making a move is out of the question, though, unless he wants to risk destroying their friendship.Crossing linesAn unexpected late night encounter leaves both men conflicted and avoiding each other Can they find a way to talk about their feelings before it s too late, or have they ruined their chance to really be together Junior Jolt is a 23000 word standalone novella with a happy ending, no cheating, and no cliffhangers.

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    1. Fake boyfriend, psycho bitch of an ex, longtime crush, bisexual, friends to lovers, heyyou get the gist. I think I read this somewhere before. But somehow there's something in the writing that drew me in. I have a soft spot for a gentle giant who got a protective streak in him. I liked how Parker so smitten with Eli. I'm glad it's still f*cking works with me. (view spoiler)[What I disliked: The misunderstanding. Ugh. And the way Eli ran out from Parker like a damsel in distress. Lol. The drama. [...]

    2. 4 stars – I’m normally not a big fan of short novellas, though I have had some good luck with them recently, so when Junior Jolt, by Elaine Ashford, showed up in a weekly mailing for on-sale new releases a few weeks back, I picked it up. I may not usually go for books this short, but I am a sucker for M/M romances with a hockey player.Parker Gagner is the captain of Toronto University’s hockey team and has always identified as straight, but he just can’t keep his eyes off one of the coll [...]

    3. Missed the first two in this series somehow so will go back to them.Nothing new in this one, guy who finds h I myself falling for a guy, a crazy ex, a fake boyfriend plot, doubts about the true feelings etc, but in spite of that, it's actually a sweet little read with a couple of cute guys.I'm guessing they're early 20s so it's a little bit juvenile at times but there's a couple of smexy times which are passionate and a HFN which makes sense.

    4. 2.5 starsI was really enjoying this story until the 76% mark. Then it just went to hell because of contrived angst that drug on much longer than necessary because of the flimsiest of excuses. I'd rather read an uneventful romance than one with a miscommunication plot device that makes no sense at all. Disappointed!

    5. Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Let's go :DThe StoryParker Gagner is one of those guys who knows exactly what he wants and where he’s going. As the captain of the college’s Hockey team, Parker knows his priorities and lives by the code of honor inside and out of the ice rings. That’s why he steps up in the middle of Eli’s fight with his ex-lover and promptly sends the guy off by [...]

    6. It Feels Good, Satisfying…Everything is Right.This is the third story in the Straight College Guys series (the others being Freshman Feint and Sophomore Secrets). This story was a standalone but if you have read and enjoyed the others there are familiar characters. This story takes place in the same world and time. I loved this book because it deals with a pretty familiar story line (straight guy finds friend attractive and tries to come to terms with his feelings and identity) but in a favora [...]

    7. ***4.5 Stars*** “I've got you,” --ParkerParker and Eli are both just typical college guys. Parker is captain of the hockey team and Eli is on the swim team.Parker notices Eli leaving a local party they are both attending and decides to follow him. When he catches up with Eli he notice him arguing with another guy. Mark is Eli's ex boyfriend and isn't happy about the break-up. He grabs Eli's arm to take him somewhere else to talk. Not liking the direction the argument looks to be going Parker [...]

    8. Junior Jolt by Elaine Ashford Junior Jolt by Elaine Ashford is a wonderful story about self-discovery and taking a chance on love.  Hockey captain, Parker Gagner, rescues Eli Martin from his ex-boyfriend at a party.  He pretends to be his fake boyfriend while questioning his feelings for him.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for new adult audiences. I like Parker.  He is a good team captain.  He is open minded.  He doesn’t tolerate bullying.  He wants more in a relationshi [...]

    9. This was a quick fun read and even though after a few pages I realized it is the third in a series I had no problem getting into it. It's one of those wishful thinking books but at this time of year I'm feeling more inclined to look at goodness or at least hope for it. Hope that there are Parker's out there for the Elis of the world. There is a little nonsense from Eli, wondering if Parker is just being curious in spite of all his outward demonstrations to the contrary but it doesn't go on for l [...]

    10. A Fake Romance Turns into MoreParker does t know what comes over him when he steps in between Eli and his ex boyfriend during a fight. And what possesses him to tell the ex that he's Eli's current boyfriend? Well, he has been feeling this attraction towards the artist/swimmer.Parker is captain of the hockey team and straightright? Eli is confused as to why Parker would step up and say he's his boyfriend but he's not going to complain. But what happens when Parker doesn't seem to be pretending an [...]

    11. ☆ 2.5/5 ☆Je cherchais une lecture courte, mignonne et sans prise de tête, aussi le combi hockey + GFY promis par cette petite nouvelle était parfait pour moi. Une romance mignonne et légère, sans drames, avec de la tendresse et de l'affection, mais aucune psychologie des personnages et une scène de sexe finale nettement trop précipitée à mon goût. En résumé, une lecture version paquet de Haribo, une douceur sucrée mais rien de consistant, une histoire que j'aurai oublié dans que [...]

    12. Cute and sweet story about a hockey player just coming to terms with his bisexuality (he admits he's found other guys attractive before, but this is the first time he's acting on his attraction) and his artistic swimmer friend Eli. There is the requisite drama in the form of miscommunication (which could have been avoided), but it's resolved relatively quickly. It also leads to a happy ending, so I give it a pass.

    13. Eli and Parker are perfect for each other. While Parker keeps his feelings for Eli hidden, he has to step in with Eli's ex decides to get handsy, and their relationship develops from there. I love this book from beginning to end, and while it's another straight man falling in love with another man, Parker's genuine feelings for Eli from the beginning and you feel that as your get to know both of them. It's a sweet and sexy book that I loved!!

    14. Short novellaShort read. Pretty sweet but not much substance to the story. Low angst, except for a tiny blimp of drama towards the end which wasn't exactly necessary, to be honest. Still though, it was sweet =]

    15. 4.5 starsThis was a beautifully written, heartfelt, slow burn, love story and I wish there were more stories like this one. I'm in love with Parker and Eli I wish their story didn't here. I want more!

    16. the captain of the hockey team is LGBT friendly by having gay players and making sure they are safe. Yet he keeps being drawn to a new friend and takes on the chance of being his "boyfriend' to explore the feelings he has for the man.

    17. I freaking love this series, I mean who doesn't like two sweet sexy guys falling in love ?Junior Jolt is Parker and Eli's Story ❤️,, a "straight" guy that falls for his gay friend I read both the previous books Freshman Feint & Sophomore Secrets and loved them so I just knew I was gunna love Parker and Eli's book and I didThis book can be read as a standalone, the series includes the same couples and group of friends so it's best to read them all as you get everyones story The series is [...]

    18. I received a free copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is a Hockey / Art Themed short story from Elaine Ashford. What a great book to lift your spirits and make you feel good! You know one of those books that makes you sigh happily after you have finished it. This was totally what I needed last weekend when I wasn't feeling so well.The main charchters are Captain of the Hockey team Parker Gagner and Art Student Eli Martin. Parker has always been straight but find [...]

    19. Parker, straight man has had plenty of women before and loved it, but when he sees a member of the swim team and an artist Eli, he will feel things he never has felt for another person, woman or man. Parker will be Eli's knight in shining hockey gear when Eli's ex won't leave him alone and become physical, so Parker will step up and become Eli new fake boyfriend. What neither one will expect is the feelings they will have towards the other. But can Eli handle being more for a fake them for the r [...]

    20. Parker has known Eli for years since they have mutual friends, lately though he has started to notice how attractive Eli is which is weird since Parker has always been straight. At a party, Eli is accosted by his ex-boyfriend and Parker intervenes, to get the creep to leave Parker states he is Eli’s new boyfriend and convinces Eli to be “fake” boyfriends till the ex leaves Eli alone. The more time they spend together the less either really thinks of the relationship being “fake”, howev [...]

    21. Parker is the captain of his college hockey team.Eli is on the college swim team.Parker can't help looking at Eli, even though Parker has always been straight.But when Eli's ex shows up, Parker says he is boyfriend and things get better.This book is really sweet.I didn't get a chance to read the first two, but it is easy enough to follow.I volunteered to read an advance reader copy of this book.

    22. I really liked this book. Lately, I haven't enjoyed this author's books so much, but I really enjoyed this one. I loved both Parker and Eli. I love how Parker knew what he wanted and went for it, not agonizing over the fact he wasn't "gay." He just went with his feelings, and it made me smile. It was very refreshing compared to the usual drama in most books. Read it twice, it was so cute!!!

    23. This story is so adorable, I loved it. It was funny and heartwarming and Eli and Parker make a beautiful couple. I loved how although Parker was questioning himself he didn't hesitate in going after what he wanted, Eli. This is my favorite book my this author so far. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

    24. This was a very cute short read. But it was wonderfully done and the you could not help but love the characters. I loved how things developed between Eli and Parker. Besides who would not want a hockey player

    25. Fantastic as usualAshford's stories are always an auto-read for me. This sweet story is as wonderful as expected! Makes me want to go back and read all the guys' stories again.

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