Bedtime for Frances

Bedtime for Frances

Russell Hoban Garth Williams Garth Hoban / Feb 21, 2020

Bedtime for Frances It may be bedtime for Frances but that does not mean Frances is ready to go to bed not by a long shot First she must have a glass of milk and make certain Mother and Father have each kissed her good

  • Title: Bedtime for Frances
  • Author: Russell Hoban Garth Williams Garth Hoban
  • ISBN: 9780060271077
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It may be bedtime for Frances, but that does not mean Frances is ready to go to bed not by a long shot First she must have a glass of milk and make certain Mother and Father have each kissed her good night twice Then she is ready to imagine there is a tiger in her room, and a giant, andeach time Frances thinks up something new, off she goes to tell her ever patienIt may be bedtime for Frances, but that does not mean Frances is ready to go to bed not by a long shot First she must have a glass of milk and make certain Mother and Father have each kissed her good night twice Then she is ready to imagine there is a tiger in her room, and a giant, andeach time Frances thinks up something new, off she goes to tell her ever patient, if increasingly weary, parents.

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    1. We love the Frances series by Russell Hoban. Our favorite is probably A Bargain for Frances, but we find that all of them speak to our kids. Frances' little songs and her experiences are so typical and so humorous that we can read them over and over.

    2. On the surface the story and the illustrations are cute, but the underlying philosophy isn't a match for little ones I care for. I have two problems with the story. First, I would not want my child to ever act in any way like Frances does in this story. I generally pick stories that I want my child to emulate or learn from. I do not want my child to make up excuses to get out of bed. I do not want my child to learn to use their imagination to be scared. There are plenty of things to be scared of [...]

    3. This children's author was way ahead of his time. . . he managed to write a story about our daughter, almost 50 years before she was born. . .

    4. Full review to comeAnother one from childhood I liked Frances. I really did. Though I was never too sure if Frances was a he or a she.Maybe it was the ambiguity that I liked. But I remember reading the books over and over, and one time Frances would be a he, and another time she, and it gave the stories different tones I thought.

    5. I didn’t really get the point of this book. Basically Frances comes up with all sorts of reasons why she can’t go to sleep and then eventually decides that her job is to go to sleep so she can be well rested for school the next day.

    6. "S is for sailboat, T is for tiger, U is for underwear down in the dryer . . . "This was my favorite book as a child. I will admit, it disturbed me slightly to have to add such a garishly full-color version of this book to my list, as the highlight of my old battered childhood copy was the single-color pen and ink illustrations, where each book only had one accent color (this one was green). Frances the Badger is one of my literary alter egos - pesky, stubborn, hyper-imaginative to the point of [...]

    7. So Frances doesn't want to go to bed, and tries every trick in the book to get out of bed. Then she gets scared by a giant, then she gets scared by the idea of a bug coming through a crack in the ceiling, then she gets scared by a moth tapping on the window. You know the only thing more scary than all this? The prospect of getting a spanking from her parents. So she goes to sleep and sleeps til morning. Reading this to a child who has never yet had sleep issues was a disaster. (What's on the cei [...]

    8. A story we had to read for school today, and my 5 yr old loved it. I found it a little uninteresting, but overall enjoyable. I did like the unusual way the parents answered Frances' questions when she didn't want to go to bed. For instance, when she asked about the Giant in her room that was going to eat her, instead of a normal parent response such as "There are no such thing as giants, go back to bed", the father responded with "How do you know the giant wants to eat you? Did you ask him?" A d [...]

    9. I loved the Frances books as a child. She's always up to some mischief that her parents patiently tolerate and she learns from her experiences, growing a little more with each one. However, re-reading this book in 2011, I cannot say that I would recommend it to children today (unless a couple of changes were made to the story).The first "problem" I ran into was that Frances' father smokes a pipe. When I was a child, my father smoked a pipe and a lot of my friends' fathers smoke pipes. That was t [...]

    10. Such a perfect, hilarious, sweet encapsulation of what bedtime with small children is like. I think Will and I enjoy it even more than Beatrice does. ;)

    11. I didn't discover this book until I was an adult. It's become perhaps my favorite book targeted at young children.My two girls love Frances, and I can't blame them. She's a creative, intelligent, imaginative, musical, sweet little badger whose parents are absolutely amazing role-models. The wonderful thing about Frances is that she feels real. She has the entire emotional range of a young child, and the stories for all that they are about badgers have a real and touching feel to them. You can't [...]

    12. Bedtime For Francis is a bedtime story about a little girl named Francis who doesn't want to go to sleep. She keeps thinking there are spiders, monsters, and giants in her room, and keeps bothering her parents to check for her.I remember reading this series when I was young, although I don't think I read this particular story. I always liked the drawings, with the clear lines, and contrasting colors.What I liked about this story was that Francis' parents encouraged her to not be afraid, but they [...]

    13. Personal Reaction- I like this book because I think it is one that a lot of young children can relate to. It also tells a story about a family and their bedtime routine and that is something that a lot of students will be able to recognize that it happens in almost every home. Frances thinks of everything possible to put off going to bed but eventually tires herself out and goes to sleep anyway.Purposes:Read aloud to kindergarten and first grade students-enrichment and enjoyment of the students [...]

    14. "Frances said, 'There is a giant in my room. May I watch television?''No,' said Mother.'No,' said Father.Frances said, 'The giant wants to get me.May I have some cake?'" I love Frances and am so glad I recently rediscovered these books! This is the typical nighttime story of a child who doesn't want to go to sleep just yet. Frances keeps finding things to be scared of (like a giant), things she forgot (like brushing her teeth), and various other excuses for why she can't go to bed yet. I think F [...]

    15. This story is one in a collection of kids' books in one big volume, The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury: Celebrated Picture Books and Stories to Read Aloud, which is really a fantastic collection of old and new children's literature. Anyway, this particular story I found kind of annoying, maybe because I was already a mom when I first read it. Bedtime goes on and on and on and on.The kiddies might like it, but I'd be worried that they'd get really bad ideas about what to do at bedtime and [...]

    16. This is a great story to read to children at bedtime. It validates their fears, yet shows them that there's nothing in the corner after all. It does mention spanking, which could be a turn off to parents, but she doesn't actually get one, and her parents are quite patient with her repeated forays out of her bed. As long as children aren't too susceptible to suggestions of scary things, this book is a fun way to settle down at bedtime. I read this one when I was very young, but I liked Bread and [...]

    17. The illustrations in this book are priceless. There is one in particular, on page 25, that is worth the price of the book . It depicts Frances (a baby badger) waking up her father in the wee hours of the evening. The look on her fathers face could not have been drawn any better. This is a wonderful 'goodnight book' for your kids. The back cover states "The soft humorous pictures of these lovable animals are delightful." -- I completely agree.

    18. Frances tries every trick in the book to stay up late; then, when she finally goes to bed, all the things that frighten children in the night keep her from falling asleep. Pitch-perfect - both Frances's reactions to the scary things, and her parents' soothing but firm responses. It's easy to see why this has been a childhood favorite for over 50 years. Adorably illustrated, too. A School Library Journal top 100 picture book.

    19. Read this one because it was mentioned as an example of how culture and medias induces men into becoming abusers in the book "why does he do that". Yes, the dad said his daughter would get a spanking if she didn't stay in bed. I don't think that's a big deal, but then again i might have been conditioned to think that there's nothing wrong Who knows?

    20. Great, realistic story about the typical bedtime rituals of children (i.e. how to avoid actually going to sleep). Covers a great variety of scenarios with humor and a childlike perspective.

    21. A book about those nights in which we just can't get ourselves to sleep. Nothing works. An thenyou fall asleep when it's near morning (and you hate yourself for it).

    22. mama was surprised that the daddy in the book at one point asked Frances if she wanted a spanking. Funny stuff - SO not politically correct!

    23. Beautifully written story that relates so well to bedtime for most children! My 3 year old grandson loved having me read it to him!

    24. This book is definitely a classic and goes to show how common it is that children try to drag out bedtime. I think the reason I thoroughly enjoy this book is because it is depicting something that is so common, and also because Frances sings her alphabet rhyme in a different way than most. Most people don’t teach their children to correlate A with apple pie, rather A for ant, and I think that is another reason it makes this book special.

    25. This is not one of my favorite books, simply because the words do not seam to really flow. I loved how Frances gained confidence throughout the book, she went from being afraid of giants, tigers, and spiders to investigating what was making the sound out of her window. Each of her worries were solved by her and her parents, for example the giant was a robe and the crack was too small for anything to come through.

    26. I've had nights like this, too, Frances. I related more to her than to the parents in this story. Getting to sleep is HARD sometimes. I didn't like the threat of the a spanking, but it's a book from a different time that overall holds up pretty well. Also found it funny how Dad says "everyone has a job" and talks about his job and Frances' job and the wind's job but totally ignores talking about Mom's job. Clearly a book written by a man at a time when women's contributions were undervalued.

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