Own It: The Power of Women at Work

Own It: The Power of Women at Work

Sallie Krawcheck / Jan 17, 2020

Own It The Power of Women at Work A new kind of career playbook for a new era of feminism offering women a new set of rules for professional success one that plays to their strengths and builds on the power they already have Weren t

  • Title: Own It: The Power of Women at Work
  • Author: Sallie Krawcheck
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  • Page: 145
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A new kind of career playbook for a new era of feminism, offering women a new set of rules for professional success one that plays to their strengths and builds on the power they already have.Weren t women supposed to have arrived Perhaps with the nation s first female President, equal pay on the horizon, true diversity in the workplace to come thereafter Or, at leastA new kind of career playbook for a new era of feminism, offering women a new set of rules for professional success one that plays to their strengths and builds on the power they already have.Weren t women supposed to have arrived Perhaps with the nation s first female President, equal pay on the horizon, true diversity in the workplace to come thereafter Or, at least the end of fat shaming and locker room talk Well, we aren t quite there yet But does that mean that progress for women in business has come to a screeching halt It s true that the old rules didn t get us as far as we hoped But we can go the distance, and we can close the gaps that still exist We just need a new way In fact, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future, says former Wall Street powerhouse turned entrepreneur Sallie Krawcheck That s because the business world is changing fast driven largely by technology and it s changing in ways that give us power and opportunities than ever and even than we yet realize Success for professional women will no longer be about trying to compete at the men s version of the game, she says And it will no longer be about contorting ourselves to men s expectations of how powerful people behave Instead, it s about embracing and investing in our innate strengths as women and bringing them proudly and unapologetically, to work When we do, she says, we gain the power to advance in our careers in natural ways We gain the power to initiate courageous conversations in the workplace We gain the power to forge non traditional career paths to leave companies that don t respect our worth, and instead, go start our own And we gain the power to invest our economic muscle in making our lives, and the world, better Here Krawcheck draws on her experiences at the highest levels of business, both as one of the few women at the top rungs of the biggest boy s club in the world, and as an entrepreneur, to show women how to seize this seismic shift in power to take their careers to the next level This change is real, and it s coming fast It s time to own it.

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        SALLIE KRAWCHECK is the Co founder and CEO of Ellevest, an innovative digital investment platform designed to help women reach their financial goals She is also Chair of Ellevate Network, a professional networking community whose mission is to advance women in business, and the Chair of the Pax Ellevate Global Women s Index Fund She is one of the highest ranked women ever to have worked on Wall Street, having held posts such as CEO of Smith Barney, CEO of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, and CFO of Citigroup She is one of the most read Influencers on LinkedIn, and has been profiled as one of Fast Company s Most Creative People in business, as well as in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, and Krawcheck attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and holds an MBA from Columbia University.


    1. Received this as a gift and have not been able to make myself crack the cover. (So I guess it's a DNS - did not start.) The cover says, "THE POWER OF WOMEN AT WORK" (caps its.) Yet this photo is one of the least powerful portraits of a businesswoman I've ever seen. She is *incredibly* vulnerably portrayed:Nudity: Her arms, calves and knees are bare. (If she's got hose on, it's nude-sheer invisible.) Her neck and most of her shoulders are naked, and her top is cut fairly low. She is not wearing a [...]

    2. Better than average "how to succeed in business" book, told from the perspective of someone who witnessed the financial meltdown first hand. The advice is nothing new, and it was a little too obviously an advertisement for her new businesses for my taste, but the personal stories from inside the executive suites at the biggest players in the financial services industry make it worthwhile.

    3. Love her positive attitude that it is the best time ever to be a woman and that things will only get better- I hope that is true! And love her recommendations: Increase women and diversity in the work place and your business will be more successful! Respect work life balance and mean it! Provide leave and flexibility without shame! Let people be themselves and voice opinions! Treat your employees like people! And ladies, speak up for yourself and don't be afraid to invest. Sallie gets it.

    4. Hardly ever write reviews so here goes:If you are a woman, work with women, live with women, have women in your familyad this book.Sallie Krawcheck succinctly shares how women can leverage their strengths in their workplace and she does it in a very matter-of-fact manner. No high falutin' ethereal stuff here, folks. Just the real deal.Realizing that The Sallie Krawcheck went through many of the same experiences that I have throughout my career was a surprise and a comfort. More importantly, her [...]

    5. Of all the self-help business books related to women, this one spoke to me the most.We (men and women) hear that women don't make the same amount as far as cents on the dollar. She brought to light what that looked like over a work lifetime when we get to retirement. $1.1 million. Wow! Money speaks and now I am listening.She didn't berate men at all. Mostly the book is about the tools we already have as women and how to actually use them.I recommend this book for all mom and fathers. Well pretty [...]

    6. I loved this book, it's a really quick read, but laden with candid stories that Sallie experienced during her career. She also adds 1-2 jokes per chapter which makes it more enjoyable and easier in grasping the main message of the book. Overall, I'd recommend this to any woman who's in a corporate career. It should take max 2 weeks to read, too.

    7. So far, I have only been able to read the prologue and first chapter - since it will not be released until January of 2017. Here are my opinions thus far:I simply love the personal voice. It is creative to have some text in a separate color and aspects of her personal opinions in parentheses. It makes the book more enjoyable to read - at least for me who doesn't usually pick up a nonfiction or self help book. I love how she begins by introducing the importance of diversity in the work force and [...]

    8. Highlights: be in control of your finances, your perceived weaknesses may actually be your strengths, & relationships matter. What I appreciated most about this book is that it felt genuine and it wasn't one where the author acted like it was an accident she got to where she was nor a tale of being in all the right places at all the right times. She has climbed and fallen off the career ladder more than once so it's much easier to relate to & be inspired by this book that many women-writ [...]

    9. I enjoyed the personal stories - here's how I did it, here's what I should have done, here's what you can do. This was easy to read and approachable without being too preachy. That said, I think I thought this was going to be something different than it was, so I was a little surprised when I started reading it.

    10. So often a book cover is a mismatch for the content, and I hoped that might be the case here. Super sexy high heels, slinky red dress, naked arms, provocative pose up on a ladder did not bode well for substance. But of course it gets a potential reader's attention, and no doubt book sales. Having now made my way through the book, I'd say the cover fits.The book is very much a sales pitch for the Ellevate network and the Ellevest digital investment advisorship platform, empowering women in financ [...]

    11. Krawcheck is CEO & Co-founder of Ellevest, digital investment platform for women and Owner of Ellevate Network which was 85 Broads.Some people think having similar thinkers is good and they increase their trust in these persons. This actually causes less checking and more blind agreement which leads to more errors. We should celebrate the naysayers to better vet ideas! Spend time looking for “what if’s” and conduct post mortems to improve future endeavors. We must remain risk aware, ie [...]

    12. I’ve seen Ellevest advertisements around the city and my initial thought was, “This is so dumb. Why would women need a separate investment platform branded with pastel colors for our delicate eyes.” Then I went to an event featuring Sallie Krawcheck. While I thought her company was patronizing, I was open to hearing what she had to say. After all, she is a very successful woman with tons of experience in the financial industry. Her talk was basically a summary of this book. She went over a [...]

    13. I wasn't really expecting to like this book, but it surprised me. I'm generally not a non-fiction fan, but I'm trying to read more books in that genre. I like that Sallie makes a lot of really great points and has some amazing advice but never sounds preachy like most other books like this one. She has a great personality throughout the book. I love that she doesn’t just say that women are a major part of the workforce. She backs up all of her points with research and shows why more women need [...]

    14. Own It: The Power of Women at Work shows us all that getting to the top is no easy job, it takes determination, resilience and hard work, but getting at senior levels of Wall Street, holding up top jobs at some of the biggest financial firms IS POSSIBLE! You don't have to "change" or to "act like a man" to make it, but you have to be smart. Change is real and it's coming fast. It's time to own it!Powerful, straightforward; Own It: The Power of Women at Work by Sallie Krawcheck is one of those bo [...]

    15. I got a lot out of this book. I highlighted a lot of things in the book and plan to revisit my highlights to make sure I maximize the takeaways. As a woman who works in the same industry Sally did and has held some similar positions, her experiences resonated. My only criticisms are that the book is a bit wordy (noticed several times 2 consecutive sentences made the same point, but just worded it differently); that the author sometimes strikes a self serving tone when, for example, talking about [...]

    16. Rating: 4/5I picked up this book because I'd heard about Ellevest, Sallie Krawcheck's entrepreneurial venture. It's an investment platform by and for women, with a unique, proprietary algorithm that tailors to women's unique salary curve and expected lifespan. I wanted to learn more about the company, and I wanted to learn more about her. I was not disappointed!I've read many "women in business" types of books, and for the first few chapters, this one felt a little bit cheesy. It was a little to [...]

    17. This is part memoir, part advice, part infomercial for her latest venture. I liked her plain and sometimes flippant writing style. Her description of women's risk awareness, backed up with research, is excellent, and demonstrates why diverse voices need to be present during business decision making. In the networking chapter, she reminds women not to conflate networking with making friends - make "loose connections." I recommend this book to peeps in all levels of management to help each reader [...]

    18. Sallie's book is, in a word, powerful. I started it on the plane ride home from an Ellevate chapter leaders roundtable and finished it between EWR and MSP. She writes in a conversational and approachable tone but doesn't shy away from digging deep on a challenging topic. The book is well-researched and amply footnoted (no surprise from an author who spent part of her career in research). It's a great intro for those of us who are looking to #takebackfeminism and a great refresher for those of us [...]

    19. I think books like this have potential to annoy me or inspire me. This one, I think inspired. She had some good ideas, some good perspectives, and I appreciated her tone. I'm especially glad that she recognized that men need to be part of this equation. There are quite a few tokens and ideas that I will take from this book to help inform my work (and the work I do with clients) and also inform my personal life as well.

    20. Book received from GiveawaysI think that this would be a good book for someone who was just starting out in the business world. I think it would have helped me quite a bit when I was a new office worker way back when. However for those who have been there for quite a while I think they have already figured out most of what was discussed in this book. I think this could be a great graduation gift for those getting ready to start in this field.

    21. Great perspective on the trajectory of women's working lives and incomes. Loved hearing the impact of extended time off and how it can affect long term earnings. Great insight on dual working/income families. Encourages to women to support each other instead of fighting for a seat at the table, and suggests we can ALL have a seat at the table. I love the highlights on how women in the work place actually make the company more successful and how womens' perspectives benefit everyone involved.

    22. You are a woman wanting to achieve professional SUCCESSYou want to establish qualities to help you work better and establish a successful careerYou are a lady who wants to take control of your destinyYou want to gain high quality skills in the workplaceYou want to achieve true flexibility and freedom in your careerIf you are any of the top FIVE points, then I highly recommend this book.FULL BOOK REVIEW up on my blog, Exquisite Emmalisa

    23. I am glad books like this empower the woman worker. Many women need to find strength in the benefits of being a woman and using it to adapt to a man's world, instead of forcing themselves to cater to strengths that are stronger in men. Not saying we aren't capable of doing such a thing, but I believe we are stronger as women as women, instead of women as men, if that makes sense. This book is great for enforcing being a woman and still being successful in the world.

    24. There is a considerable amount of food for thought here -- but more impressively, Sally interjects her personal experiences throughout. She does pitch both Ellevest and Ellevate, but given that she is pioneering both doesn't seem off base. Awareness she has now is offered to others who may not have had such experiences of realizations. Some of the content very geared to women in financial services - though the lists she creates could be tweaked for other industries.

    25. OWN ITThe power of the woman at work By Sallie Krawcheck. This book is very inspires me about how the woman to embrace the powered their diversity ti imagine their careers. The world had been changing a lot now and showing us that instead of playing by the man created, It's will be a time for woman now. I highly recommend this book for everyone must read specially woman. Love it ! " I received this book for free from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review "

    26. I really liked Own It: The Power of Women at Work. Sallie Krawcheck backs up all of her claims with research and numbers and the book itself is easy to read and understand. This is part memoir and part career advice and I really liked Krawcheck's recommendations and point of view. A great book for women in the workforce to read!

    27. I did find that a lot of this advice only works for middle class women who have the means to invest. However, it does preach the importance of investing and saving for retirement. I found her stories to be interesting and relatable and her lessons valuable. Her company also seems like a good fit for women looking for lower fees and to set and track life goals.

    28. This book details the necessities of women in the workplace and how men cannot create successful businesses without including women in the core decision-making. We see things they don’t, foresee what they fail to consider, feel things they forget to acknowledge.Full review: janepedia/krawcheck-ownit/

    29. 3.75 this felt like Lean In from a Wall Street perspective. Mentors matter. Kill the queen b (mean girls at the top). Network network network. Follow up with people you meet. Invest your own money. Don't rely on other people to control your money. Learn. Keep learning. Gain new skills. Ask yourself hard questions.

    30. My biggest takeaway from this book is that I too am part of the problem. I was unaware of my prejudice against women in the workplace. I always felt like I was the biggest supporter of other women, until I found out that I too had prejudices that I was unaware of. This book has a lot of good stuff, but the thing that opened my eyes to myself was the best takeaway.

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