Clean Lines

Clean Lines

Freya Barker / Jan 27, 2020

Clean Lines When her surly teenage son moves back to live with ER physician Naomi Waters unexpectedly her motherly instincts go on high alert Nothing could ve prepared her for the wave of trouble that follows hi

  • Title: Clean Lines
  • Author: Freya Barker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When her surly teenage son moves back to live with ER physician Naomi Waters unexpectedly, her motherly instincts go on high alert Nothing could ve prepared her for the wave of trouble that follows him back into her life Sheriff Joe Morris blew his chance with Naomi a few years back when he d moved faster than his own past allowed At the first opportunity to get his fooWhen her surly teenage son moves back to live with ER physician Naomi Waters unexpectedly, her motherly instincts go on high alert Nothing could ve prepared her for the wave of trouble that follows him back into her life Sheriff Joe Morris blew his chance with Naomi a few years back when he d moved faster than his own past allowed At the first opportunity to get his foot back in the door, he takes it and risks everything to keep her and her son safe But working for a future isn t easy when you re fighting to survive your past.

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        Freya Barker loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary stories Driven to make her books about real people with characters who are perhaps less than perfect, but just as deserving of romance, thrills and chills, and some hot, sizzling sex in their lives.A recipient of the RomCon Reader s Choice Award for best first book, Slim To None , and Finalist for the Kindle Book Award with From Dust , Freya has not slowed down She continues to add to her rapidly growing collection of published novels as she spins story after story with an endless supply of bruised and dented characters, vying for attention


    1. 4 Clean Stars!! A refreshing, yet fast-paced story about second-chance love mixed with some romantic suspense. If you like reading stories about real adult characters, with real problems and real-life struggles, minus any stupid OTT drama, then I highly recommend this story to you. Enjoyed Freya's writing too. To me, this is an author to watch! :)

    2. I love Freya's books. She writes about real people facing real issues. I didn't like the hero so much coming into this book, and knew he had done something to hurt the heroine. It's explained what happened and it's explained from both points of view how it felt. And that won me over. These folks are humans who made mistakes and they aren't just brushed under the rug. I liked that the heroine didn't just give in to the hero, but made him work to regain her respect and regard. Again, the outside c [...]

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    4. Clean Lines by Freya Barker5* review by Nicole @ Nic’s Novel IdeaFreya Barker is a talented lady but the three things I love most about her writing. The first one is the fact that she can write an amazingly sexy slightly older leading hero, especially in an over-saturated with muscle-bound twenty-something’s book world. The second one is she writes the strongest, most independent and stalwart heroines to grace the lines of a page. Third and final and perhaps most important when penning a nov [...]

    5. I loved it! Freya did it again!I'm afraid that my words will not do justice to the AWESOMENESS of this book! It is yet the best one of this series for me!The book is about the story of Naomi and Joe! They met 4 years ago It ended before it even begun They never spoke about it again Now, Naomi's teenage son finds himself in the middle of an extremely dangerous situation and Joe is there, by their side But, too much is unsaid between them and is hard to move forward. However, Joe is fierce and thi [...]

    6. Everytime I read a Freya Barker novel, it just gets better!Her Cedar Tree series is one of my favourites as it deals with flawed, imperfect people. They are real and relatable.Joe and Naomi’s story is my favourite so far in the series. I loved their banter and their passion. They are both proof that love, friends and family can overcome any obstacle.Once again Freya’s characters are well written and had me fall in love with all of them.This book made me hold my breath, laugh out loud and hav [...]

    7. Where the fuck do I start this review???Because wow. Just. Fucking. WOW.The Cedar Tree series which I have just read back to back is outstanding. Freya Barker is just crazy ass talented and I’m totally fucking overexcited with my discovery and wanting the world to know, this means in my usual fashion the profanity when excited goes into overdrive, leaving me swearing like a sailor with tourettes, however as her writing is so flawless and overwhelmingly real – whilst also being hot as fuck (s [...]

    8. Just when I thought I had read the best book Freya Barker had written so far in the series, she proved me wrong. The fictional town of Cedar Tree has really grown on me and I hope to see more books in the series. The first three books were awesome stories but somehow in this book the author seems to really have hit her stride. I love romantic suspense stories and Ms. Barker is a master at spinning them well. Her characters are down to earth and well developed. Her plot is well paced and suspense [...]

    9. Clean Lines is another wonderful story from this author! I all but devoured it from start to finish.Fans of the series will be familiar with Joe and Naomi. For those of you new to the Cedar Tree family, Joe is the county sheriff, and Gus from GFI and hero of Slim to None is his best friend. Naomi is an ER doctor who has become close to Emma, Arlene and Katie (the ladies of the previous 3 books) over the past few years. Joe and Naomi noticed each other years ago but their first date was a miserab [...]

    10. The wonderful Freya has done it yet again. I have fallen completely in love with Joe, Naomi and Fox while feeling like I was one of the Cedar Tree crew. She has this way of drawing you right in her books so you feel like you are at home.Joe has been a staple in the Cedar Tree series as the Sheriff who has helped with all their issues over the past few years, Gus's best friend keeps him in close contact. He is a stand up guy who is willing to do all that he can for his friends. Years ago when a n [...]

    11. I read pretty much nothing only romance of one kind or another and have never really taken interest in other genres. With Freyas fabulous books, I find I'm also engrossed with a little bit of a thriller/mystery/ adventure along with romance. Its wonderful exploring something as lovely as slightly more mature couples with the buzz of their mystery.Freyas writting gets better and better and even with the unedited version I was thrilled to recieve, it was a glorious emotional fun and thoroughly ent [...]

    12. 4 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, suspense, kidnapping, murder, and heartbreak. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) firstSlim To None (Cedar Tree Series Book 1)Hundred To One (Cedar Tree #2)Against Me (Cedar Tree #3)This is Naomi and Joe’s story. Naomi and Joe went on a date years ago but it all went crazy. Now she believes he is a cheater. When danger comes to her door can she trust him to protect her? She already knows he can [...]

    13. Freya delivers smoking hot suspense in this 4th installment of the Cedar Tree series. Four years ago Joe and Naomi had a disastrous first date. That misunderstanding has conspired to keep them apart until Naomi's ex-husband dumps danger at her door. Now it's up to Joe (and the hot alpha crew to protect her). Love the characters. They are realistic and the suspense is well crafted. As always Ms Barjer is equal parts suspense and heat. Nice to revisit the gang at Cedar Tree. Love this author and s [...]

    14. Brilliant! A wonderful addition to the Cedar Tree series. Freya Barker creates such real characters that you can't help but fall in love with them. I loved watching Joe and Naomi finally get together. Their past is explained and their way to happiness is filled with bumps and road blocks. Seeing them try and stumble makes it more real and believable. I adore their passion for each other. They make you smile.

    15. Another great story by Freya Barker. This one is about 2 people who tried to date, but things just got in the way. Then 3 years later, fate stepped in again, to let them know she wasn't done with them yet. Let's just say fate can sometimes play a cruel joke on you, and make you work for your relationship you're meant to have. Talk about anything and everything that could happen, does happen. But like the old saying goes, What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. In this case it's literal.

    16. I am loving this series. I don't plan on visiting their town anytime soon as too much drama takes place lol but it sure makes for great stories. 5+++++ stars!!!

    17. Well hell.Freya's gone and done it again!!! I've loved the Cedar Tree books since I picked up Slim to None and this series had just gotten better and better as it's progressed. Clean Lines is another fantastic read!!!This is Joe and Naomi's story. We were introduced to both characters in the earlier Cedar Tree books and knew that there was some kind of history between them and it was interesting to find out just what had happened in the past.Naomi is a great character. A hard working, strong, in [...]

    18. Clean Lines is probably my favorite of the series. It is a close tie up with Caleb's story in Against Me. Clean Lines is the story of Naomi and Joe. If you haven't read the series I suggest you start out with Slim to None. That way you understand what is happening in the following books. Clean Lines is about honesty, second chances, and family. Freya Barker brings real characters to real readers. That is her talent in writing the Cedar Tree Series.The story starts off with the initial meeting of [...]

    19. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book from the author for an honest review. Freya has done it again with this one. I want to live in Cedar Tree! Her characters are real, well written and realistic with a good dose of suspense thrown in. I was completely thrown by the twists and turns in this book and it always keeps you guessing! In this latest installment Joe gets his story. We have met Joe throughout the three previous books and I was looking forward to this one. I wanted to know w [...]

    20. This book in the series gives us a look into the Doc and Sheriff Joe in Cortez. We get some glimpses at the beginning about Naomi (Doc) and what happened that brought her to Cortez. After her son is sent away to come and live with her, things get mighty interesting indeed. There's a bit of Mystery and Suspense in this one, especially when Joe finds her son where he shouldn't be. What happens when he breaks his wrist and has to be taken to the hospital where his mom works in the ED? What is her s [...]

    21. 4 Stars!Another hit by this author. When I started this series, I binge read all four of them in less than 48 hours. This series is absolutely amazing. They are romance with enough steam to make panties wet and enough suspense to keep you guessing until the end.This book was awesome and definitely a hit though I didn't expect anything less. This book is real. Hell, this series is real. The people are normal and have issues we all face. No one is perfect and the flaws are real and run deep. This [...]

    22. This series just keeps getting better, then again that may be because I always had a thing for Joe so this one may have been my favorite anyway. I kind of suspected what was going on with him after getting the preview to this book in the last one, guess that could because I know what it is like to have a crazy ex hanging around for about 25 years. Thankfully ours hasn't gotten quite that crazy!I loved these two and how they finally worked their relationship out. I was a little annoyed with Naomi [...]

    23. I was a little surprised at how much I liked this story. Barker somehow made a whole lot of things come together easily and without making her story clunky. Clean Lines easily stood on its own too, which only added to the enjoyment. There were characters who had their own stories before and at least a couple who are going to have one coming up, but none of it left me confused just excited to get my hands on those stories.I will say that I’m stunned that it took three years for Joe to find a wa [...]

    24. When her surly teenage son moves back to live with ER physician Naomi Waters unexpectedly, her motherly instincts go on high alert. Nothing could’ve prepared her for the wave of trouble that follows him back into her life. Sheriff Joe Morris blew his chance with Naomi a few years back when he’d moved faster than his own past allowed. At the first opportunity to get his foot back in the door, he takes it and risks everything to keep her and her son safe.But working for a future isn’t easy w [...]

    25. I so love Freya she is an amazing writer. I couldn't put this story down.She writes her characters how they should be normal. Not models but real people and I love it.You cant help but fall in love with the characters.Naomi is a nurse who has an attitude you don't want to mess with and a son who is a typical 16 year old.Joe is a sheriff who tells you the truth and how it is he never holds anything back. They have spent 4 years fighting each other. But there are a few more people in the way befor [...]

    26. A fantastic book! My only wish is to be able to give more than five stars.Where do I begin; Cedar Falls has become the background for many of Freya’s books. The people who live there have been the basis of so many stories and with never a dull moment.The stories are rich and filled with regular people that have made mistakes which created a ripple effect for those around them. Working through those mistakes, and creating a good life, is what makes heroes out of these characters.Clean Lines is [...]

    27. As always from Freya this is a smooth flowing romantic tale with a nice little sub plot. Never one to be disregarded our hero Sheriff Joe rides to the defence and protection of his object of love Doc, and her son, and their romance goes from zero to full house. Like all good cops Joe gets his woman and the baddy in the end. A very enjoyable story and a definite for your " to read " shelf.

    28. Realistic escapismI swear Ms. Barker is looking at a list of my issues and writing books to make me feel empowered!!

    29. A community of strong women and loving, strong, protective men. Just gorgeous. This series is fabulous and each installment is better than the last as you get to know more of the gang. Got to say this one had so much baggage full of bad stuff that it had my head spinning but it all came together seamlessly.If you enjoy this one then you MUST read Freya's Portland ME series.

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