You've Always Been Mine

You've Always Been Mine

Jenika Snow / May 27, 2020

You ve Always Been Mine PAIGEWhen Erik left town I thought my world had ended Even at the tender age of ten I knew how hard my life would be without him And as I grow older as the letters between us became sparse to nonexi

  • Title: You've Always Been Mine
  • Author: Jenika Snow
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  • Page: 123
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  • PAIGEWhen Erik left town, I thought my world had ended Even at the tender age of ten I knew how hard my life would be without him And as I grow older, as the letters between us became sparse to nonexistent, I can t help but feel like a wall has been built around my heart.There is only one boy for me, and I know I ll never see him againIKShe was my best friend, the onlPAIGEWhen Erik left town, I thought my world had ended Even at the tender age of ten I knew how hard my life would be without him And as I grow older, as the letters between us became sparse to nonexistent, I can t help but feel like a wall has been built around my heart.There is only one boy for me, and I know I ll never see him againIKShe was my best friend, the only person I knew I couldn t live without.But we had to leave each other.Time went on, we drifted apart, and it always felt like I d left a piece of myself back with her But I m a man now, a wounded Marine, and fate brings me back to the one girl who completes me.Paige has always been mine, and now it s time to prove that to her.Warning Tighten that seat belt because you re about to go on an over the top, totally unbelievable ride Featuring a possessive and devoted hero who saved himself for that one girl, it ll still have that sugary sweet aftertaste you crave Don t forget that cold glass of water, because you ll need it for the heat this book and Erik is packing.

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    1. "I love you, Paige. It might have started off as a child’s love back in the day, but it only took one look in your blue eyes to let me know that what I feel for you is down to my very soul ."A heartwarming second chance romance.Paige and Erik have been best friends since kindergarten, and for the next four years they’d been inseparable until the day they said good-bye when Erik’s family moved away to a different state. Heartbroken, Erik and Paige vowed then to stay connected. For a time t [...]

    2. I'M SICK TODAY SO THIS WILL BE SHORT!The whole book was justI won't waste my time or yours with the complete run down of plot because for me, it was silly at best. Here is the deal, when they were 10 years old he gave her a string, 12 years later he came back to give her everything else! That was basically all it came down to. For me, there was not enough character development and I wasn't that invested in them. I really didn't care. No drama = NO FUN! I know, too much drama can suck, but NO F*C [...]

    3. "My cock was hard, my heart was full of love for this girl, and I knew I'd never let her go."Sometimes being in love can be so simpleA feel-good story about an innocent love. The main couple has to be mature enough to embrace it and live their happy ending.Eric and Paige were best friends when they where children. 10 years old. They were destined to be together, but later on the circumstances kept them apart. They will need to wait 12 years to grow up and meet again.Eric was a Marine until he go [...]

    4. I adore these sweet, hot and smutty short stories! Absolutely safe! I love that they never forgot each other.he didn't go and sleep with every girl because he couldn't have the one he wanted. -no cheating -no ow/om drama whatsoever -no pushing away -cute epilogue but I still wanted more Bravo, Ms Snowep these sugary nuggets coming!

    5. **3.5 stars**I didn't like this one as good as the first. It wasn't as swoon worthy to me and I just didn't feel their connection as much. I'm still looking forward to more in this series though.

    6. 3 stars! "You've have always been mine" is the story of Paige, and Erik, they have known each other forever they're best friends but at age ten Erik, moves away and they lose touch over the years. Years later Erik, comes back to his hometown not a boy anymore but, a tall, gorgeous and tattooed hunk, ready to claim Paige. His never forgotten her and knows she's the one for him. When they first meet again it's clear they both feel the pull. This was a quick read, so everything in the story moved a [...]

    7. This book was ok. I mean it was sugary sweet but I expected more. I thought Paige would have been mad at the Erik for not writing. You know since the synopsis said she hardened her heart??? Anyway didn't happen. They lost touch because life happened but they both knew the other was meant for them so they both stayed away from the opposite sex. I didn't hate the couple, I also didn't love them. lol I wanted SPICE!! Let's mix it up. We get nothing. Everything was easy peezy lemon squeezy. He comes [...]

    8. I absolutely adored this book. Both MC's were great and Jenika did a really good job building the sexual tension. I found myself reading the last few chapters quickly just so I could get to the sex - and it was hot! Decent epilogue but I wish it was more. I would recommend this short quick read to anyone and everyone - even if you've been burned by Jenika in the past I encourage you to give this one a try!

    9. Even though I wasn't really in the mood for this type of book, the story completely won me over. So sweet and perfect!

    10. Super short, super sweet and super steamy. Do you really need to know anything else? :) (Also free on KU)On to the next!

    11. ++SPOILERS++4 starsI always like romances when the H & h have known/loved each other since childhood (and waited for each other).This was totally sweetZero conflict, very hot and totally safe.Why did it lose a star? The typical "cringeworthy" words:Pussy holeSlitPussy lipsJust to quote a few. Not to mention the fact it has no conflict.Overall, an enjoyable quickie.

    12. Erik was Paige's best friend when they were kids but when they were ten, Erik's family moved away. Erik and Paige had a connection that no one ever got close too, now Erik is an adult and back for Paige. He knows she is his other half and now is going to take the time to prove they belong together.I wish this story was just a tad bit longer, very fun read. I really enjoyed the way that Erik reintroduced himself to Paige, definitely sizzle on each page.

    13. So sweetMilitary man and a virgin to boot! They were inseparable since they met in kindergarten, but circumstances had separated them at age 10. However neither forgot the other and both of them saved themselves until they could be together again.

    14. While this story is not a clean read, there is a sweetness to the romance between our heroine and hero that other category romance novels don't always have. They were friends when they were ten years old and even at that young age they knew they had a connection (which influenced the next 10+ years of their lives). Heart strings tugged. Warning: Not a clean read, the (shall we say) romantic portion of their relationship lasts several chapters.A quick romance for people who want to adore their ma [...]

    15. A sexy, sweet and short novella about childhood friends Erik and Paige. Erik had to leave Blue Springs with his Mom at 10 years old. They tried to keep the connection by writing through the years but life happened and they lost touch. Erik enlisted in the Marines, got hurt and went home. After 12 years, Erik and his Mom decided to go back to Blue Springs and live there. That is when they saw each other again. The heat between the two of them were tangible. I really enjoyed reading their story an [...]

    16. 4.5 stars for this super sweet soul mate couple. I adored this story, so sweet. Paige & Erik are best friends when they are little, but Erik's family moves when they are 10. They try to stay in touch but eventually it becomes very difficult. Fast forward 12 years and Erik is moving back to town, hoping she is still there. This is the only reason I didn't give this sweet story 5 stars.I don't like a huge time apart, especially if it is in the couples control. So I understand the first 8 years [...]

    17. Eric and Paige heat up the pages in here! Eric and Paige were best friends. When Eric was 10, his family moved away. He and Paige kept up with letters for a few years and then eventually lost contact. Now that Eric is out of the Marines, he and his mom are moving back and he's looking for Paige so that they can reconnect.This was short and sweet. And hot. Most definitely hot. Pick it up and read it, you won't be sorry.*thanks to Ardent PR for sharing a copy of this with me*

    18. Jenika Snow returns to her You're Mine series with another sweet and sexy story. This time, we meet Paige and Erik. They were childhood friends separated when Erik and his family moved away when he and Paige were ten years old. Paige felt like she lots a part of herself when he moved and though they wrote, over time, even the letters stopped. It didn't matter though, because she never forgot the boy she cared so much about. Erik never forgot Paige either, saving himself for her all of these year [...]

    19. So sweet! You've Always Been Mine is the second book in the You're Mine series. Paige and Erik were best friends until the age of ten when Erik's parents moved them away. They tried to stay in touch with each other, but life happened and as they grew up they slowly drifted apart. Twelve years later, Erik and his mom are moving back to town. He hopes Paige hasn't moved on with someone else because he plans on claiming the girl that stole his heart all those years ago. This was a fast, sexy happy [...]

    20. A simple read. No drama. Not much issue. Just purely romantic story about two people who knew that they were meant for each other and were fortunate enough to find each other again and had their happily-ever-after. A happy read!3.75 Stars

    21. Another great You're Mine book!!!! Loved Erik!!!! (sigh)Paige so sweet! Look forward to the next book in the series!

    22. Another super sweet but sexy story! I'm loving this series. Bff's as kids, then separated for years but finding each other again and both still love the other. ❤

    23. 3.5 stars. A short sweet read without dramas, and both H and h was each other's one and only! What's not to like?

    24. I thought I will be that bored but surprisingly I enjoyed it. It was a simple story, no drama whatsoever. I guess it worked for me maybe because I needed simple right now. The H is sweet and I felt his need for her. They were both virgins which I think suits the story.

    25. This is what I call a no brainer read. Straight to the point it's a sweet romance with no conflict, low angst, low drama. Some people may say it's boring, but it's just what it is, straight forward short romance story.

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