All the Ways to Here

All the Ways to Here

Emily O’Beirne / Jan 18, 2020

All the Ways to Here In this sequel to Future Leaders of Nowhere Finn and Willa come home from camp to find everything is different Even as they grow sure of their feelings for each other everything around them feels le

  • Title: All the Ways to Here
  • Author: Emily O’Beirne
  • ISBN: 9783955338961
  • Page: 345
  • Format: ebook
  • In this sequel to Future Leaders of Nowhere, Finn and Willa come home from camp to find everything is different Even as they grow sure of their feelings for each other, everything around them feels less certain.When Finn gets involved in a new community project, she s forced to question where her priorities lie at school Meanwhile, her dad has moved interstate, herIn this sequel to Future Leaders of Nowhere, Finn and Willa come home from camp to find everything is different Even as they grow sure of their feelings for each other, everything around them feels less certain.When Finn gets involved in a new community project, she s forced to question where her priorities lie at school Meanwhile, her dad has moved interstate, her mother is miserable, and her home feels like a ghost town.Willa s discovering how to negotiate the new terrains of romance and school friendships when an accident at home reminds her just how tenuous her family situation is Suddenly, even with her dad in town, she s shouldering responsibility than ever.As they try to navigate these new worlds together, Finn s learning she has to figure out what she wants, and Willa how to ask for what she needs.

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    1. I didn’t love this as much as Future Leaders of Nowhere, but it was still a very enjoyable, well written sequel. Do you have to read Future Leaders of Nowhere first? I would absolutely recommend it. I just don’t see how this book would be the same if you didn’t. It picks up where the first left off. These are YA romance books, and for someone who doesn’t love YA (me), these books really are excellent.Willa and Finn are now home from camp and finding out quickly how much harder real life [...]

    2. Every time I pick up an Emily O'Beirne book I am spellbound on how she delivers amazing storylines, dazzling dialogue, and characters that you treasure long after the last page is turned. Emily O'Beirne is the very best at what she does for a variety of reasons. Each book captivates me. Her characters are so developed you feel as if you personally know them. Their dialogue sounds and feels real. To me, dialogue is the make it or break it for a book. You can either write it or you can't. To make [...]

    3. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an unbiased, fair reviewThis is going to be a difficult book review to write as I enjoyed the experience of reading this book so much if I try to analyze or critique I will sound like I am under the employ of the author. She describes the emotions and thoughts of the characters so well one feels them to be friends or at the very least known. This includes the minor characters to a lesser degree as well. The two young women's joy is our joy and thei [...]

    4. This is a great sequel riddled with amazing dialogues, interesting characters and a very realistic storyline. In All the ways to here you are not going to find a nice and romantic story, but instead very realistic lives where Finn and Willa have to deal with their problems. The starting point is from the end of Future Leaders, where both characters, Finn and Willa, have to come back to their lives, lives that in Willa’s case can be hard and sometimes navigating the waters of the desperation an [...]

    5. I have been really looking forward to this sequel. I guess I got my hopes a little too high as I felt it wasn't as good as the first one. But it was still good and worth waiting for.Both Willa and Finn have returned home from camp and now have to face up to the events of real life. Willa with new responsibilities and Finn with her impending parents separation. A lot to deal with for kids anywhere. But the question is can they maintain there budding relationship amongst all that is going on.I lik [...]

    6. Emily O’Beirne’s characters are always amazing. They are well written, engaging, and representations of good humans, probably people you would like to know in real life. Her characters are distinct and solid, and she knows them really well, which is what allows here to write about them so well. Everything feels natural. Reading O’Beirne’s books is soft and warm, like curling up on a couch with the best blanket and having a conversation with your best friend. At least two of O’Beirne’ [...]

    7. Just before starting this review I found out there won't be more books in the series and I'm honestly heartbroken. Finn and Willa are two characters whom I'd read so many more stories about, I was really hoping there'd be at least one more book. But anyway, if this is the last one, at least I can say it was a great ending.Future Leaders of Nowhere was one of my favorite reads last year. (I'd say for sure that it would make no sense to read this one without reading the first book; it picks up whe [...]

    8. Book received from Ylva Publishing for an honest reviewI am in the unfortunate situation wherein I enjoyed the book I read but am unsure what to actually write about said book. Edited to add: Oh, and yes you need to read the first book in the series before reading this book here.Well, as I noted somewhere, I think in my status updates, this book, like the prior book in the series, has two point of views – Finn and Willa. Unlike in the prior book – which had the book split roughly evenly in h [...]

    9. It was ok. I have no idea what this book is even about. Besides from life outside of Future Leaders of Nowhere. I literally spent 3 days with this book and after reading it I cannot tell you, dear reader, what to expect when you read this. Finn's intimacy issues? Willa and Finn's father issues? Cause there's no end of that, even it doesn't completely get resolved. For that matter neither does Finn's intimacy hesitancy. Nothing really happens. It's a complete grind. I think the best part about th [...]

    10. What I mentioned in my review of Future Leaders of Nowhere, and I will mention again, is how amazing the characters are. They feel so realistic and well-developed and I feel like I really know them now. Again there is a lot of character development in the story. Both characters are incredibly smart and dedicated to their studies (definitely Huffleclaws), but they also deal with family issues and relationship problems."It’s so unfair, she thinks, the way Willa’s life seems to hang on ifs and [...]

    11. All the Ways to Here is a lovely Sequel to a beautiful book.We get to meet a lot of great characters we’ve heard of in the first book and I continue to adore Finn and Willa through and through. Then there’s the overall amazing writing style, especially in the dialogues. Even the ones when they only say a few singular words or send a text just feel so natural. I love a good dialogue that's natural and casual, without it feeling like the author's trying too hard to achieve that.In camp Finn an [...]

    12. In this book, Finn and Willa find themselfs navigating throw normal life again, after camp. Trying to understand life as it was before. Finn with her struglers about her busy school life and Willa trying to survive to family issues. Neither of them having much time to each other.Like always Ms O'Beirne writes a marvelous book. A book about feelings. About family and friends and about dealing with the choices you make in life. Everytime I open a book by this author I know I'm reading a good book [...]

    13. I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest review.I love this sequel almost as much as I love the first book! Emily O'Beirne's writing is deliciously exquisite and danm near perfect, IMHO.This novel has Willa and Finn home from leadership camp; back to the realities of life with family, friends, and school. Although Willa is immersed in the day-to-day concerns of her younger siblings, Riley and Jack, and the overall health and well-being of her grandmother, whom they all li [...]

    14. All the Ways to Here is the second book in the Future Leaders series. I recommend reading this series in proper order for continuity. I enjoyed this read as it filled out the main characters Finn and Willa in their natural habitat.After the in depth game of Future Leaders in the first book we are seeing both characters at home and interacting with family, friends and school.There is plenty of teenage angst and the budding relationship to keep you turning the pages.Ms O’Beirne is a talented wri [...]

    15. It seems like every new Emily O'Beirne book is better than the last, which is saying a lot considering how much I liked the first ones I read. This book follows on from Future Leaders of Nowhere and shows how Finn and Willa's relationship continues to develop after they leave camp and return to the real world. They both have a lot going on - family issues, responsibilities at school, concerns about their friends, a campaign to save a local queer community centre - but, far from becoming strained [...]

    16. Continuing close to where the first one left off, All the Ways to Here is the next part of Finn and Willa's story. Finn and Willa are excellent characters here, just as they were in the first. As this is very much a character driven story, that's a good thing - even when the events of the novel kind of lull a bit, the book is still interesting because the characters are well established enough that they're the most interesting part regardless.I didn't end up enjoying this one as much as the firs [...]

    17. I previously reviewed  Future Leaders of Nowhere (here) and fell in love with Finn & Willa and co, so imagine my excitement when the author contacted me to offer a digital copy of its sequel for review. :D My only concern was whether or not All The Ways To Here would live up to my high expectations, and I'm so relieved and thrilled to report that it did indeed! <3For me, sequels after the couple have gotten together are a tricky thing - it's easy to lose interest once the unresolved sex [...]

    18. First reviewed on: Books to get lost inSo worth the wait!I think I may have a new second favourite book by Emily O’Beirne (Here’s the Thing will probably stay forever in first place)!You know those romances where the whole book is about the romance and the (mostly) two people involved in it? Whenever something not-relationship-y happens it’s only so relationship-y stuff can come out of it? Not here! Of course not here.Instead Finn and Willa still have their separate lives. Just because you [...]

    19. O’Beirne is a wonderful writer whose major talent lies in finding the beauty in the small details of everyday life. She is also skilled in creating a distinct voice for each of her characters through their dialogue. Most of the time it was clear who was speaking, even without attribution. This is the sequel to Future Leaders of Nowhere, one of my favourite books this year. If you haven’t read it, then this book will not be as enjoyable, and may not even make complete sense.Willa and Finn hav [...]

    20. Finn and Willa met at the Future Leaders of Nowhere camp, the first book. This sequel explores their budding relationship as they juggle school and family drama and curfews and their teenage hormones. My favourite part of romance novels is how a couple comes to be, so I was a little worried that I'd find an established relationship dragging. This was absolutely not the case. There is so much drama and relationship development that you can barely keep up with it all. My god, also, Finn and Willa [...]

    21. I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest review.All the Ways to Here is a wonderful followup to the introduction of Finn and Willa in The Future Leaders of Nowhere. Our gals have returned from camp to their regular lives, and spend the school year dealing with significant family, school and community responsibilities, while still carving out time a bit of with each other.Less about their budding attraction, this second book in the series is more about Willa and Finn's ind [...]

    22. Willa and Finn are back in the follow up to this summer's excellent Future Leaders of Nowhere. Everyone is back in school, and the camp has changed their perceptions on what they want from life. Finn begins to see that her life is not necessarily about what she can do in the school, while Willa is learning to ask for things for herself. On top of the adorable romance between Finn and Willa, All Ways to Here, covers such things as activism, teens who are caretakers, and sexuality. The novel is ab [...]

    23. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. Emily O'Beirne just cannot write a bad novel! I've been a big fan of hers since even before her debut novel. She excels at writing young adult/new adult novels that just feel so real. I normally am not big fan of young adult novels in general because I just cannot relate to most of them. However, Emily is a big exception because I can relate to her writing so much. I don't know how she does that, but kudos! This novel is actually a sequel to Fu [...]

    24. All the Ways to Here is a continuation of the previous book, Future Leaders of Nowhere. The main characters, Finn and Willa, are back home and both face problems within their family. Finn’s parents are still separated and Finn’s worries a divorce might be imminent. She also tackles problems outside of her school responsibilities that might hinder her leadership role. Willa’s grandmother ends up in a hospital and she is forced to ask her absent father to come back home to help them. Finn an [...]

    25. *ARC for review*So, Finn, Willa and the others are back to normalcy - and all the family problems we learned about at Camp Nowhere.Willa has to struggle with all the unexpected chores she has to do because her Nan got injured.Being bad at expressing emotions herself, she learns that it comes from her dad. Another problem that adds to the stress, as he comes to help out.I can't remember having that much homework and we definitely hadn't had to write essays as a part of it. Because it occurs also [...]

    26. I waited for this book right since it was announced. And even though I needed some time to wind my brain around the new surroundings (home living and complications far away from camp) I really loved this book. I still love Willa and Finn and now I love all other characters as well. Willa's family and friends are so lovely though their life gets a bit complicated when Willa's father arrives. It great to get to know Willa even more, to fall in love with her again and again. Finn's family was intro [...]

    27. *Note: I was provided with a free copy of the book by Ylva Publishing in exchange for a fair review I’m an avid fan of Emily O’Beirne and All the Ways to Here does not disappoint. This sequel to Future Leaders of Nowhere continues the trend of having its central conflicts stem from things other than the fact that Finn and Willa are girlfriends. It’s refreshing to read a story where the relationship between two girls is their port in the storm instead of being the storm itself. There is rel [...]

    28. This book gave me such happy feelings, I want to hug it close to my heart for forever.Finn & Willa? Relationship goals. THIS is what a healthy relationship looks like people. Yes sometimes they get angry and they fight but they talk about it and it's very important. I love how they're always here for the others, how they support each other.Generally I don't read romance books with established relationships but this one, after finishing the first book I just knew I had to read it too. I think [...]

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