Truth and Measure

Truth and Measure

Telanu / Jan 18, 2020

Truth and Measure The Devil Wears Prada fanfiction Andy doesn t leave Miranda in Paris and learns that a single decision can change your life But the main thing about decisions You don t get to stop with onechiveofour

  • Title: Truth and Measure
  • Author: Telanu
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 227
  • Format: ebook
  • The Devil Wears Prada fanfiction Andy doesn t leave Miranda in Paris, and learns that a single decision can change your life But the main thing about decisions You don t get to stop with onechiveofourown works 7798Words 271,584

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    1. Wow! The whole package (a novel and four short stories, ~287,000 words) was great -- Truth and Measure-verse. A brilliant, character-driven, slow-burn romance with a perfect range of everything from drama, angst, office intrigues, humor, family to an unusual and touching love story. Have patience and it will pay off. Sincerely recommended.5 starsMay 30, 2017--- *Updated* ---Second reading changed my rating from 5 to 5+ stars. Truth and Measure is the very first book I put on that shelf. It is br [...]

    2. I really, really enjoyed this read. I liked it more than a lot of other stories, I have been reading lately. Everyone seems to rave about this, and now I know why:) Be prepared, this is a long story, but that is common in fanfic. I did think to myself, I would probably not read this again, due to the length. But, I honestly enjoyed the story so much, I will read it again when YLVA publishes it. My guess is it will have to be at least 2 or 3 books, after editing it down a bit. I'm glad I read the [...]

    3. I'm in no way a 'The Devil Wears Prada' fan but, wow, this is good writing. I heard about this fanfiction piece in a podcast (thelesbiantalkshow/les) and searched it out and I'm so glad I did. The story starts off in a way where I thought it was good but not necessarily a standout compared to other f/f books I've read but then it hit a stride and I literally couldn't put the book down until I was finished. This author elevates the lead characters to a whole new level and creates such a vivid pic [...]

    4. Amazing book! I had read all the good reviews but now I understand them. This fanfic is better than other published books that I have read. The characters are very well-created, and they don't envolve to become another person, they change but they still are the same with their virtues and faults. I enjoyed the story a lot, and the author is superb. I can't wait to read her next book.

    5. I proclaim this as my favorite book of all time and Telanu (Roslyn Sinclair) the best author of all time.I've not seen the film this fan fiction is based on so the very beginning was a bit confusing since it assumes I already know the characters but soon after, just 20 pages further on I was sucked in never to return to this world until finishing the book.Characters are extremely distinctive and "original" as original you can be when you lift them from film but really, after reading hundreds of [...]

    6. DWP fanfic has been my go to comfort re-reads for quite a while now. So when I saw Telanu was going to be published and some of my friends were reading Truth and Measure - I jumped at the excuse to re-read it.I first read this years ago, maybe around 2009? Although I've re-read it since then, it has been years. Why it took me so long to pick it up again? I have no excuse.I set aside Memorial weekend to just sit and read and savor this book. I may have enjoyed it more now than when I first read [...]

    7. It's almost a crime that something this good is available for free.Both characters and plot are richly developed.Outstanding

    8. Right. I feel like I just ran a marathon. (I've ran 5 so lol) But yea. So this took 4 solid full days of reading to get through. There is so many different sections to this book. The first 20% where I think it's just a matter of the fanfiction element in keeping with the story line. The 20-36%. The *post* 36% all the way up to the 50% mark where err not going to spoil anything. And then there's the rest. So in reading this book I actually came up with a new term in my brain. Gonna call it GoodFe [...]

    9. I had high expectations for this book, and it did not disappoint. In fact, it was even better than I expected. Definitely in my my top-ten all-time-favorites. Telanu is a real talent, and I'm delighted that she has a publishing contract. I wish her all the best.

    10. This is why a really like the community. I have been reading fanfic since years ago. I practically learned english reading fanfics and i have never come across to this one. And boy, how glad i am to have found it thanks to my friends.The fic refleats perfectly well how Miranda is even though it Andy's POV. And Andy, well, the girl has the fight in her. Never giving up. Even the twins were incredibly good well written characters. And that's always somthing difficult when they are kids. I have s [...]

    11. First of all, I would like to thank my friends for recommending this ebook. I don't know if I would have stumbled upon it without all of you. It was just such a wonderful read. Secondly, I've discovered that i am obviously handing out way, way too many 4 star reviews. Because some of those 4 star books are frankly 2 stars compared to this 5 star one. This book has opened my eyes to what a truly great book is.The author did a fabulous job of developing all of the characters. The movie version, o [...]

    12. This book has ruined the entire of 2018 for med we're only two days in! I don't really know how to start my praise for this collection of fics. (found here) After having read its reviews some months ago I added it to my to read list but despite everyone seemingly being head over heels in love with it I still kept putting off reading it. My main reason at the time for doing so was that I just didn't ship Andy and Miranda. I honestly couldn't see it but then again I also considered myself straight [...]

    13. Oh.Em.Gee. I inhaled this book for two straight days and half the night, grinning, sighing, laughing and squeeling. Uncapable of doing much else really. It's like Lov2Laf says "you could slap a cover on it and publish as is", it is that good.And yes, 2018 is going to be a tough year for me finding a book that will beat this one. I don't think it's going to happen. I don't say this lightly but Truth and Measure is perhaps one of the most satisfying stories I've read in a loooooooong time. I will [...]

    14. This is a fantastic romance!!! Even as a standalone book would be great, without it being fanfic! I absolutely loved it!!!

    15. ok so this book was ace! I really struggled to get into it, but to let both characters build and still keep their personalities it needed to be a very slow burner. These characters stuck with me each time I put it down and I had to keep reading as I had no idea how this was going to end. A fantastic piece of fan fiction.

    16. Holy Molly, what a amazing book. This book has kept me up the last couple of nights. It has a lot of pages but for me it could have had lots and lots of more pages. The thing that amazed me the most was how Miranda kept surprising me again and again. Read this book, you will not regret it!!

    17. I don't read a lot of lesbian published fiction. Call it laziness, or dislike for the overwhelming American setting of these stories, or that they always seem to be about how hard it is to be gay - I just cannot find it in myself to care about them.What I do read is fanfic. I'd calculate that I've spent about a full year of my life reading alternately trashy, sweet, weird, funny or downright amazing stories about canonically straight characters. There's a fresh and sublime freedom in fanfiction [...]

    18. Wow, how bad do I feel having never watched "The Devil Wears Prada". All you need to know is Ann Hathaway and Meryl Streep - this fanfic seamlessly picks up from not quite the end of the film and just runs with it. To amazing and quite uplifting effect. This is not to say that it is without flaws, for one - this is a very long book so you have to strap yourself in for the long haul, but it is so worth it. Superb read, I now totally understand why everyone has been raving about it. Oh, and it's f [...]

    19. I have never really read much fan-fiction. After reading this I am wondering what other delights I may have missed.I haven't been able to put this book down, so much so that I am currently running off 6hrs sleep over the last two nights.The story unfolds beautifully, it is well written and has allowed me to travel the rollercoaster of emotions alongside the characters. It made me laugh out load and get teary eyed. I may have to go back to the start and have another read throughTGIF!

    20. The greatest piece of literature ever written. Have reread more times than I can count. One of my all time favourite books and it’s not even a published book (yet).

    21. 4.5 stars rounded to 5.A bit of a thank you to all the people who convinced me this was worth persisting with. By 20% I was ready to put this down. I don’t like fashion, hated Miranda and don’t much like children either. Big uh oh!However, Telanu is a fantastic writer so I skimmed the seemingly endless work scenes and set up until wow! What a fantastic character study in both Andy and Miranda. Fascinating relationship dynamics that work even though I was sure they wouldn’t. Also, I really [...]

    22. Let me make w confession first! I actually know idea who are all these characters. I didnt watch the movie either. So i dont even know how they look like. Thats a good thing because i can imagine how they look like by myself.Okay to the book: omg this is reallly gooood. The story is long but you will enjoy every bit of it. It made me smile, laugh, frustrated and heartwarming at the same time. I love all of characters in it. They are funny, they are annoying and all of it just to make story reall [...]

    23. I regretted reading this one, I just can't imagine I'd find any thing better, it just moved my expectations of my reads so high, I didn't want it to end, i couldn't wait for me to be back home so I can contniue reading, it was just my best read ever i loved it

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