Cupcakes vs. Brownies

Cupcakes vs. Brownies

ScottKing / May 30, 2020

Cupcakes vs Brownies This is an alternate cover edition for B M H M A World Where Everything Is Made Of Desserts Zimmah the djinn isn t evil He simply thinks the world would be fun if everything was made of desserts So

  • Title: Cupcakes vs. Brownies
  • Author: ScottKing
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B00M7H615M A World Where Everything Is Made Of Desserts Zimmah the djinn isn t evil He simply thinks the world would be fun if everything was made of desserts So when ten year old Karim Jacobs makes a wish to fix his parent s marriage it s not Zimmah s fault that he twists the wish He couldn t help himself Candypunk airshipThis is an alternate cover edition for B00M7H615M A World Where Everything Is Made Of Desserts Zimmah the djinn isn t evil He simply thinks the world would be fun if everything was made of desserts So when ten year old Karim Jacobs makes a wish to fix his parent s marriage it s not Zimmah s fault that he twists the wish He couldn t help himself Candypunk airships and cupcake castles are cool Of course Karim isn t happy about his wish going astray, specially when running into fantastical creatures like gummy grizzly bears and rock candy beasts and although he desperately wants to go home, he finds himself in the middle of a war between the Cupcake Kingdom and Brownie Kingdom With his parents lives in danger, its up to him to stop Zimmah and restore the world to normal This epic, coming of age fantasy adventure is the first in new middle grade series focusing on djinn, genies and world warping magic

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    1. ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **I love a good kids book on audiod this one was so creative and fun! It addresses a tough issue for kids, DivorceKareem hears his parents argue right before his birthday and the D word comes up.Kareem gets very upset and runs away with his dog Lionhe runs into a djinn evil form of genie and makes a wish for the world to be a happy placed poof it gets turned into a world of candy and confectionsd his dog gets turned into an [...]

    2. Cupcakes vs. Brownies: Zimmah Chronicles Book 1Written by Scott KingIn the prologue readers meet ten year old Karim, who is falling through pink candy cotton clouds trapped in a bubble of bubblegum. He is clutching a small glass bottle to his chest. At first glance, that does not sound like much of a predicament for a child, until you read on to the first chapter.Karim's parents, Malek and Christina, are arguing again. Karim overhears them discuss the possibility of divorce. The boy impulsively [...]

    3. BlahI had issues staying interested in this book and it took me forever to read as other books were more interesting.

    4. Cupcakes vs Brownies was an enjoyable fantasy/adventure with a underlying message about our younger generation's resilience, maturity, and rational skills. Karim is wisked away in a dessert (the title does include cupcakes and brownies) world. Speaking of world, this world building was 'hands down' the yummiest I've read. I need another gallon of milk and oreos, please! Very imaginative and creative. *disclaimer: dieters beware He is a young boy who is obviously athletic, has a kind heart, and a [...]

    5. This is a witty and creative book which I am sure children will enjoy.Karim is devastated when he overhears his parents discussing divorce and runs out of the house. He finds a bottle and in curiosity unleashes the djinn (not genie) inside. The djinn is an awkward customer and when Karim asks for a happy world the djinn creates a world made our of 'desserts' - anything sweet but on in which Karim's parents are fighting for supremacy. The djinn's idea of fun is certainly not the same as Karim's.K [...]

    6. Rating: 4 starsNarrator Rating: 4 starsAudible Rating: Overall 4 starsPerformance 4 starsStory 4 stars I was given a copy of this book for free through Audiobookblast in exchange for my honest review. I have not been paid for my review. These opinions are my own. This book is a Middle Grade adventure of Karim, a young boy, who finds a Djinn's lamp (the Djinn's name is Zimmah). Karim wishes for the world to be a happier place, and WHAM! Everything is dessert. EVERYTHING. #Candypunk Though this wo [...]

    7. A bad djinn named Zimmah is out of its bottle and changed the world of Karim forever. His mom and dad are now Cupcake King and Brownie Queen and they are now at war with each other without even knowing that they were once in love with each other. They are trying to kill each other. Karim's pet dog is now a Snow Lion. It's up to Karim to save his parents and trap the djinn. But, how is that going to be possible when the djinn is always one step ahead of him?I didn't read the synopsis of this book [...]

    8. Karim's parents are not getting along, he can see that clearly every day. But he doesn't want them to divorce and when he finds a Djinn who is up for some clever play after years of being held hostage, Karim seems to be in over his head. Suddenly Karim and his dog Lion are transported to a world of candy and there is a Cupcake Queen and a Brownie King who turn out to be his mom and dad although they do not recognize him. As he traverses the candy land, he has several run ins with the Djinn Zimma [...]

    9. Cupcakes vs. Brownies is the first book in the Zimmah Chronicles and the is the beginning of Karim’s problems.It all begins because Karim hears his parents fighting and talking about getting a divorce. He gets angry and runs out of the house. One thing leads to another and he ends up in an old shop where he finds a bottle, uncorks it, and out pops a Djinn, ready to grant wishes. Unfortunately Karim makes a wish thinking that he’s thought it through well and finding out quickly that it maybe [...]

    10. This is an action-packed roller-coaster which will keep less than enthusiastic readers going for hours! Enthusiastic readers will gobble it up, which may have them feeling sick and craving a nice drink of plain water, since the sugar-rush in this confectionary encrusted world is sickly sweet. Ten-year-old Karim soon realises that all that sugar is not good for you. In fact, he longs for his imperfect life back, but the genie (sorry, djinn) is out of the bottle and he is unstopperable.Wishing for [...]

    11. I had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series and it was a very well developed world that sucked me in and make me hungry. Karim finds himself trapped in a world where everything is sweets and the Cupcake King and Brownie Queen are dueling it out over differences of opinion in foods. He must find the djinn who created the problem and put the world back as it was and hopefully no one dies in the process.I really like the world in this book, King created a fantastical world of cake, [...]

    12. For full review please go to: 5girlsbookreviews, Twitter @camartinez and Facebook "5 Girls Book Reviews" REVIEW BY: Michaela, age 11 years, 5 monthsMAY CONTAIN SPOILER:This book was okay, I do believe that younger kids would enjoy it more than me as it is short and more for younger readers. If you like cupcakes and brownies fighting to the death, this this book is for you! My favorite character is the Brownie Queen because she is super strong.

    13. This was worth all the money I spent on this book, which was nothing or at least a $1.00. It was just too juvenile and silly for me. I should of known this by the comical cover. The only redeeming fact was that it addressed a difficult subject of divorce.

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