Blackbird Fly

Blackbird Fly

Willow Rose / May 30, 2020

Blackbird Fly It was just a dream We all say that to our children when they have a nightmare and wake up crying don t we Sh baby it was just a dream But what if there is no such thing as just a dream What if dre

  • Title: Blackbird Fly
  • Author: Willow Rose
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It was just a dream We all say that to our children when they have a nightmare and wake up crying, don t we Sh, baby, it was just a dream But what if there is no such thing as just a dream What if dreams are portals to other worlds where evil lurks When Andrew and Julia have their baby, they quickly realize their daughter is very different from other children It was just a dream We all say that to our children when they have a nightmare and wake up crying, don t we Sh, baby, it was just a dream But what if there is no such thing as just a dream What if dreams are portals to other worlds where evil lurks When Andrew and Julia have their baby, they quickly realize their daughter is very different from other children The girl s grandmother tries to warn them Their daughter, Anna, has a gift She travels the worlds at night as one of the shadowpeople But she is also in grave danger When Andrew and Julia finally realize her old grandmother is right, it is too late The man with the umbrella has already set his eyes on Anna.

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    1. Awesome, Awesome book!!A great continuation of Umbrella Man, book 1!! How the Umbrella Man came to be, and how Anna became blind. This intriguing story, will keep you going all the way to the end!! So happy there will be a book 3!!!

    2. Great Story“It was just a dream.”We all say that to our children when they have a nightmare and wake up crying, don’t we? “Sh, baby, it was just a dream.”But what if there is no such thing as just a dream?What if dreams are portals to other worlds where evil lurks?When Andrew and Julia have their baby, they quickly realize their daughter is very different from other children. The girl’s grandmother tries to warn them. Their daughter, Anna, has a gift. She travels the worlds at night [...]

    3. Another Breath StopperAlthough called the Queen of Scream, her psychological thrillers are even better, I think. Here are characters from Umbrella Man (this can be a standalone, but better after the first) interacting in much different ways. This time, Anna has her hands full, with more family (and less, by the same amount). How she deals with her difficulties and her choices have much more depth. Just as I was screaming: a piece . . . Anna had a completely different solution. This is sorta a cl [...]

    4. "Nightmares Are Not Dreams"Dreams can take you to many places flying in the blue sky, sailing on the ocean, romping through the woods. Can dreams also be portals to such places? Could they take you to other worlds where evil lurks? Andrew and Julia have a lovely little daughter. But, Anna seems different from other children. Anna has a gift of which only her grandmother is aware. Before long, her trips at night bring the Umbrella Man into her life. He has his eyes set on Anna. This is a very te [...]

    5. What just happened?After the first Unbrella Man book I was hooked. I needed to read number 2. Now that I have finished it there are questions unanswered. Reading the character`s back stories was interesting but the ending was awful. The last thing Anna says when her father ask how did she get her sight back was "does it matter." I would like to answer that by saying "yes it does, Anna." It matters very much to me. It should have been explained. That is no way to end a book. Someone please help m [...]

    6. ThrillingWillow Rose never stops delivering! Blackbird Fly takes off where Umbrella Man stopped. She delves deeper into the characters of Anna and the rest.Anna was born a traveler. She has traveled ever since she was an infant, and because of that she is very strong.Willow Rose kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book. The only thing I disliked is the cliff hanger ending! Arrg! I strongly suggest that everyone who loves a mystery/horror read this book. Of you haven't read Umbre [...]

    7. Intriguing storyThis is an intriguing story. I love Anna she is very loveable and cares for her family to a fault. I read this in less than a day, once I began I couldn't put it down. Kind of worried where the next story is heading, can't wait to find out if I am right.I recommend this book to readers who enjoy reading stories that won't let you go till the end ! Excellent book !

    8. I didn’t care a lot for the first book in this series…but it was OK. I really enjoyed Blackbird Fly, though…not quite as gory as Umbrella Man. This story was about how the Umbrella Man came to exist. It’s kind of nice to have a book follow another book, that goes back to a time before that other book, and explains the circumstances. Sure makes it a lot easier to follow.

    9. Loved the second bookAs I was reading, I was beginning to wonder if this book should have been the first one. However, it all worked out and this is definitely the second one. The first book was about as Stephanie while this was more about Anna. If you haven't started reading these, you should do so .

    10. Blackbird Fly khI read and very much enjoyed Umbrella Man, but Blackbird Fly was even better. Getting to know more of Anna and Andrew's backgrounds, and meeting Julie, Igoshi, and Lukas was awesome. I feel so much more invested in this series now. Definitely looking forward to the next book.

    11. The second book in the Umbrella Man series is a continuation of the story of the evil Umbrella Man and the travelers he loves to harass. Causing pain and suffering, ET and Gubba try to gain entry to the world where they originated. Lots of suspense and things to fear. Can be read alone but to get the full story read Umbrella Man first.

    12. Interesting storyReally interesting story of Anna and her travels. The umbrella man is a relentless and evil character. The book kept me engaged and interested in the characters and what happens to them. Nice unexpected twist made it interesting. Like this author. Happy reading.

    13. 'Blackbird Fly' was very creative. Well written and well thought out. The story line was incredibly thrilling and suspenseful. Andrew and Anna have been through quite a bit. This book is their story. Anna was put through so much. But she is definitely a strong willed girl. I can't wait to read the next book. A must read

    14. This is a must read, but only if you read the first book, The Umbrella Man. Young Anna can travel to other worlds but her parents only believe she is dreaming, until she wakes up with bruises. She learns that people in this world die but can be found in other worlds, but also that evil lurks in these other worlds.

    15. Can't wait for Book # 3. Wow. Love all your work, Willow.Willow. You make Stephan King hide under a bed. Every book I've read has me staying up at night not wanting to put it down

    16. Outstanding Book!!A page turner; full of action, suspense, and some scariness. There was even a few twists and turns in this book that had me really on the edge of my bed while reading. Highly recommended!

    17. A great book as usual by a fantastic author. I have never read a book by her that wasn't superb. The couple finds out very quickly that their baby is totally different, but not necessarily in a good way. What to do. Great scary story, not to be missed.

    18. She did it again!Willow Rose has definitely caught my attention with this book. She is definitely the "Scream Queen." I haven't found a book I've been severely disappointed with yet. Looking forward to reading the third book to this series. ❤

    19. PerfectWillow never disappoints!!!! I loved this book as much as thgre first, fast paced, very detailed and just fun. I've read every book by Willow Rose and always eager for the next

    20. Keeps you reading! I had a really hard time putting this book down! Can Anna stop Umbrella Man before he kills again? Who is E.T. And what does she want? Why is she so interested in Anna? This is a great read! Can't wait for Book 3 !!

    21. Good ReadThis book was great. I read it so quickly it was a page turner. It gave you more insight on Anna and her family. I can not wait for book three

    22. Loved itAnother great book. So well written you can feel all things could be possible. I really don't like Gubba, he is a mean buzzard butt.

    23. As always I thoroughly enjoyed yet another book by Willow Rose. can't wait for the next book in the series Keep them coming Willow!!!!

    24. This is a really good follow up to Umbrella Man. I hope Willow is going to be turning this into a series, I really like Anna, and Gubba is kinda growing on me I feel bad for him. So I would like to hear more of their story. I don't think Anna came back alone.

    25. Loved itI was so excited for the second book. It was amazing. All the way through I kept thinking this is how the story ends. Boy was I wrong! Can't wait for book 3!!

    26. Great reading love it want moreLove this book can hardly wait for the next book to come out I have every one of your books! Love each and every one of them

    27. FantasticI loved this book! I thought it was better than the first! It was great to be able to learn about Anna and how she became like she was

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