Hard Rock Deceit: A Rock Star Romance

Hard Rock Deceit: A Rock Star Romance

Athena Wright / May 27, 2020

Hard Rock Deceit A Rock Star Romance He s a brilliant artist A rock star god He challenges me Excites me He makes me quiver Makes me swoon He makes me feel things I ve never dreamed of But we re both dedicated to our art We ll do whateve

  • Title: Hard Rock Deceit: A Rock Star Romance
  • Author: Athena Wright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s a brilliant artist A rock star god He challenges me Excites me He makes me quiver Makes me swoon He makes me feel things I ve never dreamed of But we re both dedicated to our art We ll do whatever it takes to succeed When I find out just how far he ll go, it threatens to tear our world apart Hard Rock Deceit is a New Adult Rock Star Romance It is theHe s a brilliant artist A rock star god He challenges me Excites me He makes me quiver Makes me swoon He makes me feel things I ve never dreamed of But we re both dedicated to our art We ll do whatever it takes to succeed When I find out just how far he ll go, it threatens to tear our world apart Hard Rock Deceit is a New Adult Rock Star Romance It is the fourth novel in the Darkest Days series, but can be read as a standalone with a HEA A note from the author This book is complete and utter fangirl wish fulfillment It is not realistic in the slightest Then again, who reads rock star romances for realism, anyway Also available Darkest Days 1 Hard Rock Tease dp B01N5MF3VI 2 Hard Rock Fling dp B01N15L755 3 Hard Rock Sin dp B06Y5DRTZS Feral Silence 1 Hard Rock Gaze dp B0153ZME78 2 Hard Rock Voice dp B01AIYDNPQ 3 Hard Rock Touch dp B01E7GHABY 4 Hard Rock Heart dp B01LZ5LIYA

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    1. Hard Rock Deceit is the fourth installment in the Darkest Days Series by Athena Wright, it is a brilliantly charged emotional book about the struggle with addiction & how standing up to that addiction can help save a life. August Summers is the Darkest Days drummer, the defacto leader & founding member of the band. He always expects perfection from others (especially those closest to him) & from himself. It is a razor thin line to walk because nobody can be perfect ALL the time. Cass [...]

    2. I am looking back over the whole series so far each 1 of these men of Darkest Days (group/band) have their own issues u just read about them and your heart strings are easily pulled. August wow wee!! Loved this story but who do I love most Cameron of course but August is a close 2nd. If you don't know where to start? Please start at the beginning Love these characters love their lady friends. Love the story what is not to love? Their issues/stress/drugs/alcohol ? Must read series will [...]

    3. Hard Rock Deceit is the fourth book in Athena Wright's Darkest Days series, and it's just as fabulous as the three that came before it. This story centers on the band's drummer and leader, August -- a perfectionist who expects everyone around him to bring their A game, always. August meets recent college graduate Cassie, a photographer, and hires her to join Darkest Days on their upcoming tour.As they spend time together while August teaches Cassie how to tap into her passion and have that come [...]

    4. Oh My God, that was one hell of a book! So expertly written and oh such a good read. She even tackles some hard subjects. One in every book, this one deals with addiction. Just a side note if you or someone you know is please seek help. Even if it is only a friend that you can have get you professional help. Trust me you do not want to lose someone you love because you let it slide. I miss my sis everyday being far away I had no clue, but her friends knew and said nothing. Now back to the book I [...]

    5. Wow! Athena has done it again! August and Cassie's story is fantastic. It involves a very sensitive and current subject and I think she handles it perfectly and true to life.I was always curious about August from the previous books - the solid one, the leader, the wrangler of the others in the band when they got out of hand, no problems, always cool. No one can be perfect all the time (even though he thinks he has to be). Eventually that pressure will cause an explosion - a release in inevitable [...]

    6. **I received this ARC in exchange for an honest voluntary review** Fourth novel in the Darkest Days series! In this installment, we learn about the leader & creator of the band, mysterious musical genius August Summers & the reserved artistic photographer, Cassie Blake. Easy flowing storyline with a bit of slower burn but it's so worth it! Love how Athena Wright does not shy away from sensitive topics in this series & in this instance, it's addiction. Very eye opening to those who ma [...]

    7. Hard Rock Deceit - Athena Wright'Hard Rock Deceit' is the 4th instalment in the 'Darkest Days' series. Each book focuses on a different member of the band and this time it was the turn for August.August is the drummer of the rock band and the one who founded the band. He has a dark, brooding character with many secrets inside. The heroine of this story is Cassie. She is a photographer, fresh out of college, who gets snatched away by August as the band's photographer during the next tour. August [...]

    8. The Fourth Book in the Darkest Days Series, and my oh my this one gave me goosebumps!I was so glad it was time for August's story! The whirlwind emotional mayhem that is this creatively written book had me blocking out the world around me while in the midst of this one. When August hires Cassie to be the photographer for the band while they're on the road, she doesn't have as much faith in herself as he does. August plans to bring out the passion in her he knows is buried deep down inside. Littl [...]

    9. August explainedWe finally get August's story and met the man behind the legend . We fined out the history and pain that made him the musical genius that he is . We meet Cassie a photographer that August want to go on tour with Darkest Days as the band personal photographer . August can read her like a book and is determined to bring out the best in her photographs and her. We also find out that August has a secret he has been keeping from the band . I loved this book it has everything you expec [...]

    10. Athena Wright has long been a favorite of mine. Hard Rock Deceit (August's book) is another reason why. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book, and I'm so glad I did!August has always fascinated me. I had no idea of his secrets and admit I was a little stunned. Even reading the clues, I didn't pick up on the direction it was going at first. When I got it, I loved it! Not because of the thing itself, but because it was so realistic! That's exactly how stuff happens in real life, and I adored seei [...]

    11. I have read everyone of the books by Athena Wright in the Hard Rock series and I thought I had a favorite until this one. August is the ultimate book boyfriend: Rockstar, sexy, sensitive, rich, intelligent, powerful and a prodigy and with all those great qualities he finds time to be caring for and to others. Cassie is the next in line to be branded gifted by the genius of August as a photographer for the band, turning regular behind scenes shots into art. They have an immediate connection. He s [...]

    12. I really liked and enjoyed reading this story. Although I love reading about rock stars, the story is about several different things.August has been following Cassie's photography for awhile. He goes to a showing of new artists and Cassie is one of them. He goes to see her work and to offer her a job. The job consists of traveling across the country with the band, Darkest Days. Of course, there is more to it. August has offered to help Cassie find her passion.In the time she spends with the grou [...]

    13. Hard Rock Deceit by Athena Wright is the fourth book in A Rock Star Romance - Darkest Days. While every book in the series easily can be read as a standalone, for better understanding, I recommend to read the books in order.Cassie Blake is a artist/photographer fresh from college at her gallery showing. She gets hired from the spot as event photographer by a gorgeous stranger. August Summers, drummer and musical head of Darkest Days wants her on tour with the band.But he has a secret, a secret t [...]

    14. I have completely grown to love these boys and will be sad when the Darkest Days installment ends. That being said Hard Rock Deceit is the fourth book in Athena Wright’s Rock Star Romance series. She Introduces a few bands throughout the series which I’ve come to find have their own books as well. I love her writing style and while it may seem a little “fan fiction” it’s perfect for my rocker fix. These stories are diiiirty in the best way. All that aside, I was a little disappointed i [...]

    15. I absolutely loved this one. It has a bit of a different feel than the others in the Darkest Days series. The build is a bit slower but it's amazing. August has kind of been the background in previous books. The orchestrator and driver of Darkest Days, he always appears completely in control. I liked that Cassie sees the real man, not the mask he wears and even more I like that August sees the real woman. Cassie is quite insightful and sees through more that just August's facade but into the hea [...]

    16. When I review a book, I always seem to underline how sexy and steamy it is. This time I want to emphasize something that has completely amazed me. Indeed the book is really intense. Of all the characters of this band, August was the character whose story I was anxiously awaiting. In the previous books he appears to be the perfect character, the one who has total control over his life. On the contrary in this book, the author highlights how looks can be deceiving. August hires a shy and introvert [...]

    17. I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.And, to be honest, I've sat on my review and reread the book before posting.I love the guys from Darkest Days, and Feral Silence before them. This book has all the same things that I love - alpha male rocker, sweet and innocent heroine, will they won't they but they can't help themselves, and a final obstacle to overcome. But I just didn't take to it as much as the rest.I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, but I didn't love it as much as t [...]

    18. Love this story of August the drummer in the band, and Cassie the photographer hired to take all the photos while they are on tour. It takes a while for them to get together personally, but when they do the sparks fly, things seem to be going well until the ugly head of drugs appear. August has been struggling with pain in his shoulders from all the drumming and finds pain relief in the form of drugs, for a short while the pain eases and August is able to function if only in body and not mind. O [...]

    19. * 4.5 stars * A well written, sexy, rock star romance that should have broad appeal beyond the new adult age bracket. Cassie and August are two artists who work in different mediums (she is a photographer, he is a musician) They meet when she is unexpectedly offered a job as photographer to the band and challenged to push the limits of her own growth as an artist. I loved the depth and authenticity of the characters and the author's ability to allow the story to tell itself without revealing too [...]

    20. August is hot. You can figure out if I mean the month or the man, but shew, you shouldn't have to guess! I liked August's book a great deal. He was perfectly flawed, as we found out. Cassie is the perfect match for him. They both have passion and the desire to share their art. He makes her better by challenging her and she makes him better by believing in him. I can't wait to see what happens to Damon. I love the guys in the band. They have each other's back and this time is no different. No one [...]

    21. I am loving this series. August and Cassie's story is all about getting out of your comfort zone. he sees her, reads her thoughts. she sees him as well. she sees that his shoulder is giving more problems than he lets on. that he is taking drugs to be able to drum. they have some downs because his drug problem is a little more serious than he admitted to her. the band is in shock because August is the level headed one. the leader the voice of reason and he has been hiding this from them for a yea [...]

    22. I could not wait for August’s book, and was very curious about the mysterious August. This was a really great story. It dealt with a sore spot of mine so it was a bit difficult for me to read. August is a sweetheart who strives for perfection. He is a perfectionist to a fault. Cassie was a shut woman who was hired as a photographer for the band on tour. August had followed her work for awhile and connected with her art. They were a great couple. August was not as intense as the other guys. Aga [...]

    23. Athena Wright again does a fantastic job with these rock stars from Darkest Days.August's story was one I was eager to read, and it didn't disappoint. August is the leader and drummer of the band, and is always worrying about everything and everyone, always trying to be the best.Cassie is a shy and introverted young woman who expresses her feelings through her art, photography.When August hires Cassie to work with the band during their tour, things between the two get really interesting. But whe [...]

    24. I love this series!! This is book four in the Darkest Days world, and the story of August and Cassie. This book takes you into the world of addiction and the effects on those around you. I LOVED how strong the character of Cassie was written. The choices she - and other band members made were real and this subject is nothing to shy away from - it needs to be told. Athena has done an outstanding job with this series. Her writing style makes you jump in with both feet from the very beginning. The [...]

    25. This was a good read! I've loved this whole series, and this one is right up there! I was really surprised with the way that August's story went. He was always the responsible one, the one keeping everyone else out of trouble. August and Cassie were good together, and I thought they had good chemistry. I was glad to see Cassie come out of her shell, and stand up for what she thought would be best for August. The only thing I would change would be to have a dual POV. All of this series is single [...]

    26. August is the drummer of the Darkest Days rock band. A stubborn man, strong willed and determined to remain independent, August meets up with a situation that threatens to destroy him. Cassie is a photographer trying to grow her talent and career. She & August meet up at a gallery showcasing her art. He proposes a job where she will join the band's road tour as their official photographer. It's a great story about a guy learning to lean on others to help him and a gal that learns to be confi [...]

    27. This is the story of Cassie and August Summers the creative genius and drummer for the band Darkest Day. August buys one of Cassie 's photographs and tells her he has been following her career. He thinks he can helper her reach her potential as an artist and offers her a job as the photographer for the bands tour. From here things fast forward and you are immersed in their story. Its a fun read with surprising twists and turns. Books in this series are stand alone but are more enjoyable if read [...]

    28. I have followed the Darkest Days since Book 1, and Hard Rock Deceit doesn't diminish from the series. I loved August both for his talents, his sexiness, and his flaws, Cassie was the perfect sweetness to his dark. August has such a take-charge personality that it's easy to feel like he has to be strong all the time. I thought August was so sweet with Cassie, yet their chemistry was so sexually potent. This was such a fabulous addition to the series, and a truly rocky road for both the main chara [...]

    29. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. I love these story. I couldn't put the book down. I love the characters in this series. August's the founder and moving force behind Darkest Days, he always appears completely in control. August has secrets. I love that when his secrets come out the guys and Cassie come together helping him with his demons. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

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