Ancient Images

Ancient Images

Ramsey Campbell / May 27, 2020

Ancient Images A colleague s violent death and its apparent cause a stolen copy of an old never released Karloff Lugosi film set film editor Sandy Allan on the trail of the film s origins and history Mystery surrou

  • Title: Ancient Images
  • Author: Ramsey Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780812502633
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A colleague s violent death and its apparent cause a stolen copy of an old, never released Karloff Lugosi film set film editor Sandy Allan on the trail of the film s origins and history Mystery surrounds the movie, and as Sandy learns of the tragedies which haunted its production, she finds herself threatened by an ancient force protecting secrets deeper than the suppA colleague s violent death and its apparent cause a stolen copy of an old, never released Karloff Lugosi film set film editor Sandy Allan on the trail of the film s origins and history Mystery surrounds the movie, and as Sandy learns of the tragedies which haunted its production, she finds herself threatened by an ancient force protecting secrets deeper than the suppression of a 50 year old movie.

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        Ramsey Campbell is a British writer considered by a number of critics to be one of the great masters of horror fiction T E D Klein has written that Campbell reigns supreme in the field today, while S T Joshi has said that future generations will regard him as the leading horror writer of our generation, every bit the equal of Lovecraft or Blackwood.


    1. I liked the part where nothing happened for 280 pages and then everything that did happen was really stupid and happened for no reason.

    2. I wanted a change of pace from blood guts and gore of last week's Deathbringer, so I picked up Ancient Images, which has sat on my TBR list for a long long time. This is only my second book by Campbell, first one was Overnight, which has left me interested in the writer, but not overall impressed by the book. Ancient Images "wowed" me. I could barely put it down, the San Francisco Chronicle claims on the book cover that it's to be read in one sitting, took me 4 days on and off(life kept getting [...]

    3. The Oxford Companion to English literature calls Ramsey Campbell Britain's "most respected living horror writer", and Ancient Images, a Samhain Publishing re-print of one of Campbell's earlier novels, bears excellent testimony to this assertion. As with all of Campbell's works, the prose is smooth, his attention to detail immaculate, and the tension winds tighter and tighter as the story progresses. Campbell's pacing is also excellent, as he slowly builds a solid foundation upon which to sprint [...]

    4. This was an ok read. Reminded me so much of Night of the Claw with the "creature" following said character, however, Night of the Claw was so much more enjoyable, so I'm writing this one off as one of his lesser books. The ending made no sense to me and I felt like a lot more should have been explained. But, maybe that was his intention. 3 stars for me.

    5. After reading a lot of James Herbert I kept seeing the name Ramsey Campbell mentioned in several British horror write-ups so I set out to have a look at his work. The title that I was most attracted to was "Ancient Images" due to the plot description. I actually emailed the author before I read it and he was very polite and helpful, which made me want to like it even more.Basically the plot revolves around a supposedly cursed roll of film and the efforts of a young film editor as she goes to fin [...]

    6. I meant to read more Ramsey Campbell this summer, but "Ancient Imgages" is the only one I got read. Still, having never read it before, it was a wonderfully concise and suspenseful.The search for a lost film of Karloff and Lugosi drives the action, and most of the first half of the book is centered on just this. When the second half of the story takes us to the secluded village where our heroine (a film editor with a mission) becomes the object of inquiry from the spooky villagers, the story bec [...]

    7. There is so much wrong with this novel. Sorry, Ramsey. This is a heavy handed work. Mr. Campbell beats the reader over the head with obvious and predictable foreshadowing. He also does little to develop character and the presence of a group of religious stalwarts provides little thematic support other than to provide fodder for the monsters. I was reminded of The King In Yellow with the idea that the film at the center of the story is a one which has led to disaster for everyone who has had cont [...]

    8. This was my first encounter with Ramsey Campbell, a writer whose work I’ve been drawn to following a number of citations of him from other writers I admire. And I really, really enjoyed reading this, and am now quite eager to read his other stuff. I’ve noted before on here how much I enjoy what might be considered fairly trashy horror fiction, but if this novel is anything to go by, Campbell ought to occupy a much more prominent status in modern literature (not just genre fiction) than he cu [...]

    9. My first novel by Ramsey Campbell will be far, far, FAR from my last. A tight, suspenseful tale, Ancient Images features one of my biggest passions as an integral plot point: early-era Hollywood. The main character, Sandy Allan, goes on quite a terrifying journey in search of a long-lost (and recently found, then stolen from a dead friend of hers) Bela Lugosi/Boris Karloff film. Her portrayal is very nicely realized, with her coming across as a real woman, free of exploitation and full of believ [...]

    10. Meh. Too many tropes crammed into a single story: sinister corporation, lost/suppressed/secret document (in this case a Karloff/Lugosi film), eerie scarecrows, ancient curse on family, the land that needs blood to flourish, the cursed object, and (possibly) werewolves. And in the end almost nothing actually happens other than lots of highway driving from one town to another. Would have worked a better as a short story, and with about 50% less stuff.

    11. Propelled by a hunt for a crackerjack Macguffin—the print of an apocryphal horror film starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff that suffered from a bedeviled production and was suppressed before its release by pre-WW2 censors concerned with its "unpatriotic" content—Ancient Images is a sedate horror mystery that strives for social commentary wherever the search takes our dogged protagonist, an independent female (circa the late 1980s) television editor. Scenes of urban decay and pastoral hypo [...]

    12. This really wasn't up to Campbell's usual standards and I was surprised. Other than the early apparent suicide of Graham Nolan and presumably a flashback to an earlier death from a car accident (and something else), which both happen in the first 50 pages, nothing much frightening happens in this book. Campbell attempts to build a disturbing atmosphere with vague suggestions that also telegraph all too well what WILL happen in the last 20 pages, but it never works. The confrontation by Sandy wit [...]

    13. This is a good read, it kept me interested until the very end and I was downright excited to see what would happen next. This is my second Campbell novel, I read "The Hungry Moon" back in March and I don't know why I took so long to get to another one. According to S. T. Joshi who's opinion I respect a great deal, this isn't even one of Campbell's better novels, I don't have enough reference to say, but I personally enjoyed this one as much or perhaps more than "The Hungry Moon."I will say, I th [...]

    14. Probably the sleekest, most thriller-like novel in the prolific Ramsey Campbell's catalogue, Ancient Images is a story of detection with occult elements that begin to dominate as the novel progresses. It's 1988 in London, England. Metropolitan TV film editor Sandy Allan witnesses the baffling, apparent suicide of her friend and mentor, a film historian who had just announced that he'd secured a copy of a long-lost 1938 Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi British horror film. But the film isn't in Sand [...]

    15. We have a film that doesn’t exist (really, but easily could have) the censorship of horror films that occurred in Britain and a family curse (that the family doesn’t really know the extent of). Unfortunately the family curse does come with a blessing for the family and all the people dependent upon them. After all, the sacrifice isn’t every year, or even every generation. This also begs the question, what would you do to defend a dead friend’s honor? What sacrifice would you make, what d [...]

    16. I am so glad I do not have to drive anywhere tonight! I love Ramsey Campbell's "what's that hiding in the shadows?" horror. His stuff is just so organic and textured. He is one of the few authors I read that can make me actually smell something. I squealed aloud numerous times during this book. Spooky!

    17. This is a well written book that excels in setting a mood. But mood can only get you so far. The plot concerning the lost movie was fantastic, but it never tied into the story of the land owners trying to prevent the movie from being seen. The horror is all in the mood, but there is only so long you can be carried by a dark and moody setting that never resolves itself or at least does not resolve itself very well.

    18. Very good scary read - even though this was published 25 years ago, I was able to slide back into the era before cell phones, etc. I thought the ending a bit anticlimatic after so much feeling of foreboding. But it certainly allowed me to feel "spooked" - which a good horror story should!

    19. Ancient Images is the first Ramsey Campbell story I have read and I was wondering how I would take to this well-known, British Horror author.As it turned out, I found the book an enjoyable read. A little unchallenging, but nevertheless with an interesting plot line.We follow the main character in her quest to discover an old horror film which was never released. She feels that in some way the film, or the mystery surrounding it, has been the cause of the death of her friend - the only man though [...]

    20. When I heard about this book, I was pretty excited. I've always loved novels in the "cursed book" genre, and I also loved the only other "cursed film" story I've read,House of Leaves, so I figured I'd be bound to like this one as well. The book started out well. I love the main character, Sandy Allen, a strong woman who nevertheless feels like a real, vulnerable person. The descriptions of her daily life before the horror kicked in never seemed boring. This might be aided, of course, by the fact [...]

    21. The arrival of Don D'auria (ex leisure books) at Samhain Publishing has seen the beginning of an exciting new line of interesting horror including several books by Ramsey Campbell. The combination of new writing and the re-release of some older titles will give a new generation easy access to Campbell's earlier work but how does it stand up in comparison to his more recent writing.The plot of Ancient Images revolves around the discovery of a "lost" film starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. Wh [...]

    22. I first read Ancient Images when it came out in 1989. The cool embossed cover caught my attention. It was my first Ramsey Campbell book and it hooked me. Nearly 30 years later and certain scenes stuck with me all that time, forcing me to pull the book back off the shelf and read it again.Sandy is a film editor who is on a mission to uphold the honor of a recently-departed (murdered or driven insane) friend and to prove a pompous critic wrong. The lost film stars Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. It [...]

    23. "Freedom of speech is not an excuse to give up moral choice, nothing is."This is a quote from the back of Campbell's Ancient Images, where he is discussing, some 20+ years later, the writing of a book partially about the way horror was unfairly treated in 1980s (and prior decades) Britain but also largely devoid of sex and violence. More so the latter than the former. I say partially because the book also has* a missing film,* a nomadic cult roaming Britain, looking for a new home,* bits about h [...]

    24. I re-read this book again recently. It's under-rated and deserves a bigger audience. Campbell weaves together an ancient pagan mystery with the search for a missing Lugosi-Karloff film, the censorship of the horror genre and media hostility towards a convoy of travellers. It seems like a tall order to bring all this together but he does it very well. There are some terrifying instances, hinted at or directly shown, and the story would be enjoyed by fans of the Wicker Man.Is there anything bad in [...]

    25. I was pretty disappointed in this book. This is my first Ramsey Campbell read and prior to reading this book I'd heard such good things about the author and almost all of his books got great ratings. However, this book just didn't cut it for me. I think the most annoying thing to me was the fact that the synopsis portrayed two big horror movie stars, yet they were barely even mentioned in the book. Hardly any character development, just their first names. The book kept hinting at a supernatural [...]

    26. Time constraints had resulted in my taking about a month to read this novel.It is testimony to the novel that it evoked a visual response in between my picking it up.This may not be one of Ramsey Campbell's most atmospheric and unsettling novels,yet it is one of his most entertaining and visual.

    27. Ramsey is great at conjuring unsettling images and creating suspense, but it is too drawn out here, and I was left waiting for a dissapointing pay-off.

    28. This book is close to thirty years old at this point, and as another tale in the found media landscape, has a few years on my preferred tales like Night Film and Flicker. This story surrounds an old and rare Bela lugasi film that has appeared to make people go mad or worse when it is presented, and, after the death of a local film buff, we go deep inside the existence of the film itself and why it is so rare and why it causes problems.It’s hard to say it’s flawed. From a modern point of view [...]

    29. I don't think I've ever put a review on here, but I feel like I have to for this book. I have never been more angry that I spent time reading something than I am at this book right now. This could have been an 80 page short story, instead it was 295 pages of nothing followed by 35 of predictability.Monsters are killing people and the author waited until there were 42 pages left in the book to actually reveal them. He put more into describing the details of the main characters bedroom than he did [...]

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