The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing

The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing

Taylor Larimore Michael LeBoeuf Mel Lindauer / Jun 05, 2020

The Bogleheads Guide to Investing The Bogleheads Guide to Investing is a slightly irreverent straightforward guide to investing for everyone The book offers sound practical advice no matter what your age or net worth Bottomline be

  • Title: The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing
  • Author: Taylor Larimore Michael LeBoeuf Mel Lindauer
  • ISBN: 9780471730330
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Bogleheads Guide to Investing is a slightly irreverent, straightforward guide to investing for everyone The book offers sound, practical advice, no matter what your age or net worth Bottomline, become a Boglehead and prosper Originally just the chat line ruminations of Boglehead founder Taylor Lari, and Morningstar forum leading cohorts Mel Lindauer and MichaelThe Bogleheads Guide to Investing is a slightly irreverent, straightforward guide to investing for everyone The book offers sound, practical advice, no matter what your age or net worth Bottomline, become a Boglehead and prosper Originally just the chat line ruminations of Boglehead founder Taylor Lari, and Morningstar forum leading cohorts Mel Lindauer and Michael LeBoeuf, their trusted advice has been brewed and distilled into an easy to use, need to know, no frills guide to building up your own financial well being so you can worry less and profit from the investments you make Invest like a Boglehead, and let their grassroots investment wisdom guide you down the path of long term wealth creation and happiness, without all the worries and fuss of stock pickers and day traders If you face a financial crisis or problem, or simply want to know what is prudent to do with the money you save, the Bogleheads will have the answers you need to help you gain your financial footing and keep it.

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        Taylor Larimore Michael LeBoeuf Mel Lindauer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing book, this is one of the most wanted Taylor Larimore Michael LeBoeuf Mel Lindauer author readers around the world.


    1. A Boglehead is an investor who follows the philosophy of Vanguard founder John Bogle. This book contains simple, honest, and wise financial advice based on that philosophy. Contrary to active investing, with its market timing and performance chasing, the Bogleheads espouse passive investing, and base their strategy on Efficient Market Theory (EMT) and Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). I’ve considered myself a Boglehead since 2008, when I stumbled upon the Bogleheads forum and moved my money into [...]

    2. This is a really awesome investment book, especially for beginners. I highly recommend it.Here is a summary of some of the notes I took while reading:Debt = negative wealthDebt is deadly and earning to spend gets you nowhere. The people who reach financial freedom focus on accumulating wealth over time. Focus on your net worth more than your net income.Before you start investing: 1. Graduate from a paycheck mentality to a net worth mentality.2. Establish an emergency fund3. Pay off credit card a [...]

    3. Great last paragraph in the introduction from the authors (Taylor Larimore, Mel Lindauer, and Michael LeBoeuf):"We have no hidden agendas. We aren't financial planners or money manager looking for clients. We don't have a high-powered, get-rich-quick weekend seminar to sell you. We are all well over 70 years of age, financially secure and haven't missed a meal yet. Our primary mission is to simply to support Jack Bogle's mission by teaching others how to get the best long-term return on their in [...]

    4. This book is perfect for anyone who wants/needs to learn the basics of investing. This book isn't about getting rich quick or beating the market every year. It's about the fundamentals of setting long-term goals and then allocating your financial resources in the simplest way possible to achieve those goals. It covers the basics of everything from investment options and asset allocation to tax implications and how much insurance you should have. It's written in such a way that it's totally acces [...]

    5. Reading The Millionaire Next Door was my first step to building a responsible financial lifestyle; The Bogleheads Guide to Investing took me to the next level. Both of their books have their flaws, but they do a great job at showing the bigger picture. This review will be focussed on the last book, yet I recommend you to read The Millionaire Next Door before you read The Bogleheads Guide to Investing.What did I like about Bogleheads Guide to Investing?The book is accessible for the layman, and c [...]

    6. Being new to the subject of investing but having taken a keen interest in it over the past year after opening up an Acorns account and learning about asset allocation and portfolio strategies, I wanted to learn more. I initially picked Burton Malkiel's classic, A Random Walk Down Wall Street but it proved to be too daunting and intimidating for a novice like myself, without even starting the book. I also had this book, The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing, which I picked up from the library to rea [...]

    7. A very basic book targets for beginner in investing. Especially suitable for Americans. Talked about the importance of saving, the difference of investing options, and further explained why we should focus on index funds. Other chapters are good for reading Asset Allocations and rebalancing your portfolio.

    8. A great beginner's guide to financial planning. I recommend reading the last chapter first for the distilled version of the book. That may be all you need and then you can visit the appendices for more advanced resource recommendations. Or you can flip to the relevant chapter discussing whatever topic you are most interested in.

    9. This is the second book I've read in the series by the same author's involving Boglehead's and their philosophy of investing. I'm so glad I found this group of un-selfish and knowledgeable individuals who really speak frankly and knowledgeably about the in and outs of investing your money. If you need free, in-depth, investment planning guidance, look no further.

    10. I have to admit that I only read about half this book because I am not at a place in my life where I can start investing. That being said, I did like what I read, and I hope to refer back to this book when the time comes that I'm ready to open that IRA.

    11. Here's what I learned by chapter:Ch 8 Asset Allocation* Investors will benefit from an international stock allocation of 20-40% of their equity allocation.* REIT funds shouldn't exceed 10% of your equity allocation.* Don't use high-yield bonds since they are more like stocks, waste of space in retirement accounts* TIPS is a type of bond: VIPSX for low risk/return and VTAPX for higher risk/return* High-income taxpayers should consider tax-exempt (municipal) bonds when tax-advantaged accounts are [...]

    12. Stop what you're doing and read this book. Do it right now.This is one of the most important books I've ever read. The Bogleheads Guide to Investing is a go-to for anyone interested in low-cost retirement planning via index funds. It almost entirely describes my retirement strategy (the major difference being my use of Vanguard index ETFs over traditional Vanguard index funds, despite a buy-and-hold strategy), and is a must-read for anyone who wants to get serious about investing.

    13. One of the best personal finance books I have read. I previously read The Only Investing Guide You'll Ever Need and I found this easier to understand. I am quite basic in this area but despite this the book is very well written and easy to understand and follow. If anyone is new to personal finance I highly recommend this book.

    14. Start with some basic financial advices: spend less than you earn, live below your means, invest in your future rather than your present and so on. And soon gets more interesting, dissecting all main american investment types (that are somewhat similar to brazilian ones, with a few small differences).Then it gets to advanced subjects, with balancing your portfolio, risk management and retirement planning. The book is crowded with smart advices and is a true eye opener when you consider how you c [...]

    15. Buena guía de iniciación al ahorro y la inversión "segura". Tiene el problema de que hay varios capítulos que se centran en pormenores de las leyes e impuestos norteamericanos, pero más de dos terceras partes son aplicables a cualquier país. El libro propugna el sentido común a la hora de invertir, y da muchos consejos muy interesantes:- Cuanto antes empieces a ahorrar, mejor. - Elige fondos indexados. Ganan al 90% de los gestores profesionales de fondos a largo plazo y son mucho más bar [...]

    16. (This is a review of the 1st edition)This is the first and only book on investing I've read, but I'll be very surprised if I ever learn it wasn't a good choice. The message is simple and consistent:- choose a stock vs bond allocation based on your risk tolerance -- your age% bonds and the rest in stocks is the rule of thumb.- invest in *low cost* stock and bond mutual funds -- such as offered by Vanguard -- according to your chosen allocation.- rebalance to your chosen allocation on a fixed sche [...]

    17. This book is a great reference for both investment strategy and general financial planning, including saving for college, withdrawing during retirement, and end-of-life planning. The main ethos of the book lies in a DIY investment strategy which both history and research support as the winning way to consistently win out over most stock pickers and fund managers over a long time horizon. I am fully on board with this strategy and am so glad to have learned these important lessons while I'm still [...]

    18. I'm a bit embarrassed at reading an investment book, but I'm also a bit proud too. This topic was previously completely foreign to me. After speaking with many friends who are do-it-yourself investors who have cut out the middle-men (i.e.: financial "advisors") I realized I had to learn about this topic. This book pulled back the curtain on the financial advisor business plan and outlined how regular people can take control of their own finances very easily. The book's financial advice centers a [...]

    19. This book is the culmination of a quirky sort of grassroots movement in the financial industry. The Bogleheads are a group of "average" investors, inspired by Vanguard founder John Bogle, who seek to take control of their financial future by choosing fairly simple investing strategies. Those strategies are guided by the twin principles of, on the one hand keeping investment fees and taxes low, and on the other hand sticking with their baseline strategy for long periods of time. and They generall [...]

    20. Waarlijk een geestig boekje over de basisprincipes achter investeren.Niet zozeer hulp bij specifiek stockpicken, maar een visie die op langere termijn betere resultaten belooft dan wild spelen op de beurs. Wat mooi is, is dat het boek start met (en doorheen het hele boek blijft hameren op) een gezonde praktische financiële levensstijl. De beste vorm van investeren is zo weinig mogelijk geld kwijt raken. Dus weg met zoveel mogelijk kredieten (tenzij een investering als een huis), laag houden van [...]

    21. Just a great all-around introduction to investing. I went into this book knowing the basics about stocks and bonds and came out of it feeling much more prepared to take control of my financial future. The book contains a great overview of different types of investments that I didn't know about (like REITs and ETFs), information on asset allocation and risk, as well as brief introductions into things like saving for college and what to do with a financial windfall. The general investing ethos of [...]

    22. This was definitely the best book I've ever read on investing. While in some cases the topics were at too basic of a level, that's the advantage of the book overall: everything is explained simply yet comprehensively. I could see very clearly all of the mistakes I've made over the years! One of the main premises of the book is this: being average is perfect. In other words, if you simply invested in index funds, and allocated your funds in a tax-efficient way, you'll come out ahead of pretty muc [...]

    23. Really good book for beginners - I can see why this is so highly recommended across the board. Suggested for anyone who wants to get their personal finances in order but doesn't know what a mutual fund or variable annuity is, and is too scared or overwhelmed to ask. Absolutely one of the first books in this field that I'd recommend to my friends. I'd also note that the paperback version and the version I read are the first edition, copyright 2007. There's now a second edition, which was publishe [...]

    24. this book is a great read for a novice like me to understand the basics of investing in shares and mutual funds. before reading this book I was not in a position to clearly understand investment and financial matters. now I feel confident to discuss about my investment issues with others and take their suggestions. only draw back is this book is written for american investor so everything may not hold good for Indian investor for eg: according to the authors, index funds r relatively safe and yi [...]

    25. Straightforward, sound, and easy to understand advice for good investment practices. They start from the basics and make very few assumptions about your background and goals. In addition to going over all the different types of investments and the best strategies, they cover topics such as saving for college, saving for retirement, types of insurance to have, and how to keep your emotions from interfering with your investing. I am generally risk-averse and this book convinced me that in my posit [...]

    26. Good introduction to investing. I first heard about this book after visiting reddit's personal finance subreddit. I had just started working full time and was looking for a way to invest my savings. This provided a great introduction of every thing from asset allocation to taxes to estate planning. However, it lacked some depths on some of the topics I felt should have been at the core of this book, such as asset allocation, and spent some time covering topics that are not really investing relat [...]

    27. A good guide for overall finances, with emphasis on investing (obviously). I never felt too bored or too overwhelmed with information with this book - it felt just right.Again though, this was written for an American audience, and while some advice can be carried over to suit my finances in Canada, a lot of it cannot. However, I can probably do some further reading online for some advice on Canada-specific things.On a random aside: boy do these financial guys LOVE touting "there is no free lunch [...]

    28. I am a big fan of Vanguard investment products - they are low-cost, accessible and appeal to the novice investors among us. So it makes sense that this book, written by a group of John Bogle (Vanguard founder)'s disciples, Bogleheads, would follow the same approach. I've never found a finance book so engaging and enjoyable to read. Lots of very useful information expressed in easy to understand chapters. I was especially keen on the stocks, bonds, and taxes sections because these are areas that [...]

    29. This was the first book I have ever read on the subject, and I'm glad I did. Not only is it written in a way that makes it easy to cover chapters at a time, but the information contained within is concise and extremely valuable. I definitely would have fallen into many of the mistakes the authors tell you to avoid, and there were a few things I'm sure the majority of people would have fallen for. If you are going to read one book on investing, let it be this one; you will not be disappointed.

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