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Sashenka Winter In St Petersburg Russia on the brink of revolution Outside the Smolny Institute for Noble Young Ladies an English governess is waiting for her young charge to be released from school Bu

  • Title: Sashenka
  • Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
  • ISBN: 9781416595540
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Winter, 1916 In St Petersburg, Russia on the brink of revolution Outside the Smolny Institute for Noble Young Ladies, an English governess is waiting for her young charge to be released from school But so are the Tsar s secret police Beautiful and headstrong, Sashenka Zeitlin is just sixteen As her mother parties with Rasputin and her dissolute friends, Sashenka slipsWinter, 1916 In St Petersburg, Russia on the brink of revolution Outside the Smolny Institute for Noble Young Ladies, an English governess is waiting for her young charge to be released from school But so are the Tsar s secret police Beautiful and headstrong, Sashenka Zeitlin is just sixteen As her mother parties with Rasputin and her dissolute friends, Sashenka slips into the frozen night to play her part in a dangerous game of conspiracy and seduction Twenty years on, Sashenka has a powerful husband with whom she has two children Around her people are disappearing, but her own family is safe But she s about to embark on a forbidden love affair which will have devastating consequences Sashenka s story lies hidden for half a century, until a young historian goes deep into Stalin s private archives and uncovers a heart breaking tale of passion and betrayal, savage cruelty and unexpected heroism and one woman forced to make an unbearable choice.

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        Simon Sebag Montefiore is the author of the global bestsellers The Romanovs and Jerusalem the Biography, Stalin the Court of the Red Tsar and Young Stalin and the novels Sashenka and One Night in Winter and Red Sky at Noon His books are published in 48 languages and are worldwide bestsellers He has won prizes in both non fiction and fiction He read history at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University, where he received his Doctorate of Philosophy PhD The Romanovs is his latest history book He has now completed his Moscow Trilogy of novels featuring Benya Golden and Comrade Satinov, Sashenka, Dashka and Fabiana and Stalin himself.Buy in the UK Night Winter A thrilling work of fiction Montefiore weaves a tight, satisfying plot, delivering surprises to the last page Stalin s chilling charisma is brilliantly realised The novel s theme is Love family love, youthful romance, adulterous passion One Night in Winter is full of redemptive love and inner freedom Evening Standard Gripping and cleverly plotted Doomed love at the heart of a violent society is the heart of Montefiore s One Night in Winter depicting the Kafkaesque labyrinth into which the victims stumble The Sunday Times Compulsively involving Our fear for the children keeps up turning the pages We follow the passions with sympathy The knot of events tugs at a wide range of emotions rarely experienced outside an intimate tyranny The Times The novel is hugely romantic His ease with the setting and historical characters is masterly The book maintains a tense pace Uniquely terrifying Heartrending Engrossing The Scotsman Delicately plotted and buried within a layered, elliptical narrative, One Night in Winter is also a fidgety page turner which adroitly weaves a huge cast of characters into an arcane world Time Out A novel full of passion, conspiracy, hope, despair, suffering and redemption, it transcends boundaries of genre, being at once thriller and political drama, horror and romance His ability to paint Stalin in such a way to make the reader quake with fire is matched by talent for creating truly heartbreaking characters the children who find themselves at the centre of a conspiracy, the parents A gripping read and must surely be one of the best novels of 2013 NY Journal of Books Not just a thumpingly good read, but also essentially a story of human fragility and passions, albeit taking place under the intimidating shadow of a massive Stalinist portico The National Seriously good fun the Soviet march on Berlin, nightmarish drinking games at Stalin s countryhouse, the magnificence of the Bolshoi, interrogations, snow, sex and exile lust adultery and romance Eminently readable and strangely affecting Sunday Telegraph Hopelessly romantic and hopelessly moving A mix of lovestory thriller and historical fiction Engrossing The Observer Gripping Montefiore s characters snare our sympathy and we follow them avidly This intricate at times disturbing, always absorbing novel entertains and disturbs and seethes with moral complexity Characters real fictitious ring strikingly true.It is to a large extent Tolstoyan The Australian Enthralling Montefiore writes brilliantly about Love from teenage romance to the grand passion of adultery Readers of Sebastian Faulks and Hilary Mantel will lap this up A historical novel that builds into a nail biting drama a world that resembles Edith Wharton with the death penalty Novel of


    1. O carte remarcabilă ce descrie viaţa cutremurătoare a mai multe persoane, jertfe a unor jocuri politice din perioada Leninistă şi Stalinistă.Autorul, Simon Sebag Montefiore prin cartea sa a descris minuţios soarta oamenilor vinovaţi şi nevinovaţi, dar cu preponderenţă a celor nevinovaţi care au fost multilaţi şi cruzi bătuţi de cei din KGB.Saşenka, Ivan Paliţîn şi copii lor au fost cei care au avut o soartă cutremurătoare.Roza (Volia, cunoscută sub numele de alint Fulgule [...]

    2. This is an outstanding work from a serious scholar of Russian history. I'll be interested to try one of his nonfiction books. The author's knowledge of period details, mindsets, and customs really makes this novel stand out. There are so many fascinating little extras.My summaries of the sections are deliberately vague, as I think it's essential to be in the dark about where the story is going for best enjoyment. All three of the parts are very nicely tied in with each other by the end of the no [...]

    3. The background research is impressive but to me Sashenka herself feels like a man's creation of a woman - not totally convincing.

    4. I've always been obsessed with Russian history, in particular the events leading to the 1917 revolution that murdered the Tsar, his family, as well as countless others, setting the stage for Stalin and decades of untold horrors, which remained shrouded in secrecy and encoded dossiers until the collapse of the USSR. In Simon Montefiore's sweeping novel, SASHENKA, we get an all-encompassing view of these pivotal, blood-soaked events through the eyes of the titular character - a wealthy Jewish girl [...]

    5. Foarte buna cartea, subiect, constructie narativa, personaje bine conturate, actiune si suspans cu iz detectivistic.

    6. Τι θα μπορούσα να πω για αυτό το βιβλίο; Η λέξη «συγκλονιστικό» είναι, πιστεύω, πολύ μέτρια και λίγη για να χαρακτηρίσει τα συναισθήματα που μου γέννησε η ιστορία της Σάσενκα.Γεννήθηκα παθιασμένη, νομίζω, για την ιστορία της Ρωσίας, ειδικά για τις αρχές του 20ου αιώνα, για την [...]

    7. If not for part three of this novel, this would have been a 1.5 star read. I don't want to give too much away (even using spoilers). Part three involves a young girl named Katinka who is hired by a woman to track down her biological parents who gave up their children in the days before Russia would officially enter into WWII. This plot would have been enough for an entire novel by itself. However, before the reader can get to the good stuff, they have to endure parts one and two. Part one descri [...]

    8. I am setting this one aside 30-odd pages in for two main reasons:1) Pacing within scenes seems off and characters not quite believable.2) Holy male gaze, Batman! Literally the first thing we learn about the (16-year-old) protagonist is her breast size. They are, in case you wanted to know (I didn't), "the fullest breasts in her class." As we are told from her own POV. Meanwhile her governess is off ogling the headmistress, or so I presume by the fact that when the author writes from said governe [...]

    9. I ordered this book really looking forward to it. After all, it had a lot going for it that promised a good read -- Russian history, a young adult diving into political conspiracy, love stories, etc. Reading the cover flap had me all excited. Reading the actual book, though, was a let down. The beginning of the book jumps every few pages to a different set of characters, almost all dialogue with very little description or action, not spending enough time with any of characters for me to really f [...]

    10. I loved this book!Only recently have I become interested in modern history, and more specifically the Russian Revolution, and this book definitely helped to deepen my interest.'Sashenka' is very well researched, and is the author's first novel as Montefiore normally writes historical books. This was a GREAT debut! The latter part of the book, though not AS enjoyable as the first two parts is still fantastic and provides a look into post-Stalinist Russia. It is set in a different decade from the [...]

    11. A renowned biographer/historian writes a fairly gripping novel. Thick with historical detail - I almost lost sight of the characters, especially in the beginning, sometimes for the background details and the scenery. He even got a hand soap reference right!Lots of treats for the Russian history buff - all the little details are there. One wonders how the average reader would be put off by them, however.I won't venture into the plot in too much detail. But it can be assumed that a novel which tak [...]

    12. I browsed several times this book - since I read the author's two well received books on Stalin - but until an online review captured my attention I did not think that I would read it since this is a book that combines superb characters, writing and period detail with some truly cheesy writing and passages that drone on, so a quick browse and even the short online excerpts available do not do it justice. After finishing it I have to say that I truly did not expect to enjoy it and be moved by it [...]

    13. Onu sakın kaybetme,Gücü mutlaktır,Onu sana aşk verdi.4/5🌟🌟🌟🌟Orta derecede kalınlığıyla zengin bir anlatım tarzı içerdiğini düşündüğüm bu kitaba zaten konusu itibariyle merakla başlamıştım. Özellikle de altı çizilen "yasak aşk" ibaresinin sonuçlarının büyük bir acıya sebep olacağı belirtilmiş ki muhtemelen hafızama kazınarak kitaplığıma geri koyacağımı tahmin ediyordum. Üç kısımdan oluşan romanda ilk kısım Şaşenka'nın genç kızlı [...]

    14. My freshmen year of college, after my first semester, I took a "Winter Term" one-month, concentrated course titled "The Russian Revolution through Literature" with 4 bright, upper-class history majors (I was not a history major). It was one of the best courses I ever took. We read Pasternak, Sholokov, and others and talked & wrote about them. Montefiore, primarily a historian who has written nonfiction works about the Stalinist era in Russian history, has clearly read those novels, too, with [...]

    15. It's totally unconvincing for a native Russian-speaker, ridiculous in parts. The book is so full of discrepansies and silly details the author got simply wrong! I was astounded to read in the Acknowledgements that he thanked his teacher of Russian who read the text for mistakes. Well, she did a poor job of it.For all those readers who are interested in this period of Soviet history - revolution, stalin repressions, concentration camps, I would suggerst to read a truly amazing memoir of a surviva [...]

    16. I really couldn't put this book down. A delicate yet to the point style, at times filled with candid loving descriptions of a perfect family, then horrific telling with the most intricate and open details of terrors. It was a touching story, I was taken aback by the atrocities in the years of Terror in URSS. It really touched a sensitive cord and I plan to read more on the Stalin's Russia and the totalitarian system. So many lives broken apart, torn to pieces, changed forever. The only thing tha [...]

    17. Intuiam că o să-mi placă, dar dimensiunile mari m-au ținut departe o perioadă de timp. Iar când mi-am făcut curaj, am citit puțin câte puțin timp de mai bine de o lună. Dacă nu ar fi fost stilul autorului, probabil că aş fi abandonat-o în ciuda poveştii (n-ar fi prima). Am urât cartea asta pentru dimensiunile care nu îmi permiteau să o port în geantă și am iubit-o cu fiecare pagină citită. Pe final (ultimele 100 de pagini) eram sigură că e o carte bună și atât. Că a [...]

    18. Questo libro mi ha piacevolmente stupito.E’ iniziato in sordina, scritto bene, preciso, fin troppo dettagliato nella descrizione storica (quella iniziale). Ammetto di aver avuto qualche difficoltà nella prima parte, quella introduttiva di una realtà che, l’ho capito solo ora che sono giunta alla fine, ho sempre considerato con profondo pregiudizio: la ferma convinzione negli ideali comunisti in Russia, quella che si può solo paragonare a qualche estremo fanatismo *religioso* (mi si passi [...]

    19. Non riesco a dare più di due stelline. Addirittura era una sola dopo la prima parte, tremenda, con personaggi stereotipati al massimo: la protagonista, nobile di famiglia che lotta coi bolscevichi e se ne esce con frasi tipo "I love you dad, but we blosheviks don't have families", la madre ricca depravata, il tizio della polizia segreta che forse crede pure lui nel comunismoI dialoghi sono terribili, i personaggi invece di parlare come persone normali declamano e raccontano tutta la loro storia [...]

    20. This is novel about revolution, espionage, and sex. Sashenka is a very young, impressionable teenager in the beginning who gets involved in the revolution (NOT on the governments side.) Her parents are rich, spoiled people. Her mother is a drug and sex addict (Oops. We are supposed to say hyper sexual disorder now! LOL) and while her mother is attending orgies, Sashenka's father is doing the nanny. Sashenka uses her womanly wiles to lure a government offical into giving her information and he ru [...]

    21. I picked this one up because I read a good review in the paper. I wasn't as impressed as the reviewer was. Sashenka (I do love that nickname), is a young girl in Russia before the revolution. She gets involved with the revolutionaries and delivers messages for them, writes articles under an assumed name, etc. After the revolution, she and her husband are important Party members, with two kids, a nice dacha and even an American refrigerator. But then Sashenka does a VERY STUPID THING and gets the [...]

    22. One of those books you keep thinking about for days after finishing. Heartbreaking and historically interesting. Once the action got moving in book 2 and 3 I couldn't put it down. Twists and turns galore.

    23. Ho fatto fatica, inizialmente, ad entrare nel libro. Ho fatto fatica per i nomi russi che non sono facili, ho fatto fatica perché c'erano tante strade, sempre con nomi strani, ho fatto fatica perché non avevo ben precisa in mente la situazione.Ma ho voluto continuare perché ne avevo sentito parlare molto bene, in tanti dicevano di essere innamorati del libro. Vi dirò, in anticipo: alla fine, mi sono innamorata anche io.Siamo in Russia, nell'inverno del 1916 quando Sasenka (che, se non erro, [...]

    24. The first part was a bit light weight, but the second part makes up for that in tension. The third part rounds it off nicely and overall it was a very enjoyable and informative lesson in Russian history.

    25. Stopped reading after less than hundred pages, I just have a lot of it going on right now and this book really demands attention and time. I guess I’m gonna finish it next year.update: I finished it this year! *woop woop*This book gave me serious nightmares because I connected with Saschenka in part 2 and her suffering. But that doesn't change the fact that I had difficulties with part 1 and 3, I had to skim through pages in order to finish it.Even in part 2 it was hard to read about everythin [...]

    26. This book has gone on to my all time favourite lists. I cried I laughed I loved all through this book. I studied the history of Russia for A Level's two years ago now. From the Tsarist regime to the eventual rise and fall of Stalin. This book made everything I learnt from the Bolshevik uprising to the reign of Stalin and the Purges/Great Terror feel so much more real. Granted we learnt of these things and there was historic accounts of it, but this ficitonal piece of writing, although not a true [...]

    27. Se vede că această carte a fost scrisă de un istoric, căci este foarte bine documentată. Așa cum spune autorul la sfârșit, cartea a fost scrisă pe baza numeroaselor povești pe care le-a descoperit în arhive în anii de cercetare a istoriei Rusiei. Și-a dorit să scrie o carte despre o familie obișnuită și despre cum a făcut ea față tragediilor din Rusia secolului XX, dorindu-și să trezească interesul pt acea perioadă celor care în mod normal nu ar citi cărți de istorie. [...]

    28. Loved it! Sort of Anna Karenina meets modern post-Soviet modernism all wrapped up in one sweeping story. Well written and very interesting as it virtually encompasses everything from pre Russian Revolution to the embracing of communism and the rise of Lenin and Stalin to the 1990's and the consequences of the times and troubles faced by the country. Interesting to see the parallels in our heroine's story and the country. Very well written! Fans of Russian history and historical fiction will enjo [...]

    29. Historically interesting depiction of a terrible brutal time in Russia. Some characters (Sashenka's mother, lover)were less convincing than others but this is a compelling read. Just a few chapters in, it was apparent that horrendous things were about to happen to Sashenka's family, but I was hooked by then and couln't put the book down.

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