Iris, Messenger

Iris, Messenger

Sarah Deming / Oct 19, 2019

Iris Messenger Dreamer Iris Greenwold doesn t care much for the real world It s generally pretty disappointing divorced parents unsympathetic peers and a middle school that is hell But then on her twelfth birthda

  • Title: Iris, Messenger
  • Author: Sarah Deming
  • ISBN: 9780152058234
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dreamer Iris Greenwold doesn t care much for the real world It s generally pretty disappointing divorced parents, unsympathetic peers, and a middle school that is hell But then, on her twelfth birthday, Iris mysteriously receives a copy of Bulfinch s Mythology and discovers that the entire pantheon of gods are living in the greater Philadelphia area Poseidon s runningDreamer Iris Greenwold doesn t care much for the real world It s generally pretty disappointing divorced parents, unsympathetic peers, and a middle school that is hell But then, on her twelfth birthday, Iris mysteriously receives a copy of Bulfinch s Mythology and discovers that the entire pantheon of gods are living in the greater Philadelphia area Poseidon s running a clam shack, Aphrodite s doing makeovers, Apollo s playing tenor sax Suddenly the day to day life Iris found so humdrum is rich with new meaning and excitement, and all her dreams are not quite what they seemed.Includes an author s note and a key to the gods and goddesses.

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    1. I read this as part of a quest to find Percy Jackson read-alikes (which I welcome help with!) and, as you can see from the other reviews, this one comes pretty close. The biggest similarities are the way the modern-day versions of Greek myth characters are reimagined in creative ways: Hades is a middle school principal because middle school was the closest thing he could find to hell on earth, etc. I enjoyed the writing style (very funny at times) and Iris is an appealing character. Where it dif [...]

    2. Very disappointing. This book is another in the growing list of children's literature surrounding mythology. My main problem with this book is that there is no real description of a problem, and therefore no strong plot. I was having a really hard time following the story because I couldn't figure out why the main character, Iris, was wandering New Jersey looking for these different gods and goddesses. Oh, and did any one else find it a little strange that Iris didn't express any shock at findin [...]

    3. It's possible that I just like anything involving an Iris. This is laced with Greek gods in modern times a la Percy & the Olympians series, but with dramatic retellings of the myths interspersed throughout when a god or hero decides Iris needs to hear a particular story. Also, lots of soybeans. Unfortunately in this book they play the role of "totally dull thing that fascinates eccentric but lovable parent" instead of their true nature, "delicious nutritional powerhouse sadly grown in monocu [...]

    4. I can't believe I'm saying this, but this is even better than the Percy Jackson books. The gods and goddesses don't behave exactly the same way - and they're much less powerful in the modern world - but Iris, Messenger has the same premise as Riordan's books with (dare I say it?) better writing.The only weird note is Iris' dad's religion being the butt of jokes. It's not clear whether he's Jewish or Christian or some kind of individual hybrid of the two, but either way, whatever Dessen was tryin [...]

    5. Bad! It was random, didn't have a real plot, confusing, poorly written! I hated it. If you want a GREAT mythology read-try the Percy Jackson books! Waaaay better. I was so disappointed in these books-i was expecting them to be as good as the PJ books and they weren't nearly that good. And it had a HORRIBLE ending! The worst one I've read in years!

    6. Deming, S. (2007). Iris, Messenger. New York: Harcourt, Inc.9780152058234199 pages (plus an appendix)Appetizer: About-to-be-12-year-old Iris is a dreamer, much to the annoyance of the Erebus Middle School teachers. For her birthday, she is sent a book of Greek Mythology with strange hand-written notes in the margins that encourage Iris to question if the Greek gods are alive and hiding in the U.S.A. One note even hints that Poseidon may be nearby. So, the imaginative Iris goes in search.Yet anot [...]

    7. This is a fun take on the kids-mixed-up-with-Greek-gods genre. Less serious than the usual saving the world version, it is actually a series of frame tales, in which our heroine gets to hear various classic myths retold by the Gods and Goddesses she runs into. She gets advice and a little help from these retired deities (now living, apparently, around Philadelphia), and learns some things about herself, also. I liked the myth retellings though some were softened by the author from the classical [...]

    8. Kids will have fun reading this goofy story because they won't be as picky as an adult that does know all the factual errors that are in it. This book tends to Disneyfie the Greek myths, dumbing them down to make them readable for elementary school readers. I think this is unfortunate because it's not necessary for the author to rewrite what she did about the Greek myths and the deities. A bit more proper educating about the Greek gods and goddesses could have been done while still entertaining [...]

    9. Iris lives in suburban East Coast America. Finds herself filling the role of Classical Iris, as messenger of the gods. Who the gods have become after several thousand years of neglect, however, is sometimes unpleasant. Iris learns to negotiate her role deftly, using her friendship with Artemis, for instance, to manage her difficult relationship with Hera and Zeus. Iris learns, matures, and emerges victorious.

    10. Iris has a sucky life. She lives in a tiny apartment with a health-obsessed mother who only cooks tofu. Her teachers despise her for being a dreamer and her classmates make fun of her. Then, on her 12th birthday she receives a mysterious copy of Bulfinch's Mythology

    11. Iris learns that the ancient Greek gods and goddesses are all alive and living normal lives in Pennsylvania. Iris visits them, hears their stories and tries to heal Poseidon's broken heart. This would be a fun book to accompany a untit on mythology, but unless you are a big fan of myths, you can pass on it.

    12. Enjoyed it as an adult. It had the Greek gods stuck in a modern-day world, doing things in their faded glory like being detectives, owning beauty salons. That was really creative. Didn't like the 12-year old girl doing adultish things like trying coffee and wine, getting her hair dyed and highlighted. The character just seemed too young!

    13. I feel that it was fairly well written, but it it seemed as if the plot was to scrambled. It was all over the place. Deming must have been staining to find a way to include all of the Olympians within the story line. Plus, the end was just so sudden and ridiculous. I mean. Come on.

    14. Iris, Messenger is one of the best books I've read. I strongly recommend this book to ages 10-12, or to anyone who loves Greek Mythology. I found the ending the best, but the entire book was absolutely spectacular! If you don't read this book, I don't know WHAT book you'll like. :)

    15. Iris feels different and one day she discovers a world of Greek Gods and Goddesses living in Jersey that help her explain why. Funny, quick, short (207 pages) with telling of the actual Greek myths embedded in the story. Good for younger, 3-5th grade The Lightening Thief or Greek myth fans.

    16. At first I thoguht Iris was just dreaming of metting then Gods and Godesses .It is a pretty good book! How awsome is it to have a Greek God to be your father ? Anyways Iris seen alot and been through alot and overall it was a good book

    17. I shouldn't be adding any more books to my "to-read" shelve, but I was charmed by the idea of Greek gods falling to earth and to Philadelphia of all cities, and living super low profile jobs until they are discovered by one girl/young woman?

    18. This was a great book, entangling a modern 12 year old girl into a world where Greek Gods are living among everyday people in Philedelphia. Some of my favorite Greek myths were included in this book. The only downside to this book was that it didn't feel like it had any closure to it.

    19. This was a fun book, but not quite as good as Lightning Thief. However, this idea of what happens to gods when people don't believe in them anymore comes closer to mine. Good to read if you happen to pick it up, but nothing you need to rush out and read.

    20. Yay, Sarah! She does a wonderful job weaving Greek Mythology into a modern-day tale. Would recommend this to all pre-teens!

    21. I groaned when I saw yet the 10 millionth book about Greco Roman gods in 21st century America. But this one is clever and funny and fun!

    22. This was a fun book, but not necessarily a good book. I would hope that kids who read this will also read Bullfinch's Mythology.

    23. Couldn't finish it. Poor writing style, predictable plot line, not nearly as funny or clever as Percy Jackson.

    24. I just started this book this morning, but I am really enjoying it. A good pick for students who are into mythology.

    25. Another fun Greek Mythology update but with a female protagonist. Not as good at the Percy Jackson series. But was a fun read.

    26. Dan's sister wrote this book! it is for age groups 10+ but it was awesome and filled with greek mythology!!! check it out!!!

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