Prophecy: Child of Earth

Prophecy: Child of Earth

Elizabeth Haydon / Feb 19, 2020

Prophecy Child of Earth In Rhapsody a fellowship was forged three companions who through great adversity became a force to be reckoned with Rhapsody the Singer Achmed the assassin king and Grunthor the giant Sergeant Maj

  • Title: Prophecy: Child of Earth
  • Author: Elizabeth Haydon
  • ISBN: 9780812570823
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In Rhapsody, a fellowship was forged three companions who, through great adversity, became a force to be reckoned with Rhapsody the Singer Achmed the assassin king and Grunthor, the giant Sergeant Major Prophecy continues their powerful epic Driven by a prophetic vision, Rhapsody races to rescue a religious leader while Achmed and Grunthor seek the F dor an ancienIn Rhapsody, a fellowship was forged three companions who, through great adversity, became a force to be reckoned with Rhapsody the Singer Achmed the assassin king and Grunthor, the giant Sergeant Major Prophecy continues their powerful epic Driven by a prophetic vision, Rhapsody races to rescue a religious leader while Achmed and Grunthor seek the F dor an ancient and powerful demon These companions may be destined to fulfill The Prophecy of the Three, but their time is running short They must find their elusive enemy before his darkness consumes them all.

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        Elizabeth Haydon 1965 in Michigan is a fantasy author, whose 1999 debut, Rhapsody Child of Blood, garnered comparisons with Goodkind, Jordan, and even Tolkien She has written two fantasy series set within the same universe, The fantasy romance whodunit fusion called The Symphony of Ages and the young adult series The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme.An herbalist, harpist, and madrigal singer, Elizabeth Haydon also enjoys anthropology and folklore She lives on the East Coast of the United States.For information, please see enpedia wiki Elizabet


    1. It's funny what the years can do to your taste in books - and I'm talking about something deeper, something more profound than those books that just don't stand up to being revisited. Instead, I'm talking about those books that you appreciated back in the day, but somehow knew you weren't quite ready to enjoy. Books that linger somewhere in the back of your imagination, biding their time until you're ready to continue with the series.Kushiel's Chosen, the second book of the Kushiel's Legacy seri [...]

    2. This will be shorter than my review of Rhapsody, really. REALLY.The thing about this series is I love the plot. I love the world and the set-up and the mythos and I really, really love Achmed and his dry sense of humor and Grunthor and his violent nursery rhymes. But. But but but.I HATE RHAPSODY'S HAIRW THAT WE'RE GETTING TO SEE ASHE WITHOUT HIS CAPE, I HATE HIS HAIR TOOY THEY HAVE BALD CHILDREN, OH GOD, PLEASE.The sex is also overwhelmingly unnecessary, just as I feared. And yet despite that I [...]

    3. 4.0 stars. Excellent sequel to the superb Rhapsody: Child of Blood. This is one of those "under the radar" fantasy series that really are worth-while reads. Good characters, strong world building and an interesting plot. Recommended!!

    4. Blergh. You guys, I can't read high fantasy anymore. I don't know whether I've grown as a reader or I've just read too much, but high fantasy just seems really tired to me. And this particular book was a total Mary Sue fest. I probably would have enjoyed it more if Achmed was the main character and Rhapsody had disappeared from the story completely, though then we wouldn't have had Ashe, who I really enjoy. A big irritation for me was the way the author uses twenty-five dollar words. She misuses [...]

    5. The heroine is frequently called intelligent, but never proves this. Despite her intelligence, she's completely unaware of the effect her utter physical perfection has on everyone that meets her. She is called fair and compassionate despite being haughty and judgmental.However, the absolute worst of it is any interaction that involves Ashe. Aside from the fact that he comes off as a player character someone rolled up for a d&d campaign (see, I'm this half-dragon), his presence turns any chap [...]

    6. All right, I give up. This is going to come off as if I'm a horrible, bitter person, and I don't care. This book was one of the worst I've ever read, and I really regret making myself finish it. Take this review with a grain of salt.If 50% of the words in this book had been cut none of the plot would have been lost. I shudder to think what the manuscript looked like before she sent it to her agent, and then again before her editor saw it.Rhapsody has got to be the most infuriating heroine I've e [...]

    7. Strong middle book that answers a lot of questions from the first book but sets up the concluding volume very well. The political situation gets much more interesting, and the mystery deepens. I really enjoyed this book.

    8. This series just keeps getting better and better. I am absolutely in love with this author and how her words captivate me as I turn each page.This is a book where you will get lost in the story and everything around you will cease to exist!Can't wait to see how this pans out!

    9. This book is the second of the Symphony of Ages series. The series is still in progress, but so far this is my favorite, for two main reasons. Firstly, not to mince wordsour heroine Rhapsody finally Gets Some (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean ?). Like every other aspect of her writing, Haydon gives us.ahem. Good Parts that are really really good. In fact, go ahead and dog-ear pages 478 and 506 right now! Rhapsody had her sweet, romantic teenage encounter in the first book, but now she [...]

    10. If you read the first book, "Rhapsody: Child of Blood," and felt it was a bit slow and uneventful, then you should stay clear of the sequel, because this one expands on all the things you didn't like about the first book. There is absolutely no action or suspense whatsoever, nor do you get any sense of urgency with the so called impending threat of the evil F'dor, who shows up at the end of the book. Haydon instead devotes her entire novel to writing as many crying scenes as she can for Rhapsody [...]

    11. Signed in recognition of my honorable mention in the Firbolg songwriting contest. It was probably horrible, like all of my other "poetry" from that era, but I still look on the inscription fondly.It's unfortunately the only part of the book that really holds up, because while the worldbuilding remains seriously cool, every third conversation is a pages-long infodump and the actual plot, such as it is, manages to be exceedingly slow-paced (in large part because of the aforementioned infodumps) an [...]

    12. This book is well written, and the world building is fairly intricate. Unfortunately, the author is painfully in love with her characters. This book would be half its size if we eliminated all the tantalizing descriptions of how gorgeous and intoxicating the hero and heroine are. Her unhealthy admiration of her characters prevents her from taking risks that would further their development or create even create some sort of attachment for the reader. It's fun brain candy, though.

    13. If you don't like romantic plot lines, then this is definitely not the series for you. The romance between Ash and Rhapsody is what really drives this story, but it is all the secondary characters that kept me coming back for more. The main character can be so perfect at some times that its a bit annoying, but I really love this book. I live the world, and it's very easy to become immersed in it.

    14. This is more of a romance novel with fantasy elements than anything else. Be prepared for some extremely graphic sex scenes in this series. The heroine suffers from some Mary Sue issues. It does have some interesting and unique elements, such as the music-based magic system. Over all, this isn't a bad series, but does suffer from some flaws. Luckily, the books are pretty short, so you can get through them pretty quickly.

    15. I am summarizing the books as I read them because I can never get through all five books straight:In Prophecy, the book begins with Meridon continuing to mess with the time editor. Rhapsody has decided to leave with Ashe to see Elysions, the dragon. She travels with him, and she accuses him of having his heart cut out. Ashe reacts badly, decides that it was a coincidence. He allows her to see him before she goes into the dragon's cave.The dragon and she spend some time together, and she is told [...]

    16. Via The Obsessive Bookseller at nikihawkesThis is actually my second read-through of this novel. Why I chose to reread one of the most long-winded fantasies out there is beyond me, but at the time it perfectly suited my mood, so no regrets. You see, back in December (yes, it has taken me that long to get around to writing this review… embarrassing) I had signed up for so many NetGalley and Edelweiss ARCs that my life pretty much revolved around “obligation” reading. I finally got fed up an [...]

    17. Because Achmed has found a dragon-claw dagger in the depths of the castle, Rhapsody goes with Ashe to return it before the dragon decides to come back for it first. Achmed and Grunthor strongly disagree, but Rhapsody will have her own way in this. As she and Ashe travel, the mystery around him deepens. Who is he? Why does he always remain behind a mask? And what of the F'dor, the demon bent on consuming the world in the unholy fire of destruction?Though clearly a sequel, in a nice touch the book [...]

    18. Let's see. About this book. It gets two stars becausewell, two stars mean "it was okay" and that's my reaction to it. I can't hate on it entirely because I loved it when I was sixteen. However nowh.I ran Rhapsody against the Mary Sue Litmus Test. She scored an 82. 71 and above, according to said test, is a hopeless, irredeemable Sue. But I'm fairly certain everyone who read this book already knows this, right chaps?So for those of you exposed in the first book, it only gets worse here. The gratu [...]

    19. A noticeable improvement over the first novel. The plot is much more engaging, the enemies more diabolical, and the emotional stakes are much higher. Although there are still some issues with inconsistent characterization, and there are entirely too many side characters to keep track of. But the story progresses via the viewpoints of both major and minor characters, so every chapter came with a different perspective on the same chain of events and made for an interesting read. Think Game of Thro [...]

    20. Age range: be advised, it contains some foul language and adult themes, including graphic violence and sexual scenesRhapsody and Prophecy, the first two books in the Rhapsody Trilogy are exceptionally well-written and extremely detailed with a complex and creative mythology. Haydon is a master of the long game. She expertly crafts deep characters with more than enough layers to keep the reader growing closer to the characters, protagonists and antagonists alike, through several books more than 6 [...]

    21. Readability 7. Rating 7. A very peaceful read - does that sound strange? Haydon has created a character-filled world that is easy to just slip into. In this, the second installment, Rhapsody travels with Ashe, meets a dragon, becomes the Iliachenva'ar, fights the Rakshas and saves the Patriarch, falls in love with Ashe, helps Achmed and Grunthor kill the Rakshas (and recovers the part of Ashe's soul that was stolen), discovers that Ashe is Sam (and he that she is Emily), marries him, then agrees [...]

    22. A continuation of Rhapsody. The pace of this book was far better than the first with lots of nice plot twists and turns. It digs further into the unique lore of the world and sheds some light on the layers of plot that were laid earlier.*Spoiler*The most notable change in this book is Rhapsody's romance with Ashe. I saw that other people commented on this negatively saying it was like a bad romance novel. Some of this speculation is warranted. Some of the dialogue is very cheesy, and the descrip [...]

    23. if i weren't so interested in Achmed, i would have stopped reading these books. as it is, i find Rhapsody's relationship with Ashe really obnoxious. i'm really happy for them that the people they fell in love with at FOURTEEN was the love of their lives. eww. aside from the romantic aspect of the book, i really enjoyed the finding of the sleeping child in the earth and i think that Grunthor is the perfect person to watch over her.i'm getting really tired of Rhapsody, who wasted the only words th [...]

    24. I found Prophecy much harder to get interested in than Rhapsody. It took over half the book for me to get hooked on the story. I loved the meeting between Elysynos the dragon and Rhapsody. The love affair between Ashe and Rhapsody is delightful, if a little cliche. Everyone knows they're going to get together, the only question is whether he is actually the Rakshas demon who will devour her soul and spirit. When we finally discover the Child of the Earth, (the Sleeping Child), events begin to ac [...]

    25. Gah. How to rate this book ?3 stars like I did for the first one of this series ? Not fair. This one was better as :#1 it had less crap (you know, the dazzlingly dazzling Rhapsody thing that was so annoying)#2 it had very well written emotional moments (and no, I'm not talking about the sex scenes)#3 it explained better the world our heroes live now in#4 it had a lot of Grunthor and Achmed#5 there were dragons (yup, I like dragons)#6 the hiding of who the F'dor host is was really well done. Up t [...]

    26. Enjoyed this second book than the first, probably because the romance between Rhapsody and Ashe takes off. It's what I've been patiently waiting for all through the first book. The scene at the end was really sweet, and I hope Rhapsody will remember the events of that night soon.Overall the events in this book moved the story along at a pretty good pace. We got to see more of the characters we all know and love and learn about Ashe's past as well. (view spoiler)[I didn't see Jo's death coming at [...]

    27. Elizabeth Haydon LOVES the word bellwether. A lot of the things I wrote in my review for the first book come into play here as well, so I won't repeat myself.Child of Earth is a great sequel to Child of Blood. Rhapsody goes on a fact-finding mission, and things begin to make sense. Call me romantic, but I actually like Ashe. A bit of their stubbornness with each other goes a long way, however, and I found myself wanting to slap both of them. I did love being kept in suspense as to how the story [...]

    28. I think Elizabeth Haydon has created a wonderful world with mostly like-able characters (though at times Rhapsody herself leans into Mary Sue territory). The only real problem that I have with this series is that the books are too long. That's not to say that parts should be cut -- I just think that the series could have benefited by being divided into more volumes. Towards the end of the book I was trying to remember things that had happened at the beginning -- things that seemed like they happ [...]

    29. I spent three weeks reading this rather large fantasy novel. Like the first novel in this trilogy, this book had a lot of slow parts. The books starts off well with a quest for Rhapsody, and I quite enjoyed this. But when she returns to Ylorc, then book slowed down dramatically. A lot of mysteries form the first book in the series, Rhapsody: Child of Blood, are finally answered. Of this, I was greatly relieved. Personally, I find the interaction between Rhapsody and Ashe enjoyable. I loved that [...]

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