Hidden Star

Hidden Star

Nora Roberts / May 26, 2020

Hidden Star THE DAME WITH THE DIAMONDShe couldn t remember a thing not even who she was But it was clear Bailey James was in trouble Big trouble And she desperately needed Cade Parris to help her live long enoug

  • Title: Hidden Star
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373078110
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • THE DAME WITH THE DIAMONDShe couldn t remember a thing, not even who she was But it was clear Bailey James was in trouble Big trouble And she desperately needed Cade Parris to help her live long enough to find out just what kind.The moment the coolheaded private eye laid eyes on the fragile beauty, she almost had him forgetting who he was If Bailey was a criminal, CadeTHE DAME WITH THE DIAMONDShe couldn t remember a thing, not even who she was But it was clear Bailey James was in trouble Big trouble And she desperately needed Cade Parris to help her live long enough to find out just what kind.The moment the coolheaded private eye laid eyes on the fragile beauty, she almost had him forgetting who he was If Bailey was a criminal, Cade would eat his P.I license But what was she doing with a satchel full of cash and a diamond as big as a baby s fist And how could he unravel this mystery if he kept tripping over his heart

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        Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.


    1. This was another enjoyable book by Nora Roberts, a sweet romance with a touch of suspense. The author has successfully made me believe in love at first sight.There was a moment, one blinding moment, when he couldn't seem to speak. He knew he was staring at her, couldn't help himself. His heart simply stood still. His knees went weak. And the only thought that came to his mind was There you are, finally. What the hell took you so long?I'm floating to Cade

    2. This was a really enjoyable book, yeah not logical that our hero Cade took the amnesiac heroine to his house, whose name seems to be Bailey and that it was love at first sight for him, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow of the book.Cade is the black sheep of his wealthy family, he tried things their way, even got married but now he's doing things his way, with his PI business when the woman of his dreams walks in when his office is in a disarray, she cries, is carrying a gun, lot of m [...]

    3. This is the 2nd amnesia story from Nora Roberts I've read in two days. So, I kinda expected to find similarities and not really enjoy it. But alas, there were few similarities. Mainly because the character from the other book (Brie from Affaire Royale) wasn't a pussy and Bailey certainly was.She hires Cade, a private investigator, to figure out who she is and why she has a 100 carat diamond, 1 million dollars, and a gun. But at every turn - every time she makes a little headway in remembering - [...]

    4. I took a chance on this late 90s Roberts and was pleased it turned out so well. It's short and light but with a fun story that kept me engaged to the end.There's a smattering of the supernatural at play, as Roberts sometimes does, and that starts with a touch of insta-love (for Cade, at any rate). Which was kind of necessary as the entire action takes maybe four days. They're intense days, so I actually buy the bond built between Cade and Bailey, even if I had moments of frustration with their m [...]

    5. Această serie are ca subiect povestea a trei stele din Mithra, un fel de diamante albastre, ce, laolaltă, ar putea aduce putere şi nemurire celui care le posedă. Stelele sunt pietre foarte vechi, ce odată se găseau fixate într-un triunghi de aur, aşezat în mâinile unei statui a lui Mithra, zeul antic person al luminii şi al înţelepciunii. Se spune că „cele trei stele sunt un mit, o legendă născută din trinitate, deşi unii savanţi credeau ferm în existenţa lor descriindu-le [...]

    6. P.I. Cade Parris has finally met the woman of his life. She's gorgeous, frightened out of her mind, carrying a bag full of cash, a gun, and a huge diamond, and has no idea who she is. The only clue to her identity is a piece of paper with the name Bailey on it.Now, since she's the woman of his life, and he's finally found her, Cade has no intention of letting her down, but as the two start piecing together clues to Bailey's identity and the reasons behind her strange fear of lightning, it soon b [...]

    7. Hidden Star3.5 StarsPrivate detective Cade Parris is not surprised when a beautiful woman with a bag full of cash and a gun walk into his office. What does confuse him is the fact that she has no memory of who she is and just happens to have a huge blue diamond in her bag as well. Who is the mysterious woman - an innocent victim or a dangerous femme fatale?One of Roberts’ earlier books that is entertaining enough but may not stand the test of time as there is nothing particularly memorable abo [...]

    8. As I was looking for something light to listen to in audio-book, I stumbled upon this older Stars of Mithra series by Nora Roberts. Never heard of it before. No wonder, because it’s an absolute disappointment – too cookie-cutter, too maudlin. The plot elements in themselves aren’t bad, it’s the story that is boring and the relationship between the lead characters that is just too flimsy for words. There’s private eye, Cade Parris, and the amnesia victim Bailey who, at the beginning of [...]

    9. I lovvvved this book! It's pace was fast, simple yet complicated and reading it was like a fun ride! I won't stop until I'm done with the trilogy. It has suspense, terror, passion, love, sex and all the elements that makes a book worth reading! Cade's casual indifference towards his family with shrewd and witty comments and Bailey's obsession with being neat and her expert talent at worrying knits their love story into a beautiful and colorful sweater! I'm so glad I got my hands on this book and [...]

    10. demorei mas conseguiQuem me conhece sabe que adoro os livros de Nora Roberts, e desde que comprei um Kobo para ler os ebooks que tinha e que vou comprando, este não podia deixar de ler e de experimentar no Kobo. E adorei, tanto a história como ler no kobo. Tive imensa pena como tenho muitos livros fisicos para ler não ter agarrado mais e ter demorado a ler bastanteOpinião completa em:aviciadadoslivros/

    11. I picked this up (on sale) because I'd heard that Nora Roberts sells 20 books a minute or some such ridiculous number, and I wanted to see if I could figure out why. I couldn't. I'm deeply puzzled, in fact, because this was a bland, mediocre romance, constructed largely out of cliche, with several basic craft issues. The editing is mostly fine, apart from some oddly placed or missing spaces in words like "belong," "inside" and "eyebrows," and one use of "diffuse" which should probably be "defuse [...]

    12. Hidden Star by Nora Roberts, the first book in the Stars of Mithra series, features one of my favorite tropes in romance. Amnesia plots, though so very unbelievable, are just too much fun for me to resist, and Hidden Star is a great example. While Hidden Star isn't quite perfect, and it is slightly dated, it's also a really fun read.Cade is a private detective, and he's quite happy with his life, even though his former receptionist quick suddenly leaving his office in a bit of a mess. He's not a [...]

    13. Donne con diamante in borsaÈ questa la Nora Roberts che preferisco, quella più moderna e originale, ma sempre fautrice di storie appassionanti e di eroine delle quali si sogna ardentemente di poterne vivere le emozioni romantiche.In DONNE E DIAMANTI, oltre allo scintillio delle “magiche” pietre, amiche delle donne, c’è anche il brivido di emozioni forti, pericolose, dove mistero e imprevedibilità sono tra i punti vincenti della tramaNNE E DIAMANTI raccoglie tre romanzi di Nora Roberts, [...]

    14. Heti aluksi on pakko selventää, että hankin tämän sarjan kirjastolle, mutta en löytänyt mistään tarkempaa selvitystä, oliko tämä sarja dekkareita vai romantiikkaa. Siispä oli pakko lukaista tämä, jotta voidaan laittaa oikeaan osastoon. Voi jösses sitä hampaidenkiristystä, kun luin tätä. Voin lämpimästi suositella tätä sellaisille lukijoille, jotka eivät paljoa jaksa perehtyä juoniin, pitävät nopeatempoisesta kerronnasta ja haaveilevat tuntemattomien, uskomattoman kome [...]

    15. Hidden Star is the first book in the Stars of Mithra series. The story begins when a young and beautiful woman walks into PI, Cade Parris's office ready to hire him to find her. Bailey has amnesia, a million dollars in a duffel bag and a diamond the size of her fist. For Cade it's love at first sight but before either of them can do or say anything they need to figure out who Bailey is and what happened to her. Cade is a great character, he is witty and charismatic. I loved that he was the black [...]

    16. I enjoyed the fast pace of the book and the characters and how they interacted. There were a few places where the logic was questionable in that I felt the pace was disrupted by unexpected behavior or dialogue on the part of the hero or the heroine, i. e there was no build up to cause the reader to expect the reaction that one or the other had. It was a bit disconcerting, because Ms. Roberts' main strengths are, in my opinion, the smooth flow of her writing and her imagery. The flow wasn't alway [...]

    17. Cade Parris takes one look at the beautiful blond that walks unannounced into his office and falls in love. Unfortunately, the stunning woman is there to hire the handsome private investigator to find a missing person: herself. Fragile and clearly vulnerable, Bailey James doesn't even know her own name. Nor does she know why she's carrying a tote bag filled with more than a million dollars in cash, a pistol, and a priceless blue diamond. Fortunately for Cade's heart, Bailey is as undeniably draw [...]

    18. Yeah, I'm rating this one even though I didn't finish it. But I feel like I have too, because the insta love is strong in this one. He sees her, and already he knows he's in love. Same for her. And it takes them three day (view spoiler)[for him to propose (hide spoiler)]. And while this insta love is happening, the hero actually doesn't know a single thing about the heroine because SHE HAS NO MEMORIES. And they're fighting or having incomprehensible mood swings ALL THE TIME. So no, I couldn't do [...]

    19. 3.5 stars. A bit dated but with a very interesting and almost cliche start. A beautiful, well-dressed woman carrying a canvas bag walks into the run-down office of a hard-boiled P.I. asking for help to find her missing memory. It was "Love At First Sight" for the hero even after he discovers the bag contains a huge 50 carat blue diamond, a million dollar in cash and a gun. The hero brings her home where she discovers he's actually mega-rich with lots of convenient contacts and the journey begins [...]

    20. It was less than what I expected from Ms. Roberts. It was a good story, the characters were well written, but there was some substance missing to the whole of the story Cade was great as the leading man, and Bailey forgetting everything from her life it was a good mix of mystery to it. Still no intense story :D hope it gets better with the next book. :D

    21. I would class this more as a 'Mills & Boon' type novel than a thriller. It was passable, but just, only thing is I brought the 3 novels in the series in a Kindle Daily Deal and now feel somewhat obliged to read the other 2.

    22. We're doing a Private Investigator genre study. I did a search in Overdrive and read this one - apparently I don't like romance. So don't judge this book by me not liking it - I'd rather not read about strong men protecting fragile women.

    23. Bailey está perdida e não consegue ter a mínima noção de quem é, do que faz e porque tem consigo um diamante fabuloso dentro de um simples saco de lona. Nesta busca de identidade contrata um detective privado para resolver este mistério. É um livro pequeno de rápida leitura.

    24. :) welll apesar de ser Nora Roberts ficou bem aquem do é que costume na escritorao suspense, o despertar do interesse imediatoa historia é mais ou menos credivel bem que os personagens poderiam ter sido mais "trabalhados"historia simples sem nada de empolgante.

    25. Part one of three stories about a group of friends and their experiences with some mythical diamonds. A pretty romance (not realistic due to the magical overtones)mixed with the suspense of a mystery.

    26. I read this while on vacation at the beach. It was had to put down and kept me guessing, which I loved. I look forward to reading the next two books in the series. First Nora Roberts book, but not the last.

    27. Acabei o primeiro livro, achei meio insonso tirando o Cade que era uma personagem com alguma força, a Bailey era meio fraca das ideias! Vamos lá ver se no segundo melhora!

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