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Sabre Tooth In this adventure Modesty and her loyal lieutenant Willie Garvin find themselves pitted against Karz a modern Genghis Khan with an army of ruthless mercenaries A hunch by Sir Gerald Tarrant of the F

  • Title: Sabre-Tooth
  • Author: Peter O'Donnell
  • ISBN: 9780285636767
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this adventure Modesty and her loyal lieutenant, Willie Garvin, find themselves pitted against Karz a modern Genghis Khan with an army of ruthless mercenaries A hunch by Sir Gerald Tarrant of the Foreign Office sets in motion the action until Modesty and Willie become Karz s unwilling recruits in his fortress in the Hindu Kush Modesty must break Karz s hold over theIn this adventure Modesty and her loyal lieutenant, Willie Garvin, find themselves pitted against Karz a modern Genghis Khan with an army of ruthless mercenaries A hunch by Sir Gerald Tarrant of the Foreign Office sets in motion the action until Modesty and Willie become Karz s unwilling recruits in his fortress in the Hindu Kush Modesty must break Karz s hold over them, and after her betrayal by Willie Garvin must fight his terrifying executioners, the Twins, before the final battle against the seemingly invincible army Karz commands.

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Peter O Donnell also wrote as Madeleine Brent.umu kenth modestymlis an excellent resource on this author.To help keep the novels and the adventure strip collections separate, here s some info about the Modesty Blaise works.In 1963, O Donnell began his 38 year run as writer of the Modesty Blaise adventure story strip, which appeared six days a week in English and Scottish newspapers He retired the strip in 2001.Each strip story took 18 20 weeks to complete Several publishers over the years have attempted to collect these stories in large softcovers Titan Publishing is currently in the process of bringing them all out in large format softcover, with 2 3 stories in each books These are called graphic novels in the title.Meanwhile, during those 38 years, O Donnell also wrote 13 books about Modesty Blaise 11 novels and 2 short story novella collections These stories are not related to the strip stories they are not novelizations of strip stories They are entirely new, though the characters and lives are the same These have been labeled series 0.There is a large article on Peter O Donnell on , with a complete bibliography.


    1. First US Edition.Sabre-Tooth" is the second book in the Modesty Blaise series of books and was written by Peter O'Donnell in 1966. It is a direct sequel to the first book "Modesty Blaise" , with Sir Gerald Tarrant of the British Foreign Service sending Modesty and Willie out on another dangerous mission.

    2. This second novel in the series is a great step up from the rather routine MODESTY BLAISE (1965), which is not a bad book in and of itself but it can't help but pale in comparison to the subsequent stories that reveal O'Donnell to be a master of both characterization and page-turning suspense. SABRE-TOOTH has to do with a Mongolian military megalomaniac (Ooh! Alliteration!) who is assembling and training an army of mercenaries with the goal of seizing oil-rich Kuwait (can you say "eerily prescie [...]

    3. I am an unabashed Modesty Blaise fan, and have been for decades. I consider her to be one of the first modern kick-ass heroines, and admire the skill with which O'Donnell created her and her world - Blaise is obviously not your average young woman, but somehow remains both real and very likable throughout the series. I am rereading them now, and loving every minute.For those who don't know, O'Donnell also wrote a set of gothics under the pen name Madeleine Brent; they are also well worth checkin [...]

    4. This is the second Modesty Blaise book I have read and I’m now hooked. In the first book it was clear that she is a real ‘kickass’ heroine, but in this book we get to see just how much she is prepared to endure to get the job done. At times this is a really ‘gritty’ thriller.When I started reading the books I had some worries that they would seem very dated, but it is easy to forget that they were written in the 60s, over 50 years ago.The only minor criticism was as soon we meet Lucill [...]

    5. I got pointed at the Modesty Blaise series by a friend who knows my love of the genre that used to be called "men's adventure novels" and is now called "techno-thrillers". Well, these aren't "techno" per se -- this one was first published in 1966 -- but they're good solid adventure novels, and Modesty (the main character) has catapulted past Dirk Pitt as my favorite action-adventure hero ever. (Jack Ryan wasn't even in the running.) Basic premise: Modesty Blaise, a former criminal mastermind, ha [...]

    6. I love the Modesty Blaise books, but why, oh why, are the covers so godawful terrible? I'm sitting reading my book, and my wife gives me the side eye "What are you reading?" she asks with narrowed eyes and raised brow. I try to explain that it's an action thriller featuring daring plots, danger, excitement "The cover is smutty." Well yes. There's that. Anyway. Aesthetic critique aside, Sabre-Tooth is a solid entry in the continuing adventures of Modesty Blaise. Hidden bases, daring night rescues [...]

    7. I love Modesty and Willie Garvin. It's kind of like a warm cuddle of a book with a bit of sex and violence. I'll probably go through the card now

    8. I am not a huge fan of the way in which Modesty and Willie often rely on semi-passive solutions to their problems. That is, when they undertake an action that does not accomplish their goal but attempts to provoke their enemy into a reaction that will accomplish their goal. I don't think this is a sustainable operational pattern. Sooner or later someone will react against the odds and you will die.Other than that however, these are serious people in a serious business. That's always fun to read. [...]

    9. The second book of the Modesty Blaise series is a very well written novel and takes us on from the first book in the series 'Modesty Blaise' which - I believe - was a novelization of the script of the original film. The film - directed by Joseph Losey was a self indulgent ego trip and should be avoided at all costs. The book of the script was far superior and with 'Sabre Tooth' Peter O'Donnell has laid the foundation for the rest of the series.Sabre Tooth is an excellent adventure story. It is i [...]

    10. It could be one of those action movies that are inspired by the news, except it was written 50 years ago. It's very modern. The settings remind me a little of a Mad Max movie. It's thrilling and fun to read.

    11. 'The finest escapist thrillers ever written' said one reviewer, and 'Sabre-Tooth' is the finest of the finest. Location, pace and characterisation are all riveting. Right from the outset, the villainous mercenaries are absolutely terrifying and the hazardousness of Modesty and Willie's position, undercover among them, holds the reader throughout. I do not want to give very much away, save that the power of the novel comes as much from the unique bond of friendship between our heroes, as from the [...]

    12. Long before Nikita, long before Geena Davis in "Kiss Goodnight", long before Tomb Raider and all the others there were Modesty Blaise! And she is equally good in the app. 100 graphic novels as in the dozen novels and short stories. They are wellwritten, never have You seen more crooky crooks nor ingenious action -and the good guys wins in the end -after You have suffered for long! In "Tooth" she discovers a plot to take-over Kuwait. She becomes part of it along with some marvellous crooks never [...]

    13. Exactly what I expected and I wasn't disappointed. An interesting adventure/ thriller. Modesty Blaise and her partner Willie take on mercenaries to help out MI-6. Modesty is larger than life, competent, skilled, imaginative and able to think out of any problem. Willie is the perfect partner, what Modesty can't do, he can. Their lives are at risk, but they find ways to even the odd. A perfect Saturday afternoon serial type movie. I enjoyed very much.

    14. After seeing Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I can't help but imagine Angelina Jolie as Modesty Blaise, and Brad Pitt as Willie Garvin. Based upon the 1960's comic strip, the Modesty Blaise series of books are a no-nonsense adult thrillers that are completely satisfying. I came across this paperback copy at a yard sale, and I re-read it for the third time.

    15. Be aware this is a nostalgia rating: I read this books when I was very young and even in that blissfull state of teenage ignorance I recall some disturbing sexist and racist content (and some equally disturbing attitudes to rape)

    16. I love, love, love Modesty Blaise! Some books are a bit better than others - Sabre-Tooth is definitely one of my favorites! I love the whole plot, all the action (how Modesty kicks ass), the political intrigues and her relationship with Willie Garvin.

    17. Tough and gritty thriller. The characters are portrayed with depth and reality. The story was both intelligent and expertly paced. I look forward to reading more of the Modesty Blaise novels.

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