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Lanzarote Realising that his New Year is probably going to be a disaster as usual our narrator on impulse walks into a travel agency to book a week in the sun Sensitive to his limited means and dislike of M

  • Title: Lanzarote
  • Author: Michel Houellebecq Frank Wynne
  • ISBN: 9780099448365
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Realising that his New Year is probably going to be a disaster, as usual, our narrator, on impulse, walks into a travel agency to book a week in the sun Sensitive to his limited means and dislike of Muslim countries, the travel agent suggests an island full of 21st century hedonism, set in a bizarre lunar landscape Lanzarote.On Lanzarote, one can meet some fascinating hRealising that his New Year is probably going to be a disaster, as usual, our narrator, on impulse, walks into a travel agency to book a week in the sun Sensitive to his limited means and dislike of Muslim countries, the travel agent suggests an island full of 21st century hedonism, set in a bizarre lunar landscape Lanzarote.On Lanzarote, one can meet some fascinating human specimens, notably Pam and Barbara non exclusive German lesbians who can give rise to some interesting combinations Will they succeed in seducing Rudi, the police inspector from Luxembourg, currently living in exile in Brussels Or will he join the Azraelian sect, as they prepare for humanity to be regenerated by extra terrestrials As for our narrator, will he consider his week s holiday on the island a success

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      105 Michel Houellebecq Frank Wynne
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      • Michel Houellebecq Frank Wynne

        Michel Houellebecq born Michel Thomas , born 26 February 1958 birth certificate or 1956 on the French island of R union, is a controversial and award winning French novelist To admirers he is a writer in the tradition of literary provocation that reaches back to the Marquis de Sade and Baudelaire to detractors he is a peddler of sleaze and shock Having written poetry and a biography of the horror writer H P Lovecraft, he brought out his first novel Extension du domaine de la lutte in 1994 Les particules l mentaires followed in 1998 and Plateform , in 2001 After a disastrous publicity tour for this book, which led to his being taken to court for inciting racial hatred, he went to Ireland to write.Michel Houellebecq won France s top literary award, the Goncourt Prize, for his book The Map and the Territory in 2010.He currently lives in Spain.


    1. I have no idea how this even made it into print. This book was so boring it was a real struggle to get to the end. It's a short novel about an idiot who goes to a hotel and sleeps with a few people. Dull, tasteless and deeply unfunny.

    2. Lanzarote is a short (only 87 pages) novella by Michel Houllebeq, which incidentally is a small volcanic Spanish island off the coast of Africa. I was really impressed by his previous novel, Platform, so I picked this up along with another by him, Atomised UK (The Elementary Particles US). This novella has several of the elements from Platform, a vacation setting, sex, humor, and a rant against Muslims. His prose is very easy to digest and as I mentioned often quite funny (here he is discussing [...]

    3. Al terminar "Lanzarote", la comparación con "Plataforma" es casi inevitable. En cierto modo es como si en "Lanzarote" ya se esbozara "Platafomra", y de forma más comprimida y razonable (porque ¿qué sentido tiene escribir en 300 páginas algo que en 90 está solucionado?). Al lado de lo típicos temas en Houellebecq como, por ejemplo, "narrador-cínico-y-desengañado-encuentra-en-una-serie-de-encuentros-sexuales-la-forma-de-superar-momentaneamente-su-angustia-de-vivir", encontramos también l [...]

    4. This is my actual favorite Houellebecq book, and I think most people missed it - because I think it came out only in the UK (in English of course). Nevertheless this is a very short book which i think is my favorite of his because of the length is perfect for the hatred expressed in Houellebecq's view of the world. He's funny, biting, and I like his take on tourism.

    5. So ziemlich die Vorläufer-Erzählung für "Die Möglichkeiten einer Insel". Houellebecq in guter Form, würde ich sagen. Nichts wahnsinnig neues, wenn mensch seine anderen Werke kennt, aber was da ist, ist sehr gut verpackt.

    6. Maybe this was a bad place to start with Houellebecq, or maybe this pamphlet-sized novella is a perfect distillation of the man's whole schtick. Dunno, but Lanzarote is about a bored, louche reactionary with some PROVOCATIVE opinions who goes on holiday to Lanzarote where the island's barren landscape is a handy metaphor for the spiritually barren human condition. Anyway, I'm here for the nihilistic hedonism and general perviness - except it turns out to be all sub-Clarkson sneering and joyless, [...]

    7. Прочетох я в самолета от Виена за София, изборът ми се оказа перфектен. Пътуването мина неусетно в компанията на мосю Уелбек.Лансароте се явява основа на няколко от следващите му романи и ми бе достатъчно интересна, независимо че вече съм ги прочел.Четвъртата звезда е за дв [...]

    8. Très bien écrit. On retrouve les mêmes thèmes que dans les autres livres : la description de l'ennui, l'observation des pratiques de la classe moyenne, le sexe, la médiocrité de la vie quotidienne. C'est très juste même si c'est parfois un peu déprimant.

    9. The first half of the book (it's really a short novella or long short story) is a real bore. It's not until Rudi's letter and the subsequent news of the Azraelites that the book's point seems to take form. It's a story about a guy that wants to escape from his life. He takes a trip to a remote Canary Island. His vacation is populated by hedonistic lesbians and a really downer Belgian cop. Stories of a cult, sexual escapades and unfulfilled characters abound. Think a French Bret Easton Ellis meet [...]

    10. Een novelle is dit waarin Houellebecq een aantal van zijn bekende thema's herkauwt: de obligate seksscènes, het klonen van mensen, het pessimisme over onze moderne maatschappij, zijn afkeer van moslims, een sekte die vrije seks en pedofilie predikt en zo meer. Nieuw is zijn afschuw van Belgen in de figuur van de Belgische politie-inspecteur Rudi die samen met hem en twee Duitse vrouwen op het vulkanische eiland Lanzarote terechtkomt. Wellicht is dit boek een 'probeersel' geweest waaruit hij lat [...]

    11. Чудесен Уелбек. Циничен и директен както винаги и както само той може.И един ужасен образ на Брюксел с един от най-тъмните му и страшни елементи; всъщност, на цяла Белгия :(Текстовете в колекцията някак не ми се връзваха много, а и някои от тези текстове ми се искаше да бъдат п [...]

    12. This is more a short story formatted to seem like a novella, with a few full-color photos of volcanic rock formations. It's a travelogue that morphs into semi-hot threesome scenes that then transforms into what seem like non-fictional notes for the religious sect from "The Possibility of an Island". Reads entirely unlike fiction, but a google search for "Azraelian" made me feel like a duped fool. Worth an hour of reading if you've read "The Possibility of an Island".

    13. Една новела и няколко кратки текста, есета и поетични импресии. Ранни, но безупречно разпознаваеми по стил. Безобразен Уелбек, отвръщава, дистанцира, но напипва точните вени. Цинично, с усмивка, рядко и човечно.

    14. I read it in collection with his other essays, but it was still a short read. The story itself is OK at the beginning, I like characters with cynical world perspective. But, in its 60 pages, it could not decide what it is. Is it take on modern tourism? Story about wild and free sex? Or does it take on extreme new-religion groups? One of the essays to follow (the one where author criticizes modern American society) is bit better, but too short to make whole book worth reading.

    15. Un libro muy divertido de Houellebecq, como si a Plataforma le quitaran mucha de la paja que le sobra. No es una obra trascendente, pero funciona bien. También me queda claro que el lector promedio de es cuando menos inepto en lo que se refiere a la lectura de este género, llámese cuento largo o novela corta.

    16. Quick, fun read, very short, and the same old Houellebecq narrator's voice (male, late 40s/early 50s, sex fiend), with a slight twist at the end. Best part was the description and pictures of Lanzarote itself, along with the account of the violent volcanic eruptions; fairly obvious what's going on there

    17. This is not my favorite book by Houellebecq, but it was entertaining. Cynical, disturbing and engaging, thats exactly how I love Houellebecq. The writer can get his point clear in less than 100 pages, that is brilliant.

    18. Dark, hilarious, excellent. Borrowed it because It's so short, only 70 pages, and I wanted to just get an impression of the author's pen before perhaps reading something more demanding by him. Excellent pen. Gonna read more of this.

    19. Excellent short read. Puts the full color of life ( and even some exotic erotica) in a nutshell, with abundant humor with pithy accurate commentary on real (a)moral issues.

    20. Най-слабата "книга" на Уелбек. Загатва за таланта му, но и есетата и дългия разказ "Лансароте" са просто като измити. Да се чете само от тези, които искат да са прочели всичко от автора.

    21. At 80 odd small pages long, this would be lucky to qualify as a novella. In some ways this reads like a heavily watered down version of the excellent “Atomised”. This gets off to such a strong and promising start, fizzing with Houellebecq’s dark excellence, but then something bizarre happens around the second half?It’s almost like the author had died and so they had to get someone in at the last minute to finish off the rest of it. It just descends into a lazy, half- hearted ending, as h [...]

    22. Esta primera aproximación a Houellebecq ha sido un poco casual y, la verdad, he de devir que me he encontrado ante un autor irónico, con un peculiar sentido del humor y consideración de la vida, poseedor de un auténtico descreimiento, pero muy de mi gusto, para qué engañarnos.'Lanzarote' es una novelita corta de no más de 100 páginas que narra las peculiares aventuras del narrador durante unas vacaciones en la isla homónima y las cosas que durante ellas acontecen, contadas, como he dich [...]

    23. Very characteristic of Houellebecq ramblings of the wrongs in the world, anti-Islam, sex, and middle-aged men entertaining for sure, but more of the same. This one focused in the end on a cult engaged in pedophilia and incest, granted I didn't see it coming, but it didn't really add anything when the earlier story of the protagonist who might help a lesbian couple conceive seemed the focus (and frankly more interesting part). The story tries to come across as a slice of life, but the technique e [...]

    24. Ei typisk Houellebecq-bok i skrivestilen, fylt av harde, klare karakteristikker av verden og den vanlige hedonistiske dyrkingen av sex og erotikk. Det virker, etter å ha lest De Grunnleggende Bestanddelane, som om Houellebecq hadde ein ide til ei bok med Lanzarote, men ikkje tida eller viljen til å utvikle den fullt ut på samme vis. Mest morsom i starten, etter midten blir det meir umotivert, han skriv om det som alltid opptar han, går på autopilot. Ei kort og ålreit bok, grei skuring å l [...]

    25. La verdad es que no se qué decir. Es un libro tan breve que se lee en un suspiro. Pero la historia en sí es tan anodina y tan deslavazada Un tipo va a Lanzarote de vacaciones, conoce a dos alemanas lesbianas y a un policía belga de origen luxemburgués deprimido. Pasan una semana en la isla y luego vuelven cada uno a lo suyo, excepto el poli que se apunta a otro bombardeo distinto (recomiendo no leer la sinopsis del libro porque no es tal, más bien un resumen que te destripa toda la historia [...]

    26. Seguramente las más ligera de las obras de Houellebecq, es un relato de viaje en el que se reflejan la visión del mundo, el pesimismo, el recurso al placer como salvación momentánea, el sinsentido del turista, y otras lindezas dentro del pensamiento del autor. A su manera, me gustó.

    27. Short novella, not in the same scale of his major novels. Probably were the authors notes for his other works. The theme of a cult based on elements of traditional religions and human cloning is, I think, developed in one of his other novels.

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