Wedding Tiers

Wedding Tiers

Trisha Ashley / Feb 21, 2020

Wedding Tiers The path of true love never runs smooth But for some it s one seriously bumpy ride A heartwarming new romantic comedy from the bestselling author of A WINTER S TALE Growing up in the beautiful Lancas

  • Title: Wedding Tiers
  • Author: Trisha Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781847561138
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • The path of true love never runs smooth But for some, it s one seriously bumpy ride A heartwarming new romantic comedy from the bestselling author of A WINTER S TALE Growing up in the beautiful Lancashire village of Neatslake, Josie Gray and her childhood sweetheart, Ben Richards, always dreamt of living a life of rural bliss And when Josie inherits her beloved GrandmoThe path of true love never runs smooth But for some, it s one seriously bumpy ride A heartwarming new romantic comedy from the bestselling author of A WINTER S TALE Growing up in the beautiful Lancashire village of Neatslake, Josie Gray and her childhood sweetheart, Ben Richards, always dreamt of living a life of rural bliss And when Josie inherits her beloved Grandmother s cottage, it seems they might just have got what they wished for Josie throws herself into her wedding cake business, whilst Ben gains increasing acclaim as an artist But the tranquil village turns into a hive of activity when Josie s childhood friend, Libby Martin now a wealthy widow returns to the village, planning a lavish wedding to rival any celeb bash The day goes with a bang, and soon Libby and Josie are hard at work at their fledgling wedding business, hiring out Libby s beautiful Elizabethan home for ceremonies, with Josie creating all manner of wonderful cakes But amidst all this romance, Josie s fairytale relationship with Ben turns into a nightmare, and she quickly becomes Love s number one cynic until charming wedding photographer Noah Sephton arrives in Neatslake with a very different outlook on love Can this hopeless romantic persuade pessimistic Josie to give romance another try Or will it be a case of always the cake maker, never the bride A charming, witty and feelgood novel, ideal for fans of Katie Fforde and Harriet Evans.

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        Trisha Ashley is now a full time novelist, but she has been known to work for stained glass makers and or plumbers She likes to paint, eat, drink, and read literary biographies Her previous hobbies included getting divorced and packing to move She claims to have once actually eaten Bronte burgers at the Branwell caf , but her publisher declines to verify this She lives in North Wales.


    1. Wedding Tiers is my first Trisha Ashley novel and tells the story of Josie, a cakemaker, who lives with her childhood sweetheart Ben. Back in the village is Libby, Josie’s best friend and together they start a wedding business. But as the business takes off, Ben & Josie’s relationship falls apart and Josie becomes loves number one cynic. Until Noah Sephton arrives on the scene…I absolutely loved Wedding Tiers. Katie Fforde is quoted on the back cover saying “One of the best writers a [...]

    2. Josie, the heroine of Wedding Tiers has a talent with sugarcraft and is enjoying well-deserved success with her wedding cake business. At the start of the book she's also living comfortably with her childhood sweetheart, although it's obvious to everyone except her that there's something out of balance in their relationship.Unfortunately, I found Josie's character and actions hard to believe in places. She goes from naively optimistic to (supposedly) hardened cynic, and back again, in the course [...]

    3. Josie and Ben live a mostly 'green' and idyllic life in rural Neatslake. Josie bakes, makes preserves, looks after Uncle Harry, the chickens and various other people. Ben is an 'on the up' artist, making frequent trips to London. His visits there lead to an event that changes both their lives. An enjoyable read with interesting characters, although I did want to shake Josie sometimes ;-) I will definitely purchase more Trisha Ashley books based on this.

    4. Last read 6/19/09:All of Trisha Ashley's books have, more-or-less, the same standard plot. But it's the getting there and the crazy/fun characterization that makes them so enjoyable!

    5. I’ve read a few Trisha Ashley books and I like how many of them link together by referring to past characters and situations. They’re invariably set in villages in the North West that you’d like to live in yourself and in a community you’d like to be a part of. This follows on from A Winter’s Tale, which I enjoyed very much and again some of the same characters are mentioned so it feels like you are reading the latest instalment of a serial. Josie lives in Neatslake with her partner Be [...]

    6. This is my least favorite Ashley I've read so far. I really didn't care for Josie, the heroine who is in every scene of this book since it's in first person. She is supposedly "living green" and building imaginative cakes, but a lot of it just isn't plausible. And the story is just no good. At her HEA the hero gives her a diamond engagement ring when he proposes, and she melts for it. Ah any person who lives a sustainable ecological lifestyle would recoil at being offered a "blood diamond". Many [...]

    7. Josie Gray is a thirty-something woman living an idyllic life in the small Lancashire village of Neatslake. She lives in her grandmother’s old cottage with her childhood sweetheart, Ben, growing and trading for as much of their produce as possible, and supplementing their income with Josie’s weird wedding cakes, her column for the cult magazine Skint Old Northern Woman and Ben’s occasional artwork sales. When Josie’s oldest friend Libby returns to the village and decides to launch a wedd [...]

    8. I bought this in the Kindle sale after being attracted by the sample. I really wish I hadn't bothered.Wedding Tiers introduces us to Josie, recently orphaned, who has moved to the idyllic village of Neatslake to live with her Grandmother, her only remaining relative. There she meets the brusque but oh-so-soft Libby; a girl from the wrong side of the tracks determined to marry well and better her situation. She also meets the handsome Ben, who instantly becomes her friend and later her lover.We s [...]

    9. What a lovely written book. As you know, I adore books where I can transport myself into the pages and become a part of the story. Trisha Ashley is one of the few people who've been able to do that for me.I fell in love with Josie as soon as I started. I just wanted to hug her constantly and be her friend.The scenes are set perfectly in the quaint little village where she lives. It's like you want to move there yourself. Everyone's friendly and looking out for each other. The perfect place.The d [...]

    10. I'm a big fan of romances but they tend to have the same whirl-wind romance feel to them and yet Ashley tends to lean away from that format. One of the things I like the most is her characters fascination with cooking which always seems intriguing.In this book Josie is living the simple life in the country baking cakes for weddings and sharing vegetables with her co-op group. Her boyfriend artist is in his studio working while she writes simple living entries for a magazine.Everything is perfect [...]

    11. Having read and enjoyed Tricia Ashley's "Twelve Days of Christmas" I had high hopes for this book - but was sadly disappointed. The storyline itself was okay, a bit soppy but I didn't expect much more, and the characters were likeable enough, but the style of writing really annoyed me. To start with, conversation was used as a tool to bring characters' back stories into the novel, but it meant that much of the conversation was then very stilted and unnatural - I really don't think that friends s [...]

    12. Terrible audio book!!! read by Judy Flynn:-Some narrators can add a star to a review of a book by the way they capture the time, place or characters. But sadly this one removes several stars from an otherwise enjoyable romance. Was she the first one that they dragged in off the street, because they think that chick lit doesn't require a decent standard? Or did they actually tell her that she would be reading to a group of 2-year-olds? She speaks in the over-exaggerated, deafening style that some [...]

    13. It's a mystery to me how this book ever got published. The content isn't necessarily awful, but it is every predictable 'small town girl meets big city guy' plotline blended with two characters with no chemistry and a pinch of rubbish. The main character manages to be both whiny and self-sacrificing, her ~sassy best friend is neither sassy nor really her friend from what I read and while the portrayal of small town life is almost (but not quite) charming, the whole thing just reeks of overly sug [...]

    14. A really good light read I loved the characters and the plot was easy to get into Josie was living with her child hood lover Ben and they lived a green life and Josie started up a wedding cake business and it really took off. She is ipso in love with Ben that she is the only person who can see something is wrong he spends half his time in London and half with Josie. Josie's long term friend from school Libby comes to see Josie but ends up marrying someone in the village and she sets up her busin [...]

    15. I loved this book and have taken the weekend off to read it, I fact I've even had my Monday morning coffee break early so I can finish off the last couple of chapters.Set in the village of neatslake close to sticklepond some of the characters will be familiar to readers of Trisha's other books set in this area this one introduces josie gray who moved to live with her gran when she was orphaned. Making friends with Libby and meeting Ben on the first day her life grows into rural domestication and [...]

    16. I was unsure about this story as it took me quite a while to get into the style of writing. It's almost diary like and I found it a bit hard to read. That said I loved the characters of Noah and LIbby. I wanted to throttle Ben for being a fool and for his behaviour later in the story and I couldn't really understand why Josie forgave Olivia or why she was so clueless about Noah's feelings. It's probably not a book that I would read again but I enjoyed it at the end and I would be tempted to look [...]

    17. This book is so horribly written. There is an exclamation point in literally every paragraph. The character sounds more desperate and less intelligent than she might be. She also sounds younger. This book couldn't have been edited; it must be why it's so cheap on . Also, a recently-introduced character had the same exact tragic circumstances as a character in another one of her books. Very odd. No editor, again.Why am I reading it? The much more intelligent book I was reading was depressing me, [...]

    18. I've just discovered Trisha Ashley, and I'm 2/2 with her books. They are delightful reads. I enjoyed this book so much, not just for the romance, which was very sweet, but also for the depiction of English country life. Her descriptions about baking, making homemade wine (although I doubt I'd be in a hurry to try parsnip wine), growing vegetables in her backyard, just made me smile all the way through. This is truly a feel-good author who knows how to make a story hum. I'll be looking for her bo [...]

    19. Picked this up because I was going to hear the author talk, so thought I really ought to know what she wrote! It's good, escapist, undemanding stuff that I read in about 24 hours while coughing and sneezing with cold.The book and the author talk were enough to make me pick up another of her books in the library yesterday and I'll try that when I want something light. (probably after The Casual Vacancy which I also collected yesterday!!) May become addicted!

    20. I really like Trisha Ashley books in general and this was no exception. I loved the small village setting. The characters were well designed and I liked how the love triangle played out. I found the reactions of their friends to Josie and Ben’s breakup was very true to life. Charming book with a likable main character, Josie, a woman who built a life with her teen sweetheart and then had to rebuild it without him.

    21. I really enjoyed Ashley's Christmas novel so thought I would enjoy this one just as much but I found this really tough going A lot seemed to happen at either end if the story but the middle just seemed to drag by with frustrating lack of events. I wasn't a big fan of the main character but still found myself wanting to know what happened to her in the end. An ok story but not a page-turner for me.

    22. Romantic read for romantic souls. This book has a good feeling attached to it. Yes, the heroine might seems blind to the obvious but let's face it - who isn't? You can read narrative elsewhere, all I can say is that Trisha Ashley did a good job writing this book. Thank you for entertaining me again and well done on accomplishing something as amazing as writing a book. I'm not sure how many books were written by all those bad commentators. ;)

    23. DNF page 78I usually love Trisha Ashley books but I just couldn't get into this one. I also guessed where the storyline was heading very early on, and from then it was just too predictable. Yes, I admit it, I actually skipped through the book to see if I was right and I was. Unfortunately I had to give up on this book which I hate doing.

    24. I love Trisha Ashley books. They tell it how it is! They're very funny and weave a little magic in to a fantastic easy to read story. This one centered around a love triangle that was so well written you didn't really know who Josie would end up with right unto the last 2 chapters! Trishas Ashley crates a wonderful life for the locals in her fictional villages. We would all like to escape there!

    25. Trisha Ashley's novels have a bit of everything in them if your into reading a good book I would start with "Wedding Tiers: as it has me hooked line and sinker I want to read all her books. Her latest book is "The Magic Of Christmas" which I will read last but she also has many other books which I will be reading when I get my hands on them

    26. I was so dissapointed with this book. i loved every other book of trisha ashley's but this was just terrible i just couldnt get in to the story and just didnt understand the characters. i just hope her new one is better. x

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