A State of Denmark

A State of Denmark

Derek Raymond / Dec 15, 2019

A State of Denmark England is a dictatorship ruled by Jobling a ruthless politician with an efficient secret police and a long memory From his exile in Italy journalist Richard Watt is a broken man after failing to ex

  • Title: A State of Denmark
  • Author: Derek Raymond
  • ISBN: 9781852423155
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • England is a dictatorship ruled by Jobling, a ruthless politician with an efficient secret police and a long memory From his exile in Italy, journalist Richard Watt is a broken man after failing to expose Jobling before he came to power Yet fate allows him a second chance to get even.

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        Aka Robin Cook.Pen name for Robert William Arthur Cook Born into privilege, Raymond attended Eton before completing his National Service Raymond moved to France in the 50 s before eventually returning to London in the 60 s His first book, Crust on its Uppers, released in 1962 under his real name, was well received but brought few sales Moving through Italy he abandoned writing before returning to London In 1984 he released the first of the Factory Series, He Died With His Eyes Open under the name Derek Raymond Following The Devil s Home On Leave and How The Dead Live he released his major work I Was Dora Suarez in 1990 His memoirs were released as The Hidden Files.


    1. A State Of Denmark By Derek RaymondThis book is an essential read for anyone who is worried by the direction the current british government is heading in. Written in 1970 Derek Raymond conjoures up an post democratic England ruled by a dictator called Jobling who is a monomaniacal figure who will have you disappeared for daring to disagree with him. The book is narrated by Richard Watts an ex journalist who was the last person to give Jobling a hard time in a TV interview just before he is elect [...]

    2. Very interesting and the first non-Factory novel of Raymond's I've read. The first half is really evocative of the provincial Italian landscape, and the second half is an Orwellian tale of a fascist England. I preferred the first half. The one thing I'll say against Raymond is that in every one of his books the main character spends a lot of time telling people off, at length, and providing what a hard bastard he is both mentally and physically. This really grates after a while, especially when [...]

    3. This is a novel about a dictator who takes over the UK, Hitler style, in the late '60s and the media saturated public rolling over and accepting it as socialism: presumably a nod to the South American. South East Asian, and African fauxialists who formed their own dictatorships of personality in the years after the war.Why, then, set the first half of the book in Tuscany? Answer: Because Raymond spent some time there and presumably wanted to use that experience in a novel. Problem is, although w [...]

    4. We live in troubling times, so I've decided to pick up a few novels that fall into the 'dystopian future' genre but which in their different ways have relevance today. I chose this book after listening to the Backlisted podcast where it was discussed at length. It was published at the start of the 70s and deals with the story of a journalist who has fled Britain after upsetting its prime minister, a man called Jopling (often referred to but who never actually makes an appearance). Jopling was in [...]

    5. Raymond, Derek. A STATE OF DENMARK. (1970). ***. This book from Raymond is not one of his police procedurals, but, instead, an alternative look at “what if.” The reviews compared it to “Animal Farm,” though I thought it was closer to “1984” in its theme. The protagonist, Richard Watt, is a journalist now living in Italy and working on a farm/vineyard that he bought. He chose to not go back to England after a trip to America because the current ruler of England was highly incensed at [...]

    6. This is a book about a dystopian Britain which has fallen into the hands of a politician by the name of Jobling who is a fascist posing as a socialist. The story is told through ex-journalist Richard Watt, currently living in exile in Italy, who had voiced his opinions about the rise of Jobling vociferously prior to leaving the UK and who is now running a vineyard. Seemingly safe in his new role, Jobling's forces reach across the continent and return him to an England that has changed beyond rec [...]

    7. Derek Raymond's A state of Denmark is split into two distinctive halves, both set in an imagined 1970s, one in a small town in Italy, the other in a totalitarian England.Unfortunately only one half convinces. While the story is set in Italy Raymond is brilliant. His depiction of small town life avoids all the glossy romanticism that characterises most non-Italian writing about the country, and has a sharp insight into Italian post-war politics. That is to say he portrays the struggle to deal wit [...]

    8. I found Derek Raymond's work through his hard-boiled crime, which is first-rate. And then I found this dystopian novel. After hard-boiled crime my next favourite genre is dystopian and post-apocalyptic.This novel, published in 1970, is up there with 1984, in my opinion. It's clearly influenced heavily by Orwell's masterpiece, but it speaks in its own way about the nature of despotism and bureaucratic tyranny, but still from a very British standpoint. This novel is one of those few which is now e [...]

    9. Glad I stuck with it this time round; I think the first chapter put me off last time, being set outside England and a bit slow to get into the meat of things, but well worth the time and effort. A logical, chilling, sensible story of just how easily things can change, firmly rooted in contemporary history and politics. An an unsentimental deconstruction of knowledge and privilege and inaction and fear and responsibility. Recommended.

    10. A really surprising find -- a minor little Brit-noir take on "1984" that sort of falls apart under the weight of its own ambition, but when it works, it fires on all guns, with some brutal realistic dialogue and some finely drawn situations and characters.

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