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Pregnesia Pregnant Alone And running for her lifeFormer navy SEAL Lucas Washington was an expert at tackling impossible missions But when a striking and very pregnant woman turned up in a car he was repossessin

  • Title: Pregnesia
  • Author: Carla Cassidy
  • ISBN: 9780373694136
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pregnant Alone And running for her lifeFormer navy SEAL Lucas Washington was an expert at tackling impossible missions But when a striking and very pregnant woman turned up in a car he was repossessing, suddenly he was in over his head Shaken and bruised, she couldn t remember what had happened to her or why she was terrified of going to the police Lucas made it cPregnant Alone And running for her lifeFormer navy SEAL Lucas Washington was an expert at tackling impossible missions But when a striking and very pregnant woman turned up in a car he was repossessing, suddenly he was in over his head Shaken and bruised, she couldn t remember what had happened to her or why she was terrified of going to the police Lucas made it clear he could be trusted, and vowed to protect her until she was safe Hours turned to days as they searched for clues to her hidden past Then a family came to claim her, and a happy ending seemed imminent But had he just delivered his Jane Doe to safetyor into the hands of a killer

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    1. I read this book because of the title. Pregnesia. PREGNESIA!! You cannot NOT read a book with a title as ridiculous as Pregnesia. The one star rating is for the title alone. (Heck, I would have given it another 1/2 a star were that possible!)Alas, the premise of the book is as ridiculous as the title. The hero is not charming or exciting, the heroine is boring and the "intrigue" that Harlequin promises us on the cover is not so much intriguing as it is stupid.

    2. Like a number of other reviewers, I arrived at ‘Pregnesia’ after reading a really fantastic review and a whole heap of comments on SBTB’s site, and I wanted to experience the book for myself. However I’m also here because I am trying to teach myself a better tolerance of some fictional tropes, and amnesia is a really good example of something I came to hate, and now I must challenge that hatred and emerge a better reader, or something.Once upon a time, I thought fictional amnesia was one [...]

    3. This is the final book in Ms. Cassidy's The Recovery Men trilogy about three ex-Navy SEAL friends encountering woman-related trouble. Not the usual trouble of the feminine nature, someone wants these gals dead and its up to the boys to figure out who and why.Lucas Washington, the only Recovery man still single (and preferring it that way), is on an errand to repossess an unpaid-for Buick with a pregnant woman in the back seat. No, she isn't incorporated, she's hiding. And not only is she pregnan [...]

    4. I only read this because of (a) the title and (b) a rather hilarious review that a coworker pointed out to me. Read it and tell me you don't want to read the book.

    5. I don't even know how to rate this book because it was so bananas crazy. The title is the best thing ever, but Lucas was so punchable with his daddy drama and pity party. If a man came to me while I was literally in the middle of birthing a child and started talking about his emotional baggage, I would have punched him into the sun.

    6. I would like to give this book both negative three stars and plus eleventy billion. Unfortunately, neither is an option.

    7. A friend gave me this -- and oh man it was as hilariously awful as the title suggests. I'm actually going to give it an extra star based on it being amusing.

    8. Ohhhh don't look at me like that for 4-starring this. It was entertaining as hell. I read it with my Bad Book Group on FB. I'll have a proper review soon.

    9. Yes, I really did read this, I can't rate it. I'd heard from fellow writer peeps that this was as B-movie as the title implied. And it didn't disappoint, but I've read Carla Cassidy stuffd she's a good writerI'm not convinced this book wasn't intentionally written this way. In my mind, a conversation occurred like this one: (definite spoilers)*Editor calls Carla Cassidy*Editor: Hey, we want you to write a romance to spec: Okay. I can do that.E: An amnesia story. The heroine has amnesia: *writes [...]

    10. I first heard about this book from this review at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (fabulous site). It's not the sort of book I would have chosen on my own, but the review was hilarious, the book was on sale for 99 cents, and I wanted a quick, mindless read.And wow. This reminded me of the reasons that I tend not to read contemporary romances, and also prefer something longer than the monthly series romances. That's not to say it was all bad--it was certainly as amusing in places as the review promis [...]

    11. The suspense and story line was very intriguing keeping me interested. The story starts out with Lucas doing a favor for a friend. The favor itself should have been easy, with very little complications. He was shocked to find Jane, as in Jane Doe hiding in the back seat of the car he was repossessing. Jane had amnesia from a head injury, and her face was bloody. Lucas knew he just couldn't leave her. She was also very pregnant. He took her to his sister's house. Loretta was a nurse. Loretta didn [...]

    12. Right so, the story Well it begins with out hero Lucas, who finds out heroine hiding in the back of a car he is repossessing. The heroine is suffering from amnesia after receiving a head injury. She is also heavily pregnant. Lucas, a former navy SEAL promises to help 'Jane' recover her memory and hopefully find her family. Jane tells Lucas she is scared and believes herself to be in danger, and initially Lucas does not believe her. After she is almost kidnapped and his apartment is broken into h [...]

    13. J'ai hésité entre 2 et 3 cœurs mais finalement ce sera 3 car ça se lit vite grâce au style fluide de l'auteur. L'histoire est sympathique et les héros corrects. Même s'il semble y avoir de l'action, au final, il n'y en a pas tant que ça et la fin se déroule assez vite. Toutefois le suspense est bien maintenu et l'amnésie bien traitée. Ce n'est quand même pas une lecture que je recommande aux mordus de romantic suspense, à moins avis, frustration garantie.

    14. How can you not love a book called PREGNESIA? I had fun reading this. It was all I expected. From the title. Because the title tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. Made of Win.

    15. I had to give this 5 stars purely for the comedy factor. This book is hilarious, well worth reading for the laugh.

    16. Let’s take a few moments just to revel in the gloriousness that is the title of this book, shall we? Pregnesia. If I spent a thousand days thinking about it, I don’t think I’d ever come up with this gem 🙂I really enjoyed this book. Lucas and his sister, Loretta, grew up in a violent family. Lucas was beaten every single day until he fled home at eighteen. Because of this, he won’t even entertain the idea of being a husband and father. He just doesn’t have it in him to love someone e [...]

    17. Ah we're entering the Hall of Shame.We havea v. pregnant h, a H who a) behaves out of character for his background and b) is so determined to get rid of the h that he practically gift-wraps her for the people after her. Oh, he does get suspicious after the fact, and organizes a rescue but still So the first page or so starts off auspiciously. The H is repossessing a car (that's a new profession), he's relieved that it was left unlocked (I tilted my head at this), and he starts it up with the spa [...]

    18. I always stayed away from this book until I finally started the series! While it was with the wait, I should of enjoyed this series months ago! This has become a series to read again very soon!! He thought when her husbands brother and his wife came to claim she was their relative , He wasn't sure which was worse, the weird vibe this couple was Giving off and her getting hurt, or maybe it was the fact that he might never see her again.

    19. This was exactly what I hoped it would be: former Navy SEAL falls in love with the pregnant, amnesiac woman he finds in a car he's repossessing and gets to play hero. It was just the right sort of crazy pants.

    20. WTF?I'll admit I read this because of the title. Pregnesia. Pregnesia! Sadly, this book did its title 100% justice. The hero was a bore, the heroine was a yawn, and the only intrigue was plastered across the cover in capital letters.Now that I think about it, though, I did laugh quite a bit so that's deserving of an extra star!

    21. Picked this up on sale last week due to the absolute insanity of the title/premise and its legendary status at SBTB. Did not disappoint - story is basically exactly what the title implies, with some absolutely insane crazysauce going on. It's a great escapist read, and while it's no great literature I enjoyed it and found it a nice change from the literal insanity of the world right now. Pretty much no sex, for those that care.

    22. Incredibly horrifying title to the contrary, Pregnesia is pretty much your usual fair for a Harlequin Intrigue novel: fairly easy-to-figure out mystery, pretty much instalove on the part of the hero and heroine, and a happily-ever-after ending. Sorry if I spoiled it for you.Jane is pregnant and has no memory of who she is. She's found by our erstwhile hero when he's repossessing a car as a favor for someone. He's an ex-Navy SEAL who's now in the "getting things back" business, but it's usually h [...]

    23. All righty then.I probably *should* give this book 2 stars. After all, I did figure out the mystery part almost immediately. Oh, and if you're looking for really steamy scenes, you're going to have to look further because, well, pregnant. But, come on, the title is Pregnesia. That is worth at least one star right there.I found the book very easy to read, and I especially liked Lucas's character as well as the concept of ex-military bros going into a specialized repo sort of business. I liked Lor [...]

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